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    Chapter 16.2

    Simon woke with a smile on his face and a wonderful feeling of contentment. If only they could deal with the Cheryl situation everything would be perfect. He stretched his legs being careful not to wake Kitryn who was making cute noises in his sleep beside him. The ache in his ass reminded him of the activities of the previous morning. Kitryn had been very gentle and gone very slowly but the ache was inevitable. And it said claimed just as much as the healed scar on his neck. They had been going to wait to claim each other but it seemed Kitryn’s cat was sick of waiting. What should have been a pleasant make out session soon became more and the feelings just overtook them. So now he was claimed by a shifter. He liked the feeling. It was like a bond now connected them, and although it felt incomplete, it gave him a feeling of belonging and family. It was a feeling he had been missing for what felt like a lifetime. Kitryn stirred and Simon grinned down at his mate’s confused half asleep expression. As he watched Kitryn’s eyes cleared and Simon found his arms full of horny kitty. No this was a wake up routine he could get behind. Or under. Or even on top… “Kitty, Simmy, Kitty, Simmy.” The excited yells were all the warning they got before the door burst open and they were buried under a pile of excited children. Simon snickered a Kitryn put-upon expression and turned his attention to Peter who was jabbering on about learning how to make cookies. “Children!,” came Meg’s stern voice. “What did I tell you about disturbing them. You were supposed to wait on the couch while I got your breakfast.” The kits hung their heads, but no one was fooled. Simon clapped his hands. “Breakfast sounds good. Go wash your hands and we’ll meet you at the table.” He waited until the room had been cleared and the door re-shut to pull Kitryn back into his arms and resume the waking kiss that had been interrupted. They only pulled apart when breathing became a necessity. “Hello my mate,” Kitryn purred, and Simon blushed at the lust evident in the tone. “Hi,” Simon squeaked, then slapped a hand over his mouth at the high sound. Kitryn chuckled but his reply was cut off by banging on the door. “Breakfast is getting cold,” Meg yelled. “You can maul each other later. Get out here.” Kitryn sighed and then they both let out a chuckle when they heard Peter asking, “What’s mauled?” Breakfast was pancakes with bacon and maple syrup. The kits chattered on like magpies and Simon sat back to watch his family. Because that's what they were. Blood didn’t matter, they were family and he would do all he could to protect them. Simon helped to get the kits cleaned up and they all decided to head out for a walk. Free time would be in short supply once the mages arrived. They hadn’t got far when Nelson piped up. “Simmy, why you smell funny?” Kitryn snorted and tried to turn it into a cough when Simon turned a glare onto him. “What do you mean?” He crouched down to Nelson’s level as he spoke. Nelson scrunched up his nose and seemed to be thinking. Peter spoke first instead. “You smell like Kitty.” Simon tilted his head to take in Peter as well as Nelson. “We fell asleep together, of course, I smell like him.” Now Kitryn ad given up hiding and was laughing long and loud. Simon frowned and turned to Meg for help. Even she was grinning. “Simon and Kitty mated,” Fran’s voice interrupted. Meg nodded. “That’s right Fran, Kitryn’s and Simon’s scents have mixed because they’re mated now.” “Half mated,” Fran corrected. Simon felt his face heating and Kitryn let out a choking sound. Meg just grinned wider. “Well by the scar on your neck and your scent, I’d say your mated in the shifter way. The rest will have to wait. We have a walk to enjoy, and I think I heard there had been some fresh snow recently. Who wants to build a snowman?” Suitably distracted the kits cheered and ran on ahead, yelling their agreement when told to stay within the guarded parameters the bears had set up. Simon, Kitryn, and Meg followed along at a more leisurely pace.
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    Chapter 16.1

