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  1. oat327

    Chapter 9

    It was a tough chapter to write, that’s for sure! High school really was Kevin’s first attempt to create something good and permanent, and it ended so painfully and humiliatingly for him. Really awful. I was surprised by how zen Kevin turned out being, though, when leaving things behind. Like, he’s upset with Matt for all of a couple paragraphs, and then he’s just ready to go, and his biggest gripe is basically that he can’t and has to stare the ugly past in the face for two more months until graduation. I always thought, in “Best Four Years,” that Kevin’s relationship with Becker was really doomed after the New York summer chapter, when Kevin essentially ruled out living as a closeted rich kid. But I didn’t realize, until I wrote this chapter, that Kevin understood that too on some deeper level. And so he basically manufactured the study abroad just so he could shake up his life the only way he knew how: make a clean break, leave everything, and reinvent himself better, without having to stare this ugly past (Becker) in the face too. Obviously, that’s not healthy, especially because he carries all of that hurt with him. I can’t promise Kevin will heal, or even that there will be a ton of closure (I go back and forth.) But I think a lot of this story has been about him learning to accept himself and the world around him in a more mature way. We didn’t get any “present day” in this chapter, but I do think he’s on his way for that. Though you’ll all be the judge.
  2. oat327

    Chapter 9

    Don’t Fucking Do Stupid Shit. Fucked that to hell, didn’t I. Lynn Barber had taken off, run down the hallway, but Matt and I were frozen. Pained seconds. “What do we say?” I whispered to Matt, as we both quickly and quietly pulled our clothes back on. I could tell the lines in Matt’s face. The worry. But of course he was worried: as we had to go downstairs to face his mom. I debated climbing out the window and disappearing, maybe forever. Take the Tercel and drive:
  3. oat327

    Chapter 8

    Glad I am too! I’ve missed this story.
  4. oat327

    Chapter 8

    I don’t mean to shit too much on Becker! Haha. It’s a good story, and I’ve loved writing it. It’s the same thing, though: it’s a lot of harnessing your cringey old self into a story, which is sometimes fun nostalgia and sometimes an ugly mirror. I just have to be in the right mindset, and I’m less and less in it, is what I meant. But I do hope to finish it, at some point. And Becker hooking up with Tripp’s friend always makes me laugh because… that’s also something pulled from real life. Oops.
  5. oat327

    Chapter 8

    Yeah, that's totally it. I've actually written very rough first drafts of Becker all the way through the beginning of his senior year. Basically, the story is my college memories with a loose plot laid on top of it. Especially early on in the story, where there's some random events that don't really add to the main plot--those things generally happened to me or my friends. But yeah, the older I get, the less interesting I find a closeted 19-year-old, and the less fresh and life-shaping my college memories seem. Part of life, I guess. BUT THAT SAID, yes, there is a chapter of "Becker" almost done. Problem is, how Becker was originally structured, the original Sophomore Spring Chapter 2 follows the events of Chapter 9 of this story. I tried to add some fluff to stall for time but could never get it into a rhythm, so I just stopped updating. Basically: Chapter 9 of this story has to come first, BUT I think I might release both that and the next chapter of Becker simultaneously. Because I think it'd be fun to read them in tandem: Against the World first, then Best Four Years right after. (No spoilers though.)
  6. oat327

    Chapter 8

    Haha, I’ve said it before: Kevin writes himself. I’m just along for the ride.
  7. oat327

    Chapter 8

    I am too, actually. It gets harder and harder writing Becker, the older (and more removed from college—ten years!) I get. Kevin’s a meatier and more interesting character to me, at this point of my life. I’ve thought about where Kevin would be in 2020, and it’s something to think about. But who knows!
  8. oat327

    Chapter 8

    Thanks! That means a lot. We’re getting to the point where the storylines do start to overlap with the next one chronologically, so we’ll see that semester a bit. And yeah, that in particular been tough to write. I’ve been avoiding it, to be honest. (I also avoided Becker and Kevin’s breakup in “Best Four Years” for similar reasons.) I will say: I know this cliffhanger probably seems to set up a bad 90s conversion therapy melodrama, but that’s not where we go. Hope the ending (likely two chapters left) doesn’t disappoint!
  9. oat327

    Chapter 8

    Thanks! Glad you’re enjoying it. The way it’s plotted out, we’ve got two more chapters left, so things should be falling into place pretty quickly now.
  10. oat327

    Chapter 8

    Aw, thanks. It's been fun to write this story, and it's great to have a place to share it. I love Kevin too. And I also worry about him. In a weird way, he's writing himself--what happens is going to happen where I let it or not. That's part of why I had to edit a few Paris scenes, and a large part of why this chapter in particular was hard to write: everything in California is finally coming together for Kevin in this chapter--Matt, and a car, and a godson, and a college acceptance--and it's like, he's finally happy for probably the first time in his life... I knew I had to shit all over it in that last sentence. Which was hard to do to him. But it makes for a good story (I hope.) And I will keep writing! I promise that much.
  11. oat327

    Chapter 8

    I love that: outwardly resilient. It's just kind of funny, because he was written initially (and I think this is still true, if you look at his first appearance in "Best Four Years") as a kind of "hot, charismatic love interest," but I just fell in love with his character. There's definitely more development for him--both in this story and, in a few chapters, when he gets folded back into "Best Four Years."
  12. oat327

    Chapter 8

    Thank you! I think that’s such a defining part of Kevin: wanting to let go of the past, but being utterly unable to do so. It’s unexpectedly taxing writing this story, actually, just because Kevin’s memories are so heavy (and I think that’s why I needed a break.) And they’re not getting much lighter in the 2-3 chapters we have left, unfortunately, which just makes it hard to get the motivation—it’s tough writing all the bad things that happen to him.
  13. oat327

    Chapter 8

    Sneak up on him. Baby steps. Get him a toothbrush. Was Ben Farber’s advice. Maybe I was being too literal. Or I just wanted to see Becker’s reaction. As expected: the panicked and confused look of someone who had just been handed heroin at airport security. He seemed to sniff out a trap: “What do you mean, you got me a toothbrush?” “For when you’re here.” He was so close to melting down. So I downplayed: “It’s gross that you don’t have one. Because, if you think about it,
  14. oat327

    Chapter 6

    Ha, I never know what notifications people get, I thought I was being so stealthy. Yes, I'm currently working on chapter 8 and it should be soon-ish... I've been fine-tuning the Paris sections just a bit, and am just finishing that up. It shouldn't change too much in the grand scheme of where the story currently is, but I started realizing I needed a few things to fall a little bit differently to set up the ending. Duncan dragged me a little too far into the weeds that I lost the plot a bit.
  15. oat327

    Chapter 7

    Haha, sorry to disappoint about Becker and Baker. (If it's any consolation, the guy Baker is loosely based on is married now.) Most secondary characters, including Baker, do get at least one arc, so there's still a lot to come with him. And yeah, I agree: Ryan's openness is definitely in contrast to Becker's closetedness... and I think it is a generational thing too (ugh, are we a different generation? I guess so.) Becker's intrigued by the specter of an openly gay guy in his fraternity, but also very threatened by it. (And, of course, openly gay Austin is now in the fraternity as well.)
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