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  1. A day late is better than never. I did finish a bottle last night while switching back and forth between the Hurricanes and the HEAT. :P


  2. This is proof that I do exist, if only as a ghost. 🙃 Hope you are all well. I leave warm wishes and air kisses. xo
  3. Defiance19

    Grand Opening

    SPOILER ALERT: Sean’s backstory with me began with him as an escort. It was a great meet cute... I won’t say how or go into further detail, because I’m still hoping the author will not leave our story to supposition... I loved this look back, C. I know Colton’s journey will be just as entertaining and rewarding when it arrives. You done good! xoxo
  4. Defiance19

    Nailing Studs

    Lol. You’re my favourite! xo
  5. Defiance19

    Nailing Studs

    You know this. At this point no one knew to stand down when it came to Sean, but they learnt pretty quick. 😝 Im super proud of Colt and the changes he’s making though!
  6. Defiance19

    Planting Seeds

    Well, damn.. Glad he cleared the air with his parents and got the whole thing with Sam off his chest. I read the other comments and I agree it might have been an immature way to handle the situation, but sometimes that’s just what you do. Plus he was already on the offensive heading into town so there was no way this wasn’t happening the way it did. Lol.
  7. No clue either, but I feel like I want to get to know this person. 🙂
  8. Good morning, friends... Stopping in to say hello to you all.. Wishing you a good day! @Mikiesboy Hope you get to feeling yourself again really soon. Hugs..
  9. But...but, it’s wine... wine makes a difference.. see tim’s post below.. 😆 🤪🤣🤣 do enjoy! Off to to have dinner...
  10. Gary, the Storm provided the perfect metaphor. I’m glad by the last stanza you’re still standing, and in control no matter which way the wind blows. Well done, dear friend..
  11. An engaging and pleasant read. I enjoyed it. Thank you.
  12. I resemble that statement. Yet, I can’t find the time I used to, so I can actually play again. I buy the expansion packs but haven’t actually played in months.. Also I am not even a little embarrassed about this. Lol.
  13. Defiance19

    Hill of Candles

    A very intriguing and well crafted story on a subject that I find fascinating, to boot. If that wasn’t Alain reaching out to his Jimbaloo through that little girl, I’ll eat my hat. {SPOILER...I don’t wear hats.} lol Thank you, Brian, for sharing your perception of the subject and for always delighting me with your stories.
  14. Good morning, all.. it’s gearing up to be another bright and beautiful (hot) day. Wish you all a good one! Congrats, and well done, A. Best of luck on your next round.
  15. Hi, hi, @mollyhousemouse I see you about.. lol. Gnight..
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