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  1. Although I'm quite new at this site (yes, a real newbie), I've found a lot of stories on the net that are related to the gay community or are gay erotica. CJ, you've done a bloody damned good job. I know you don't use any artificial cliffhangers, but you a r e a r e a l Master of Suspense. I've read this saga and the stories about Instinct in any free momemnt I could spent in the recent months and have neglected my duties in my household and my garden only to follow each turn in detail your stories have taken. As a gay man, who has been much too long in the closet, but in a fulfilled relationship (a story of its own), I can see how Trevor has felt for a long time and his struggles with his identity. I appreciate the way you handled his issues cause this has been a lot of my own, too. I'm also glad that you've made his sexuality an essential part of his character, but not the determing one by using too much of the erotic aspects. I don't consider myself to be prude, probably I should be more, but it's good to see and to show that you can be as much determined as any other guy even if you don't fit the usual pattern. What I want to say is that this saga should be published even in a straight environment on the net or anywhere else to show people the real meaning of "difference in equals". My personal wish from you would be that you publish some longer stories again in the future, because your talent shouldn't be wasted for too long. My best wjshes for you and your team Tomh
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