    “We need more,” Helen stated and Kitryn growled. Friend or not, no one was using Fran for any reason. “She has already given us more than we had and that caused her to pass out. I will not allow her to be hurt.” “Peace, Kitty.” Helen held her hands up in surrender and winced when Kitryn growled again at the old childhood nickname. “I wasn’t suggesting she be hurt. I was stating a fact. How can we rescue a fae, a mage, and any surviving seers, if we don’t know where they are?” “We could scry for them.” Everyone snapped their gazes to Meg, who froze at being the center of attention suddenly. “What do you mean?” Kitryn asked. “To scry we’d need an item belonging to the mage or person we wanted to find. We don’t even know what they look like.” Meg shook her head. “There is one way to do it. It is old magic and therefore Cheryl either may not know about it or won’t be able to counter it quickly or effectively. Both Fran and I are part mage. Me more than Fran. I can link my power to hers, then using the image she has and the knowledge I have we can scry and get a general location. Usually, within a two-mile radius, I may be able to get as close as one mile, but I can’t promise that. I’ve used the procedure once before when a young mage child had gone missing in the pride and they called me when it started to rain, and they lost her scent.” Elder Patrick looked up from the notes he was scribbling down. “Would another mage be of help? To add more power to the workings.” Meg smiled. “You can never have too much power for working magic. If the mage knows the old ways even better, if not they must be willing to follow my lead.” Patrick nodded. “I don’t know about his knowledge, but I do know he has never argued with someone who knew what he didn’t. He will follow. I assume you wish to allow little Fran to rest and recharge at least for a day if not two?” Meg nodded, and Patrick continued. “While you were talking to Fran earlier, I received a message to say Mage Elder Tristan is almost here. He has several lower-level mages with him and they are sharing the power responsibility of moving by magic. He should be here tomorrow at the latest. After I have brought him up to date, I’ll let him know the plans and see if he can or will help.” Meg looked thoughtful. “I still say any power addition will be good. But please make sure you stress how young Fran is and how she isn’t to be pushed too hard, too fast. A lot of Mage Elders I’ve met over the years can be a bit impatient to get results fast.” “Of course, I will.” Patrick’s tone was reproving. “Fran has captured the hearts of most of my den and I think anyone hurting her wouldn’t survive to apologize.”
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    Chapter 15.3

    Fran was flicking through a picture book when Kitryn led the others into their small greeting room. “You need my help,” She stated and watched Simon close the door. Kitryn chuckled. “Yes, we need your help. But only if you’re comfortable and aren’t hurt by what we ask you to do. Okay?” Fran frowned. “But if I not help. More hurt.” Kitryn kneeled down in front of her. “But, they aren’t you. You are who I care about. You are my family.” Fran shook her head. “Pete and Nelly family. See-mom mate, family. I help.” Kitryn looked at Simon who was smiling. “You can’t argue with her logic.” Kitryn shrugged and motioned O’Connor forward. “Fran, my name is Brian. My mate Angel had a few ideas that helped them guide their Seer gift. If you are willing I can tell you what they told me and we can see if it will work for you.” Fran nodded a serious look on her young face. “I try. No promises.” O’Connor chuckled. “Where did you learn that turn of phrase?” “From me, sea man. And he learned a lot more too, so you’d better behave and look after her.” Everyone’s gazes jumped to Meg as she entered the room loaded down with pillows and blankets. Simon moved faster than Kitryn could follow and had everything piled neatly on the end of the couch Fran was sat on. Meg sighed. “I am not incapable of carrying some pillows and blankets.” When no one answered she sighed again “They are for Fran. If you’re going to have her using her power, she will most likely pass out after.” They all helped to get Fran situated comfortably. Everyone except O’Connor moved to sit on the other side of the room so as not to be in the way. O’Connor settled on the floor in front of Fran and smiled. “Right, we are going to start with some relaxation exercises to make sure you are open to any visions you get.” Once she’d nodded he led her through the basic breathing exercises. In and hold for two counts, out and hold for two counts, and repeat. After several minutes of this, he spoke quietly. “Now I want you to focus on Cheryl. You’ve seen her in a vision?” Fran nodded. “Good. Picture her and think of your mind like your hands. You’re going to reach out to her and try and see what she’s doing.” Time stretched out as Fran frowned in concentration and everyone held their collective breaths as they waited to see what would happen. “I see her.” Fran’s voice was strong and clear. “She has Fae and Mage. They forced to help her. Mage connects. Fae points.” Kitryn tried to puzzle out what she meant when O’Connor spoke first. “So, Cheryl is forcing a Mage to connect her to other Seers, and a Fae to direct the combined gifts?” Fran nodded. “We need to help Fae and Mage. Kitty help.” Kitryn nodded and moved to her side. She was fading fast and would soon be asleep. “Yes, sweetheart, I will try and help the Fae and Mage, we all will.” That seemed to be what she wanted to hear and she dropped her head to the pillows and passed out.
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    Chapter 15.2

