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  1. Take all the time you need, Bears. That little tidbit should give some insight into how Gene got to be so "Gene." Not that he ever banked on that relationship, but yeah...who wants to piss off someone who makes Jon feel weak?
  2. Answers: 1. Alice is as Alice does. She is a law unto herself...and may or may not have hacked the info. And NO ONE tells Alice what to do. If she feels strongly enough, she'll do it anyway. 2. Torture is frowned upon by the law-abiding citizens of the NALC. Yes, you will find out who wiped things clean. 3. Muahahahaha!
  3. I believe many people will have mixed reactions about this, but I hope to keep everyone surprised.
  4. Meeting the next morning had been nerve fraying madness because I could tell half the Council had been awake all night and the other half were plotting. The worst part was I was among both halves. I wasn't going to let myself get outmaneuvered by a bunch of politicians with fake smiles and even faker scents. I was up all night going over what I was going to be saying should stuff go wrong or worse. Pat and I walked in to see the Council just sitting down, and I could smell the tension in the air. The fact that Travis was frowning was a good indication that something was wrong. Horribly wrong. I was almost waiting for it to get worse. It didn't take long. One thing I will say is I completely underestimated how much of a conspiracy was going and how much the Council could totally fuck up. I mean, I handed them copies of my findings, had personal assurances from two councilmen that they would look into the matter, and they had twenty-four hours to make calls, send emails, text, or even phone a fucking friend to find an answer. What I got was nothing. I somewhat expected there to be very little. I mean, if I were going to make close to three hundred people disappear, I would get rid of as much shit as I could. Destroy any hard copies, erase emails, delay messages. I mean, if I can think this up, then they would have a better time because they're politicians. Shifty is what they do. Suzette came in looking utterly pissed, and I must say it was a damn hot look on her. She was pretty but not really head-turn worthy to me. Would have I banged her before I met Pat? Yes, duh, but she wasn't all that. Until she got angry. Then her eyes burned, and her pale skin flushed to bring out the red in her auburn hair. Pissing her off would be worth the fight just to see how amazing she looked, and the sex after would be like trying to quench the sun. Pat snickered beside me when he smelled my slight interest. I can't really get angry because I tease him infinitely more when he finds someone attractive. Focus, I told myself. Good thing I didn't get too distracted because Suzette was telling me something no one wanted to hear. Every trace of the reports from the past few months had been eradicated. We all knew this was utter shit because she would have copies on her area back in her home office in Saskatchewan, but someone had gotten to those even. This resulted in the beginning of days of shouting. I would tune out until Pat would nudge me, which is why they were all staring at me like I was retarded. "I'm thinking," was all I said. Travis rolled his eyes. He knew I was so not paying attention to the crap spewing forth from the Council. He also knew I could, if needed, repeat back their argument if I had to. I could zone out but retain most of what was said. Thank you, public schooling and lectures from the various heads from the orphanages I lived in before I was adopted. "Security is lax..." blah blah. "You're not fit to be on this Council..." yada yada. It went on for too long and several times they had to recess until tempers would calm, which was another bit of runaround bullshit. I was noticing a pattern though. One of the few people NOT engaging in the shouting matches was SFB. He would start them and sit back to watch his handywork. It was all too obvious that he knew something, but no one could pinpoint what it was. He was too cool, too good at using his stuck-up snobbery to deflect the issue, and once he was done, the Council would be yelling at each other again. I got a nudge from Pat before they all rounded on me. Looks like it was my turn to talk. "No, I haven't gone directly," I said. The topic was whether to allow me to take my own forces to investigate. "Which means you have some information," said the Smug French Bastard. This, of course, set off another bout of shouting because they all had copies of my findings. "I obviously have information. All of which is in the packet I gave everyone. Did you even read it? Can you even read it?" Oh, that really got his goat, and