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  1. Defiance19

    Into The Valley

    A really great chapter. The conflict of choice for Stravor; does he wholly believe the God he serves or does he employ his free will and heed the doubts that he’s having. Keter too, seems to be teetering. I am intrigued by the amulet and the sword. Will they work together somehow to save Keter? Or even help Stravor with his choice? Shade got an upgrade to ‘horse’... love it. I am also curious about his role with the two men. I am loving all of this tim, never mind the questions, I am looking forward to the next. Thank you!
  2. Defiance19

    Blind Audition

    I was wondering if they would all turn for Chipper. I mean, we all know he’s good, (even he had an attack of nerves) but sometimes you know.. Anyway I’m happy with team Adam. Mind you, I’ve only ever watched a handful of episodes here and there. Nice work, C.
  3. Defiance19

    Chapter 56

    You are not alone... I feel like this is the calm before the storm. That said, I really loved this chapter.
  4. Defiance19

    The Sting

    Oh, is he or isn’t he? Ty could be simply Ty and that would be some crazy coincidence. I love how the prompt words fit perfectly.. Now, I wait fore more.
  5. Oh, that is just amazing, and wonderful! Glad you were able to help, Wayne.
  6. Hans anger and disdain is in every line and what he describes is horrific.. but this is war in all its evil glory The last two lines of the second stanza really stuck out to me.
  7. Defiance19

    Green Room

    Really enjoyed this chapter. I like that Christina and Carolina are with Chipper.
  8. Beautiful, and beautifully written. I can’t stop smiling either. This is everything. So well done, AC.
  9. molly... I am so very sorry for the pain you and your family are feeling right now. I hope you find comfort and strength in each other. I’m thinking of you and sending you good thoughts.
  10. Defiance19


    You know me too well.. ☺️
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