    Thank you, I'm glad you're enjoying it so far. Fran has been through a lot, I think Kitryn will do some very unpleasant things to anyone who upsets her further. My mistake, it is O'Connor who is going to talk to Fran. And I think she may surprise you. Remember she has had at least one suspicious visitor who said they would help her with her control. I'm afraid not all the Seers will make it out. That is a foregone conclusion, as Cheryl needs their power to fight our good guy. But, I am hoeful that most will get rescued in time. Fran may well be able to help, we'll see. And thank you for the correction, all changed I think Kit and Simon, and of course, Meg will keep them in line and protect their little Seer. Thanks, I'll try to keep up the weekly chapters so you don't have to wait too long. Thank you all for reading and commenting. Your continued support means a lot.
  6. Caz Pedroso

    Chapter 15.1

    I think Fran is being very carefully watched and protected at the moment. But, who knows what may happen in the future? I'm sure they'll get there in the end. It may have to wait until the latest crisis is over. Some of the Seers may be found. But, I can say with almost certainty that not all of them will be found alive. It would be unrealistic and Cheryl will need their power to fight our good guys. I am afraid that I think things will get worse before they get better. But, I may get pleasantly surprised, we'll have to wait and see. Kit and Simon may look into adoption after this is over. But they already have three kits to look after. they may want to wait until they're older before adding more. And who knows, there may be some young/new vampires needing a home. Thank you all for reading and commenting.
  7. Happy Belated Birthday, Lisa, I hope you had a wonderful day :hug: 


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  8. Happy Belated Birthday, Gary, I hope you had a great day. :hug: 


    I'm sorry I missed the actual day :) 

  9. Caz Pedroso

    Chapter 15.2

    While everyone was finding their seats, Simon leaned close to Kitryn. “If you two grew up together then how is she a grandmother already? Surely she would be in her thirties like you?” Kitryn huffed out a low laugh. “She is. When she met her mate he already had children from a previous relationship. And he is fifteen years her senior. Once mated she took his children as her own and so his grandchildren are hers too. The mother of his children died before their mating so there was no one to challenge her rights as a parent. Shifters don’t worry about biology, rather who is best for the child’s interest.” “We need a plan.” Elder Patrick’s voice quieted all conversation. “The High Council has sent Helen to aid us.” Helen nodded at the round of greetings sent her way. “And she has told us of more Seers going missing. We need to get ahead of this Cheryl. But, how do we do that when she’s using the powers of the seers she’s kidnapping?” Helen cleared her throat. “I may have an idea. Since I arrived I’ve been hearing that you have another seer here. Maybe that seer can give us an advantage on Cheryl.” Shouts erupted around the room. “Who told you this?” Elder Patrick Demanded. “No one is putting Fran in the middle of this,” Simon yelled. “My daughter is off limits to this mess,” Kitryn growled. “Silence!” Carl’s hissed command made everyone still, except the baby who had been disturbed by all the noise and was currently wailing her heart out. Zion rose. “Helen, let me take her and I’m sure someone can find me somewhere to wait. Kitryn seemed to shake himself. “You can take her to visit with my lot. Meg is there caring for them. Anyone will be able to point you in the right direction.” Zion nodded and after scooping up his granddaughter and dropping a brief kiss on Helen’s lips, he exited the room. Carl had sat but was still holding the gazes of the table’s occupants. “No one is going to endanger anyone. However, if Fran can help us maybe You, Simon, or you, Kitryn, can talk to her and see if she knows anything. From what I know about seers not many can control their visions. That is what is confusing me about Cheryl. I can understand that she’s stealing the powers of the seers she’s taking, but how is she using them? She must be using some other form of magic to get the visions she needs.” Everyone looked at each other and each shook their heads. “I may be able to help,” O’Connor sighed. “Angel had some control over their visions. It wasn’t perfect—obviously or they wouldn’t have been taken—but, they had developed some methods to try and see what was needed.” Rubbed at his red-rimmed eyes, and Simon winced. How the man was up and around was astounding. From what he’d learned so far, being without his mate should have had O’Connor unconscious in bed. “I’d be happy to speak to Fran, but I make no promises. From what I understand, Fran is a seer, new to her powers. She may not have the power yet to gain the control needed.” Kitryn and Simon shared a look and Kitryn let out a long sigh. “I agree O'Connor should speak to her. But, if at any time I feel she is being made uncomfortable, I will end it.” After getting everyone’s agreement, Kitryn and Simon led O'Connor out of the room.
  10. Caz Pedroso

