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    Chapter 19.1

    Tristan blinked awake when he realized someone was in the room with him. Casting his magic out he frowned when he got a familiar feeling from the person but couldn’t place them. “Who’s there?” A face appeared over the edge of his bed and he let out a very manly squeak. “Fran, what are you doing in my room? You almost gave me a heart attack.” Tristan stopped talking when he saw her eyes in the dim moonlight filtering through the lone window. “The time is near for magic to fight magic. “Mind will fight mind “And life as it is known is at risk “Protect and follow the innocent mind” “Shit!” Tristan leaped from the bed in time to catch Fran as she fainted. He tucked her into his bed and after making sure there wasn’t anything she could hurt herself on in the room he headed out to find help. It wasn’t long before he started hearing voices calling out frantically. “Kitryn, Simon,” Tristan yelled. “She’s this way.” Within seconds Simon appeared in front of him, closely followed by Carl, then Kitryn and Patrick. Kitryn grabbed him by the front of his t-shirt. “Where is she?” Tristan sent a jolt of magic through Kitryn’s hands to make him let go. “She’s asleep in my bed. She came to my room, had a vision and fainted. Now you can either stand here and question me or you can go and get her. When she’s awake I’d love to find out how she got through my locked door and wards.” Kitryn shook his hands, probably from the magical jolt and nodded looking suitable cowed. *** A few hours later and everyone was gathered in the main meeting room. Meg had stayed with Fran and had promised to bring her to the meeting when she’d woken up and had food to regain her energy. Tristan repeated the words Fran had said and Carl wrote them down. They then got down to the business of deciphering what they could mean. “Well, I think it’s obvious,” Patrick stated. “It means those with mind magic will fight each other. And we need to protect Fran. She has to be the innocent mentioned.” Tristan pinched the bridge of his nose. How could the elder be so old and have so many mage friends and yet remember none of what he was taught by them? He swallowed a sigh and told himself to have patience. “Pat, come on, you know magic doesn’t work like that. Besides, what do you define as mind magic? Seer’s have mind magic, but not all seers are mages. Healers have mind magic, they use it to calm their patients. I have mind magic, I can conjure images that I can then let other people see. Shifters use a basic form of mind magic when they true-mate to create a bond between them and their mates. Need I go on?” Patrick waved a hand. “Okay, so I may have generalized too much. You and Milly are too alike, you know that?” Tristan grinned. “Well, if you listened when we told you things, we wouldn’t have to repeat ourselves.” A knock on the door forestalled any more conversation. Fran entered towing Meg along by one hand and holding a half-eaten sandwich in the other. Now the discussion could begin in earnest.
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    Chapter 18.4

    I too am liking Tristan, thank you I too am glad Fran's visitor was who she thought it was. Of course, her power should warn her of any dangerous individuals - be they spirit or solid - but that being said, many seers have been taken so there must be a way around the power warning. I'm glad you like Fran. I think we're going to be seeing more of her now. glad you're enjoying things No one can tell a person off better than a parent (even if that parent is actually their sibling). There's something in the tone a parent uses. Yep, they're listening. I'm sure if he forgets, Fran or Jenny can remind him This is the same Kit we're talking about, right? He can be a stubborn cat. But, I'm sure Trissy will push him along with Simon's help if needed. Yep, it's like something parents learn in some sort of training school. How to turn their child's full name into something to be feared. Yes, it is, thanks Pupilull Thanks, LadyDe, yes I think Tristan is going to be the gust of wind this group needs. Thank you, everyone, for reading, reacting, and commenting, it means a lot.
  3. Happy Birthday, Clo, Hope you have a fabulous day :hug: 

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      Thanks Caz :hug:

