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  1. FSELL

    Up Down and Around

    WOW that is amazing, i could'nt sit still long enough to do that, haha. But hey thank you so much, hope your enjoying the story there's more to come, thanks again @rossn, John
  2. yes it is, but its very Jamie, Funny, carefree, a little I'll constructed in some parts and yeah emotional. thanks @chris191070
  3. I did write at the time of the chapter Jamie's eulogy for his dad, I'm still in two minds as wether i publish it, maybe as a foot note at the end of the story or maybe a stand alone chapter - appendix maybe, what do y'all think? john
  4. thanks mike @flamingo136, such beautiful words, left me with no doubts on how it was being or is received. thanks again my friend, hope you have an amazing week. john
  5. thanks @empresslovesreading I'm sorry it bought up memories of loosing your husband, your doing well I hope. I walked out off my study the night I wrote Jamie's heart felt plea, to a very surprised and worried guy wondering what had happened. I let him read it and he cried too. Hope you have an awesome week, thanks for messaging and reading too, really thanks. john
  6. thanks @chris191070 you got that in one, originally this was going to happen when Jamie and Ben were in Paris, but it didn't fit at the time, so it came from left of field as does happen so often. thanks again for commenting and following along, it means so much, have an awesome week, john.
  7. thanks @Terry P it was a challenge, a good one, but a challenge. There were a few times where I got up and walked away from the keyboard, in parts it just flowed in a burst. So glad you're enjoying the story and following along, it means so much, thank you. have a fantastic week.
  8. “Hey Skip!” “Hey you, sexy.” “I think I’ve found us a house!” “No way! Really?” “Yes sir! It’s a 5-bedroom, 4-bathroom modern home on 1.1acres. Just amazing! It’s got an outdoor playground area, covered-in huge outdoor BBQ and entertaining area.” “It sounds amazing!” “Doesn’t stop there: has a pool with a spa.” Ben’s voice was increasing in pitch and excitement with every sentence. “Shade sails over one end. There is still one-third of the allotment that’s pretty much brush - you can go dirt bike riding out back.” “Or make an off-road course for my truck, ye
  9. Hey @Bft, So you would totally get the whole dynamic of moving to the other side of the world, and good on you for doing it too. Yeah family dynamics can be a whole world of their own right! In my extended family it’s very much where are the grand kids you’ve been together/married long enough now... but we love them for all out faults right. thanks fro taking the time to comment, glad you and others are enjoying the story till the next one have a fantastic day.
  10. FSELL

    Up Down and Around

    Enjoy! @Philippe glad your liking the story, have an awesome day
  11. FSELL

    Up Down and Around

    Hey @Bft fantastic so glad you liked it, have a fantastic day, ans thanks so much for following.
  12. @KayDeeMac thank you so much for that comment, truly thank you. John
  13. Awwww thanks @Charlie Calin so very kind, really appreciate it, (and a lot humbled by that too 😁) have a fantastic day thanks again.
  14. "Hey, Jamie, what's up?” Ben queried, giving me that ‘what’s-up-skip’ look. We were having breakfast at mom and dad’s place. Adam was going into work for a few hours before coming out to see us off at the airport, so he volunteered to drop us off at the folks’ place. I was fidgeting around, couldn’t help it, a whole lot of nervous energy going on. I need to settle before we headed inside, but I just can’t. “Umm…sorry, Ben. Just mixed feelings about heading out today, you know. I’m on this rollercoaster-like whenever I'm going there, you know!" Unconsciously, I was running my hand th
  15. FSELL

    Up Down and Around

    Thanks So much @Charlie Calin so kind. There is more to come for the boys, thanks again hope you have a brilliant day.
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