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  1. northbenders

    Chapter 15

    It was a rough ending, but a beautiful end just the same , because his last conscious memory is them, dancing in the dark! Great reading🙀😢
  2. Was that ment be twenty either or twenty or; LOL either would be typo🙃🙀🤣
  3. Nice chapter; well guess that answer's the question, is Darwin finally going to begin to realize that he is more to Jared then flavor of the month. Trust is hard to establish, and is very easy to destroy; I liked the interchange between them toward the end...." you could have given me a clue"; yeah, but then it wouldn't have been near the fun...keep it up please.
  4. northbenders

    Chapter 1

    Let It GO!!!! LOL
  5. Great chapter; new reader here, and hoping that you've got more in store for us! At least you've let Darwin grow to his realization that Jared is someone "special" to him. Their interchanges when Jared is trying to piss him off are good! It keeps the story lite and reading well. Now we need to get them out of Dodge to a place where they can regroup and figure how to handle Carl and his warped world view!
  6. northbenders

    Chapter 4

    So now we begin to get a bit of the back story for Ryle; this one's going to have the tender of heart reaching for the box of Kleenx. But sorrow and joy do go hand in hand in this world of ours. I like the underlying in the writing "treat others as you would be treated" and wonder when we will begin to get a bit of Gabe's back story as well. Great writing...
  7. northbenders

    Chapter 3

    I like the interplay, plus the dialoge between the characters; I feel this author is a very good writer, and will enjoy following this story. I know its hard to get the creative juices going, but they seem to flowing right now, so stay with them and let us enjoy the ride with you. Great story so far!
  8. northbenders


    Another good chapter, well written with the characters becoming less names and feelings strung together across the page. The have for the beginng of chapter 1 been viable...that these could be real people in a real world dealing with a situation which some of them hand no part in creating but with out which it would not work at all. In to this the captain now is handed a bastard son by a wife only know briefly, and he is now charged to find a place or dispose of him quickly. The Kid; has to deal with creating a plase in the vialent world the father created, and at the same time protecting his needs and desires, and feeling that in part are not even close to those of the Captain, and crew of the Starcutter. The intersting relationship will be what develops between Ryle and Gabe...I'm totaly HOOKED and its only three Chapters AGGGH
  9. northbenders

    Chapter 2

    O.K. so here we go; I like the writing style, and good attention to developing the individuals. I too am looking forward to see this story going on. Hope that you keep at it!! Thanks again, will be watching for new posts. Caught a couple of typos; just need someone to proof!! LOL Great writing! Keep it up!!
  10. northbenders

    Chapter 1

    Very good beginning...now to flesh it out and get us even more hooked!!!
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