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    Chapter 18.5

    Jenny looked down at her daughter, and Tristan could see tears glinting on her cheeks. “I really don’t know a lot. The seers are all too badly drained to tell me much. I know Cheryl is using their powers to see what’s happening with her enemies, and that she has something planned that will be happening soon. I also know she has a mage working for her, but not willingly. I was ordered to treat a young female mage. Her name was Milly, she was very pregnant and the trauma of being taken brought on her labor. She had a baby boy and she named him Michael. She said that was the name of her mate and then she told me she didn’t expect for them to make it out alive and made me promise to protect the baby and the toddler who’d been taken with them. She wouldn’t calm down until I promised, and the baby was left with me when guards came to take her away again. No matter how much she cried and begged they wouldn’t allow to even give him a cuddle goodbye. The last thing she called out was for me to remember my promise. “The baby and toddler, whose name is Ophelia, have been set up in the room next door to mine. They are both calm and sleeping alright at the moment, but Ophelia keeps looking for her mother. She may not be able to talk much yet, but anyone can understand ‘mama’ and then a child searching around. I don’t know how much longer it will be before she starts to realize something is wrong. Children are more perceptive than an adult will admit.” This was said with a glare at Kitryn who hung his head and cast a pout through his eyelashes at Simon. Simon just chuckled and pushed him off the couch they were sitting on. This seemed to break the cloud that had settled over the group and everyone chuckled. Jenny stopped and seemed to be listening to something. “Duty calls, the baby is awake. I’ll come when I can and Kitryn, remember to listen to Fran. A child she maybe but her powers are growing fast and she will soon surpass any seer I’ve met in my lifetime.” The glow surrounding her intensified and when everyone had lowered the hands they’d used to block their eyes Fran was sleeping alone on her bed. Simon ushered everyone out while Kitryn tucked Fran safely into her bed. They all made their way silently back to the main room that had become their regular meeting room now. “What now?” Simon asked when no one spoke. Tristan looked at Patrick and at his nod spoke, “Patrick and I know Michael and Milly. I went to school with Michael and I stood for him when he had his mating ceremony with Milly. Patrick told me Michael was the mage who set wards around the compound.” “But you said there weren’t any wards around the compound,” Simon pointed out. “I know. Patrick and I had just decided Cheryl must have Michael and have a way of making him do what she wants. Fran’s mother confirmed that and told us how he is being controlled. He’s obviously taken down the wards, but the wards surrounding Fran’s room and how they’re keyed to work are the strongest I have ever seen. I don’t know how he knew she was here or how to find her, but nothing can get to Fran in that room and there are extra wards to increase the strength of her gift. Essentially that room is the safest place on the compound for anyone we want to keep hidden from Cheryl. As soon as I have rested I will restore the wards around the compound and add a few modifications so Michael can’t be forced to break them. But, at this moment I am afraid I need to head for bed. Patrick, I take it I have my usual room?” At Patrick’s nod, Tristan headed out the room throwing a “Goodnight all,” over his shoulder.
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    'lil q and friends

    She's growing up fast.
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    Chapter 15.3

    Yes, she is. I think she is even more powerful than the adults around her realize, but we'll have to wait and find out. Thank you, Gary, for reading and commenting
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    Chapter 15.2

    I would hope that any guardian would be protective of a child under their protection, i know this isn't always what happens, but i like to think it is the norm. Thank you, Gary, for reading and commenting
  8. Caz Pedroso

    Chapter 15.1

    It was a good reason, but i think Kitryn will be claiming that kiss as soon as he can Thanks for reading and commenting
  9. Caz Pedroso

    Chapter 14.2

    Thanks, Gary. And, yes, I'm sure kids have a radar to make sure their parents have no time alone once they're born until they move out of home. Thank you for reading and commenting
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    Chapter 18.4