my petty victory was short lived because the Council was still shouting. Nothing was getting done. "I don't have to stand for this," growled SFB. "Good thing you're sitting down," was my reply. I was starting to like this. I could go on insulting him and none on the Council would care because they were too involved in their own shit. Even Travis was involved as he was trying to call the meeting to order. "You are the bastard of a goat-fucking whore. You lie with pigs!" SFB would have to do better than that to piss me off. "Your mate is nothing more than a misbegotten mongrel!" Ding ding ding! We have a winner! "Are you insulting my mate?" Pat laid his hand on my arm just as my phone rang. He fished it out of my pocket to answer. "You would dare insult my mate, you self-felating ass-munching frog?" My shout silenced the room, and Travis stood slowly to look over at SFB as if to remind him who was in the room. I didn't know how strong the SFB was, but I doubted he could match me and Travis. "If you say one more word about my mate, I will bend you over and shove your head up your ass where it has been residing since you were conceived. If that doesn't work, I will enlist the help of my mate's father who is also none too happy with you." "Good. Jon, it's Dyl," said Pat to me. He was quiet, but all talking stopped as I snatched the phone. "Talk to me, son," I said. I listened avidly as he told me what he had found. Three days. It took him three days to find out what had happened and no one on the Council could give me anything but hell. It hit me hard when he told me that Clancy Wallace died. He was too damn young, but he was skilled. He couldn't fight magic. Made me super glad Phuong was along for the trip. "Dyl, you're awesome. I knew it was right to send my best to do what the Council could or would not. Keep us posted if anything comes up." I only felt a little bad about hanging up on him, but I had to plan my attack. "Don't keep us in suspense, son," said the head of the Council. Did I feel condescended to? Nope, not with how old he was. He was old enough to call Travis son. "I am very pleased to report that my Prime Enforcer and his group have found many of our missing people, as well as some from Salt Lake City Pack. They were being peacefully detained by a small shaman sect who has been hit by a large Lycan force. Some of their numbers were taken or killed. With my team there, we can begin negotiations for their release and potential treaties." The news seemed to bring some relief to some members of the Council. Not all, though. Especially with what I had to say next. "The attackers came from the east, were confirmed to be Lycan, and may have come from as far as Quebec. This, of course, takes the strain off you, Councilwoman Suzette, but the burden falls on you, SFB." I turned to glare at him. "What is this SFB?" he asked, looking down his nose at me. Everyone in the council chambers, even the Head himself, chimed in with "Smug French Bastard," which made me all kinds of happy. One, they knew he was smug, and two, they read my reports where I was calling him that. The SFB just glared haughtily. "I spit on you all." "Still doesn't change the fact that you're in the hot seat. Now, what do you plan to do about a rogue group of Lycans out of your district?" I was forcing the issue to shift to him. "How can you be sure they came from my area? Manitoba is still east of Saskatchewan." I could see the wheels in his head turning, wondering how he could deflect this. "But Manitoba is made up of shaman camps and Solaris, neither of which would have beef with the Equis Camp whose members are made of both," said Councilwoman Suzette. I could tell she was more than happy to be out of the hot seat, especially after all the reports from her area were gone. "Solaris wouldn't harm their own and won't attack without provocation. Before you ask how I know this, I was raised by a Solaris, my son is a Solaris, and I have seen how they work and think." I had to keep him from dodging too many things. Keep firing and he won't be able to dodge it all. I looked up when the doors opened, and I felt so much relief flood through me. I had more help come waltzing in, smelling of surf and sun. "This is a closed session, gentlemen, please state your names and pack affiliations, or I will have to ask you to leave," said the Head of the Council. "Betas Kao and Dean Whitmore-Saechao, Homestead Pack, and our adjunct Beta Xander Travers of Cali Sands," said Kao, my awesome Beta. One of them since Dean was also my Beta. He’s been yelling at me for years; I figured I'd make it official now that he was Lycan. "I am also here with permission to report back to my father, the honorable Wind Master of the Rogue