    Chapter 14.2

    Hehe, with my stories you never know I'm sure they will have their happy ever after ... Eventually To a child, running out of sweets could be important That seems to be the million dollar question Someone is always ready to cause trouble in my stories Hmm, maybe they will find some alone time soon, then again maybe they won't Yup, there's always that timely interruption to annoy my readers. I'll catch up eventually, i always do. It just may take some time. I'm so glad you're enjoying it so far. I keep trying to do extra chapters at weekends, but something always seems to get in the way. I am trying to make sure i don't miss any Wednesdays though unless i really have to. Oh Yes I remember my daughter always managed to interrupt at the worst times (actually she still does that now) I bet they have an inbuilt detector, 'Quick, mum and dad are getting too close, go in/yell/wake up now' I don't think Kit cares what is going on, he wanted his kiss. Thank you all for your comments, they mean so much
  11. Caz Pedroso

    Chapter 15.1

    Simon chuckled as Kitryn continued to grumble and hiss under his breath all the way out of the room and to the suite entrance. He hissed louder when they saw a grinning O’Connor waiting for them. “I hope this isn’t a bad time,” O’Connor said with a smirk and a slightly mocking half bow. Kitryn didn’t answer and Simon rolled his eyes at the pair of them before speaking. “What’s happened? Fran said you needed us for something important.” “The council have sent a representative. Apparently, she and her mate were nearby dealing with another problem that could be related to ours. They’re waiting in the main greeting room while I try and round everyone up.” “We’ll meet you there.” O’Connor nodded and headed back out. Simon sighed. “I wonder what other problems were happening nearby.” Kitryn grunted and checked his reflection in a mirror while he adjusted his clothes into some form of order. Within half an hour they were hand in hand entering the main living area. Kitryn stopped just inside the doorway. “Helen?” The woman who had been sitting conversing with Elder Patrick when they’d entered rose and a wide smile spread across her face. “Kit,” She exclaimed and shifted the small baby in her arms, so she could move to embrace a still stunned looking Kitryn. “How are you? What are you doing here? And who is this handsome young man you’re hanging onto so tightly?” Simon squeezed Kitryn’s hand trying to get him to respond. Kitryn shook his head and his grin matched Helen’s “I’m good, I’m here claiming sanctuary, and this is my mate, Simon. Simon, this is Helen. We grew up together and were close friends until she met her mate and moved away.” Kitryn glared at Helen. “She then kept forgetting to write as she promised.” Simon nodded. “It’s good to meet you, Helen. And who is this little one?” Helen jiggled the baby in her arms, so they could see better. “This is Jilly, my newest granddaughter. Her parents are the reason we were so close by and why when the council briefed me, I rushed here. Jilly’s mother is my oldest daughter, Karen. Karen is also a Seer and she has been missing for a week. We were visiting her and her mate Charlie, when she went out for food and didn’t come back. We could find no trace of her. She didn’t make it to the restaurant to pick up the food, and her scent just stopped at the end of her road.” Simon pushed Kitryn forward to embrace his friend as she looked close to tears. After a few moments the baby started to fuss, and Helen pushed back. “Oh, I nearly forgot. Kit, you remember Zion, my mate?” The man who had been hovering protectively in the background came forward. “Kitryn.” He nodded and turned to Simon. “Zion Merle, good to meet you. I wish you luck in your mating.” Simon smiled and held out a hand to shake. “Good to meet you too and thank you.” Simon turned to find Kitryn making face at the baby who was now awake. “Why did you bring her here?” Helen shook her head sadly. “Because her father is in no fit state to care for her. He is currently in an induced coma to try and stop the separation from his mate killing him. We’re not sure if the seer gift has passed to Jilly, so I decided to keep her safe with me until we can get things sorted out.” Further conversation was halted when O’Connor entered with Carl and Elder Patrick called the meeting to attention.
  12. Caz Pedroso

    Chapter 13.3

    It is on my list but it will require more time and research than i can commit to at the moment I think he is relying on Simon's unwillingness to hurt him to save his neck Oh, I love cliffhangers (Just to pre-warn you) Thank you all for reading and commenting
  13. Caz Pedroso

