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  1. Sweetlion

    Chapter 7

    That's why I keep suspecting of an internal betrayal, particularly from the father. getting the daughter married, with possibly of children, my look better to their father.
  2. Sweetlion

    Happy Hour

    Well, Tony needs to open PRIME, so our other friends can have fun in it.
  3. Sweetlion

    Chapter 7

    So the Emperor is thinking of Andiya for the Duke... Will he force it behind Kastan's back, putting him in a public position where he can't refuse or explain he wants the brother? I also wonder who betrayed Jihan into giving the location of the Estate, was it his own father in the end?
  4. Sweetlion


    More, more, more, more, more, more, more!! Lol
  5. Sweetlion

    Late Lunch

    😛 I never complained 😬
  6. Sweetlion

    Late Lunch

    Yeah, not happy with the length, some converted Carlos to short chapters 😁 But interesting start, thanks for another story
  7. Sweetlion

    Wolf Like Me v5

    Hey Dayne, apart from differences in style that come with getting better at writing, how different Is the story, the plot? Best
  8. Sweetlion


    You write and create stories beautifully Wayne.
  9. But shouldn't the Hybrid be the strongest, without the need to feed from blood and with strong blood himself?
  10. It depends, she wasn't lovely, and being immortal for so long she, like the other Gods, she was a bit detached from reality and the human suffering. But I remember her forest, how she protected Yinx and Laneer there, and how she scolded the other Gods for what they did to Yinx.
  11. Of all the Gods, I had mixed feelings about Drulai, I think I'm sorry that's she is dead. One question, where does the power of the Gods go? Morgoren was became stronger when is father died, does Rayo as well? He is also a God after all.
  12. Sweetlion

    Beyond the Binary

    Sorry, while I was making an effort to be inclusive, an him instead of them escaped me. It might be due to their name which I associate with male, and their physical appearance being closer to a guy (otherwise Shane wouldn't have been interested). But since we were talking about gender identity I should have written them. My point was actually a dual one in the sense of being harder for them, because for one they might have a harder time getting into a relationship, and for others they end up having to be more "understanding" with others' reaction than sometimes they feel it (I like to put myself in the characters position, and I admit that physically/sexually I would probably not be interested in non biologically males for a romantic relationship)
  13. Sweetlion

    Beyond the Binary

    Well, English language is not that bad, it does have a genderless pronoun (although for things, not people normally) and the 3rd person plural is the same regardless of the gender, and that's why it is evolving slowly as a genderless singular. Romance language have "gender" in most words, and the 3rd person plural have male (used for groups of males or mixed gender groups) and female (used for groups of females only) forms. Although well intentioned, I have heard speeches that sound a bit ridiculous in "inclusive" language, unfortunately.
  14. Sweetlion

    Beyond the Binary

    Very interesting story. I could not not empathize with Taylor and wish him happy, so I hope you have more for us. I agree that Shane was a jerk in the way he reacted to the gender non-binary the issue, he shouldn't have laughed. And I know that Taylor probably has a much harder time that other lgbtq people. But that whole episode made me think about relationships, and how hard they can be. Because I can also understand the core of what Shane was thinking, even if his behavior was bad. I think Taylor also forgot that that while gender identity and sexual orientation are not the same thing, both exist and might clash. Humans are complex being with several forms of love and attractions. Friendship love, romantic love, sexual love/attraction are all different. So as a gay man, one might be able to feel emotional/romantic love for different genders, but need physical male attribute to sexual desire someone.
  15. Sweetlion

    Rudy & Trevor

    Well done, although I don't remember some characters. I know you took some books from here after publishing, but could you remind us each couple's story? I remember Marcus the chef and Tom the detective; the Ks (and their cruise); Nathan, Jaymes and their friends Martin and Gallagher; and of course Rudy and Trevor. But who are Stephen and Anton?
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