Valley Flock, and to speak on his behalf should the need arise." Kao ended with a bow of respect to the Council. "Very well. Gentlemen, please take your seats." They did, and I shot them all the biggest look of gratitude ever. I needed all the minds I could have in keeping the SFB on his toes before he fell on his ass. “Jonathan, you seemed very relieved to see your betas.” “I am, sir. They can help keep me from killing anyone for insulting my mate or help me hide the body.” I am so glad the Head knew a joke when he heard one because his old eyes sparkled for a moment in humor. “To continue. The peoples of Manitoba would not commit these crimes against Equis Camp. So, unless my geography is off, that leaves Ontario and Quebec. Unless, of course, the attacking parties came from New York. Can you assure me they didn’t, Tony?” I fixed him with a level look, and I was a bit proud and slightly ashamed he swallowed in fear. I knew the alpha he had served before this post was no true alpha, so he may not have had that answer-the-fucking-question a real Alpha was capable of. Pop had it in spades, but he knew when I was lying, so I rarely got to see it. “I can assure you they did not come from that region.” He was too scared, and his scent was too honest, to be lying. “That leaves you, SFB.” I crossed my arms and stared directly into his eyes. He was no alpha, and I took a small amount of pride when he dipped his head. “It again comes to me to fix your American problems.” He gave a faux sigh. “I will look into it, but if I find they come from outside my region, I expect compensation.” I grinned at him innocently. “Some cheese with that whine? Maybe some French fries?” I couldn’t help but laugh when I heard Dean whisper. “Or maybe some crepes, Suzette?” Ever hear the sound of twenty facepalms? It’s awesome. I don’t know which is better: the people who got the joke and facepalmed or the ones who completely missed it. Dad jokes for the win. Venting to Dean had been a mondo stress reliever, even with Kao snickering in the background when my inner surfer came out. Pat had been there. He had seen the shit I had to go through to even get this far with the Council, but Dean needed to know what he was up against with this group of asshats. My bud would just nod, commiserate, and once I was done, he placed his hand on my shoulder and looked into my eyes. “Sucks to be you,” he said, and I socked his shoulder even while I laughed. “I’ve missed you. Like a hernia, but I’ve missed you.” A knock on the door to our room’s inner door, the one that Aaron used, surprised me. Pat opened it and cocked his head to the side. “Xander,” he said with a bit of a quizzical look. “Alpha-Mate Farris. Have I come at a bad time?” I recalled Xander Travers. He was Goldie Kirkland’s beta-designate. Good man, from what little I knew of him. Hell, he would have to be if he was Victoria’s mate, boyfriend, whatever. I hadn’t spoken to him much, but if Goldie sent him, I better start. Patrick shook his head and gestured into the room. “Come in, Xander, and leave the titles at the door. This is a title-free room.” Travers came in and gave me a formal bow. “I’m not sure how to officially greet you…um…” I chuckled. “Jon or Jonathan is fine, Xander. Especially while we’re not doing anything official. Have a seat,” I said as I gestured to one of the table’s two chairs. He sat a bit stiffly. “So, what bring you here?” “One item is getting some experience with the Council, or as Alpha Kirkland calls them, ‘the old fart brigade.’” That made me chuckle. “The other is a simple message: She misses you.” It took me only a split second to wonder who he meant, but I nodded when I got it. “I miss her, too.” I smiled at Pat whose own smile was one of fondness. * * * I wish the rest of the time was spent just relaxing in the rooms, but it wasn’t. It was a shit ton more stress, and most of it came from the SFB. He was slimy, no good, underhanded, cheating, manipulating, smug, bastardly, French (had to be added or else I would have to change his acronym), lying, but fuck it all, we couldn’t catch him at it. He was too slippery, and it was the most infuriating experience of my life. I knew he was covering something up. We all knew he was covering something up, but we couldn’t figure out what it was. For days it went on with me, Dean, Kao, and Pat trying to see what his left hand was doing while he waved his right hand around. Even Travis was trying to watch. I think we were so busy watching his left hand while the others watched the right that we didn’t see he was using his toes, too. Maybe he had a third hand no one could see. Fucking SFB. That day’s Council session was dragging into the night. It looked like it was going to get