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  1. Defiance19

    CDMX • I

    I wondered, too Dugh, if Yevgeny is indeed there for nefarious reasons, the exposure in the paper could very well provide him with probable deniability. They are now visible to any other criminal/spy or corrupt government agent, so they are wide open to get caught up in whatever... The author got a good hook with this one!
  2. Defiance19

    CDMX • I

    So, I’m really liking this. I think more so because this story will finally answer what the hell happened in Mexico! I like seeing CJ and his charming husband navigate their busy lives and fatherhood. We know it’s only going to get busier and more intense, so good they have friends in Simone and Trixie. I’m hoping that CJ’s boss will be more of a help than a hindrance. His attitude toward CJ could well be a power play, given CJ’s reputation. Although with all eyes on the Russian, I clearly could miss the real source of trouble. Great chapter, C.
  3. Defiance19


    Lol. Love you! Missed being here too.. Definitely checking in tomorrow… xo
  4. Hi, Def. If you're in need of reading material, Fridays are also 'Never Too Late' posting days. Carlos and I are back to sharing. 😉😄 The third and final part of Eric's story is ongoing. 😊


    1. Defiance19


      Hi Northie! 
      Thank you! Seems like my re-entry will be productive and rewarding! Looking forward to it! xo

  5. Defiance19


    Thanks for the heads up! This is a thrilling start. 😉 Glad to have the boys back for another adventure!
  6. This was deeply saddening news to receive today. I’m happy I had the chance to meet Wayne. He was a kind, wonderful man, and I’ll always for sure remember his humor! I’m also really grateful for his prompts. Rest well, Wayne. May your memory be eternal. ❤️
  7. I love your take on the quality of patience. I was happy to be able to read and enjoy the month of poems within the actual month. Thank you!
  8. Defiance19

    Week Four

    Ohh... I like day 28 and 27 and 24.. okay, I really liked your week!
  9. Defiance19

    Week 3

    I enjoyed these. Loved the detour in 17. #18 was funny, which grammar is maddening and anything but. Lol Berry delight indeed. Great poems!
  10. Defiance19

    Week 2

    Day 11... There are still conversations about that one time. Lol Loved day 12 and 14. Your food poems are always just so delicious. Thanks, Adi
  11. Defiance19

    Week Four

    Yay! Congratulations on another year. I loved your letter to yourself. So many hugs. Thank you for sharing your poems and yourself with us. It was all wonderful.
  12. Defiance19

    Week Three

    Another wonderfully written set of poems. #15 is an awful reminder of just how insensitive and cruel humans can be. #19 is lovely and so true as this spring has shown. 21 took me back with you. Thanks, Val!
  13. Defiance19

    Week Two

    Loved all of these, but I related so much to #11. I wanted nothing to do with the distribution of things left behind but somehow connected to a desk too. It’s such a hard place to be. Great job, Val.
  14. Ok, no, I loved this chapter. Lol. What you do so well, is put the reader right there in the scenes with you. Loved having Chipper around. I can’t wait for Lucy to propose. 😝
  15. Loved this chapter so much!
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