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  1. Hubert11

    Chapter 9

    Kevin says about himself, "so he could see me for who I really was: the kind of guy who had no business dating a Senator’s son, and no business at Tulane or drinking pink champagne or talking about a seventeen course dinner on the Las Vegas Strip." This just broke my heart because he does belong at Tulane and he is good enough to be dating a senator's son. He appears to just let all of the awful things that happen to him roll off his back, but they do have an impact on how he views himself, as being unworthy. But he is so intelligent, insightful, and way to aware of the world for his age, he i
  2. Well you've given it away I guess. We know now officially that Stephanie is pregnant.
  3. Hubert11

    Chapter 31

    You're killing me!! The last chapter was so ebullient, full of beautiful details about a timid romp in the snow. And this one is all angst! It cut deep! I need more. Please do not make us wait too long. It's torture.
  4. I wish it didn't end.
  5. Hubert11

    Chapter 30

    This was a beautiful chapter. Thank you! However, you're still killing me, I need more!!!
  6. Hubert11

    Chapter 29

    So thrilled this story is back. When I saw you were updating chapters, I started rereading it. Glad that I did.
  7. Hubert11


    I am not ashamed to admit it..I am bawling. Bravo!! You're writing is just so heartfelt, as well as compelling. I get so frustrated sometime having to wait for chapters (though not so much recently), but it's all worth it. On a separate note, I would love for you to continue The Hidden Ones, would be great if we got more of Oliver's story. You teased us a bit with that epilogue, but I would love to know about his and Ryder's first concert at Terminal Five.
  8. Hubert11

    Chapter 6

    Beautiful story telling and a captivating chapter, I am eager for more. However, I have one bone to pick with you, I am sorry because I cannot help myself, Palladian is the wrong word to use to describe the Cathedrals/Duomi of Amalfi and Ravello. Palladian means that a building reflects the style of 16th century Italian architect Andrea Palladio. Neither the Cathedral of Amalfi or Ravello are Neo-Classical and thus Palladian, they are both primarily Medieval, either a bit Gothic or Romanesque and in Amalfi's case there are some later additions. I am an architectural historian and so I really c
  9. More. More. More. MORE. MORE. MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Hubert11


    EFFFF YOU for making us wait this long!!!!!! At least this was a damn damn damn good chapter. But seriously effffff you!!!!
  11. Hubert11

    Chapter 7

    Yes a very good wow! Please don't make us wait too long for the next chapter.
  12. Hubert11

    Chapter 7

    WOW WOW WOW Just fucking wow!
  13. Hubert11

    Wild Card

    Hi, Will you ever be finishing this story? Because I really enjoyed it and would love to know where it goes.
  14. A bit of a morbid ending. Robbie being typically overly dark and dramatic. Lots of sturm und drang!
  15. It also occurs to me that the video of Nathan could be construed as kiddie porn. I am terrified of Robbie getting in legal trouble because of it.
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