really, really heated because no one could find any trace of a crack insurgence team capable of kidnapping wizards. Shaman. Whatever. I growled at my phone, stupid fucking technological piece of utter filth, and thrust it at Pat as it rang. “Zeke, why are you…” my mate started, but it wasn’t his voice I could overhear on the line. It was Dylan. “Not Zeke. Put Dad on the phone.” I let out a heavy sigh, because his tone was not happy. “He’s in a Council session, Dyl.” My mate, seeing I didn’t want to hear any more bad news, tried to field the call himself. No go. We had to raise a stubborn and headstrong ass. When Pat gasped, I grabbed the phone from him. “Watch your language, Little Dude,” which was all kinds of dumb to say to him, but what he told me next turned my blood to ice. Him calling me Alpha, which only happened once when he took up the mantle as Prime Enforcer, was enough to shut me up and really listen. The attack he told me about brought my blood to a boil, hearing Angus McDouchebag may had something to do with it made me start growling, but hearing that Gene, the man I sent up there, the man I respected as both father and brother, was dead made my blood freeze. Hearing my son break down in tears broke me. There was a slight shuffle of the phone on the other side. “The Head Enforcer is currently busy, Alpha,” came Quintin’s brisk military voice. If he was now on the phone, it was far worse than I was dreading. “Fucking shit.” The entire Council was straining to hear what I did. Updates from the actual field were rare. “Quint, anyone else hurt?” I was livid. My anger would rage and then become cold. I had to get a grip on an involuntary shift and run off to Saskatchewan, so the Council didn’t say a word. Travis had left his seat to come down and lay his hand on my shoulder as my Betas and mate came in close. Family had drawn in and was keeping this just us for now. If the Council found it rude, they didn’t utter a peep. “Not lastingly, sir. We’ll all heal.” Which meant there was only one fatality. Gene. It was a huge loss to our hearts. For over a decade, Gene had been in and out and around our lives. He was a beloved part of our family, and someone had taken him from us. “What are your orders, Alpha?” I could hear Quint was hanging on to his military training by a thread. Having to deal with his loss, Dylan’s breakdown, and my anger was too much, so I did what I could to lessen his strain. “Get home. Get me prints and anything else needed to ID the trackers. I need hard evidence.” I would hang the fucking piece of shit out to dry and completely destroy the ECP if it had anything to do with this. “Yessir. Anything else?” “No. I'll notify Gene's next of kin. Tell Dylan he doesn't need...” I heard Dylan’s warning growl come through the phone and knew I should stop any thought of telling him what he needs or doesn’t need. “Or not. Just get him calmed down. I know you boys were fond of Gene, but Dylan worshiped him.” I hung up and hung my head. There was a brief moment when all of us in that huddle just sighed, but when I looked up, my eyes were flame red. I turned them on the Council. “I regret to inform you that Lunais Liaison Eugene Johnson is in the arms of Luna.” More than one gasp could be heard, and their scents turned to bitter bile as mourning began. Under all of this was one scent that seemed thrilled. I turned my gaze to the SFB. I don’t remember moving or grabbing him out of his seat by his throat. I don’t remember shifting even. I do remember him pissing himself as I pulled his face close to my snapping jaws. I could kill him before anyone got another breath. “If I find out you had anything to do with this, I will put all the forces of Homestead against you and whoever killed my friend.” “The Rogue Valley Flock stands with Homestead,” came Kao’s clear, strong voice. “Beware the skies as you watch the ground.” “Cali Sands stands with Homestead,” said Travers. “The provinces of Saskatchewan and Manitoba stand with Homestead.” Suzette’s voice was firm but filled with sorrow. When the Head of the Council stood, his posture perfect, he looked around the room. His gaze, for once, was perfectly clear. “The North American Lycan Council stands with Homestead.” I was so shocked I dropped the SFB in the puddle of his own piss. I knew Travis was a powerful Alpha. I was no slouch. Here though, in the body of the aged man, was something I would never have guessed. I felt so weak compared to the sheer energy pouring off the Head. “I stand with Homestead for the death of my son.” War had been declared. Now all we had to do was find our target. * * * “Pretty much the rest has been back and forth. So, did you find me the evidence I have been looking for?” I asked my son as I