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  1. Tristan flopped down onto the bed. “I am so glad that is all finally over. I hadn’t realised how stressed I was until it was finally all over.” Carl sat by his mate’s side and patted a hand on his thigh. “What about everything we’ve found out. Do you want to get tested and see who your father really is?” Tristan sighed. He’d known he couldn’t avoid the conversation, but he’d hoped to put it off at least for a while. He caught hold of Carl’s shirt and pulled him down so they sprawled together. Batting his eyelashes in what he hoped was a seductive manner he grinned at his mate. “Hey there handsome. I’m sure we can think of something else to do other than talk.” Carl just frowned down at him and he sighed again. Leaning p he pressed a brief kiss to Carl’s lips and flopped back down. “Fine let's talk. So my father may not be my father, and if he isn’t then my real father is in the dungeons of the high council. I don’t see what there is to talk about until I’ve spoken to my mother. You saw her when they found her in that hole Cheryl was keeping her in. she needs food, drink, and rest before we go quizzing her on who she’s been sleeping with.”. Carl nodded. “But, I was also thinking you may want to talk about the fact you had to kill the man you’ve always thought of as your father. He may have been a bastard, but he still raised you.” Tristan thought long and hard before he spoke again. “I don’t think taking any life is easy. Even in battle, I have always tried to disable rather than kill. But, sometimes it is unavoidable. Every time I've had to do it it has been as a last resort. “However, my supposed father was powerful enough that anything other than a killing spell could have been deflected. He’d already gone for one of our team. What if he’d killed one of our side and I could have stopped it? “I am sorry he had to die, but only because if he’d lived he would have been made to suffer more. He would have had to face the council and then he would’ve been the one dropped in a hole somewhere to be forgotten about.” Carl seemed shocked and Tristan worried Carl thought him heartless. Carl’s next words surprised him. “You’ve been in battle before? You’ve been forced to kill before?” Tristan hid a chuckle at the protective tone to Carl’s growl. “Yes, I have been in battle before. My f—Kersin—was very good at upsetting the neighbours. We were attacked quite often and then had to deal with the council investigators. Then I left home as soon as I was old enough to travel. I hired myself out as protection in return for food, shelter, and training. I’m not going to even try to name every battle or skirmish I’ve been in but there have been a few.” He rolled onto his back and pulled his shirt up. “See that scar jus above my arse?” He felt Carl’s fingers tracing the scar he knew was there. “I got that when I was protecting a cat shifter Elder from up north. He was making a visit to a neighbouring vampire clan to see if it was possible to negotiate a treaty of non-aggression. A vampire in the clan took offence at the way the elder supposedly spoke to his sister. He came at me and another came at me from behind. That was when I learned to react faster and to always shield my back first. I could tell you a few ore tales if you want. Especially if it means I get your hands on more of me at the same time.” Carl’s rueful chuckle lightened the mood considerably. “I do not like thinking of you being hurt or having to defend yourself. My instinct is that I should have been there to defend you and make sure you didn’t have to fight. I want to make sure you never have to fight again, but I know in my head that is unlikely to be the case and that in our very long lives there will be more skirmishes.” Tristan chuckled with him and then they finally found something better to do than talking.
  2. Yes, they do. I am hoping to revisit them in the future. Here's to the battle being over 🍺 Thank you both for your comments and continued support, it means a lot
  3. Kitryn looked up when Simon’s arms came around him in a tight hug. They’d been back at the den for hours. First, he’d had to see to his sister’s body. He was grateful to Elder Patrick for allowing Kitryn to bury Jenny on the den’s property. The elder had even had some of his men help to dig the grave. Kitryn had then stood with Fran as they said their goodbyes. Or as Fran said, “Goodbye Mummy’s body, I’ll see you tonight for my story.” That had set Kitryn into another round of tears. His next task had been to sit through a long debrief of what happened with each team during the fight, how many prisoners were taken, what was going to be done with them, what would happen to Cheryl’s brother, etc, etc, etc. By the end of the meeting his cat was ready to claw his way out of his body. Simon had hurried him out of the conference room and straight out into the den’s grounds. His clothes had ripped as his cat burst free and darted off into the trees. By the time his cat had run out of energy, he’d reached a small river at the edge of the bear’s territory. It wasn’t until he had drunk his fill and curled up for a nap that he realised Simon had kept pace with him and was there beside him. His cat rubbed over as much of their mate as he could reach, even going so far as to knock Simon onto the ground so he had more access. Simon had chuckled and then gone limp, allowing the cat to have his way. With a chuff, the cat had sprawled over their mate and proceeded to groom an increasing protesting Simon until he was content their mate was covered sufficiently in their scent. He then laid his head on his paws and purred making Simon resume his chuckling and even earning himself some wonderful scratched behind his ears. Ear scratches really were the best. They’d napped for a while content to just be in each other’s presence before heading back to their room. Now Kitryn looked into his mate’s eyes and finally felt a measure of relief seep into him. They’d survived. They’d rescued a lot of the seers. Fran would still have her mother in her life, just not in the way he would have hoped for. They had a chance now to make a normal life for them and their family. “Where will we go?” he asked as Simon ran soothing hands up and down his arms. “Well, I think for now we will be fine here as we get everything finalized and sort ourselves out. After that, there are no set rules. We will need to make sure wherever we go is final, at least until the kids are old enough to leave home. Moving around a lot is not really ideal for young ones. They need stability and a solid circle of friends and support.” “I know. But, I haven’t any ideas about where we can move to. There aren’t many packs who will accept such a mixed family like ours.” “Well, two options are to either ask Patrick if we can stay here, or we could ask Carl if we can go with him.” Kitryn let out a low grumble. “Why would I want to live near that nosy, interfering elder?” Simon chuckled. “Just because he forced your hand about us being mates, does not mean he is nosy and interfering. It means he was looking out or a new vamp who had come into his care.” Kitryn let out another grumble. “All this is a talk for another day. Today is for reconnecting and being grateful we’re alive. Now, come to bed and show me I’m yours.” That was an order Kitryn had no trouble following…as many times as he could until they would both be too exhausted to move.
