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  1. I really do hope mum and dad sort this thing out. Because whatever it is, it's serious. And it's scaring me.

  2. Joey~ I be missing you.

  3. Thankyou for the add dear. :)

  4. Working on a new story. The Horror kind. With My own Original Character and Slenderman from The Slender Man Myth.

  5. Happy Birthday Dezyree!!!

  6. Happy Birthday from me and Stuby, Have an awesome day :)

  7. So. Provisional Drivers license sent for. Debit card done, job and course getting sorted. Though I feel like I'm not getting anywhere, feels good to be making decisions about my life.

  8. Passed my course, got a B :')

    1. Dark



    2. comicfan


      Congrats. Passing is always a good thing and a B is nothing to sneeze at.

    3. DezyreeSalvatore


      Thankyou guys! <3

  9. We stopped checking for monsters under our bed, When we realized they were inside us.

  10. It'll take a long time to heal, but the journey will be good.

  11. Going to be a year since I joined soon O.o

  12. You've Got Every Right, To A Beautiful Life.

  13. Brainwaves! :D... Very Rare For Me.. Teehee.

  14. Gone but never forgotten, These candles which burn for you, Sleep tight, Sleep safe beautiful Angel, As we all love you.♥-RIP Nana

  15. Anyone's house i can escapeh to?

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