    Patrick and Tristan rounded the hallway corner just in time for Tristan to have the wind knocked out of him by a blur of pink. More people ran up as Tristan tried to catch his breath and hold on to the now wriggling pink lump in his arms. Playing a hunch, he gasped out, “Fran, I presume.” The wiggling stopped and a far too intelligent gaze captured his. He got lost in that gaze for a few moments before yelling got his attention. “Fran, what have you been told about running in the hallways. You’re meant to be staying with your friends tonight.” “But, Kitty, I wanted to meet Trissy.” Tristan ignored the shocked gasps and the chuckling that he was sure he could hear coming from a certain vampire. Instead, he concentrated on Fran. “I’m Tristan. But I’m sure you knew that already. Why did you have to meet me so urgently?” “You ‘posed to help me see mom again.” Before he could answer Kitryn interrupted. “Fran, we had this conversation. Your mom is dead. She was killed by the bad people. She’s gone to another place now.” Tristan shook his head. Fran wasn’t a baby or even a toddler. She was at least six if not older. He couldn’t understand why some adults not only treated children like they were stupid but used silly terms like, gone to another place, and bad people. Why not just say the person is dead and gone? And why call the ‘bad people’ exactly what they were? Evil, manipulative, B— “She is not gone!” Fran’s shout echoed in the small hallway. “She was here. She taught me to find Bad Lady. ‘fore Conny helped me. She showing me power. You no want me to know.” Kitryn sputtered. “It’s not that I don’t want you to know about your power. You’re a child, you should be playing games, not looking for or helping to fight bad people.” “Bad people want me. I fight them. I help. Help mage and Fae. You no stop me.” The more upset she got the more her speech garbled, but Tristan got the idea. “Fran, do you mind if I see your room? If I can sense your mom from her visit, I can set Kitty’s mind at rest.” He ignored the growl at the name he used and kept a smile on his face for Fran as she nodded enthusiastically. He stood straight and set Fran on her feet. He let her take his hand to lead the way. He ignored everyone else as they trailed behind them. Fran may be a child but she was a seer too. Her power would protect her. That was what made the missing seers such a mystery. He still couldn’t work out how this Cheryl was getting the seers and not leaving any trace. “My room,” Fran announced proudly and pushed open the door. An immediate feeling of peace surrounded him. “No evil has been here.” He stated and moved further into the room. He went to one knee in front of Fran. “Can you please think of your visitor and try and call to her? If she is nearby she may come and set everyone’s mind at rest.” Fran nodded and frowned in concentration. A glow appeared beside Fran and slowly grew until it took the shape of a woman. “Fran, what’s wrong, darling? Why did you call me?” Fran let out a low cry. “Kitty say you dead and gone away. He say I didn’t see you. He see you now.” The glowing woman spun to glare at a sheet white Kitryn. “Kitryn Franklan Hermarn Gerald Jackier.” Tristan winced as Kitryn paled further. Everyone knew you were in trouble when a woman used your full name in that tone. “How could you tell your niece that? You know the basics of a seer’s power. I would have shown myself to you if I could, but I seemed to only be able to appear to Fran and only in this room. I know I asked her to keep quiet until I could get things figured out, but I didn’t expect you to react like this. But I see you have a mage here. If you can get him to boost Fran’s power I can stay and explain a bit better.” Tristan snapped out of his shock and nodded. He sent a burst of power into Fran and felt it funnel out. The woman solidified and the glowed dimmed but didn’t disappear. He also sent out feelers of magic into the room. He found wards of protection, and wards to boost power, and wards to aid focus. There was more but those were the most powerful ones. “So, you had better let me explain what’s happened so far and you can fill in what you know. I don’t know how long I have so listen carefully, I will say this only once. “I was injured in the attack on our home and I felt it when my mate was killed. However, by then I had already been caught by a mage. She’d surrounded me with some sort of shield, it stopped the breaking of the mating bond from killing me. They took me with them when they left. Before you ask, I can’t tell you where Cheryl is. I was knocked out. I’m kept in a three-story building with no windows for me look out of and get any idea of my location. I am forced to use my small healing abilities to try and keep multiple seers alive. You don’t know how happy I was when I felt Fran’s power rising and realized I could link with her. The night is the only time I’m left alone unless there’s an emergency. I’ve been trying to find out what I could and pass it on to Fran.” Fran had curled up as close to her mother as she could and had apparently fallen asleep.
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    Chapter 18.3

    I'm sure Kit will try, but i think Tristan will get around him He strikes me as someone who always gets his own way. Of course, Carl may change that Thanks for reading and commenting
  12. Caz Pedroso

