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  1. Caz Pedroso

    Chapter 16.1

    Neither can i I write these stories on the fly and they change as i write. Thank you for reading and commenting
  2. Caz Pedroso

    Chapter 1

    Yep, that dad had it coming. As for the invite and transfer papers... Your scenario works, or i was thinking more that the dad had already told his secretary that he wasn't interested in attending matings as he didn't believe in fate, and he probably signed the transfer papers without looking at who was transferring. just one less pack member to look after and to be someone elses problem. Maybe someday i will expand on the story and we'll find out who is right. Thank you for reading and commenting
  3. Caz Pedroso

    Chapter 1

    Yep, my sentiment exactly. Thanks for reading and commenting
  4. I had to check the readit reaction, as I was sure whether to check dad because Cookie was unwell, Wow because of how many times you had to get up with her, Heart to send love to her to get better, or finally Laugh at her getting on your bed all wet. So a readit it was and all of the above too 😁
  5. Caz Pedroso

    Chapter 1

    Thanks, Gary. The scene had been bugging me so I finally wrote it down. Hopefully I can find time to write the whole thing sometime soon. Thank you for reading and commenting
  6. Caz Pedroso

    Chapter 1

    I have a tentative plot line. I am currently working on an anthology entry though and am determined to finish in time this year. Thank you for reading and commenting
  7. Caz Pedroso

    Chapter 1

    Ah...um..yep, I have a bad habit of doing that 🤭
  8. Haha, I saw this when it went out live. It made me cringe and laugh at the same time.
  9. Caz Pedroso