    Chapter 13.2

    Hopefully, the council will move fast, but we all know how slow governments can be Thank you for reading and commenting
  14. Caz Pedroso

    Chapter 14.2

    Kitryn wanted to jump up and yell for everyone to hear that his mate had accepted him. But he was, of course, an adult and adults didn’t act like that. Didn’t stop him from imagining it though. Simon’s timid voice broke into his self-congratulations. “Can you tell me more about mates?” “Of course, what do you want to know?” “Everything!” Kitryn let out a small laugh. “Everything? Well, that narrows it down.” Looking at the ceiling in thought he had an idea. “Why don’t I start with what I was taught as a child. Then after I’ve covered the basics you can ask questions.” Simon nodded and snuggled closer. Kitryn rolled his eyes when he felt his cat stirring, the silly thing loved to snuggle…and be petted, but that may be pushing things a bit too far, too fast right now. “Okay, first all children are taught that when you meet your mate that being will be the perfect other half of your soul. Mates are to be cherished and when a being meets their mate that supersedes all other romantic commitments. “We are taught that the fates decide our mates before we are even born. They take two souls, break them in half and put opposing halves together in each being that is to be joined. In essence, I have half your soul and you have half mine. When they claim each other, those halves will rejoin making us whole and new. “As I’ve already said each species recognizes their mates differently. Most shifters—especially land-based ones—use scent. The fae see auras, and vampires use blood.” Simon lifted his head at that. “Is that why you taste so much better than anything else I’ve fed from?” Kitryn felt his cat preening at the compliment. “Yes, had you been born a vamp you would have recognized me as your mate immediately. Once we claim each other I will be your sole food source. Something to do with the claiming means my body will always produce enough blood for your needs and your body won’t accept any blood but mine. “I can see you want to ask about claiming. Again, different species claim their mate in different ways. Shifters bite during sex at the point of climax. I know, it sounds painful. I can’t tell you from experience, but I can tell you that any true mated couple I have ever spoken to have said that it is the most erotic experience they’ve ever had. Beyond that, I was told to wait and see what they meant when I met my own mate. “Vampires claim with blood—of course. You will need to drink some of my blood again during sex. Um, I don’t what you know about sex with two men but whoever is doing the claiming needs to be the top. That means—” Simon threw up a hand. “I know what that means. I may be a virgin but a few of the places I’ve managed to stay have had tv and internet. I know what to do…in theory. I’m assuming you won’t mind being my teacher for the practical lessons.” Kitryn grinned at his mate’s teasing tone. Oh, that sounded good, even in his head. His Mate. He pitched his voice to sound teasingly offended. “Why, sir, are you trying to get me to claim you without even offering a kiss first?” Simon chuckled. “You want a kiss, do you?” Kitryn nodded and held his breath as Simon leaned up and closer. He then let out a loud growl at the knock that sounded on the bedroom door. “Kitty?” Fran’s small voice made Kitryn feel guilty, but really, he just wanted a kiss from his mate. Simon chuckled again and dropped a chaste kiss on his lips before calling out that Fran could enter…He wanted more damn-it. “Kitty, man says you need to come quick. He say it ‘portant.”
  15. Caz Pedroso

    Chapter 14.1

    Thank you Yes, I think Kit and Simon will work things out together. I am glad you like the idea I decided on for this. I had several and had to pick one in the end. Thank you I'm sure there will be ups and downs, but they will make it through. So am I Hmm, Kit as a lap cat? I can actually picture that You're welcome I think Kitryn just wanted Simon to not be able to move, or say anything until he'd got his explanation out. He did risk his neck in the process though. Thank you, Gary Yep, keeping Simon's mouth busy seems to have worked out for Kit. Thank you Thank you all for reading and commenting it means a lot
  16. Caz Pedroso