  4. Since you all said similar things I wanted to write a group reply rather than risk repeating myself to each person. I thought long and hard about ways for Jenny to live, but one thing that has been a fixed rule of all my shifter universes, is that shifter cann ot live without thwir mates. Especially a fated mate. Jenny was true mated and therefore needed her mate to survive. The idea is that if mates die close togehter they will meet again their next lives. Jenny has circumvated this by linking herself to Fran. Like any good mother she wants to be there to see her child grow up and be invovled in her life. Hopefully Fran will thrive and find her mate and go on to live happily ever after. Thank you all for reading, reacting, and commenting.
  5. Caz Pedroso

    Chapter 26.3

    Yep, now starts the clean up Yep, Kitryn wasn't going to let her get away a second time. Plenty of mouthwash and maybe replace the taste with the taste of his mate I did consider dragging it out more, but i decided it had gone on long enough. I think i may make the real father the feature of a short additional scene at some point in the future. Yes, this was exactly my intention. I was inspired because i was listening to a Terry Pratectt book and this quote stuck in my mind. Thank you Yep, she's out the way for good. Thank you all, as always, for reading, reacting, and commenting.
  6. Things moved very fast once Cheryl was dead. Simon coaxed Kitryn off the male and he was restrained before being led away to be questioned. Before everyone had had time to really process everything they were being herded out of the basement and they were guided to one side. “Angel,” O’Conner’s joyful cry echoed across the clearing in front of the house. Everyone turned to see the mer-man sweeping up a slim person with long white hair. Kitryn felt a little of the tension leave his shoulders, one had been saved at least. He was happy for O’Conner, losing his mate would likely have killed him. “One down. Several more to go.” Simon’s breath tickled his throat as he spoke. “I’m glad to see happy people after so much sadness and death.” Kitryn turned to give his mate a kiss and ignored the catcalls this elicited from their teammates. The next appearance had the crowd cheering. A couple appeared, the woman cradling a baby wrapped in blue and the man holding a babbling toddler on his hip. When Tristan spied them, he waved. “Milly, Mike, over here. I’m so glad to see you free.” Milly and Mike joined the group and introductions were made. Baby Michael was sleeping soundly and toddler Ophelia was hiding shyly in her Dad’s neck. “Thank you, all, for getting us out of there. I thought for sure we’d end up dead with everyone believing us to be traitors.” Milly was crying and Mike was trying to juggle Ophelia and hug Milly at the same time. The next group to come out had everyone falling silent. Two vampires exited carrying a stretcher upon which was a closed body bag. Kitryn assumed it as one of the guards they’d taken out, but the pair headed straight for him and Simon. “Sir, are you Kitryn Jackier?” One asked. Kitryn nodded feeling his stomach sinking. The male held out a sealed envelope. “I’m sorry for your loss.” With shaking hands, he opened the envelope and pulled out the folded paper it contained. Kit, I’m sorry I have to write this but I know Cheryl won’t allow herself to be taken alive and once she’s dead the spell protecting me from feeling the loss of my mate will break. You know I won’t survive that and so I have taken my own steps. The spell will activate upon my death and will stay in effect until Fran reaches majority. Until then my soul has been bound to hers. She can talk to me, I can train her, and she will be able to see and touch me. She can break the spell at any time and send me on the here-after if her circumstances change. Otherwise, at midnight on her eighteenth birthday, the spell will dissolve naturally. Please remember to celebrate my life and don’t mourn my death. Your loving Sister Jenny. Kitryn dropped the letter and turned into his mate's waiting arms. The rest of the group patted him on the shoulder as they moved to give them some time alone. Apparently, they couldn’t save them all.
