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  1. milotin


    Hi mate. A huge thanks for continuing to write and post. It's been a while since I posted a review, and I'm sorry. Partly because when reading GA on a mobile device, it doesn't let you review - but it's not an excuse. I love your work and this tale is no exception. You write with a rare lucidity that captures moods and dynamics as if the reader is there and I really enjoy that. Although the entire story is a highlight, my favourite scene was the boys discussing what they'd wear to bed, and of course the chat just before falling asleep. You could have cut the air with a knife. Thanks agai
  2. Holy bombshell! Some of the pots that were on the boil, so to speak, might have just boiled over! I can't see how this can be good for Luke and Ryan, and wonder what kind of spanner it could throw in the works between Luke and Elliott. Brilliant stuff, Riley. What a clever, if not saddening, twist. Can't wait to see what you have in store next! Cheers Milo
  3. milotin

    After the Fire

    Thank you Riley for yet another beautifully vivid and realistic chapter. I'm so relieved that, finally, young Simon seems to be turning a corner, and Luke, too. The brotherly hug at the chapter's end has been a very long time coming and was a very special and tender moment - perhaps more for Simon and us readers than Luke, but who knows. Thanks again for this great story.
  4. milotin


    I know it's been said before, but would someone please give that kid a huge, judgement-free HUG - and preferably his older brother, when he's worked out that his brother needs him more than he might think. I wonder if Geoff or Lucy will pick up on Simon's near-outing of himself, where he said he "can't use [his balls]" anyway - I thought that might have been a reference to him not having kids. Thanks Riley for the continued brilliant work. Looking at the chapter index, Simon's been through so much, over quite a while, so we can only hope that a silver bullet comes his way soon to turn thi
  5. Thanks Riley for yet again more great reading. I *always* look forward to your next instalment, and they never disappoint. I suspect it's going to be hard for Simon to keep his anger at Toby bottled up. Purely for his sake, I hope he can confide in Luke - despite the little conflict between the two at the end of the chapter. It's going to be messy either way, but he's just going to remain a twisted mess if he can't talk to someone he trusts about what happened to him. Toby has a cheek turning up like that. So many pots on the boil, so to speak. Thanks especially for the double chapter - what
  6. Thanks Riley for another great chapter. The banter, and bonding, between Elliot and Luke is quite enjoyable. I suspect Elliot's history is just a few of Luke's prying (or innocently curious) questions away - if so, it'll be interesting to see how Luke responds, given his internal conflict of finding Elliot so attractive yet being afraid of admitting his same-sex attraction to anyone in real life. The aftermath of Simon being circumcised isn't going to be pretty, especially how staunchly opposed he was to the procedure. So, so many issues there, not least will be a feeling that Toby has perm
  7. milotin


    Youch!!! Simon's distress translated into reader's tears at this end. Whatever the outcome for him, I do hope he's promptly given some pain relief - and by some stroke of luck, avoids the Spanish Inquisition from his parents as to how this happened. Loved the used car negotiations, Riley - thanks for the light humour in an otherwise uncomfortable chapter. My first car was a Volvo too. :-) Cheers, Milo
  8. milotin

    Home Alone

    Thanks for another great chapter, Riley, even if it was quite dark. Poor, poor Simon - that's the last thing he would expect from someone he's so close to. Even before it happened, I was wondering where the warmth and tenderness in their exchange was - wouldn't that be more Simon's style? Toby is clearly troubled - as others have pointed out, not only to be so offbeat as to be fantasising about somebody else, as if the dude he was with wasn't even there with him, but the way in which he violated Simon is utterly appalling - not only the effective rape, but the 'unhooding', too; it was all s
  9. Thanks Riley for another great chapter, and especially for a back to back treat. It seems there are nuances and dynamics developing between many different characters now, each with a little mystery about how the development will pan out. For example, Owen and Olly (that's especially interesting), Stacey and Luke (will Luke be honest with her, and will it help him to confide in someone?), Jacko and Ryan (I want to say Jacko should keep his eyes off Ryan, but that's none of my business) and of course Simon (one of my favourite characters) and Toby and Mrs Skerrit. Credit to you for getting so
  10. Just a quick note to say thanks for another highly enjoyable chapter, Riley. I'm such a fan of this story; it's always such a joy to read. I love the moment poor Ryan has to make a quick exit from the showers - it's nice to see him enjoying a more "normal" kind of experience than what he's had to endure recently. Cheers, Milo.
  11. milotin

    Ball Game

    What a great chapter. The lucid conversation was so natural and entertaining. It's great seeing Luke and Ryan bond some more, being surrounded by general happiness and good times. Thanks for writing.
  12. milotin


    I have to say, Luke's intervention in the principal's office was absolutely magnificent. What an incredible turn of events to get them all backed into a corner and to back off Ryan - without having to humiliate Ryan with disclosing the infamous Hang. Brilliant writing; thanks Riley. I'm still absolutely loving this story, just as much as I was a few years back. The boys seem to have gotten through the worst of things - let's hope there's some good bonding to bring them closer than they've ever been before. :-) Thanks again, Riley. Cheers, Milo.
  13. I just wanted to say how awesome it is that ET is back. I was totally hooked on this story when it was originally being posted, and it's so exciting to be reading it again and following the trials and tribulations of not just Luke, but Simon, Ryan and Toby. So, a huge thank you for posting again! Milo
  14. milotin

    Chapter 13

    Thanks for posting another chapter. I wonder what the tension is between Mike, David and Kyle. Is Mike jealous of Kyle? I guess we'll see in the end. I'm also wondering what will happen now that David and Kyle have a day together. Will they finally get intimate? I look forward to the next instalment!
  15. milotin

    Chapter 12

    Really enjoying this story - I love watching the relationship between Kyle and David unfold. I can't wait to see what the overseas trip brings. Thanks for writing, and keep up the great work!
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