    Chapter 18.3

    That's because he's sensible and not too close to what's going on yet. I think that gives him an outsiders view and so he can see what the others either don't see, or refuse to see. I think he won't give them much choice. Now when he comes up against ~Kitryn about Fran, that will be interesting to see. Hopefully, you will only have to wait until next week. I am doing my best to not miss weeks unless it is unavoidable. Thank you, everyone, for continuing to read and comment.
  13. Caz Pedroso

    Chapter 18.2

    I hope we will get some answer finally too. In the next chapter, though? Hmmm, that might be a bit ambitious. Yep, questions, questions, questions, as far as the eye can see. I'm sure we'll start getting some answers soon though. The wards will be explained soon, that much i know and can tell you. As for Fran, the adults are another story. Hopefully, Tristan will be the sensible one to pull their heads out of their backsides and to show them they need to work together-with Fran too-to get to the bottom of whats going on. I think being Elders, Tristan and Carl will put duty first. and if for any reason they don't I'm sure the others will remind them...loudly. Thank you everyone for reading and commenting, it means a lot
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    Chapter 18.1

    I agree with you. When I started this story, it was supposed to be short and sweet. It is currently standing at over thirty thousand words and at a guess is just over halfway through. We'll have to see where it takes us I'm glad, she is a great character to write. I'm waiting for the kits to ask an adult what the noise they keep hearing at night is I'm sure the mage will add something to the discussions, if nothing else he may add more questions I'm sure they'll have a shower after breakfast, and before leaving their suite. I think most shifters understand. If they're mated they remember what it was like, and if they're single they're just wishing it was them making the noise with their own mate. Thank you all for reading and commenting, it means a lot to read all your views and comments. :
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    Chapter 17.3

    Yep, more questions but very few answers at the moment. I do like to add mystery, but in the case of this story, I think I will be glad when some of the characters start finding some answers. We'll just have to watch and find out together I'm hoping someone will find the one answer soon that will start unraveling all the mysteries at once. They may do, but I think the adults mind automatically went to the worst case scenario due to everything else going on at the moment. I think these adults are going to be due a huge shake up very soon. They think that because Fran is a child and untrained she needs to be sheltered. They need to change their thought patterns soon, before someone does it for them. I'll add another one for you. OR Jenny isn't dead and she is projecting to her daughter Thank you for reading nad commenting, and I'm sorry it took me so long to reply.
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    Chapter 18.3

    Tristan pulled Patrick back and let the others get out of earshot before speaking. “You never answered about the wards. Why isn’t the compound surrounded with them?” Patrick blinked up at him. “It is.” He frowned. “I thought you were trying to be funny somehow by saying about the wards. I got a mage to ward the compound when our seer was born. It’s why I’ve been stumped as to how someone got in to take her. However, I didn’t want to worry Kitryn and Simon any more than they already are about Fran. I’ve doubled the guard around the compound and have been working with my second to investigate all points of entry and escape. So far we’ve found nothing.” Tristan matched Patrick’s frown. “There are no wards anywhere near the den compound. I saw the guards but they didn’t see me until I wanted them to. Any mage worth their magic would be able to get in here. Who did you get to place the wards? And how much did you pay them?” “I got Michael to do it. And I got Milly to test them in my presence. I saw them there and working. I saw Milly get zapped when she tried to cross without my permission. The only one who would be able to disable those wards without having to break them and so declaring their presence to the entire den would be Michael, or maybe you. But, if he…” Patrick’s eyes went wide. Tristan nodded. "I think we know now which mage this Cynthia has. And since I know Michael, I don’t believe he would be helping her willingly. So, either she has Milly and the baby, or she has something else to use as blackmail. From what you’ve all told me so far about her I am leaning towards her having his mate and baby. I don’t think there’s anything bad enough to blackmail him with that he would do this otherwise.” Patrick was shaking his head. “I can’t believe I didn’t think of this before. Every time I think things can’t get any worse, they do. What do we do? The only seer we have is an untrained child and we seem to be three steps behind this bitch at every turn.” Tristan shook his head. “You need to start working together. And that includes letting the ‘untrained child’ help. If this visitor Meg saw had had any evil intent Fran’s power would have warned her. Child, she may be, but her power will allow her to speak as when is needed, or allowed by the fates. You all need to start listening to her and working together. “Did I hear right you have a merman here too?” Patrick raised his gaze from where it had fallen to the ground. “Yes, he mostly stays in the infirmary as Cheryl has his mate and the medics are trying to combat the mating sickness without putting him into a coma.” “I may be able to help with that. I can—” “Are you two coming? Or are you going to stand around gossiping like a pair of old women all night?” Kitryn had appeared back around the hallway corner and was tapping his foot. Patrick shook his head. “Don’t let the females in the den hear you say that. We’re coming.” They headed after Kitryn and Tristan let the problems twist and turn in his mind. There seemed to be so many questions and very few answers. The time had come for a bit of a shakeup and he knew just how to do it.
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    New Members Welcome-Introduce Yourself!

