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  1. Bft


    Great chapter, I hope that they change all of the door locks as you don’t know who has a key. The interior designer had more mince than a butchers.😂
  2. Bft


    No Airbnb someone will trash the place
  3. Bft


    I will help you dust. 😂🤩
  4. Nash is a fool for not having a separate bank account he should have known that Leland would cut off his access to all of the accounts, hopefully that will go against him when they come to get a divorce.
  5. Are you game enough to go away with the increase of COVID-19 infections? I am not comfortable enough to go away at the moment, some parts of the UK are back in lockdown again due to the increase of infections. Stay home, stay safe.
  6. Bryson DeChambeau, oh boy is he cute 🔥😓
  7. Straight guys don’t ask another guy to put his head on their lap and play with his hair, Penn’s brothers keep referring to Nash and Penn as husbands, maybe Penn is just gay for Nash?
  8. Never seen Reno 911, so I cannot comment on the show
  9. A nice story but too short, it needs more chapters to flesh out the characters.
  10. Bft


    A bit of a tear jerker of a love story, both Chase and Hank are stubborn and headstrong and it takes them along time to sit down with each other to talk without being bitter with the other man as to why they broke up. Sometimes you just want to get both of them in a room and say talk about your issues with each other, but you would need to mediate for them, men we can be daft at times. Did the boys get back together or not? You will have to read the book to find out the answer to this question.
  11. Oh boy, they finally sorted out all of their issues and are back together again, hopefully until death. Loved this story Gary.
  12. Bft

    Chapter 9 - Rush

    Oh dear, well don’t keep us in suspenders much longer and put up the next couple of chapters
  13. Bft

    Chapter 9 - Rush

    @Wesley8890 we need an explanation as to what a liger is? shift along now 😂
  14. Great chapter. I always find it interesting that people who criticise the LGBTQ community have something to hide as well and get caught out. People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.
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