shoveled potato salad into my mouth. I was starving, having been off food for a few days. Stress makes me stop eating, or I puke. Probably why I was still so trim. Dylan handed me a two-inch-thick file folder. “Everything we could dig up on the attacking group. They come from many packs and groups from Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick, and drumroll please… the fucking ECP. Funny thing is, ninety percent were listed as rogue within the weeks prior to the mass kidnappings.” I skimmed what he had collected. This was enough to start proceedings. I was still thumbing through it when Dyl’s phone went off multiple times. “Someone’s popular.” “Thank god for that, too. I’m forwarding some info my spies have collected.” I looked up from the files with a grin. “You have spies?” “Colt and Phuong. They’ve been working on tracking the people back to their hideouts.” Spies, indeed. I motioned for him to continue when three other phones went off. Mine, Pat’s and Dean’s. He had cc’d all of us just to make sure the data wasn’t lost. “As you can see, the spies found out where all their orders are coming from.” I glared at my phone and then blinked as it was crushed. “Oops. Honey,” I called over, and Pat was chuckling. His own phone was powdered, too. “We need new phones now.” He pulled out his tablet and ordered them. “So, can I go rip his skin off one cell at a time, Dad?” “No, son. This one is mine.” Angus Mc-Fucking-Leod was the source of all their orders. The same building where I used to work. The same building I kicked his ass in. All of this was tied directly to the ECP. I had everything I needed to take him down. The doors to our little room burst open and in stalked Travis. I had never seen him so enraged. Oh boy, he was pissed. “I can’t go after him, but I am telling you now, Jon, as your father-in-law, former alpha, and friend to kill that rat-bastard Angus.” Looks like Dyl had cc’d it to Travis, too. That’s my boy. “Gladly. The problem is going in. Homestead has plenty of forces, but we would be vulnerable to attack if we took everyone.” I jumped a bit when Kao appeared next to me. “Jon, I have fifty of RVF’s soldier on standby. We fly on your orders.” “The Wind Master approved this?” I had to ask, because that was a coast to coast trip. The cost alone would be a lot, and they may not return. “He would send more, but he’s in discussion for the mating ceremony for my sister to two Shaman.” My jaw hit the floor. “When he is out of the discussion, give him my thanks.” Phuong…mated…to two other people? Was that even possible? Dyl chose that moment to be his normal evil shit self. “You do realize that this mating will result in you and I being related by marriage, right Feathers?” Kao raised his brow. “One of her mates is my cousin, Rhava.” “Explain that while we head back to the Council chambers,” I said as we left. Travis gave a brief nod and marched ahead of us to take his seat for the session after lunch. The Little Dude told us everything he could fit into the short walk time, but I now had an aunt and some cousins of my own to meet. Interesting turn of events, but it wasn’t important at this time. When we walked in, the Council chambers were in an uproar. This was a first, but I was getting snippets of the yell. The Council was literally divided. You had one faction for the execution of Angus McLeod and all parties responsible, and the other faction was against it. Funny that all those against it were from the east coast of North America. From Newfoundland to Florida, the four Council reps were all against it. One other, the rep from the South also seemed against it, citing a need for more solid evidence. The only person not shouting, not siding with either faction, was Tony. As Head of Council Security, I would imagine him trying to do more to bring this group to order, but he sat there looking resigned to his fate. It was something very out of character for the man. He had been a staunch supporter of the laws when he and I worked together, but something had changed in him. “Enough!” Patrick shouted, his voice silencing the entire Council. I had never heard him use that tone. I didn’t know he could use it. It was the Alpha Command voice. It carried the force of power I never knew was in my mate. I got hard. “Sit down!” he yelled again, and even his own father sat with his mouth shut. Perhaps I wasn’t the first Alpha Lunais of our generation as I previously thought. Patrick nodded to me. “Thank you,” I said into the silence. “Now, I am guessing you have all received some intel from my Enforcer on where the rogue group has been getting their orders.” A few nodded, unable to speak. Damn, my man was powerful when he wanted to be. “These have been verified