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  1. Alcarose


    This story had me thinking about the things I've done in my life. Most people wouldn't understand why Andy acted the way he did, but I think I understand it perfectly. I used to get paranoid when it came to a...friend...or former friend of mine... However my paranoia was justified as I watched our relationship fading into the dark. At least Andy was able to fight it. I don't remember reading a story that had me thinking this much. I enjoyed it, all of it. Thank you, for posting this story!
  2. Alcarose


    It wasn't until I finished reading this chapter and googling "Lukas Ridgeston" that I realised how many handsome men come from my country...and how many hot guys I see everyday in the city... This chapter somewhat made me proud of being Slovak, thanks Adam
  3. My very first fantasy books were the ones from the "Harry Potter" series...followed by "Bartimaeus" by Johnatan Stroud, "Eragon" by Christopher Paolini and many others...also read some of our Slovak and Czech fantasy books like "Černokňažník" by Juraj Červenák, which I find great, it's a real pitty it only got translated to Czech (originaly written in Slovak) or "Tina Salo" (only available in Czech) by Petra Neomilnerová, which is a story of a very, very horny vampire girl But I also loved "The Witcher" written by the Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski (hated the ending tho...) There are plenty others prepared in my bookshelf, ready for further reading, however the stories from this website captivated my heart, so don't know when I'll get back to them
  4. Oh, swell...I guess unless you find yourself a partner who's good at martial arts, you won't be able to do it for free. But hey, there are always some guys looking forward to a good spar fight Thanks
  5. Well, I actually dated a guy, who does MMA...a guy who I fell real hard for and broke my heart in a way noone ever could, but eventually made me stronger. I for one am sure I won't be able to give up on kung fu...it means way too much for me, it became a part of me already... It's great to see so much enthusiasm for martial arts, what are the jiujitsu classes like? It is the art of attack/defense. You learn them from a master and I am not sure it comes free, you can learn the basics from the net, but that won't ever replace a true master teaching you. Are you sure you're interested in learning and practising martial arts?
  6. Hey, I checked out the topics here and found out there was none regarding martial arts. I suppose I ain't the only one who's into this amzing kind of sport. This summer I started taking kung fu classes and in my opinion everyone can find his/her own style in kung fu. I love the way our sifu teaches us a little bit of everything, from animal styles, to various kinds of kicks and my favourite acrobatics. However I found out there's gonna be a problem with me going to the gym and taking lessons. Sifu certainly didn't forbid me from working out, he did say it will be much more difficult for me to learn how to punch correctly. I decided not to give up neither on "the martial art I adore", nor on "the working out in the gym" part of my daily routine. I did however add streetworkout to my schedule and I can already feel a small improvement. Not to mention how ripped my body became after I combined martial arts with fitness and streetworkouts. Well, so much for my favourite sport. What's your story?
  7. Finally I was able to finish reading this absolutly fantastic story (due to an injury, but no regrets ) I just got this nostalgic feeling I get each time I find out I finished the last page of a great book and the story's over. Nevertheless, the stroy's brought me so much...a few years ago, as I started reading it, it even made me try out vegetarian food, which I found to be shockingly actually very tasty. And, there's this guy I recently started dating, who reminds me of Peter...in a good way (wish me luck ) There's no way I could possibly ever thank you enough for sharing Second Shot with us... Thank you!
  8. Alcarose

    Chapter 3

    Thank you for sharing this short, but amazing story! Definitly made my day. Keep up the good work
  9. I can't possibly imagine playing Diablo on console, sooo...yea, I enjoy playing it on the PC
  10. Alcarose

    Chapter 26

    It's really hard for me to describe the sensation this story has left on me. I loved it, every single moment of your story, the description of the feelings and the emotions your characters were going through were so shockingly accurate. Reading it felt like going through memories, it was almost as if I wasn't reading the story, but experiencing it. Loved the idea with the diary and the ending was splendid. I am very, very thankful for you sharing this marvelous story with the rest of the world. It was magnificent!
  11. Alcarose


    I couldn't put my laptop away until I finished reading this amazing story. Thank you very much for sharing it!
  12. Oh, that is great news indeed! And "For the Love" made me fall in love...with the desert of Arizona...I simply must visit it at least once in my life...I wish to feel that dry warmth of the Arizonian climate...and perhaps find a "Make out mountain" myself...who knows what (who) I might encounter, once there...
  13. Let me be the first to welcome you to GA. If you have any questions, please let me know. :)

    1. Alcarose


      Thanks, well the main reason why I registered was a story by C. James called "For the Love"...I only wanted to thank him for the wonderful story he wrote, but then I realised there are many many other good stories here...and that I might even post some of my own (well...after translating them to English)

  14. Thanks guys for the welcome As for Chris and Steve being horrible people...naaah...they're just too adorable I think I will read Circumnavigation, but first I'd like to read the other finished novels by C. James. And Chris and Steve were definitly my heroes, 'cause they reminded me that there's nothing wrong about falling in love with a guy...
  15. I just wanted to thank C. James for the "For the Love" novel. This was the first story that I read on the net and liked it so much, I could not stop reading it till I finished it. It had pretty everything I've wanted from a "gay story" and the part I loved most was that the main plot wasn't sex...but I am thankful for the hot scenes he included, they were excelent! The only thing I can't help but wonder is, how come Chris and Steve had such wonderful bodies, even though they did not work out and ate A LOT of junkfood...(just saying, yea I envy them, cause it costs me a lot of working out and "eating the right stuff" to keep me fitt ) So...thanks again for the GREAT story and I can't wait to start reading the rest of your stories... Lots of love from Slovakia! <3
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