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  1. Bft


    Awesome chapter, I wish that returned service men and women all around the world would be able to access help of any sort that they need, instead of them being left to their own devices, the damn politicians are quick to jump in and help or interfere in other countries but leave our Vets like a shag on a rock once they are no longer in the forces.
  2. I like loved the proposal, I had some tears running down my face with this part of the chapter as I love a romance. And the hot air ballon ride sounds awesome, what a way to propose to someone. We had a amazing experience in a hot air balloon a few years ago.
  3. Bft

    Chapter 20

    A great chapter, I hate it when parents interfer with their kids choice of partner, it’s up to the two people in the relationship not the parents as to who they love, so long as the couple are happy that’s all that matters.
  4. Bft

    GMA XV

    What teenager doesn’t think that they know it all?
  5. Bft

    GMA XV

    Another excellent chapter, big gay 🍦 😋 As we were in New York last year during Pride and having visited those places, I feel that I know the area you were talking about.
  6. Bft

    GMA XV

    CJ for president
  7. Bft


    Do tell what fun you had with him.😁
  8. Bft


    Carlos you were very lucky with just getting wet my husband and a friend of his were riding push bikes for 7 hours and both of them got soaked, my husband ended up in hospital a few days after they returned with pneumonia, Peter (friend) was lucky that he only got a cold. Moral of the story is don’t ride a push bike long distances in England as the weather is too unpredictable.
  9. Bft

    GMA IX

    A man actually complained about masturbating, really? I find that hard to believe
  10. Bft


    I also felt that I was watching the Ellen de Generes show, I like Ellen.
  11. Bft

    GMA IV

    Oh not César III or Owen Jr, I think that children should have their own identity and not be named after their parents, it’s an American obsession which is obviously to keep the lineage going but still I think it’s naff
  12. Bft

    GMA IV

    My thoughts exactly on what was going on with Gina.
  13. Bft

    GMA IV

    This chapter had some funny moments, CJ referring to Brett getting angry when he had not got his daddy juice. and long distance gaydar, both laugh out loud moments. 😁🍷
  14. Bft


    I am sorry to see this story finish, it’s had some ups and downs. Hopefully see a continuation of the boys story soon.
  15. Bft

    Chapter Thirty-Six

    Tronna sounds like you are an Aussie bogan
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