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  1. Sweetlion

    Chapter 28

    I'm sorry but H'rek got of too easily. He was immature and hurt D'gar too, and his age is not an excuse, apart from the jump, they are not that far apart in age... No apologies or explanations, so where was he, that same night? Did he sleep with his friend?
  2. Sweetlion

    Chapter 24

    Adrian will be the allied lands Navy. But Luca is right, for several chapters now I don't trust Marion. True, I wanted her to get back her country, but I fear in the process of never feel weak again, she became in love with power. Ironians trying to rule Nabius territories vas a fiefdom will be as bad for peace as Nabius conquering Ironia. Just because a lot of territories don't have a general now, doesn't mean the usual Nabian families will not make a move to them. Not sure how they will convince Marion to move back and accept to stay in her Monciet kingdom only, which would be the best for peace. Hope Jared his strong willed enough to oppose his cousin if necessary, up to now she is basically counting on him to support whatever she does.
  3. Sweetlion

    Chapter 29

    So glad to see the guys back... I might be pessimistic, but I still see Luke moving in with Jackson in the near future (at least temporarily), thingy will not go down well with Cindy if she finds out.
  4. Sweetlion

    Chapter 22

    Finally the Order lost some arrogance and reached out to the members. I understand secrecy, and not all low members need to know everything, but it should have been obvious to this Brian Chamberlin guy that the leader of the territories that were also members Order should know, only way to assure compliance. Hopefully he was smart enough to write to the Generals, and maybe to Carl since his parents are in the Order. Alex needs to know, and probably Luca, he is smart with plans.
  5. Sweetlion

    Chapter 37

    While she will always be arrogant, people grow, so we will have to see. But intelligent as she was, she will either become a close friend or a dangerous enemy to Caroline. The two women would have a hard time being indifferent to one another, being intelligent women in a sea of paternalistic idiot men.
  6. Sweetlion

    Chapter 37

    Great chapter. The events are moving along. One can only guess what the Tsar Paul will do (and what Mark has planned). Will he arrest George, or send a friendly response? I have my own theory, but not being in Mark's head, I can't wait to see how this plays out.
  7. Thanks Mac for the refresher, those I had totally forgot. Looking forward to see where the story goes. Good luck, and nice work. 😊
  8. Nice start. I remember most characters, Joe and Thomas, their artist son Sean, the guys and the kids, but don't remember Sidney or Clay.
  9. Sweetlion

    Chapter 16

    Also Jihan and Kastan are not thinking broad enough, when Jihan says to Temu that he cannot interfere with the Welfare Office. Jihan is a man of action, just different than a warrior. In another life (if he wasn't a rich merchant) he could have join the army, and work on espionage like general Kigaru. Kastan and Jihan should start not only to divide, but to share the burdens. Kastan should make Jihan General Manager of Silver Shore and General Quartermaster of the Armies, which would give Jihan the capacity to act both in terms of money and supplies (part of which he did already as a contractor supplier of the army)... Maybe after this talk Temu will realize Jihan should be involved and suggest it to Kastan.
  10. Sweetlion

    Chapter 16

    Glad you are back, hope things are better. Good chapter, and the map on the blog is appreciated, I was having a hard time separating the "kingdoms" that are provinces of the empire from the independent kingdoms.
  11. Sweetlion

    Chapter 7

    Well Jason should think a bit before talking, even of not on purpose, he sounded selfish, but Billy was also purposely hurtful, trying to fight instead of talking to Jason.
  12. Sweetlion

    Chapter 6

    What's Billy age after all. In on chapter it appeared 15, almost 16, but in this chapter I think he says 17. Karl is 18 I believe, so 17 woul be closer but still younger.
  13. Sweetlion

    Chapter 4

    Actually I am definitely not enchanted with Karl. First he hit on Jason suggests he wants to be with him, but decided that any serious conversation stays in the future, when Jason tries to talk to him (which Jason probably needs even more than physical interactions). Then he stringing Margo (even if he dislikes her) by not put her in her place, allowing the welcome kiss, the drink, and the talk behind Rhonda's back. After that, from his interactions before and after, while drunk he was not that drunk that he couldn't stop and sex scene. Finally, in the same day he immediately acts on his attraction and and starts throwing love and desire words to Billy, which he had just met, including being as forward as saying he wants to be deep inside him. Plus, for someone that is not out, he outs Jason and talking behind his back to Billy... Someone teach Karl what relationships, and empathy, means, please.
  14. The only answer from Jasper should be tell his parents to leave immediately or shut up
  15. Great start Gary, thank you for another story.
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