    Chapter 14.1

    Simon froze, he couldn’t have heard right. He went to pull away, but Kitryn held on to the back of his head and made him still again. “No, please, don’t move just, feed and listen.” Simon settled down and tried to relax as Kitryn kept talking, his soft breath brushing Simon’s ear. “I know you don’t understand, but I promise I will try to explain. As O’Connor said, different shifters recognize their mates in different ways. “My breed recognizes our mates by scent. Your scent was all over that cave in the mountains. My cat was tired and in pain when he picked up your scent and he headed for what he felt was safety. “When I shifted and realized you didn’t know what I was, I knew I couldn’t tell you about being mates until you understood about at least paranormals in general, if not shifters in particular. “By the time we met up with Meg things were going to hell. We were being chased by men who may have been after one or all of us. Then we met the bears and we found out about the seers. Then Carl brought up mates and O’Connor arrived. I knew I needed to tell you before they did, or you worked out for yourself.” Simon’s remained still, feeding slowly and trying to soak up and sort out what Kitryn had said. So they were mates! What exactly did that mean? Did that mean Kitryn was attracted to him? Simon thought Kitryn was the best looking man he’d ever seen. But he was young, inexperienced, and a new Vampire to boot. He was a virgin when he escaped the Cult. Then he’d been homeless. Lastly, he’d been turned into a vampire. His total experience was some quick blowjobs in dark alleys when he really got desperate for money. Needless to say, he had been the blow-er, not the blow-ee. Once he’d been turned he was scared of hurting someone. What did he do now? What should he say? It seemed Kitryn wasn’t finished though. “You don’t have to say anything right now. All I ask is please don’t push me away. Let me care for you, feed you, and teach you. If you decide you can only offer friendship, then I will try and accept that and not push for more. “However, if you can see yourself in a relationship with me then I want you to give me a chance to prove myself a worthy mate. I would use everything I know how to do to make you happy and to keep you that way.” The last part of what Kitryn said and the lost tone of his voice was what broke through Simon's stillness. Removing his fangs and gently licking across the bite to aid healing, Simon thought carefully about what he should say. “I am attracted to you. As a shifter, I’m sure you can smell that. But, I must tell you I have never been in the relationship. I wouldn’t even know where to start.” Kitryn stroked a hand softly down Simon’s back. “That’s the joy of being mates, we get to learn together. All you have to do is say yes.” Simon pushed up to look directly into Kitryn’s eyes, they shone with sincerity and Simon felt his heart melting. “Yes.”
  17. Caz Pedroso

    Chapter 13.3

    Thank you so much Anubis Well, Simon can hardly reply if he has his mouth full, now can he??? I thought of several ways for this to come out, but Kit thought this was the best way Who am i to argue with a being with claws? Yep, Kit has always known they were mates and he was drawn to the cave because Simon was already there. Cross species mating is something i like to do because it can have some very interesting results I'm sure Simon will catch up on his studies soon. He chose the way to tell him, I did try and talk him out of it, but Kit is a strong character and has his own ideas. I think Kit is banking on the need to feed overriding the need to confront him on what he said. Only a week to wait Thanks, Lizzy, glad you're enjoying it. And I'm sure Kit will be fine, we all know mates can't hurt each other. Hopefully, that covers accidental damage as well I too am waiting to hear his reaction I'll be writing the next chapter tomorrow so it will be up next week as normal. I'm still sure Kit's throat is safe. As for Angel, I'm glad you asked Angel doesn't identify as any gender because they are both. They are an Angelfish shifter and Angelfish are intersex. Maybe Angel and O'Connor will get their own very short story someday Thank you all for reading and commenting it means a lot and i think i have caught up with replying to comments. If i have missed anyone please message/tag me and i will correct any oversight as soon as i can.
  18. Caz Pedroso

    Chapter 13.2

    Me too Gary (all caught up on comments that is ) The high council have such strict rules that they've only just been able to become involoved, hopefully they will move faster than most government agencies, although I won't hold my breath. Cheryl does indeed have a good head start on her army. I'm glad you're enjoying my tale so far, and thank you for reading and commenting
  19. Caz Pedroso

    Chapter 13.1

    But there had to be an interuption, this is me writing this story, i never let anything go too easy for my mcs'. They have to work for their HEA. Thanks for reading and commenting, Gary,
  20. Caz Pedroso

    Chapter 12.2

    I think that vamp has a few more things up his sleeve to keep our couple on their toes, and to keep himself amused. Thanks for reading and commenting, Gary,
  21. Caz Pedroso

