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  1. Old possum

    Chapter 39

    I have been following this work and I am always excited when a new “episode “ appears, it reminds me of the Saturday afternoon serials of my distant youth 😊. Sometimes, I start to read and then I need to walk away for a few minutes as it breaks my heart, not your writing but your skilful storytelling. I really do wish there was a Brad (& Tony) in so many cities to help these rejected affected and disposable boys. I have openly wept over this chapter, which is not the first I admit. I do not want to critique. That is not my place. I would just like to say thank you. Hopefully it will inspire people to notice what is happening around them. Sorry to ramble but 🥰
  2. Old possum

    Chapter 17

    Thank you so much. Spencer is absolutely adorable, I am enjoying your work, like many others I am looking forward to Muriels reaction (or non reaction and the consequences) to Spencers resignation. Happy New Year 🥳
  3. I have been thoroughly wrapped up in this story and have binged reading over the last week ( I know, I have no life). For me, the characters have substance and many are relatable. Whenever I get a little annoyed with Robbies whining or Nathan’s camping it up, I just remind myself of their age. I have worked a lot with teens in a theatrical environment so Nathan is no surprise 😊. I am truly hoping that Don and his cronies are not behind Nathan’s bashing but in all honesty I would not be surprised if he was part of a corruption ring, he is an evil, racist bigot. Congratulations on writing this character... I despise him, only because I have encountered so many like him. I truly hope that this has brought some catharsis to you. I could ramble on for pages but my intention was to thank you for this story, my opinion isn’t worth much (I know) but I have enjoyed the journey thus far and I’m looking forward to the continuation and possible sequel. Thank you 😊
  4. Old possum

    Chapter Four

    I was hooked with the first two chapters, then the next two have left me wanting more. I cannot wait to enjoy the journey that all these characters take. Thank you so much. 😊
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