via coyote and shaman. I, Alpha Jonathan Davenport, do call for a vote to accept this as factual.” “I second the motion,” said a new voice as it entered the room. I looked back to see Goldie Kirkland, Alpha of the Cali Sands pack, Jack Conners, Alpha of the Sawtooth Pack, and their betas. Also, marching into the room with her own escort was a child. Alice Kirkland looked like she belonged here. The infamous Sarge was her shadow as usual “Alpha Kirkland, why have you come here with your daughter?” asked the Head. “Because the shitdick that attacked my pack last week was doing so on orders from Angus McLeod. My mate and Co-Alpha is watching our pack, but you try telling my daughter not to do something.” Alice jumped up for hugs from Kao and Dean, but she came over and hugged herself to my leg and refused to let go. I had met the girl only a few times, but I was the one she cuddled. Made me feel all sorts of happy. “Your presence at this session has been acknowledged and accepted. Have you evidence to give as we move to accept previous evidence as fact?” asked the Head. He seemed to be the only one able to speak after Pat’s command. “I do,” said Alice and pulled out a My Little Pony tablet covered with the fan character Flufflepuff. She sent a few files to everyone present, one being the video confessions from several Lycans. It amazed me how smart this little girl was. She could go from cute princess to cool and collected to ripping your head off if she wanted…much like her mother. It took less than two minutes for the vote to come in. The motion passed and all of this evidence pointed the gun at Angus McLeod. Bang bang, mother fucker.
  5. Life has been so hectic. I sent my most recent chapter to my editor and he's always wonderful about getting it back to me quickly, so keep your eyes open the next Homestead chapter in the next few days.

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      Timothy M.

      It's epic - and the few edits are sent to you.

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      Hell yeah!

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      Told you he was wonderful about getting it back to me. I'll post it later on tonight when I can get it done.

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    Chapter 23

    Those questions I get a lot. It's pretty much my way of giving myself something to reveal if I ever get around to writing a sequel. A Deus Ex type thing. I could answer, but where's the fun in that? Thanks for taking a chance on this story. If you wanted to read the story that gave me the idea, read Neko series by craftingmom.
  7. I try to have a dynamic world. Lycan wolves, bear, tigers are fairly common, all being predatory animals, but what about the "ugly" preds? The bats, reptiles, and getting even into insects? Who says aquatic Lycan wouldn't work? Fight me, it's my world. Imagine cuddling a Lycan Otter or swimming with a Lycan shark.
  8. Even after very little sleep, Pat and I awoke at 9 am. We grumbled about the early hour, showered together with a little playful groping for added spice, and were dressed by 9:35. A single rap on the door had Aaron joining us, dressed in a black polo with Council Security stitched in silver over his left breast, black cargo pants with who knew what hidden treasures, paratrooper jump boots, and openly carrying a sidearm. I didn't know a Glock from a Sig Sauer, but I knew the ammo would be silver. One of the few things that made being me cooler than being a normal Lycan, I could touch silver and heal from the damage as if I were human. Wouldn't kill me outright like it would any other Lunar Lycanthrope. As long as it wouldn't kill a human, I wouldn't die from silver. Total bonus. I could smell the assembled Lycans before I even stepped off the elevator. It reeked. There was more testosterone here than every locker room across the nation. The pissing contest would be real. Might even have actual piss from people trying to mark territories. Pat and I, with Aaron at our side, walked briskly into the Council chambers. Did you see that scene from Star Wars and the Galactic Senate? So many little booths and so many people in one room? Yeah, like that, but stinkier. There were guest seats ringing the room, the various regional representatives sitting in a lower ring around the actual Council itself. I knew only one person. Travis Andrews. I'm glad I knew him at least. We sat beside a rep from Hawaii. He wasn't tall, maybe just over six feet, but he was so broad through the chest he filled two seats. He nodded at us, casually sniffing to get an idea who he may be nodding to. It was the Lycan equivalent of looking someone up on social media before sending a friend request. He