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  1. watcher

    Chapter 22

    Great story; Charles R Ross
  2. It was a great story; would love to see some more followup. Charles Ross
  3. there is a connection break after chapter 8; story pick up at ch. 13. with some duplication. Charles Ross Watcher
  4. watcher

    Final Chapter

    Another great story by DK. Charles Ross
  5. outstanding story; scary prognosis, but have doubts of any changes or corrections of policies, and with no where to go. Charles Ross
  6. "Long Road to.."


    Great story;; hope continued.  



    1. Randomness


      Thank you Watcher!  Admittedly, the going is slow on my end.  Always seems like life gets in the way, right?  :-)  I can promise more is coming.  No spoilers but the next four chapters are being revised.  Sloppy business.  Four others are being fleshed out.  I expect another few to go out over the next few weeks provided everything stays calm.  (Knock on wood.)  Thank you for keeping me thinking ahead.  Hugs.

  7. Great story; looking forward to further chapters. Was on forum looking for lyrics to "The Navigator".
  8. Mark: Great story - great series; Very much liked Odessy and it's earlier books.
  9. Outstanding story; really liked it; probably one of best. Really loved the final solution (ground and tie to palms); might really work; with little luck. watcher
  10. Outstanding story; definitely a new unexpeceted twist! Watcher
  11. great story; looking forward to next chapter. Charles Ross
  12. watcher

    CJ's Rant

    Sorry you are not getting enough feedback; think Circumnavigation is a GREAT story; been following since the beginning; tempted to write when updates slowed but did not want to be pushy incase you were dealin with a family or personal situation, Hope you can see your way to the end....................and further. Charles Ross
  13. Glad to see that you are on it; sorry to see that the world has not run out of peckerwoods. Been a couple of years since I got a death threat. -Watcher
  14. Outstanding story; cannot wait for next chapters ! Charles R. Ross
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