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  1. Hi all. And a special hug to the ladies that weren't feeling great @clochette and @Valkyrie
  2. I'm probably an atheist, but grew up in a catholic country and did first communion, so had religion classes (like Sunday school). I always asked questions and lets say that even for religious people incest was not something easy to explain to kids. So imagine me trying to explain what you learn in school mixed with catechism... People/monkeys sex was involved... It made more sense to my 8 years old self than brothers and sisters (ewh). 😂
  3. Well as a rule of thumb... Adventures that can get you to bed for a couple of hours: Good. Adventures that can get you stuck to a bed for a couple of months: Bad. Simple
  4. I was totally expecting a black and a white 😉
  5. So sorry to hear Val. Hope you get well soon from your infection. Hopefully the rest will get sorted after, but I imagine that the pain makes dealing with life impossible. Hugs
  6. I was going to claim him, since you technically didn't, but you deserve to keep him to make you feel better.
  7. Too late, brother of mine... But if you behave you can house sit.
  8. I train them well so they find their way back 🤭
  9. Good morning everyone. I'm going to keep him safe, before @Valkyrietries to poach him. Mine
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