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  1. Panic!

    By Dabeagle, in Fiction. 04/21/2019 (Updated: 05/27/2019)

    Jack feels pretty dumb. He's frozen in place, trapped between disappointing his best friend and his unhappy home life. Worse is his crush. He'll try not to panic as he falls deeper into his artwork where things can be as he'd like.

  2. Candy & Kisses

    By Dabeagle, in Fiction. 01/01/2019 (Updated: 03/24/2019)

    While house sitting Jerry has a drunk boy wander over from the party next door - and it changes everything.

  3. The Right One

    By Dabeagle, in Fiction. 01/31/2015 (Updated: 02/03/2019)

    Corbin's girlfriend is late after their first time. Add to that this boy named Declan that just confuses Corby to no end - who, in the end, will be the right one?

  4. Ouroboros, Inc.

    By Dabeagle, in Fiction. 01/27/2019 (Updated: 01/27/2019)

    Stanley lives a life of quiet desperation with nothing in his life having gone as he'd have wished. After a tragedy, a device shows up that could make everything better than ever, or worse than he thought imaginable. What would you do?

  5. Afterglow

    By Dabeagle, in Fiction. 12/23/2018 (Updated: 01/19/2019)

    Afterglow picks up the characters from The List and Wild Heart, centering on Shane Blankenship 5ish years later.

  6. Things We Lost 1. Things We Lost

    By Dabeagle, in Fiction. 01/24/2016 (Updated: 10/14/2018)

    Ehren's act of kindness pays off when he's most desperate for a place to hide. Tris, though, is more than he ever hoped for. His old life, before hitting the streets, is revealed and the glimmer of a future unfolds.

  7. Asher 0. Sanitaria Springs

    By Dabeagle, in Fiction. 07/03/2016 (Updated: 10/11/2018)

    Celebrating the 4th of July, I have posted the first of a four story set featuring Asher Romanski from the series Sanitaria Springs. Asher is a poor kid who has resigned himself to taking his lumps and keeping out of harm's way. But then an event makes him dare to dream.

  8. Wild Heart

    By Dabeagle, in Fiction. 07/15/2018 (Updated: 08/12/2018)

    Wild Heart is the sequel to The List, which features the universe realized by Cynus with his stories Fearless and Weightless. Wild Heart continues to follow Shane and Parker as well as Travis.

  9. You Don't Know Me

    By Dabeagle, in Fiction. 04/30/2018 (Updated: 07/08/2018)

    What would you do with a second chance?

  10. The List

    By Dabeagle, in Fiction. 12/26/2017 (Updated: 02/04/2018)

    Set in Cynus's 'Weightless' and 'Fearless' universe, Shane Blankenship unexpectedly finds himself interacting with one of the guys on his List - like, guys he'd date sort of list. Parker is a bit enigmatic and Shane tries to balance a weird home life with his new friendship and the complications that arise.

  11. Love & Loss

    By Dabeagle, in Fiction. 09/25/2016 (Updated: 10/16/2016)

    This story, set in the Sanitaria Springs universe, follows Dylan Whalen who was introduced in the short story 'Curious Nate'. Some of his history may be pertinent to a complete understanding of this story, but it isn't required.

  12. The Facilitator

    By Dabeagle, in Fiction. 06/14/2015 (Updated: 05/15/2016)

    After a bad relationship ends, Noel is closed off and trying to focus on other things. But along comes someone that opens his eyes to other possibilities...the Facilitator.

  13. The Lerman Effect

    By Dabeagle, in Fiction. 01/01/2016 (Updated: 01/01/2016)

    As Alec Bailey's life spirals out of control someone reminds him that he needs a little faith - and that it can come from anywhere!

  14. Toy Soldiers

    By Dabeagle, in Fiction. 09/09/2015 (Updated: 10/31/2015)

    Stolen from their homes, memories erased, bodies beaten and tortured, the soldiers of Green Squad have never known a life of peace and comfort. Confronted with their own extermination at the hands of the malevolent Corporation, they must make their harrowing escape before, “All go under the green.”

    Action, adventure mixed with confusing hormones and quirky social graces. Outsiders fight back against the evil Corporation.

  15. In Dog We Trust

    By Dabeagle, in Fiction. 09/07/2015 (Updated: 09/07/2015)

    Sometimes we start over, even when we don't want to. Sometimes we find help where we hadn't asked for or known we needed it. And sometimes, we end up helping someone else along the way.

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