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  1. Huh???? I didn’t understand why people use these Gifs as they don’t make sense
  2. Oh boy was that a 🥵 start to the chapter. Dayum 🥵🌈👶
  3. Bft

    Subito Forte

    Is it Thursday yet?
  4. Bft

    Seamus and Friends

    Let’s hope so ❤️
  5. Bft

    Subito Forte

    Jerry is a true friend to have Rick’s back 🌈
  6. We had home science which was basically learning how to cook, I was the only boy in the class of 23 girls, I got ribbed about it but I didn’t care about it, I was a better cook than most of the girls in the class and there were quite a few of them who were not happy when I got top marks for my sponge cakes and other items that I made, I enjoy cooking.
  7. Bft

    Subito Forte

    Rick 1, Rippa Rita Zero. I hope that she gets ripped to shreds by all concerned and Willy Wonker drops her like a hot 🥔. Next to grind an axe 🪓 with zoltan, insert maniacal laugh 😈
  8. Bft

    Subito Forte

    Heinrich hasn’t been channeling his inner Indian Aunty so well for this arranged marriage, he has failed miserably. 😂
  9. Bft

    Subito Forte

    I wouldn’t wish that battle axe on anyone
  10. I think that teaching people how to manage a budget, household bills etc should be a mandatory subject in high school and maybe ditch a subject that is totally useless.
  11. Bft

    Seamus and Friends

    I hope that the guys sort things out before Matt goes to stay with his dad for a while, Seamus’ friends seem like they are good guys, are they all gay?
  12. Bft

    Seamus and Friends

    I will lend Seamus my 🔧
  13. These two need to sit down and talk through things, now before disaster strikes. I also was wondering why Matt was filling out apartment applications, but he seriously needs to sort out his finances first as he has the extra cost of expenses of baby clothes etc, and will Seamus still want to look after Aidan once Matt moves out? Will he still be readily available?
  14. Bft


    We have the Saniflo here in the UK it’s a Macerator toilet
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