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  1. Spot on in all respects. Lol - Way over the top - Alex pretty much outBonds James Bond (and interestingly, Anthony Horowitz was commissioned by the Ian Fleming estate to write new James Bond novels). - evidently 'over the top' works too, as Alex Ryder novels have sales of over 19 million.
  2. Whoo! and this series is based on just one book (Point Blanc) out of thirteen written by Anthony Horowitz (Foyle's War). Brilliant!
  3. Palantir

    Chapter 52

    Yes, the possibilities are almost daunting - what if mighty Maurice has to face some sort of challenge in Kieran's absence? - there are SIX Earth Nexuses? - will technology play some part in Kieran's restored Realm? - the Melbourne oracle? - a Realm Tree in the middle of Australia? - Kieran and Rhys - a Guardian for the oceans of Earth? - White Power? Lol - Wall sized murals!
  4. Palantir

    Chapter 52

    Many thanks @alexlittel I'm delighted to know that you enjoyed the story.
  5. Palantir

    Chapter 52

    Well, I sure hope it's not the end - my writing projects proceed at their own pace though and I've learnt a new story comes in its own way rather than from the dictates of my bidding. It's a joy to hear how you identify with KIeran, Rhys and co. I must admit that in my own mind that take on an extraordinary degree of 'reality'. Mparntwe - As well as a kind of awe at a culture which could live in harmony with this old continent for 50/60K years (some research suggests maybe 150K yrs) I have wonderful memories of camping and hiking the wild areas to the east and west. (200 kms of the Larapinta trail in the West Macdonell Ranges). The Valley of the Eagles (my author's name for it) really exists and if all goes well will be a BIG feature for Woorawa's story. Thank you for your wonderful support.
  6. Palantir

    Chapter 52

    Lol - yep! Madness indeed - but a delightful kind of madness. Yes, the path we follow is often different to the path we set out on. Footy! Well - I've never been a follower but the first (and only) big league match I ever attended was about 60 yrs ago at Kardinia Park in Geelong where lived as a teenager.
  7. Palantir

    Chapter 52

    Thank you! Yeppers! - there will be more (but don't hold your breath)
  8. Palantir

    Chapter 52

    Lol - it has been quite a while since I first started posting (under a different pen-name) and almost scary that the time passes so quickly. Yes, despite deciding never to post before I had at least a rough first draft, I did start and as usual was caught out by the characters and events developing way beyond my expectation. any new stories will appear on GA before anywhere else.
  9. Palantir

    Chapter 52

    Thanks for your thoughts @back2basics and sorry about the unavoidable waiting. My writing output seems to be a slow steady process which has a mind of its own. I love your use of the word 'epic' as it reflects my own view of the wide range of possibilities ahead.
  10. Palantir

    Chapter 52

    It was a long ride too. I had no idea when it started how complicated and far ranging it would be. Lol - Yes! - there will be a next story (and more I hope) but my output rate seems to be declining. And if I try for a 'shorter' story I have a sneaking suspicion it will develop a mind of its own And you! P.S. Yep two published books available as paperback or ebook- click to my profile for a link
  11. Palantir

    Chapter 52

    Well, thank you, indeed!
  12. Palantir

    Chapter 52

    Whoo! Sorry for the tardiness with my replies, folks. No phone, no internet for nearly a week till the whole street was trenched and 60 yr old cable replaced.
  13. Palantir

    Chapter 52

    Loose ends??? Oh my! To put it mildly, there sure are 'soooo many'. We left the Realms with puzzles, mysteries and implications piled on possibilities, probabilities and indications. As I see it Widderkin, and the wonders of the Realms, might simply be the first brush strokes of an even larger canvas. I wonder!
  14. Palantir

    Chapter 52

    Lol - Splendiferous! - Rhys would be smiling. Don't hold your breath, DD. The ideas come flooding, but getting them onto paper in reasonable shape is, for me, a slow process.
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