    Chapter 1

    I am glad you enjoyed my scene. It may have it's own story at some point in the future. Thank you for reading and commenting
  10. Thank you, I enjoy writing in this world. There is at least one new story planned so far but there will be more. Thank you for reading and commenting
  11. Prompt responses and Short Scene/Stories that won't leave my head alone.
  12. Kevin walked into his father’s office and stifled the urge to roll his eyes at the overdone opulence. The lone couch was done in red velvet and there was a gold-coloured lamp beside it. The big desk that dominated the room was made of rich dark wood and the top was covered in more red velvet with gold edging holding it to the desk. The rest of the room was similarly decorated, and Kevin wondered what look his father was going for. If it was an overdone brothel, then he had succeeded overwhelmingly. “It’s good of you to finally show up.” The snarl made Kevin freeze a moment before he consciously took a breath and let all the tension flow out of his body. Turning he pasted a smile on his face. “Father.” He gave a minute nod and noted the anger that flared briefly at the intentional disrespect. “I came as soon as I was able.” “When your Alpha commands your presence you should attend immediately, not three weeks later.” Kevin sat in the visitor’s chair in front of the desk and shrugged. “As I said I came as soon as I was able. Now, what can I do for you, Father?” Alpha Edward Franks glared over the glasses perched on his nose. With a grunt he threw a pile of papers on the desk. “I need your signature on these mating papers.” Kevin frowned. “Mating papers? Why would you need my signature on anyone’s mating papers?” He swept the pile up and started scanning the documents. Before he finished the first page his frown had deepened. “Father, why is my name on these papers? I’m not getting mated on—” He glanced down at the first paragraph again. “The first of May this year. I have never met Joanna Harley.” He kept reading. “This talks about mating meetings with her Alpha, and father, Alpha Jerome Harley. I haven’t attended any mating meetings and wouldn’t have even if I had been asked. I see you get a substantial payout if this mating goes ahead—which it won’t, so I hope you haven’t spent the money yet. Finally, it says you have negotiated on my behalf as my father and Alpha. Well, only one of those is true and the one that is doesn’t give you the authority to negotiate anything on my behalf.” Kevin felt rage bubbling inside him and his dragon wasn’t much better. Suddenly a voice in his head had his anger cooling slightly, “Lover, are you okay? I thought you were meeting with your father? Has something happened?” Kevin let a grin out at the low growl in the last question. He opened his mind so his lover could see what had happened so far and so he could see the mating papers through Kevin’s eyes. This time the growl vibrated through his mind. “I am on my way.” Kevin didn’t bother to try and dissuade him, Peter would do as he pleased, as he always did when Kevin’s safety was in question. “Are you listening to a word I’m saying, Boy.” His father’s shouting brought him back to the present situation. Kevin pasted his smile back on and sighed inwardly, this wasn’t going to be nice. “Father, I am still waiting for you to answer the questions I asked while I was reading this soon to be shredded contract.” If possible, his father’s face went even redder and Kevin was wondering if dragons could have heart attacks. “I am your Alpha and father. That is all the authority I need to negotiate on your behalf and for the good of this pack. You will sign those papers and you will mate with Joanna Harley. The contract specifies that children are required within the first year to continue both packs lines.” Kevin couldn’t help it he laughed. “Firstly, I’m gay. What makes you think I would ever agree to be with a woman? Let alone to have children with her. My dragon would kill the first person who tried to force a mating on us.” He let his gaze meet his father’s, the ‘and the one who would be dead is you’, was left off but heard all the same. The old man had to look away first, and didn’t that make his father angrier? Kevin shook his head. “I really can’t understand how you think you have the authority to negotiate this on my behalf. You may be my father, but you aren’t—” There was shouting coming from outside and after a rapid knock the door swung open to admit his father’s secretary, Xander. “Alpha, there is an Alpha Peter Hunter here to see you and he is insisting that he be let in this instance.” Xander hadn’t even finished speaking, hands wringing all the while, when Peter pushed past him. “I can introduce myself thanks, little man.” Peter turned his back on Alpha Edward and famed Kevin’s face in his big hands. “You okay, Love?” Kevin smiled and nodded. “I’m fine. I was just about to inform the Alpha here that—” “What is the meaning of this? Who are you and what right to do think you have to touch my son in such a familiar way?” Peter turned and the glare he gave Kevin’s father had the Alpha blanching. Peter reached for the mating papers and after a cursory glance he allowed his dragon enough freedom to let out a thin stream of fire. The papers went up with a woosh and Peter dusted the ash off his hands. Kevin relaxed back in his seat to watch the show as his father’s eyes bulged in outrage. “How dare you. You burst in here and interrupt a private meeting. You destroy documents that are none of your concern. Who do think you are?” Peter turned to look at Kevin and Kevin nodded. Turning back Peter let all his teeth show as he spoke. “I am the mate of Kevin Hunter. You are interfering in a true mating. That is a crime punishable by death.” Alpha Edward blustered. “What are you blathering on about? This boy is Kevin Franks. He is my minor son and pack member. He is to be mated in one week, the day before his eighteenth birthday, to another pack Alpha’s daughter to merge our packs. Now, I don’t care what you think you know but I can assure you that this boy is not your mate.” Peter raised an eyebrow at Kevin and Kevin heaved a sigh. “Father, may I introduce you to my true mate, Alpha Peter Hunter. We met at a restaurant in town when I was together with my friends for a celebration. We mated and have just returned from a three-week honeymoon cruise. The mating has been registered with the shifter council and a memo would have been sent to your secretary. Also, Mother was at our mating so I don’t know how you can say you don’t know anything about it.” “I am your father and Alpha. You can’t mate with anyone without my permission until you turn eighteen.” Kevin felt his anger rise and he let it have free reign. “Father, I turned eighteen three months ago. The celebration where I met Peter was my eighteenth birthday dinner, paid for by my friends. I knew you didn’t care about me, but I thought you’d at least remember when I was born. Even if I had been underage when I met Peter you wouldn’t have been able to stop our mating as you can’t come between true mates. Now, I think this meeting is over. I’m still tired from my honeymoon and I want to get settled into my new pack. The transfer papers were sent at the same time as your invitation to my mating ceremony. You returned the acknowledgement papers for the transfer but declined the invitation. Since I didn’t want you there anyway, I was glad. You were never a father to me. You didn’t raise me you had nothing to do with me except to tell me I was worthless, a mistake, a financial drain and a responsibility you didn’t want. Well, guess what? I am no longer your responsibility. You don’t have to support me, and you never have to see me again. In fact, I will be filing for a no-contact order as soon as I get home. "By the way, before my mate and I go, maybe you should think harder about my mate’s name. Alpha Peter Hunter is the current elected leader of the shifter council. That makes me the Alpha Mate—in case you couldn’t work it out—of the elected leader of the shifter council. If you had bothered to be nice to me, your pack would currently have a connection to one of the most powerful shifter bodies and you would have been able to have a say in our laws and more. Instead it will be made clear that you are persona non grata to us and when the press ask why I will tell them the whole story. You will be ruined. There have already been questions on why my father didn’t attend my mating ceremony to such an important shifter. I’ve held off answering them, but I think I see a press conference in my near future.” Kevin held his hand out to his mate and they walked out to the music of Alpha Edward Franks yelling after them, pleading for a second chance and assuring them he had always loved his only son. Kevin didn’t care, he had the only person he needed by his side and he was headed for a pack that would respect him and treat him well.
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