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  1. miss you buddy

  2. *holds your pokey hand* miss you more, off to sleep for another 12 hours probably. You were up sooo late...or early. Misssss youuuu xxxx

  3. *pokes you back* missing you too just going bed :P its 6 am

  4. Find happiness and keep it, there are many more but if i am happy then it wont matter to me if i don't acheive them.
  5. *pokey pokey pokey* I miss you, la la la la la la xxx

  6. Hiiiiiiii *grins and pokes you in the ribs* xxx

  7. How you been Mark?

  8. I just finished reading it and it is one amazing book and far surpassed any expectations i had, It was a very emotional book and i think it wrapped everything up well but i was still wanting more at the end of the story but i think that is cause liek most people i don't want the story to end. Spoilers below I am so happy i was right about Snape i said when he killed dumbledore that he did it because he was dying and wanted to save draco for some greater good, Ron and hermione were both adorable was so sweet when they got together and i loved that teh final battle t
  9. Hey guys, well many of you know Luc and will know about the nasty bite he got from his cat (if not read his blog) well he got a bad infection and has had to have some operations on his hand, he hasn't been able to send me much info because of his hand and being high on drugs but he said he is in until monday at least so hoping he will be home soon but i know i am not the only one who misses him and wants him to get well soon. Hope your home soon Luc and that your soon able to get back to typing to us all and writing more stories, love you.
  10. Mark_l


    *grins* were you typing with your tongue? if so you really should take a pic of that I TOLD you that it shouldn't be hurting so much but you never listen but i'm glad you got it looked at sounds nasty as hell but yay for the happy drugs right *smiles and hugs you * yes you need to finish the anthology even if you have to get your mic out and tell someone what to write cause so far i love it and need an ending get better soon
  11. more info about the renewal and air dates here http://jerichoboard.cbs.com/n/pfx/forum.as...&redirCnt=1 glad it will be renewed Mark
  12. Happy birthday Vic *send the stripper * he will be there soon
  13. good to know would think any court that allowed a paedophile to see his child that was conceived during an act of child rape would be insane, of course the courts are often insane and do worse but glad this has worked out. Mark
  14. yeah i posted in teh tv show thread that it has been cancelled and there is a petition teh renew it, they have said if it is cancelled they will provide something to give closure to the series which i think sucks its a great series with easily more seasons to it. Mark
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