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  4. Jenny looked around the door and slid out into the hallway. There was very little light from the mage globes hanging near the ceiling at long intervals. In the dimness, she couldn’t see anyone moving but she still stayed as quiet as possible. She bypassed the children’s room and after stealing down the stairs she crept nearer to the door she knew led to the food hall the men working with Cheryl used. Voices became audible as she concentrated “—I hear you right? She wants us to take that bastard? Well, I’m not guarding him once he gets here. He’s—” The speaker must have moved away from the door “Niven. Calm down. She’ll have complete control over him and you know it. She knows what’s going to happen before anyone else. How is he going to get one over on her? Now we need to be ready for when she tells us it’s time to go. We’re going to need—” A door closed and Jenny couldn’t hear any more voices. Huffing out a breath she moved back t the children’s room. Michael was just starting to whimper so she grabbed a bottle from a nearby fridge and set it in a bottle warmer. Then she leaned over to pick him up as he opened his mouth to wail. “Now, now, you don’t want to wake up your sister, do you?” She changed his diaper and then jiggled him on her shoulder as she waited for the bottle to warm. She hummed a lullaby and tried not to think of her own child. How was Fran coping with her new powers? Was she being given time to still be a child? Even with the current situation putting pressure on a toddler wouldn’t help anything. When the bottle was at the right temperature she relaxed in a chair by Ophelia’s bed and thought back over the snippet of conversation she’d heard. Who were they taking? Why didn’t they want him here? What did Cheryl have that would make this person toe the line she dictated? Sighing she moved Michael to her shoulder and patted him until he let out a mighty burp. “Pardon you, little man.” She paced until he was fast asleep again and laid him down carefully, making sure he was tucked in securely. A final check of the monitor and she returned to her room. She’d have to try again soon and see if she could glean more information on the mysterious person who would be joining the prisoners. *** Fran was playing with Nelson when the sound of humming echoed softly in her ear. She knew that voice and grinned. “Franny, why stop playing?” Nelson’s whine interrupted the music and she glared at him. “My mom singing—is singing.” She corrected her sentence as their bear babysitter had been teaching her. Hetty said how a young lady spoke was important to make sure people listened to her. Fran thought it was silly but then adults had funny ideas about things all the time. “I no hear singing.” Nelson pouted. Fran rolled her eyes—she’d seen Simon doing it to Kitryn when he said silly things. “She is singing to baby and me. Not you.” The humming stopped and Fran sighed. She wanted her mom home where she belonged. The bad lady needed to be told off and punished so her mom could come home. Heaving another sigh she returned to her game with Nelson. The time would be soon. The bad lady would get a surprise and people would get to go home.
  5. Tristan looked up from his tablet where he’d been emailing the warnings out to everyone he knew in various chat rooms and forums. Frowning he replayed the question before he felt his brain stall. Healers? Why was Carl asking about healers? “Um, not much. Healers come in many forms. Mage healers work by using magic to isolate the cause of the illness and pull it from the person’s body. Non-magical healers use herbs and other potions to either cause the illness to leave the person’s body, or to treat the symptoms until the person heals on their own. Why?” “I just talked to you friend Milly—lovely lady be the way—she told me I had better treat you right or I would find out why I didn’t want to get on the wrong side of a healer. She advised me that they were as good at causing injury as healing them. Tristan chuckled. “That sounds like Milly, she always was a sassy little…” he trailed off as the rest of what Carl had said registered. Healers could cause illness as well as heal it? It made logical sense he supposed. If a healer wanted to heal something, they would need to know how it was caused in the first place, and once they knew how it was caused they could cause it too. “We need to talk to the others.” They rounded up everyone and ran through what they’d learned. Kitryn was the most vocal. “If that bitch tries to use my sister to hurt people it will be the last thing she does.” Tristan froze. “Um, I think even if Cheryl knows about this option she wouldn’t dare try and use it. If she told a healer to use their powers to hurt us, what’s to stop that healer from using their powers to hurt her? She would have no defense against it. Even if she did. How would she know if the healer was doing as she asked or not? A healer can’t kill someone, that I’m sure of. But also if someone tried to hurt Cheryl, would that trigger something on our end? Maybe she has something in place to make sure if we hurt her then something would happen here. There are too many possibilities at the moment. We can keep this option in mind though, and maybe do some research to see how far-reaching a healer’s magic is. Do they need to be in the same room? Can they reach out across distances? And if so, how far?” Carl wrapped an arm around his shoulders and squeezed. Tristan relaxed into his mate’s hold and soaked up the comfort. “I can make a few inquiries when I make my calls. There is one other thing that has happened. The female vampire who has been aiding me in running my clan has gone missing, along with another clan member. I am told she left a note but that the only one to see it is the now missing clan member. The high council needs to make sure the warnings get out as quickly as possible before more people go missing.” A heavy silence descended on the room as everyone seemed to be contemplating the lasted developments. It seemed they took two steps forward and one back. The meeting broke up with everyone saying they still had calls to make. *** Carl relaxed back in his chair and stretched until his back popped. Only one call left and he could curl up with his mate for the day. He dialed the number and waited as the line rang and rang. Just when he was going to give up the line connected. “Hello.” “Hi, Mama, how are you?” “Carl. It’s been too long. You said you’d call more often and it’s been what? Six months?” “Um, actually it’s been nearer to ten. I’m sorry, Mama, but things are going to hell in a handbasket and I’ve been busy.” Tristan came in and at his wave came and sat beside him. “Mama, I have someone I want you to meet. Can we change to video chat?” Tristan’s eyes had gone wide at the mention of ‘Mama’ but Carl ignored his head shaking and tapped the camera icon on his phone. His Mama’s face filled the screen. She was beaming and when Carl adjusted the angle to include Tristan his end, he saw her face light up. “You found your mate,” She squealed. Carl swore his Mama could squeal louder than Fran and that said something for the young seer. “How did she know I’m your mate?” Tristan whispered. Mama heard him, however, and answered before Carl could. “Oh, that’s easy my dear, he wouldn’t have bothered with video chat is you were anyone else. He would have just put his phone on speaker and included them that way. You look like a nice young man. May I ask your name, family, and what you are? Since my son hasn’t had the manners to introduce us properly yet.” Carl’s muttered I haven’t had a chance to speak yet was lost as his Mama kept babbling. “My name is Quin and his father is Donald, but you will call us Mama and Pops like Carl does.” Tristan looked to be shocked into silence. He was staring at the phone as though Mama was going to lean right through the screen. He shook himself when Carl gently elbowed him and smiled. “My name is Tristan and I don’t have any family.” Carl squeezed his knee under cover of the desk. “I’m a fire mage and it’s a pleasure to meet you, Mama.” Carl watched his Mama melt and knew his mate now had the family he deserved. Carl would have to make sure Tristan got to meet his parents in person when this mess was sorted out.
  6. Caz Pedroso

