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  1. Defiance19

    Parting from Him

    A fantastic, striking and powerful, translation, AC.
  2. Defiance19

    Two Brothers at Dinner

    Another great chapter.. A touch of gloom/ glumness(?) with Azrael’s explanation herw at the end, but I throughly enjoyed it..
  3. Defiance19

    11:50 From Seattle

    You wrote a beautiful and touching story, Thorn.
  4. Defiance19

    Chapter 9

    Whaaat! 🤭 Maybe don’t hide Adi...just post the next chapter!
  5. Defiance19


    Love me some Harley! The ride sounded like fun, and clearly the guys had a good time! Thats a great idea for a tattoo. Will Patrick get one you think? So, are their jobs the real reason CJ and Oz won’t light up? Or are they keeping it fresh, and taking all precautions for future emissions? Either way, how responsible..
  6. I am a teacher, let’s not forget, so it’s a nice fantasy.. I will enjoy it through your characters.. Id much rather live in the deep woods for 5 Million $ 😌
  7. You and me both.. I actually looked and my finances to see how much of a hit I would take and now I’m depressed. It’s not like I didn’t know this going in.. 🤯 I love the area though. You know I’m in! There are a few who object to this structure and don’t like it.
  8. Defiance19

    Jonathan Roven is Lost

    That’s a sad and heartbreaking reality, these days. Most often it’s in the context of aging parents and grandparents. For Steve, it must have been excruciating, and painful not to be remembered, and to be called Dom. The Care Home is sometimes the best option, for everyone’s sanity.
  9. Defiance19

    Getting to Know You

    Not really.... I just manage to leave the chocolate part behind!😖 I’m in my own zone!
  10. Defiance19

    Changes by Mikiesboy

    Lol! I imagine I’d like it a lot more, if it were. But that blackberry lemon looks so, so good, to me.
  11. Defiance19

    MS19 - Brainlock

    Well, this series is titled ‘My Shorts’ but hopefully there’ll be a short continuation? Great stuff, A!
  12. Defiance19

    Changes by Mikiesboy

    Lol.. I’ll have to go to bk1 and bookmark for my drooling pleasure... See, unlike Max, I am a somewhat pick eater or just plain weird, so no coffee cake either. I guess I’ll go along with the Husbands and teenage boys because there’s no messing with that. Hehe..
  13. Defiance19

    Chapter 15

    So the mob activity within the 5 families in NY has been increasing, and last week the head of one of the families was gunned down and run over in front of his own home.. Is it sad that my first thought was ‘God, I hope this is how Stefano ends up?’😶 But I do want all the in between chapters so... eventually?
  14. Defiance19

    Getting to Know You

    I’m glad Max is comfortable and happy...he wants to stay, and you’ve shown us all the reasons, and so many ways why it’s the perfect fit for him. All three of this people have something invaluable to learn and give to each other. I always say it’s no coincidence how people come into our lives. Also, Max is in a chair, Don is in a chair, ok.. we’ve read the allowances that have been made for them, to make life more full and accessible. I kind of got used to it. Their lives were more important than the wheelchair.. (you know what I mean) Then Louis has that toilet talk with Max and I was like, well shit! As capable as Don is and Max will become, there is still much that will fall to Louis. At least for now.. Makes my admiration of him even more. Thank you, tim.. ps: Can you, just one time, make a vanilla cake with maybe lemon icing or vice-versa? Just so I can drool over (non-chocolate) dessert too! 😜
  15. Defiance19

    Blank Paper

    Saddest of the corpses, but wonderfully done. You both brought the feeling to us.

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