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  1. Defiance19


    What an amazingly fabulous way to come back! This was a great chapter.. Corbin’s friends handled it wrong maybe, but they were coming from a good place. And look what it sparked! Corbin got to let it out. I guess the ball is in Pete’s court now, and I so agree with Corbs. Yes or no, do or don’t!! Corbin has gained perspective throughout all this. He is not totally blameless but you always knew what you were getting with him. It gets complicated when feelings get involved. I loved how he handled the house with the whole Bid/Ball and Lee. I will just wait for Lee to prove him right. Lol. I am anxious for more. I don’t mind waiting, but please not so long again. This is too good.
  2. Defiance19


    Thank goodness for Niki. She is exactly what Simon needs right now. I’m glad she is as patient as she is with Rosie as she too needs Niki. And Simon’s friends turned out to be a great bunch. Id hoped Simon kept those Emails and texts. Now I hope seeing or hearing them in open court, will show Matthew the kind of dad he’s truly being... Unless he’s too far gone.
  3. Defiance19

    Chapter 73

    People like Vosh is what’s wrong in the world nowadays. Arad was spot on telling him like it is. I like that Arad is not just letting this happen to him and Roku, no matter the cost. Who on the Nightingale will have the balls to help I wonder?
  4. Funny thing my first guess was you, until I remembered you had a significant other and wrote a few poems, so...
  5. Defiance19

    How Times Change

    It’s not always greener on the other side. Will might have lost a good thing While he clearly had an attack of midlife crisis. it took a ghost from the past to help wise him up. I do hope he grovels a bit before Isaac even thinks of maybe taking him back or answering the text.
  6. This was delightful.. Loved it!!
  7. Defiance19


    You know I love this.. I am going to enjoy reading everyone’s reaction to this somewhat tamer, but still Carlos, story.
  8. Defiance19

    Chapter 72

    All the swearing at the screen did not even make me feel better. I want to trust that Yosei is the good egg and Pakko might have had food for thought. But....
  9. Defiance19

    Chapter 1 Mired

    You started us off heavy, Gary. Not a complaint, as I am looking forward to see how you lead through this journey. Happy New Year! xo
  10. At least they have the texts and emails hopefully still saved. That would go a long way with a judge I would think.
  11. Defiance19


    It’s no wonder Simon internalises everything and does not seek help or advice. Where would he go? He’s learnt well from his mom to just go along, not make waves or ask questions, and hope it will all turn out ok. Thank goodness now for Niki, and it helps that she gives Rosie a push in the right direction. That should benefit both mother and son, and hopes help Rosie see that she needs to not just stand by, but fight.
  12. I’m reading through to catch up, but I had to stop to say how glad I am Simon has Freddie. I feel so hopeful for him. I hoping for good things.
  13. Defiance19

    Stephen & Anton

    So, beautiful! Loved catching up with all these memorable characters who feel like old friends. I finished with happy tears. Thank you Brian, and I hope you’ve had a happy Christmas. Best wishes for the new year!
  14. Defiance19

    Chapter 71

    Oh, I needed to read this. Roku said all the right things. Now, kindly get us out of this mess you’ve landed us in..
  15. Defiance19

    Chapter 66

    Well, ducketyduck! 😐
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