    Chapter 22.3

    Oh yes. I used to have a meme somewhere. it said something like 'A friend will let you cry on their shoulder, a best friend will walk beside you, swinging a baseball bat, singing "Someone's going to get it"' Those are the friends they need on their side for this battle. Yes, i am trying to keep them on track and get the story moving a bit. They are easily distracted though Yep, having a mate is the best back up anyone could ask for Thank you, she was modelled after a friend of mine. She had that exact reaction when i told her i was getting married (she did the same a year later when i told her i pregnant as well). It also offers different ways Cheryl could strike at our team as she as few healers under her control. We'll have to see who strikes first. Hopefully Cheryl hasn't been told anything yet... Thank you all for your wonderful comments.
  7. Caz Pedroso

    Chapter 22.2

    Maybe, Maybe not There could be other things at work Thank you Tristan has a new family now and he has done his duty. Now, he can concentrate on the more important people in his life. Of course, just 'cause his dad is bad, doesn't mean all his family feel the same. We'll have to wait and see. Who knows what will happen...maybe they have some hidden redeeming qualities...really well hidden redeeming qualities. Oh Yes, Tristan will most likely become a target. But, then all the members of our team so far are potential targets for different reasons. We'll have to wait and see what they decide is going to happen. Maybe, maybe not...depends on why he is ignoring the advice. Thank you all for continuing to read and comment.
  8. Caz Pedroso