    Hi, Tal, I'll be sure to check out your work as soon I can get some free time.
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    New Members Welcome-Introduce Yourself!

    Hi Wayne. Welcome to GA
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    New Members Welcome-Introduce Yourself!

    Welcome back Layla. I was just rereading one of your books this morning. Looking forward to reading more soon
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    Chapter 18.2

    Tristan looked at the couple sitting on the couch. He could see the mate bond connecting them. It was a glowing bronze and he knew as their bond deepened it would change through silver to a chain of brilliant gold. He pushed down a thread of jealousy, he had searched for his mate for centuries and he was still looking. He didn’t care what his mate was; shifter, mage, vampire, male, female, inter-sex, tall, short…He just wanted to be loved the way he could see Kitryn and Simon loved each other. To know there was someone who would put him first in everything and would love him for him and not his family name, his money, or his position with the High Council. More people entered and Elder Patrick motioned him over to meet them. He pasted on his politician smile and—who was that? Patrick’s voice broke through his shock. “Elder Tristan, this is Elder Carl of the Jade Coven. Now if everyone can please take a seat we can get down to business.” Tristan sat next to Elder Carl and tried to keep his attention on Patrick as he laid out the problems they were having. In addition to what they called ‘The Cheryl Problem’, they also had a being possibly trying to sway their newest seer’s power. These people really were magnets for trouble. When they’d finished telling him the story Tristan sat back with a sigh—and tried to ignore the sparks that went through his arm when it brushed Elder Carl. “I can do what Meg is asking and boost Fran’s power to be able to see more and for longer. However, I believe we should deal with the issue of her uninvited visitor first. Has anyone spoken to her and asked her at least who this visitor appears as? And has anyone disturbed her room since the last visitation? I may be able to get a residual energy signature that may tell us at least what visited.” Kitryn seemed relieved. “No one has been near the room since Meg saw what she thought was Fran’s mother.” Tristan nodded, so the visitor was taking a form the child would be most likely to trust. Kitryn continued, “No one has spoken to her about the visit because we didn’t want to scare or upset her. She has long lost her mother. To then be told the being visiting her may not be her mother could cause her to grieve all over again.” Tristan saw his point but— “You do realize that with her power Fran would probably sense if something a threat to her. The visitor may not be her mother, but from the sounds of it, it isn’t malevolent. However, everyone can be wrong, and I will, of course, make sure your little seer is as safe as I can make her. “Now, has anyone thought of putting wards around the den to ensure the protection of everyone inside? I don’t mind doing it, my companions who accompanied me can help with the power I’d need.” Patrick gave him an innocent smile—that Tristan didn’t believe for one second and his senses went on alert. “Vampires can help mages with power as well. Or so I’ve heard. What do you think Carl?” Patrick and most of the group turned to Carl. Tristan was too busy glaring at Patrick. He knew the shifter was up to something. But what? “Yes, vampires can help with power. But only as a conduit. We make it easier for a mage to draw power from non-mage beings by acting as a bridge.” Carl’s voice was smooth as fine whiskey and Tristan fought the urge to get the man to say more so could keep listening. Another voice broke into his quickly spiraling thoughts. “A bridge? How does that work?” The question came from Simon. Tristan thought he must be missing some of the story. How did even a new vampire not know the basics of their kind? If Carl was his sire, as Tristan assumed he was, then the elder was neglecting his duties. Carl was answering the young male. “I just have to be touching the mage and the being they want to draw power from. I can also break the connection at any time if I think the source person is being drained too far to be safe.” Simon nodded and Kitryn whispered in his mate’s ear. Simon nodded again and leaned back, snuggling into Kitryn’s side. Tristan shook himself and decided his questions could wait for now. “No time like the present. Why don’t I see Fran’s room and at least I can put your minds at rest about her visitor having good or bad intent.” Everyone started moving to a chorus of agreements.
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    RIP Lacey

