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  1. Bft

    ADC Chapter 8

    Great chapter but is the band a bit on the nose @quokka as you referred to them as a garlic band? 😭
  2. Bft

    Aftermath and Ending

    That was a short chapter but it’s a shame that it took so long to post this chapter it it appears almost as if you just wanted to finish the story as it’s an abrupt ending.
  3. Bft

    ADC Chapter 5

    Wow, looking forward to more of this story
  4. Bft

    ADC Chapter 4

    Paparazzi spot all of them?
  5. Bft

    ADC Chapter 3

    Another interesting story with a difference
  6. Bft

    Oce Chapter 8

    @quokka there is a small typo where you say that it must be nice to have suck caring fist cousins.
  7. Bft

    Oce Chapter 2

    There is a lot of research in these stories, @quokka do you have research staff or is this something that you enjoy doing?
  8. Bft

    Aqu Chapter 9

    Yes that’s so obvious that he should do that but will Trent even think about it?
  9. Bft

    Aqu Chapter 8

    I also think that Wallace is a closet case or is he just being a Wally? (Idiot)
  10. Bft

    Aqu Chapter 3

    Talk about dropping bombshells, oh boy
  11. Bft

    Lon Chapter 9

    So is Logan gay?
  12. Bft

    Alo Chapter 27

    Is Davis Lloyd’s new beau?
  13. Bft

    Alo Chapter 25

    It will probably be a bunch of drunks having a fight during the Easter weekend
  14. Bft

    Alo Chapter 24

    They say things come in 3s so let’s hope that is no more disasters. Holdens are better than Ford
  15. Bft

    Alo Chapter 23

    How much more bad luck can this place have, it almost seems if Karma is getting her revenge on Lloyd for what happened to the Dalworths
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