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  1. Caz Pedroso

    Complete Story

    Thank you for pointing this out. I will edit this as soon as i have time to proof read the whole thing again (I've noticed a few more mistakes and want to do the whole thing together). I'm glad you enjoyed the story and thank you for reading and commenting. I am sorry it has taken so long for me to answer.
  2. So would i. I'm sure it will be told to me eventually and maybe i can add an extra scene in at some point. I only split this into chapters because i knew it would be posted all at once. otherwise it would have been split into sections within one complete chapter/post. It isn't supposed to be complete. It is a HFN and not a HEA. I left it open for a sequel at some point. Lastly it was rushed as i was (and still am) very busy and only just got this draft finished in time for the deadline. if i had had time to reread and expand it may have been longer and maybe better put together. I'm glad you still liked it. I'm sure it will be written at some point. Soon as i can I promise to write it one day... I may be able to expand it one day. but i think an extra ending chapter will be first to say what happened to the bad guys. Hmmm, i don't now what would make you say that Although i am also sure you are very right This is not the end. it is a end for now. Confronting his tormentors is the first step in his recovery. he still needs to face his parents and just work his way through the emotional upheaval this will have caused. Hopefully i will be able to write more soon to add onto this story. Thank you all for reading and commenting. I am so sorry it has taken so long to reply but this year seems to be one thing after another.
  3. I think all readers say that about all the stories/books they read I remember the pushing aside it happening a lot when i was at school. someone had to only be a little bit different from the norm and they were either made a target of or ignored. Trust me being ignored was infinitely better than being made the target. This happened with teachers as well as kids. Hopefully, Owen can help Grey and Mica make a difference. Exiling him is as much to protect him as to punish him. When word gets round about his participation in what has been happening there are probably parents that will be out for blood for the treatment of their children. Even letting it be known he hadn't been a fully willing accomplice may not keep him safe. So he would be better off at a different place. Plus there is the fact that he wouldn't have the trust of anyone any more, a start would be best for him. Oh, yes, Grey is really angry and i think the school is in for a shake up. I'm sure Owen will get his chance and that Mica will be there for him all the way. Thank you all for reading and commenting. I am so sorry it has taken so long to reply but this year seems to be one thing after another.
  4. We found out in chapter two (Present Day) I'm sure the bad guys will get what they deserve. He has had to grow up quickly and i think he is more mature for his age than others. I agree whole heartedly. I don't know what will happen in the end but I know he will have to confront at least some of the bad guys if not all. Thank you all for reading and commenting. I am so sorry it has taken so long to reply but this year seems to be one thing after another.
  5. i understood this story was being posted completed, so i decided to section it off into chapters instead of just posting it as one long chapter separated by **** Thanks, Gary. In this case i think Mica would just walk away from the coven, as the tittle says, MAtes come first. Thank you all for reading and commenting, so sorry for the delay in replying.
  6. Caz Pedroso

    Present Day

    Mr Mosely, was my favourite character in this story, even though he had such a small written part. Mica may grow on you They say when a partner (wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend) is cheeting the other person is always the last to know, because they are so close to the situtaton. We'll have to wait and see what the reason is for Mica and Grey. Thank you both for reading and comenting, sorry it took so long to reply
  7. Caz Pedroso

    3 Months Ago

    Unfortunately there re always peopple who think they are better than others and that that gives them the right to tread on other people. Thank you Chris. I'm glad you like the opening. Thanks, Gary, unfortunately this wasn't that hard to write i just needed to use my friends and mine experiences. but hopefully the rest of the story will make up for the not so nice beginning for Owen. yep, exactly like real life. Theres always at least one ring leader. Thank you all for reading and commenting. i am sorry it took so long to reply.
  8. Thank you both for reading and comenting. I am so sorry it has taken me so long to reply. These characters will be part of a bigger story but i'm afraid i haven't got the time to comit to it at the moment. Hopefully I will be able to free up some time soon. Thanks again
  9. Eighteen year old Owen has escaped the bullies from his home coven and started a new life in Teonards. He never want to have anything to do with his old coven ever again. The coven have been looking for Owen since he was discovered missing. Mica is in Teonards on a supply run and decides to ask around while he's there. When the two meet fireworks and revelations are abound. Can minds be changed?
  10. 3 Months Earlier "Hey, freak!" Owen closed his eyes and ignored the other mage. He needed to finish this assignment, and then he only had one exam and he would be free. Another month and he would be eighteen, able to leave the coven and never return to be tormented daily ever again. His life had been the same from when he started school at five years old. His magic was different from all the other kids, and he couldn't do the spells the teachers were teaching. The kids hated him and
  11. Mica looked up as the cafe door jingled, then sighed when it still wasn't the person he was waiting for. He swished the remains of his second cup of coffee and considered if he should order another or give up. "I'm still not going back." Mica's head snapped up, and he couldn't help but grin when he saw Owen standing there. "You came," he crowed and then tried to hide a cringe at the totally obvious statement. Owen smiled and waved to the barista. After getting a nod in return
  12. Mica threw things into his suitcase and listened to the ringtone on his phone. He'd hit the speaker and flung it on the bed so he could get packed as quickly as possible. "Mica, what's happening. Did you find out what was going on with Owen?" "Oh, I found out what was going on all right," Mica growled. Owen had gone over every part of his time at the coven school. By the end, Mica had had to pay for an entirely new table. The scorch marks and chips were too bad to be covered up. He retol
  13. Owen looked around at the house as they entered. It was huge. The front door opened into a spacious foyer with a lovely pine table in the centre. There was a staircase off to the left covered in red carpet that curved around as it ascended. The floor was light brown wood and the walls were a soft rose. A settee along one wall was strewn with colourful throw cushions. Owen felt at home. The size was offset by the soft and bright colours. "Good, you're here." Owen let out a manly yelp. The
  14. They walked into the school and were met by the headmaster. Mr. Theakin was wringing his hands and sweating, but he bowed and greeted them politely. "Good morning, sirs. I wasn't sure how you wanted to talk to the kids and teachers, so I have them all gathered in the assembly hall." Gray gave a sharp smile. "That's perfect. Shall we?" The headmaster led the way, and they were led through a door that led straight to the base of the steps to the stage. Gray climbed up first and Mica fo
  15. Dee let out a shrill whistle along with a fierce wave of Alpha power. Everyone froze then dropped to their knees. No one in the pack had ever known she was a powerful alpha in her own right. The only reason she wasn’t her mother’s heir was she hadn’t wanted to lead a pack on her own. The shifter council was full of old farts that still thought if a female was mated then the male was dominant and therefore in charge. It was why she had been so taken in by Steven’s promises. Only his name woul
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