    I'm sorry for your loss. My prayers are with you and your family.
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    Chapter 18.1

    Kitryn let out another long sigh and sat up, the covers pooled around him. Simon let out a mumble and tugged them back to his side of the bed. “Go back to sleep, the sun has only just set, I can still feel it. Anyway, you should still be tired out from…well, you know.” Kitryn suppressed a grin. After all they’d done together, Simon still couldn’t bring himself to mention a simple act between two people. He rolled over his mate and kissed his way up to Simon’s ear. “You mean when I spent the early morning hours pounding you into the mattress and making you scream yourself hoarse?” Kitryn let out a chuckle at the yelp Simon let out as he slapped a hand over Kitryn’s mouth. “Shh, someone could hear you. You know all the beings around here have that super hearing thing going on.” Kitryn didn’t try and suppress the laugh this time. “My mate, you made enough noise to wake an entire country of paranormals. I think most on this compound know what we were up to before we slept. Of course, many others may have been up to the same thing. They could have heard us and decided to take a leaf out of our books. We could even give them an encore right now.” By the time Kitryn had finished Simon was bright red and stuttering so prettily. Anything else Kitryn was planning on saying or doing was cut off by a knock on the door. “Breakfast in twenty minutes. And be warned the kits are up and playing in the main room. Which, if you remember, is right next door to this bedroom.” Kitryn and Simon both groaned. Blocked by a grandmother and three kids. “Oh well, time for a shower, I think.” Kitryn perked up at Simon’s words. Shower sex sounded good, and the water should cover any noises well enough. Meg’s voice cut into Kitryn’s planning. “And don’t think of heading for the shower you haven’t got time.” With a groan and a long sigh, they pulled themselves out of bed and got dressed. Kitryn’s mind went back to the problem that had woken him up. Who or what was visiting Fran? And why? “She’ll be fine. We’ll keep her safe.” Simon’s words spoken against his back as his mate’s arm came around his middle were comforting. But they didn’t make Kitryn worry any less. Be it ghost, astral projection, or something else entirely, Kitryn didn’t like it one bit. “Come on, we don’t want Meg coming to get us, do we.” Kitryn followed Simon out and pasted on a smile for the kits as they came running to greet them. *** “He’s here,” Simon hissed when he poked his head into the office Kitryn was using to do research into the possibilities surrounding Fran’s visitor. “Who?” Kitryn asked without looking up. “The mage!” Kitryn snapped to attention and shot out of his chair. “What’s he like? Will he help Fran? Can he help with the Cheryl problem?” Simon pulled him into a hug. “Calm down he has only just arrived, and Paddy sent me to fetch you so he could introduce us to him. All I saw of him was he’s tall with white hair. I mean who has white hair? Grey, yeah, if you're like sixty or so. But, white.” Simon kept up the running chatter as he led Kitryn out the door and to the meeting room they were getting far too familiar with. Paddy smiled when they entered. “Ah, there you two are. I’d like you to meet our newest arrival. This is Elder Tristan. Elder Tristan, may I present Kitryn and Simon. I’m sure you’ve heard the basics of how they arrived here and I’m sure they will be willing to fill in any missing details. We also have a few problems we are hoping you can help with. As soon as the others arrive we’ll get started.” Simon and Kitryn both shook hands with the mage and then sat down to wait.
  23. Caz Pedroso