    Chapter 22.1

    But, think what fun they could have had if they'd missed it instead...Of course, then Kitryn would probably have had more fun interrupting them and hauling them to said meeting I agree they need to move faster in dealing with Cheryl. I am trying but they seem to keep getting distracted. But, yes they are happy together and that is very good. They will fight her and win (I always have a HEA). But, will they all come out unscathed?? No one knows. Thank you all for your wonderful comments and your continued support.
  9. Caz Pedroso

    Chapter 21.3

    Fran probably could, but that would ruin the surprise I'm sure Carl will put this at the top of his to-do list. What I think would be great is if it turned out all his family were so weak in power they couldn't fight their way out of a wet paper bag. But, then I can get very vindictive when I want to I'm hoping we can get another mage to arrive soon, but who knows what could happen in the inbetween time? Carl would lay down his life (and other things ) for Tristan. Mates re always so much fun to write. Yes, time will tell. But, believe me i have no say, i just write what I'm told to write Thank you all for your comments and i am so sorry for the delay in replying.
  10. Carl managed to persuade Tristan to give him the rest of the numbers that needed to be called. He pulled the ‘mate’ card and insisted Tristan needed to rest after the turmoil of the last few days, the use of magic, the claiming, and finally the argument with the older Nirthfell and the resulting fallout. He tucked Tristan in with a pile of research books and told him if he looked up other ways Cheryl could use the powerful beings she was blackmailing then Carl would deal with all the notifications. Carl returned to his office and began the job of calling Tristan’s friends. To say they were surprised to hear from Tristan’s claimed mate was an understatement. Carl spent more time answering their questions about his intentions, who he was, how he had better treat Tristan right or else, than he did warning them of the dangers from Cheryl. Carl wondered if Tristan realized how much his friends—or acquaintances as Tristan insisted they were—really valued him and worried about him. They said he was selfless, always thinking of others before himself. Carl fell more in love with his mate with each call and each person telling him how wonderful Tristan was. He dialed the last number on the list with a sigh of relief, he still had his own calls to make and it was only a few hours until dawn. He tapped his pen on the desk as he waited. “Do you realize what time it is? Who the hell is ringing me at this time of the morning?” Carl bit his lip to stop the chuckle that tried to escape as the female voice finished ranting. “Miss Mills? This is Elder Carl of the Jade Coven.” “I prefer Milly and I don’t care who you are. I only got to bed a few hours ago and I need to be up again in a few hours more.” “I’m sorry to interrupt your rest, but Tristan Nirthfell asked me to call you to warn you about a danger to you and your mate.” He ran through the warnings. Milly sighed. “Thank you for calling. My mate is currently on duty in the healing center with our eldest daughter. I will call them immediately. Thank Tristan for thinking of us. Although I’m not surprised he always thinks of everyone else first.” Carl grinned at the once again repeated compliment. “I will be sure to tell my mate you are thankful.” He counted to ten before he had to pull the phone away from his ear at her shriek. “MATE! When, how, and if you hurt him you’ll find out just why no one wants to get on a healer's bad side. We may know how to cure mt diseases, but we also know what and how to cause hem too.” This made Carl freeze. Healers could cause diseases, as well as cure them? Why had none of them thought of that? They knew Cheryl had at least one healer captive. Did she have others? He needed to speak to Tristan. “I assure you, I have no intention of hurting Tristan in any way, shape or form. Thank you for your time, I’m afraid I need to go and deal with something. Either Tristan or I will check in with you again, but don’t hesitate to call if you need us for any reason.” Carl hung up and moved as fast as he dared to where he’d left Tristan. “What do you know about how healers work and how they can affect people they aren’t healing?” he asked as soon as he walked in.
  11. Thank you for the recommendation @Timothy M.
