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  1. Mark, in the Story Note introduction to this fantastic story you describe a Guinea being worth 25-30 shillings. This surprised me as I have always known Guineas to be worth 21 shillings. So I did the unthinkable and did some historic research (yet again). I found the official site of the Royal Mint, which is the body that produces British coins. --- www.royalmint.com/our-coins/ranges/guinea I quote the relevant part about the value of the guinea " ..... Its actual value fluctuated until finally stabilising, in 1717, at 21 shillings, a monetary unit used up decimalisation in 1971."
  2. Thank you Mark for all the tears, all the heartache, all the anger, all the laughter and every other emotion that you manage to deliver in each and every one of your stories. In my head I know they are fictional characters (they are, are they not?) but your writing makes them seem so real. My only complaint is about your timing. Not only do we have to live without our regular doses of the Escorial crowd; the Bridgemont series is in hiatus as well. I do hope that during your well earned break you begin to realise 'less is more' and return to writing very, very soon. Than
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