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  1. But...but, it’s wine... wine makes a difference.. see tim’s post below.. 😆 🤪🤣🤣 do enjoy! Off to to have dinner...
  2. Gary, the Storm provided the perfect metaphor. I’m glad by the last stanza you’re still standing, and in control no matter which way the wind blows. Well done, dear friend..
  3. An engaging and pleasant read. I enjoyed it. Thank you.
  4. I resemble that statement. Yet, I can’t find the time I used to, so I can actually play again. I buy the expansion packs but haven’t actually played in months.. Also I am not even a little embarrassed about this. Lol.
  5. Defiance19

    Hill of Candles

    A very intriguing and well crafted story on a subject that I find fascinating, to boot. If that wasn’t Alain reaching out to his Jimbaloo through that little girl, I’ll eat my hat. {SPOILER...I don’t wear hats.} lol Thank you, Brian, for sharing your perception of the subject and for always delighting me with your stories.
  6. Good morning, all.. it’s gearing up to be another bright and beautiful (hot) day. Wish you all a good one! Congrats, and well done, A. Best of luck on your next round.
  7. Hi, hi, @mollyhousemouse I see you about.. lol. Gnight..
  8. Defiance19


    Oh hey, Josh! I wonder if Tommy felt that Patrick was the safest option for him. He didn’t name his abuser and maybe he thought Patrick would get out of it. Even though he was jealous and maybe vengeful, he knew who Patrice was... or maybe he didn’t care. Just rambling thoughts. I’m glad things worked out in the end for Patrick. Too many times they don’t and then when the truth comes to light someone’s livelihood and life is tattered. He had great students and he might need to rethink his best friend. Please continue..😁 Thank you, Val. You always write a great story.
  9. These are beautiful, Gary. It’s nice to have poetry in the anthology, and as always your words convey such wonderful imagery. Like mom’s moon earrings. Thank you.
  10. This was a fun read, Caz. I really enjoyed it. I can fully imagine what Grey is going to wash out of that school... 🤨 Thank you!
  11. The masks have been shown to work. Just be as careful as you can. Safe travels.
  12. Defiance19

    Chapter 1

    I enjoyed this story very much. It was so well done. I liked that Reyansh didn’t feel like he had to break up completely withy Austin, and that the time apart was what they both needed to heal and be better to and for each other. That showed so well who Reyansh is. (Make sense?) Austin is a lucky guy. Thank you, Cassie.
  13. Good morning, all.. So, Friday in a move I knew was coming, the adult child moved a whole state away. Like two hours, which is different than a phone call away, or coming home and knowing he’s been at the house. Something else to get used to. So my weekend was spent in a bit of a funk. Silly I know. Hope you all fared better, and today is a good one. 🙂
  14. Ooh... right now we’re at page 777. Just sayin’. Until maybe I post this..🙄 It’s been fun reading a couple stories and poking around. See you again tomorrow. For now I’m calling it in.. Goodnight all!
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