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  1. Sweetlion


    Well, even if in the end they decide to keep some art pieces in the museum, I hope they forget that donation idea. Being the owners allow them to decide when stopping the collaboration with one institution, and start with another. It shows how low the consideration for "gifts" the institutions have.
  2. Sweetlion

    Chapter 33

    They need to call Zack's mother
  3. Sweetlion

    Chapter 32

    Hey @Mark Arbour I have one question for you... Sorry I am using comments, maybe I should be in the forum but I don't know if they are still active. What happened to Ranger? I read your stories multiple times and I didn't find any reference to his death in a particular fight. Did he died and you didn't tell us, or was he sent to George kids or Brentwood when George went on a world odyssey?
  4. Sweetlion

    Chapter 32

    Not only heir, the Comte d'Artois is the future King Charles X,a very conservative and absolutist King that will also be deposed... So George can count 2 future kings already,and he not even 30. 😂
  5. Sweetlion

    Chapter 32

    My guess is that Caroline will get some new jewelry. Or save them for when their older daughter comes of age. PS: I can't remember her name, is it Charlotte?
  6. Sweetlion

    Partner in Crime

    Loved it, thanks for coming back to this story.
  7. Sweetlion

    Chapter Ten

    Cool that you came back to this story. I was not expecting a supernatural phenomenon though.
  8. Sweetlion

    Chapter 1

    Thank you @Mawgrim. I actually didn't know the series of the Dragonriders of Pern, so your short stories were actually my introduction the the world. It also let me to read the Fan Fiction stories of other authors in the site, and they are also good, particularly @dkstories. I am now looking forward to your multi chapter story.
  9. Sweetlion


    Well, they don't have to jump into romance or anything, but I hope they clear the air at lunch about the silly comment Adrian did when they were in school, that hurt Lenny.
  10. Sweetlion

    Chapter 1

    Actually that's what I thought as well. I do not know this universe, but I felt sorry for the slightly smaller egg that was hatching. I don't know the difference in power or strength of the different colors, but I am curious if the color or the eggs mean anything to the color of the dragon. Who was inside that egg?
  11. Sweetlion

    Chapter 31

    Thanks for the chapter Mark. So the travels in the Russian empire beging, will all the unpleasantness of the cold winter. Hopefully George will be able to meet with Daventry before being found by the Czar.
  12. Thanks Mark, for the chapter and all your work.
  13. Sweetlion


    I hear you and I will not continue a strong teasing, although I agree with Mann, it did sound forced. There is a reason I didn't use the word capitalism, but was criticising a particular american brand. I am not even saying I am a Bernie supporter, I did have some skepticism about him, although I do have a slight problem when the biggest Warren criticism is her voice pitch, since I feel like the same message in a male would be resolute, and in her was hating. I was just pointing out that Europe reconstruction after WW2 was made of a balance between democratic socialism and church social doctrine, and you don't see then abandoning free market and private savings =P
  14. Sweetlion


    Cool chapter Carlos, thanks. Although you make me want to discuss politics, lol. One of these days one of your characters should explain the difference between Cuba/communism and democratic socialism to the strong believers of americanism. Ok, I will stop now. 😃 It's always great to see these guys again.
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