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  1. Doing ok, but still not working in the lab, so let's just say I'm going crazy
  2. hey, I know I haven't been around, but hope everything is ok with you guys
  3. Sweetlion

    Chapter 16

    Mr Petrakis is still clueless... He behaves as if Drew will suddenly accept the normal role as his son, instead of understanding they have to develop their own special relationship. Drew should also make Cole see behind Keith veneer, and try to develop a relationship with him. I think Keith would break but actually like if Cole suddenly hug him.
  4. Sweetlion

    Chapter 12

    Well, we all theorise the reasons for Mr Petrakis life, his wife, and mistress, to be as they are. However, that doesn't change anything from what Drew said, and what he lived. I agree they need to find a workable solution, but I actually hope it's not just forgive and turn on sugar sweet. He is almost adult (a bit more than an year to 18, and probably could get emancipation). In his place I wouldn't be able to just call and consider Me Petrakis as "Dad". Maybe a first name based relationship, and with more discussion to reach common ground than otherwise expected.
  5. Sweetlion

    Chapter 8

    Is it just me or the more they interact the less I like Me. Petrakis? He is a coward, enabler of Drew's torture. Hope this doesn't end to fluffy, with Drew calling him Dad and super cozy. They can reach a workable relationship, maybe using first names.
  6. Sweetlion

    Chapter 7

    Yes, I can't stand the vision that the guy is responsible for "getting" someone preg, like girls/women were fooled. Both are responsible, so live with your actions
  7. Sweetlion

    Chapter 7

    He should demand that poor excuse of sperm donor to put lockers again in the doors, specially his room and bathroom.
  8. Sweetlion

    Chapter 7

    I wished Drew discribed to his "father" everything he lived through... Being woke up with a beating, the belt, the forced getting naked... And he probably is strong enough to defend himself now. I don't say he should start a fight, but a strong punch to the gut if his mother attacks him again would put her in her place
  9. Sweetlion

    Chapter 6

    Hope Drew gets stronger and demands his money from his mother. He should threaten her if needed, he even has two siblings who would testify against her, how she treat him, if needed.
  10. Sweetlion


    Oh, in the beginning of the story the passage of time from the previous book was not obvious to me, but I guess the kids grew up. We can guess why Elias want a private cabin/room... 😎
  11. Sweetlion

    Chapter 3

    Probably no one, but with prove that she was sister to Mason, the hospital did a mistake. If Jesse has any documents saying he is the guardian in case something happens to their parents, he should just call the police. Something is going on. Maybe they will find Mason and the sister vat their father's house, trying to get things.
  12. Sweetlion

    Chapter 19

    Keep reading... 😃
  13. Sweetlion

    Chapter 14

    Good!! There are more empty territories than generals now, even if Talia gets one when she is free, Luca has to have one! His calm in calling Ysabel by name, loved it
  14. Sweetlion

    Chapter 1

    Yup, that's my other hypothesis too.
  15. Sweetlion

    Chapter 1

    😳 Damn, I just checked the vision and although it was said they would be together, we don't actually see past the wedding.
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