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  1. Madron

    Chapter 1

    OMG OMG. You haven't forgotten Chicago and its connection to U of I. I've taken that bus and gotten my degree from here. How I wish I had had a trip like that. However I did have good times with my roommate over 4 years there. Unfortunately he's married with 3 kids now. Go figure. I could/should write a story about those years. Keep up the good work. I still forgive you for moving south but will hold you to the promise of coming back to the windy city. Always great stories that make us think.
  2. REALLY??? REALLY!!!?? When was the last time an audience told a writer what to write or how to tell the story? Comsie is what I would consider the BEST writer on this site and any offerings he deigns to give us is aces in my book. I have read everything he's written ( except for his essay in high school on the origins of the Civil War! ) and have been amazed at his talent and how prolific he is. How he does what he does and as quickly as he does is beyond me. He must be doing this full time and not have a "regular job" in order to satiate our craving for his exceptional story telling. I dare anyone to read the first chapter of A Class By Himself and not squeeeeeeeee out loud and have a smile on their face for a week. That is talent and I would never tell him how to work his magic. I get that we all want to know what happens next ASAP. We're human and that seems to be how the world is today with our yearning for instant gratification. Sometimes it is the journey and not the destination that matters. We should put our trust in him to unfold his stories in his own unique way. Of course I often want to open this site and see a new addition to his stories every day. That isn't going to happen. But somehow they are that much sweeter when they are posted and return like a lost friend into our hearts. We all can leave a story that moves too slow for our tastes. But I think we would miss out on some amazing literature. I for one have been incredibly remiss in not giving Comsie his due by responding to his stories as I should have in the past. No longer. Comsie, I think you really write for yourself as most great writers do. Those of us that are lucky enough to have found you are the benefactors of a marvelous gift. Keep up the amazing work and do it in your own way.
  3. Hi welcome to GA :)

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