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  1. Sweetlion


    Congratulations Carlos, it was a great final chapter. This story has so many characters, that I can't remember who Lincoln is.
  2. Sweetlion

    A Bit Of Fun

    Yes, Aidan is being "kind of dumb", but it might even be on purpose, he knows he will easily fall for Heath and is protecting himself, thinking Heath is too much of as playboy to be worthy even considering... So Heath can also grow some balls, be the older and more experienced one, and talk clear and plainly to Aidan. He keeps trying to get Aidan to meet him half way in the understanding, but Aidan is too guarded for it, in the end, Aidan is growing, but Heath will grow more.
  3. Sweetlion

    Chapter 12

    It might be Pierre, or it might just be someone from the outside spying. Is cousin Lea might be the dangerous one.
  4. Sweetlion


    Sadie would know if the money story is true. Plus, If he really wanted Artie to have it, lets see if he saved it all in an account with Artie's name.
  5. The story begins to build a momentum, just to finish in the middle with no reason or answers. It's a waste of time and I'm furious for having read it.
  6. I agree it's a great story. But it made me so sad, it has a powerful way to transfer to us River's feelings and state of mind.
  7. To anyone that doesn't understand monarchy, today and next days should make it self-explanatory.... Only the uttermost devotion to one's country would make a 93 year old Lady endure such visitors...

  8. Great story Cole! I hope I'm not putting more unwanted pressure, but did you end up writing Harrison story? Best
  9. The question seems to be who's not eating Peterson...
  10. Stories I like so much that I read more than once: A to Z from @Parker Owens The Bridgemont Series from @Mark Arbour (7 books completed, unfortunately the 8 has been stopped for almost a year) Definitely many more stories, but these came immediately to mind
  11. Sweetlion

    Chapter 42

    He has a cable connecting him to the ship right?
  12. Sweetlion

    Secrets to Share

    Is Tobias Laneer? And does Rayo knows?
  13. You are missed :hug:

  14. Sweetlion

    Chapter 41

    And in the end she was almost happy about it. She worried about them for years, I think she had the realization than when she "goes" they will be ok.
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