    Chapter 13.3

    Simon watched everything happening as though it was a dream. Elder Patrick came back saying the council would launch a full investigation and they would also be sending an investigator to take all their statements. Simon had wanted to know why nothing could be done after his family was killed, but Carl had told him that because only one species was affected they couldn’t get involved. There was no proof it had been anything other than a territorial dispute. Even when the seers started to go missing, whoever took them was careful to take clothes and other things people would take if there were leaving their home for a vacation or to move on. Now with the attack and kidnap, they had proof that something was going on. They had a witness and the fact a mate would never willingly leave their other half. Carl sighed. “They are obviously done with hiding and are now taking people more openly. What I want to know is what is the final target of this woman and her group? I get she wants power and I assume some sort of recognition. But, there must be more to it than that.” O’Connor was reclining on a nearby couch. He had insisted on being able to join the war council, as it was being called, even over the healer's objections. The compromise had been he must stay reclined and must move as little as possible to not slow the healing process down too much. He scratched at a healing cut on his arm before chiming in, “Of course there is also the mate link to remember.” Simon perked up at the mention of mates again, Carl never had explained what mates were. “As soon as Angel is conscious again they can contact me. They may not be able to able to tell me where they are but at least we can get some information. On the downside, all your healing may be for naught if they are killed.” “Why?” Simon asked before he could think to keep quiet. O’Connor frowned at him. “Why don’t you know? You should have been taught mating law before you were a decade old either by your parents or by your tutor.” Simon flushed and Carl answered for him. “Simon is an unwillingly turned vampire. I am currently trying to fill in as his guardian and tutor. Since I have only had one day of teaching him I think he can be excused any questions.” Carl then turned to Simon. “When two beings mate their life forces are combined. Kill one and you kill both. If Angel is killed then Brian will drop dead wherever he is.” Simon felt his mouth drop open. “Why would anyone tie themselves to someone so closely?” O’Connor answered with a smile. “When you meet your mate you’ll understand. The first time you see each other and even if you don’t realize immediately that they are the one for you, you will feel the pull to be with them. You won’t want to be apart and if someone else touches them, even innocently sometimes, you will want to rip that person's arm off. I was swimming when I met Angel. A lot of shifters know their mates by scent but for marine shifters it's sound waves in the water. Their sound was like the most beautiful music I had ever heard, in either form. My enforcers who were with me that day thought I was mad. There I was a six-foot-long merman swimming around in circles apparently over nothing. It wasn’t until one of them tried to touch me and I snapped at them that they noticed the little angelfish that had taken up residence on my shoulder. “We haven’t been separated since that day—until now.” Simon fell into a thoughtful silence. He had a lot more questions, but he thought it was best to save them for his next lesson with Carl. Or maybe Kitryn or Meg would answer some of them. “So,” called out Elder Patrick. “What is the plan? We can’t just sit around waiting for the council. Everyone knows how long it takes for them to get moving.” “Who else is supposed to be arriving? Surely you didn’t just call Carl and me?” O’Connor queried. Elder Patrick shook his head. “We’re still waiting for Elena and Frank. They should both arrive by tomorrow night.” O’Connor yawned hugely. “Then I suggest we table any more discussions until then. We need as many heads as we can get together to make sure we cover as many angles as we can.” More heads nodded and everyone started to file out the door. Carl had picked up O’Connor, ignoring the other elder’s bitching and headed towards the healer's ward. Simon followed Kitryn and they made their way back to their suite. Kitryn seemed very quiet and Simon started to wonder what was going through his friend’s head. They entered the main room and Kitryn indicated for him to follow him to the bedrooms. “You need to feed,” Kitryn stated sitting on Simon’s bed and undoing the shirt he’d been given when he’d shifted back from his cat form. Simon shook his head. “Something is wrong.” Kitryn shut his eyes. “If you feed I’ll tell you what’s going on while you eat.” Simon nodded and they got comfortable together. As soon as he bit into Kitryn’s throat, Kitryn spoke, “I’m your mate!”
  22. Caz Pedroso

    Chapter 12.1

    I think Carl just likes to keep his thoughts to himself...but lets hope he still wants to wind Kit up Thanks for reading and commenting, Gary,
  23. Caz Pedroso

    Chapter 9.3

    I'm sure if Carl or Kit get an inkling that Simon is thinking anything negative they will be the first ones to disabuse of the notion. They would probably enlist the lits and Meg to help too. Thanks for reading and commenting
  24. Caz Pedroso

    Chapter 9.1

    Thanks for reading and commenting It's here whenever you have time to look
  25. Caz Pedroso

    Chapter 8.5

    Kids should always have time to act their ages when possible Thanks for commenting

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