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  1. Bft

    Chapter 18

    Fergus is a nasty person, will the pack turn against him?
  2. Bft

    Planting Seeds

    I wonder if Sam is a big ole closet case?
  3. Bft

    Lifting Weights

    That sounds awesome
  4. Wow this chapter was hot in places. But if Hunter’s parents are so unhappy with their lives, why do they continue to make each other miserable, just separate and get a divorce.
  5. Bft

    Chapter 11

    @Ethan thanks for taking the time to write this story, I enjoyed it. Enjoy the outdoors while you can, and enjoy the break from writing and hope to see you again. take care. ❤️
  6. Bft

    Chapter 17

    I was thinking that Maddie was channeling her inner Bette Davis 😂😆
  7. Bft

    Chapter 17

    I think that Jimmy’s wolf might have a better chance of marking Sawyer as his than mummy dearest
  8. Bft

    Chapter 11

    A nice chapter that appeared to clear up something’s from the past but I also agree that it should have continued for another couple of chapters. I wanted slap Jamie when he says that I am seeing someone now, he has only talked to Ollie for a short while and agreed to meet him again, that’s not dating, ugh 🥵. This story needs a second book, please. 😂😆🏳️‍🌈💋💕
  9. Bft

    Chapter 1

    This was 🥵 Dayum
  10. Yay for chapter one, looking forward to reading more about these boys and their adventures
  11. It could be worse he could’ve been a wharfie 😂
  12. A great way to end a fantastic story, I am looking forward to reading more about them soon. And in the meantime there will be other stories from you to read.
  13. Bft

    Chapter 13

    Andrew is as bad as these so called models, and what’s he doing having unsafe sex with them, who knows who has shagged them and given them anything? Andrew needs help with his drinking and playing around. Aubrey and Tom deserve each other
  14. Bft

    Chapter 8

    Nothing like airing your dirty laundry and the dinner table, and to give Aubrey more fodder for his magazine, way to go Joel. ☹️ Drew seemed to shrink in his seat when Aubrey arrived, I wonder if there was something between them at one stage? If Tom wants to get married to Aubrey he needs to stop playing around with Kat, what is that about? She is nothing but a vindictive, delusional bitch, who is determined to smear Andrew’a reputation.
  15. Sorry to hear about your neighbourhood being ravaged by fires, it’s a very worrying time, as I am an Aussie I know what it’s like to live through days and days of bushfires. Hugs to you and your family and stay safe. 💋
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