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  1. James Carnarvon

    Chapter 10

    All right, since you were brave enough to give it a go, here's my take on Toto. Toto has a high level of 'learned' self-sufficiency and independence as a result of being brought up by a physically and emotionally unavailable single father. Too much self-sufficiency in a child is not a good thing. However, in Toto's case, the damage is offset by other aspects of his upbringing. Toto's caring side can be explained by a number of other social and environmental factors. He has grown up in small-town Italy, an environment in which children are welcomed and valued as a part of adult societ
  2. James Carnarvon

    Chapter 10

    That's a fair question. I do sort of have an answer, but it might be a bit muddled if I tried to spell it out!
  3. James Carnarvon

    Chapter 10

    In an ideal world, we'd all do that!
  4. James Carnarvon

    Chapter 10

    I don't think he felt he could manage that on his own. I sort of know how he feels.
  5. Toto returned home that night giddy with the evening he had just experienced. When they finally decided to part company for the night, Toto had offered to walk Michele home so he could collect his Vespa scooter. Michele suggested that they carry on down the path from the viewpoint, as it offered them a major shortcut on the way there. However, they also knew that a large part of the path was unlit and treacherous. There was much giggling as they fumbled around in the dark, bumping into each other on the steep, winding and uneven steps. Toto felt like a child again, pushing the limits
  6. James Carnarvon

    Chapter 9

    You're too kind, thank you. To be honest I had my doubts about that last line - I thought the metaphor might be a bit heavy-handed - but I'm glad you both liked it. I always finish writing a story before I begin to share it, but I've carried on doing some editing as I post the chapters. I've just finished a third or fourth edit on chapter 10. We really are approaching the home straight now.
  7. A few days later, another sunny morning found Toto lying on the grass of the formal gardens outside the town’s small Municipio on the hill behind the cathedral. Hands behind his head, he was watching a lone, fluffy cloud scudding gently across the sky between the canopies of two enormous pines. He was surrounded by beds of colourful geraniums. The two girls who were with him were also sprawled on the ground nearby, talking cheerfully. “Are you serious, Bella?” Claudia was saying. “Do you really want to captain a ferry boat?” “Why not?” Isabella replied. “They say it’s a man’s profess
  8. James Carnarvon

    Chapter 8

    @drsawzall Thank you for accidentally drawing my attention to a repeated word ('hopefully'). Maybe this chapter could have used another pass in editing!
  9. Neither Toto nor Michele felt like telling the world just yet. They returned to the party, slipping back in largely unnoticed, and tried to act normally, at least until Claudia buttonholed them in a corner. Daniele hovered a couple of metres away, equally eager to hear what was going on. “Well?” Claudia asked. Toto and Michele exchanged a glance. “We… we’ll let you know,” Toto said. Claudia spread her arms impatiently. “That’s it? You’ve got to give me more than that!” Toto and Michele backed up against the chestnut fence at the edge of the garden, closing the gap betw
  10. James Carnarvon

    Chapter 7

    As Angelo said way back when he and Gianni first met, “half the places in this town are named after saints”. You’ll find streets in Ravello named after San’ or Santa Chiara, Barbara, Giovanni, Francesco, Martino, Trifone, Pietro, Cosma to name a few. ‘Chiara’ is just the Italian form of ‘Claire’. I believe the origin of the name may have something to do with ‘light’.
  11. James Carnarvon

    Chapter 6

    Did I really write that and not notice? I’ll definitely hunt that down later tonight. EDIT: Well, I fixed it. I must have re-read that paragraph several times without noticing. Funny how the brain sees what it expects to see!
  12. James Carnarvon

    Chapter 7

    Thank you so much! This is probably my favourite chapter too, but the part I was most pleased with is actually the dinner party scene. It hasn’t been much commented on, but parts of this story are definitely meant to be humorous, and that’s one scene where I felt that side of it really came together. But maybe the jokes aren’t landing for anyone else. 😆
  13. James Carnarvon

    Chapter 2

    Thank you for the lovely comment! And, please, nip away. In case there's any doubt: I'm English, and the Italian words are just there to add a little flavour and to remind the reader that these characters think and speak in Italian. I can speak a little of the language myself - just enough to get by when on holiday.
  14. The weekend arrived, which meant that it was almost time for Gianni’s birthday dinner. Gianni and Angelo had confirmed to all their guests that the evening meal at Da Rossi was to be followed by a late night after-party at the Villa Cimbrone gardens. Since meeting Isabella, Toto’s spirits had risen considerably. While he still didn’t really know where he and Michele stood, he at least felt he had his friend back. As such, when he met up with Michele the following day, he assumed an apologetic demeanour. “I’m sorry for the way I acted yesterday,” he said. “I wanted you to know that… w
  15. James Carnarvon

    Chapter 6

    Let’s just say I think you’ll find the next chapter interesting…
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