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  1. Sweetlion


    thank you, and congratulations
  2. Sweetlion

    Full Disclosure

    Cool, it would be a interesting start for a bigger story
  3. It was a great story, masterly crafted. I am sad it ended, but happy to see them moving with their live. In my imagination I hope they get kids, they would be great dads. Maybe adopting a gay youth, there seems to still be so many with problems. I admit you are a mystery for me, loved this story, but tried to read your other current one and couldn't, keep getting lost (sorry😅). So I am super curious about your next works and can't wait to read them. Congratulations
  4. You probably didn't notice, but they put a banner for your 1st story in on of the classic authors promotion posts. I actually start reading the series. It is been so long that I don't expect you to finish anymore. It is a shame as you laid out a lot of problems a challenges we can face growing up, we will never know what drove Perry to "the straight life", and why did he marry and decided to leave Jesse. Anyway congratulations for what you did, at least for the books I read already (1&2)
  5. Sweetlion

    Chapter 19

    Didn't Mazen break with his last girlfriend? We need to introduce him to Cassie.
  6. Sweetlion

    Chapter 20.1

    Cool story so far Caz. However I thought some chapters ago, when Carl was on the phone due to problems in his Clan, that someone, maybe Simon, talked about his mate, helping with the situation. Am I wrong?
  7. Damn, do all your stories end in a sad bang? I feel sorry for Roy, Safiro doesn't really give him an explanation. But great story
  8. Sweetlion

    Broken Blood

    I was expecting that, papaw description was someone that cared about his land. Well, with his mother's farm as well, they will have more work that they can do... Good thing they can hire, or start a working partnership, with Caleb. 😉
  9. Cute new avi, another game character? 😁

  10. Very interesting story, it gives a mix feeling of future and past. In truth it's done and the end doesn't disappoint, but it still leaves an unended sense that opens the door to a sequel, or just your to your imagination
  11. Sweetlion

    Chapter 35

    This was a great story, and leaves us with so much to imagine about the future off the characters. Although we was not looking for titles, and probably wouldn't even be super comfortable with then, I wish Rupe would get some, and the world recognition he deserves. He was not a ruler like the emperor and the king, but was the enabler of events, with his care for the boys and his sense of honor. I like to imagine that between the Emperor, the Kings and the Patriarch, they made him a Prince and responsible for the 3 Ancient sites. Apart from the Emperor and Kings, he was probably the best to communicate with the Oracle and help guide humanity in their New Earth.
  12. Sweetlion

    San Diego

    I was not saying that he would be physically dangerous, it could be emotionally problematic for Wren. If one is interested in D/s is ok, I was just thinking that financial security would be a wrong reason.
  13. Sweetlion

    San Diego

    Interesting start, but Wren is a bit of a dick, even if he had a hard past we still don't know about. Still hope we doesn't enter something dangerous or difficult for him with Me Branson, just because he needs money.
  14. Sweetlion


    why does Nathan assumes that Jayme is straight? From the previous chapter Jaymes refers to a person in his previous relationship as housemate, not girlfriend, and goes on using the pronoun them instead of "finding her". True, technically he didn't acknowledge the gender on way or another, but honestly, in real life I have only seem people doing it to hide the gender when it isn't the opposite one. It's becoming one of those ways of saying everything without saying.
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