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  1. FSELL

    Chapter 37

    WoW... I hope that Zach follows thru because his story is more than the abuse, it’s got to be the amazing human he is inside, the one we see glimpse of every so often! He needs to break free, I can’t wait for that moment the to see and experience his life after all this with Brodie, his mom, friends..... can’t wait for the next instalment, 😁😁😁
  2. Howdy y’all !
    Hope the past few months have been good to you. The good news is that in between a very busy work and life period I’ve finished another chapter which is off being edited, and another is almost ready for editing as well! So y’all can enjoy the northern summer and have a quiet summers drink watching the sunset somewhere and see what our boys have been up to. 
    Have an awesome day, smile always and laugh often 😀

  3. FSELL

    Chapter 9

    Thank you so much for the new chapter, I read it 24h+ ago and have been trying to comment without rambling on. My heart goes out to Becker, Kevin, Matt, Nicky, So much interconnected pain. I feel for Kevin and his family that alternate prom, broke my heart. Becker being so scared that he can’t be who HE wants to be because he doesn’t even know who that is, scared to even think it, the alternate thanksgiving, both of them so scared unable to even see it. Matt for lying to himself and all about Kevin and what happened, it will eat away at him. They all seem so lost, hope they find their way. Am
  4. @mfa607 thank you very kind and appreciate it, have an awesome week.
  5. hey @James B. thanks for reading and commenting, Ryan and Dillon will be back in the next chapter, this one, in the timeline of the story is pretty much a day or so after the fight and Jamie had some "fires" to put out at home. Thanks again do really appreciate it, john
  6. Thanks @chris191070 so kindly, thank you
  7. Thank you so much @mfa607 so kind of you, glad you’re enjoying these guys, appreciate it, John
  8. Yes, I was just finishing in the bathroom… yelling out is how we groove in ‘Spence land’, haha. “Ben, can you drive me to work, please? The guys from the dealership messaged me - my truck’s not ready. They’ll drop it off to me at work… pretty please?” I asked in my most convincing whiney voice possible. In the distance, stern footsteps were growing louder - okay, stern, maybe not too much, “definitely walking with purpose,” I whispered to myself, lol. “What the hell am I saying? Obviously, you walk with purpose, else you’d be standing still or sitting, right?” My mind was saying, ‘N
  9. @KayDeeMac hey David, your right. A strong support group of family and friends that are family is the only way to get through the tough times we all face. I’m so blown away with the stories that y’all have shared here about your own experiences, that’s the truly humbling part. And your right there is a bit of us all in what we right, drawing on our experiences to a degree hey. Thank you so much for your kind words too, ❤️ John .
  10. @Bft thanks so much for sharing that deeply personal perspective with the loss of your dad, you are absolutely right, when you eulogise someone close to you it’s for closure and a way to say goodbye in front of everyone. A heartfelt thanks to you ❤️ John .
  11. FSELL

    Up Down and Around

    WOW that is amazing, i could'nt sit still long enough to do that, haha. But hey thank you so much, hope your enjoying the story there's more to come, thanks again @rossn, John
  12. yes it is, but its very Jamie, Funny, carefree, a little I'll constructed in some parts and yeah emotional. thanks @chris191070
  13. I did write at the time of the chapter Jamie's eulogy for his dad, I'm still in two minds as wether i publish it, maybe as a foot note at the end of the story or maybe a stand alone chapter - appendix maybe, what do y'all think? john
  14. thanks mike @flamingo136, such beautiful words, left me with no doubts on how it was being or is received. thanks again my friend, hope you have an amazing week. john
  15. thanks @empresslovesreading I'm sorry it bought up memories of loosing your husband, your doing well I hope. I walked out off my study the night I wrote Jamie's heart felt plea, to a very surprised and worried guy wondering what had happened. I let him read it and he cried too. Hope you have an awesome week, thanks for messaging and reading too, really thanks. john
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