    Chapter 17.3

    Kitryn pulled out of the kiss with Simon when he heard running footsteps. A young man skidded around the corner, saw them, and made straight toward them. “You are needed immediately. The lady with you has been hurt.” Kitryn set out at a flat run, but Simon still overtook him within seconds. Damn his mate was really getting used to his new powers. They arrived at their rooms and saw people crowded around one of the couches in the living area. “What’s going on?” he demanded and pushed his way through to see for himself. Meg was reclined on the couch with a damp cloth held to her forehead. At the sight of blood, Kitryn hissed. “What happened?” Meg waved a hand at his. “I’m fine. I just got a surprise and fell.” She glanced pointedly at Fran and the other kits being cared for my two female bears. Kitryn nodded. He moved nearer the kits and crouched down. “Grandma will be fine. However, I need to look after her and Simon will be asleep soon. So, can you all do me a very big favor and go stay with your friend Jake for the day? We’ll come and get you all at sunset.” Fran nodded first and the boys soon followed. Then they started talking excitedly about all that they were going to do with their friend for what remained of the night. Fran watched him for a moment before joining in the chatter. After the kits were ushered out by Jake’s mother Kitryn sat beside Meg. “Tell us.” Simon lounged on the floor at Kitryn’s feet and Meg shook her head. “I saw an impossibility. I was going to check on Fran, and I saw a glow coming from her door. The door wasn’t shut properly so I tried to edge around to see through the crack. I didn’t really think she was doing anything she shouldn’t, but with little ones, you never know. When I saw what the glow was, I jerked back, caught my foot in the rug and fell back, hitting my head on the wall. I was knocked out for a few moments. Next thing I know Fran is screaming and people are coming running. The glow was of course gone.” Kitryn was getting frustrated, it was like Meg was deliberately talking in riddles. “What was the glow then?” he snapped out. He calmed marginally when Simon placed a hand on his knee and stroked soothingly. Meg flushed. “Sorry, I’m stalling. I really can’t believe what I saw. It couldn’t be real.” Kitryn let out a hiss. “It was Jenny. Jenny was in Fran’s room talking to her. She was surrounded by a glow and was floating above the ground. She looked like some sort of angel. But, it's ridiculous. Jenny is dead. You told me that. You said your sister and brother were all killed in the attack. She couldn’t be there. No one can come back from the dead.” Kitryn felt his mouth drop open. Jenny could be alive? If she was what was happening? She didn’t have the power to do what Meg was saying. Jenny was just a regular cat shifter. Nothing more. She died with Brad, Tilly, and Luke in the attack. Kitryn had seen Brad and Luke cut down. Jenny and Tilly wouldn’t have been able to survive without their mates. “We need to get to the bottom of this. We can’t have unknown entities visiting Fran and doing who knows what. Can we ward her room?” Meg looked thoughtful. “I can’t, but isn’t that mage that Paddy was on about due very soon? From what Paddy has said he should be able to make sure nothing gets near Fran again. Until then she can move into my room and I will keep her with me.” As much as Kitryn hated to leave anything unsolved, it was the best solution they had at that moment. “Okay, she will be safe with her friend today. You can pick her up at sunset and Simon and I will go and fill the others in on what’s going on. I’m sure they’re not going to be happy to have another mystery to add to the pile.”
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    Chapter 70

    Most of my stories do have longer chapters. However, this one is a Wednesday Briefs Flash story. That means I have to keep to a word limit of 500-1,000 words per week. Personally, I tend to wait until the flash stories are finished before reading, but it is of course, up to the individual reader. I am so glad you enjoyed the story and I hope you enjoy any others of mine you decide to read
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    Chapter 39

    Or is it both???? Of course my answer is going to be Thank you for reading and commenting

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