  7. Kitryn hissed again. He was going to kill this bitch and all their problems would be solved. “You really think you can just kill me?” Cheryl taunted. Kitryn tilted his head, was she a mind reader now? Cheryl continued to rant as though she wasn’t surrounded by a group of men who had every reason to kill her on the spot. “I’ve got insurance.” She turned to glare at Tristan. “I have your father. If you want him to live you should back down.” Tristan threw back his head and laughed making Cheryl freeze. “My father is already dead. By my hand. He was a self-confessed traitor to his kind and a danger to the paranormal world. Now, are you going to tell us where the seers are and the rest of your captives? Or do we need to let Kitryn here have some fun? I’ve heard cats love to play with their prey before killing it.” “Team five. We’ve found Jenny and the kids. Team six are taking them outside and we’re moving on to the next section.” “Team four. We’ve got three of the seers and they know where more are being held. We have met up with team three and will report back soon.” Kitryn let out a huff as the reports continued to pour in. Tristan grinned. “Times up. Seems we didn’t need your help after all.” Moving to exit the room he threw over his shoulder, “Kill her.” “Gladly.” Kitryn lunged but his jaws bit air. One second Cheryl was there and then she was gone. Kitryn let out a roar of frustration. Then he stilled. “She is still here. She’s just invisible and her scent is muted.” Everyone went on alert. “Over here. I think she just passed me and went outside” Tristan sent. His statement was confirmed when the sound of running footsteps echoed down the hallway. Kitryn snarled and darted past to lead the way after his running prey. Hunting was something he knew and knew well. She wouldn’t get far. Two turns later and Kitryn caught a flash of the blue skirt Cheryl had been wearing. Whatever magic she was using was fading and fast. A yell and crash echoed from ahead of them. They rounded a final corner to see Cheryl in a heap with an unknown man. Kitryn caught his scent as they neared the struggling duo. “He’s related to her. They smell similar.” “Brother?” Tristan asked. Kitryn huffed his indifference and attacked. This time he went straight for her throat and tore it out. He’d wanted to take his time, but he’d finally gotten to the point where he now just wanted to gather up his family and go home—wherever home ended up being. She couldn’t get herself untangled in time to even put up a token defence. Blood sprayed and hit the man under Cheryl in the face. The man let out a shrill scream and after shoving Cheryl off him he turned and threw up.
  8. Caz Pedroso

    Chapter 26.2

    Thank you I'm sure everyone will have an idea of what to do with her. Maybe they can toss a coin or play rock, paper, scissors. Cheryl will hopefully be out of the picture very soon and everyone will be free. Thank you all for reading, reacting, and commenting.
  9. Hi all, Just passing through. Hope everyone is doing well.
  10. Tristan met the concerned gazes of his team. “I don’t want to hear it. We have more important things to worry about than my mother’s lousy taste in bond mate. I will deal with the fallout from this after we get our people back. Understood?” Slowly everyone nodded. Tristan focused on Carl and finally, his mate acquiesced with a tilt of his head. But, the look in his eyes said they would be having a serious conversation at their earliest convenience. With a curt gesture, he strode forward, picking his way over the body of the man he had thought of as his father. Now? He wasn’t so sure. Looking at the crude map the prisoner had drawn for them he turned left and brought up a shield in time for a shifter to bounce straight off it and into the wall. He dropped back and allowed the shifter members of his team to engage. The battle was bloody and short but was loud enough to raise the alarm. “There are more coming, we need to move.” Kitryn’s voice in his mind was loud and filled with tension. “Turn right and then take the next left.” It took a moment for Tristan to realize he was hearing Meg. Someone had obviously extended the mind link to include everyone instead of the separate ones he set up to start with. Following the instructions, the sound of footsteps faded. The last turn they took brought them to a locked door. “The way is clear,” came Meg’s voice again. “Cheryl is through the door and in the second room on the left. She has guards with her, but the number is being hidden, even from Fran.” Tristan sent an acknowledgement and gestured for everyone to gather around. “Options?” “Frontal assault and bull our way through.” That suggestion—unsurprisingly—came from Kitryn. Tristan just glared and turned to the others, trying to ignore the mental argument now going on between Kitryn and Simon. “As much as I hate to agree with the cat,” Carl’s comment elicited a low hiss from Kitryn. He may be right. The only way in is the door, so a frontal assault is the only option I see.” Carl raised a finger. “What about a distraction. If another team makes a lot of noise at the opposite end of the hallway, either all or most of the guards with Cheryl may go to investigate. That will improve our odds of overpowering whoever is left in the room.” Tristan looked at the rest of the team and everyone nodded that they thought that was the best option. Carl sent out a mental call for another team to meet them and they waited. *** “Heard you needed a distraction,” came Orion’s amused voice and Tristan looked down to meet the dwarf’s gaze. “If you wouldn’t mind. If, of course, you don't have something better to do today.” Tristan ignored Orion’s scowl and eventually the dwarf turned and motioned to his team. Both teams headed through the door and Tristan kept his by the door to the hallway as Orion’s team crept along and past the room Cheryl was in. Once they were a short distance past it, they started yelling and hollering curses and war cries. Four men came barreling out of the room and Orion’s team took off. The dwarves may have been short, but they were very fast. Carl and the other vamps on the team blurred away, followed closely by the shifters. Once the sound of flesh meeting flesh and dying groans had calmed down Carl called out the all clear. Tristan sauntered into the room to see Cheryl in a standoff with one very pissed of kitty.
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