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  1. Somehow, I think we can all relate!  😀

    Have a good day, moms! 


    1. Drew Payne

      Drew Payne

      I love Calvin and Hobbs, but they are a Children Psychologist's nightmare referral.

  2. Defiance19


    I’m really, really enjoying this. Great chapter, Wayne.
  3. Defiance19

    Park Life.

    I wholeheartedly agree with this.
  4. Defiance19

    Round One.

    I mean it’s ok to not want to do repeats or to have the night not be what you thought. But to hurt someone like that? Why? Sigh..
  5. David and Jonathan’s souls were knit together, and Jonathan loved him as his own soul. That’s a bold, revelation, no? What you have done here is exquisite, AC. I can almost hear it as part of an evensong psalm and canticle lineup!
  6. Defiance19


    The IF is denial, mostly. But... people have been together/married for longer so anything is possible.. Besides, I have prepare for anything with you. lol.
  7. Defiance19

    Myriad Hues

    Absolutely love this.. I might read it out real loud for the folk in the back! It is so important and relevant, and people need not to be so dim.. Beautifully done. Thanks, Mac.
  8. There are so few stories of kids, and or spouses who are so not in line with the thinking and actions of their parents/spouse. It was a good reminder to get this POV. At least for Ryan, there’s hope for a way out..
  9. Defiance19

    Chapter 39

    Yes! And now that itch has been scratched..... they can maybe focus on the ship before said itch starts up again?
  10. Defiance19

    MS19 - The Ring

    I really liked this, A. Great stuff!
  11. Defiance19


    He is NOT the father! And IF he is, did he not pay attention to everything CJ told him? I’m hoping enough of Owen will have rubbed off in CJ so he handles this calmly... who am I kidding? Then the Dads! Oy, Richie! Grand babies galore. IF!!! Otherwise, another great chapter. Liked the sting.
  12. Defiance19


    Excellent chapter. NYE in New York is a trip. Did it twice.. Never again! Lol. At least Spencer has a story for the ages!
  13. It takes such great effort to even make it off that couch. I hope the Alfie’s out there realise that they may well need to talk to someone also. It takes so much more than just Jason getting help to keep them going. Well done, Drew.
  14. Defiance19


    I can only agree.... This is a beautiful poem, tim..
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