  12. Carl drummed his fingers on the desk while he listened to his second, Steven, whine. “Tell me again why I’m listening to you rather than talking to Natalia?” “She said she had a personal issue to sort out and let three days ago. Her note said—” “Her note? You didn’t mention a note before. You said she told you she had something to see to. When was she last seen? What was missing from her things?” Steven started stuttering. “Well…um…I didn’t actually see the note myself. I heard what it said from Oscar who heard it from Ferrick, but no one can find him anywhere to ask him directly. His mother says he often disappears for a few days when the feeling takes him.” “What!” Carl’s roar echoed around the small room making Tristan look up from what he was working on at a nearby desk. He took a long calming breath and interrupted Steven’s panicked “Start from the beginning. When was she last seen? Who was the last to see her? And why was I not informed immediately?” “Yes, Elder. I saw her three days ago, she had some concerns over the behavior of some of the vamplings that are visiting from another clan. If anyone else saw her after that, they haven’t said so. The next night I went to speak to her again and Oscar met me on the path and told she was gone. He said he’d seen Ferrick angry and upset. He’d asked what was wrong and Ferrick told him Natalia had gone to sort out a personal problem. As I’ve already said, when we went looking for Ferrick he couldn’t be found.” “Get search parties put together. No one is to go anywhere alone and everyone is to check in with a designated checking group at least twice a day. If anyone misses a check-in presume they have been taken and start a search for them.” “Yes, Elder.” “Make sure those rules stay in effect until I tell you otherwise. The fate of the clan may rest on it.” “Yes, Elder.” Carl hung up and dropped his head to the desk. He smiled when he felt hands in his hair massaging his aching head. He held out the phone. “Your turn, my mate.” Tristan took the phone and dialed while letting out a long sigh. “You know they won’t believe a word I say and will ignore any advice I give.” Carl waved a hand to tell him to get on with it and listened in as the line started to ring. “Nirthfell residence.” “Father, this is Tristan. I have some information about a danger to the family.” A snort came through the line. “How could you come by any information that I would want to hear? I am not interested in rumors you’ve heard in some back street inn or from one of the men you’ve hired for the night.” Carl made a move for the phone but Tristan moved out the way. “Father, I need you to listen. You’ll be hearing from the high council as well, but I wanted to warn you myself too. Someone is kidnapping seers and mates of powerful beings. The seers’ power is being used to discover the outcomes of battles and the movements of enemies. The kidnapped mates are being used to blackmail powerful beings into doing the kidnapper’s bidding. You need to protect—” “Do not try and tell me what I need to do,” Tristan’s father’s voice sneered. “I do not take orders from some talentless child.” That was the last straw. Carl snatched the phone and snarled at the being on the other end. “Be glad I am not in the same room as you are at this moment, Kersin Nirthfell. If I was I would rip out your throat and bathe in your blood for insulting my mate like that.” “Who is this? Do you realize who you are speaking to?” Carl rolled his eyes. “I called you by name and you ask if I know who I’m speaking to? The question is do you know who you are speaking to? I am Elder Carl of the Jade Coven. I am also proud to claim Tristan Nirthfell as my claimed fated mate. Now, we will talk about your lack on manners another time. At the moment I have more pressing matters. The information your son gave you is correct. You need to make sure everyone in your family is accounted for and that no one goes anywhere alone. Keep up regular checks. The high council will be in contact soon with more information but for some reason your son thought you would be better for having the basics immediately. “Now, you’re going to apologize to your son and thank him. If you don’t, not only will you be making an enemy of a very powerful coven, you will also be losing the most powerful mage your family has seen in generations.” “That boy isn’t talented. He barely registered a level two. And I will no more obey some jumped up vampire—elder or no—than I will apologize to that excuse of a son. Since you claim him as a mate he can join your coven. As of this moment, Tristan Nirthfell is no longer a member of the Nirthfell family. Goodbye.” The phone went dead and Carl grabbed Tristan as tears began to fall and he nearly fell out of his chair and into Carl’s arms.
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