stuck his huge mitt out to me first, acknowledging my alpha status. "Greetings, Alpha." I got a sniff and figured he was either an enforcer or beta. I didn't know what type of shifter he was. "Greetings. I'm Alpha Jon Davenport, Homestead, and this is my mate, Patrick." There was a slight change in his scent that told me he knew of my pack. "My tribe has taken to call me Maui. Is it allowed to address your mate directly?" Someone had watched too much Disney, but add the tats and the name was all too fitting. "Yes. I am not as strict as...well, every other alpha I have met. Don't be a dick, and you can talk to Pat all you want." The grin that split his face was nice to see here. "Then you are as laid back as we have heard. I still smell the sea on you." "I'm famous even in the Islands? I'm an old hand with a board. California and Australia raised. It's like saying a person from Canada can skate." I hoped I wouldn't come to hate Maui. He seemed to be the kind to make friends easily. "So what brings you out here? I didn't think the Islands took part in the NALC." His smiled faltered. "We don't, but when you have people vanish, you look into it." Chalk it up to the hell I've been dealing with, but I didn't even bat an eyelash. "Seems to be rather common. They vanish in the last few years or the last few months?" "Years, but more in the past months. You too?" I nodded, and he shook his head. "Do you know who is behind this?" His coal black eyes hoped I could give a name. Any name. Something to do other than wait for bureaucracy to inch forward. "A few ideas, but not enough to name names." I knew better than to even say one small fraction of a name. It would lead to open war and they may not even be the culprit. Maui nodded sagely. "Wise." He stood calmly as someone called a name I could never even hope to pronounce. King Kamehameha was about the only Island name I could say without sounding lame. I mean, city names were easier, but traditional or older names...I was so not a native speaker. "The chair recognizes the representative from the Pacific Islands. State your reason for coming to this body. You are not part of it." The speaker was old and squinted a bit to peer at Maui as if he couldn't quite see him. If he was as old as he looked, with his white hair, beard, string tie, and simple gray suit, the speaker was at least a hundred years old. Well past the prime to have his own pack. "I have come, again, to ask what the Council has done to recover my lost people. They have gone missing upon your land." Thus it was their fault. Someone had to be blamed, why not the politicians? "Have you filled out the proper forms for this inquiry?" The ancient dude's voice was more tired than the rest of him. He needed to step down before someone had to run in with a crash cart. Forms? They had fucking forms for emergency sessions? Sorry, we can't help you because you didn't fill out form 143-F. Once you fill it out, it will take seven to ten business weeks for the proper filing, and then we shall consider your case for open discussion. So sorry. I could totally see that happening right now. "I have. My tribe has been more than patient." Maui's voice was even, smooth, and held just enough edge to make his annoyance known. Thinly veiled threats were common enough. "The matter has been looked into," said another man, his accent very recognizable. Quebec. He held his head up, looking down his nose at everyone like he had to dirty his mouth to speak English so the common man would understand him. "Nothing was found in the reported areas. No traces of any shifter." I don't know why, but I didn't believe him. He wasn't blatantly lying, his scent would be way more harsh if was lying on purpose, but he was holding something back. I glanced at Pat's face, and his eyes told me he knew something didn't add up. Another look at Travis at his place on the Council told me more. He knew something was wrong, but he couldn't call it out in public forum like this. If I knew Travis, he wanted to call out the bullshit. The head of the Council looked to the Eastern Canada Councilman, searching his eyes for any sign that he was lying. Finding none, he nodded. "Your matter has been investigated with no findings to support your claims. Is there any other item you wish to address?" Maui shook his head. "My tribe thanks the NALC for their time. At this point, I have been authorized to withdraw the alliance treaty with the NALC. Any person belonging to this body, or any pack in its membership, must petition one month in advance should they wish to enter the Pacific Island Tribe lands. Free passage to and from our lands is henceforth null." He nodded once, turned on his heel, and marched from the room. "The NALC owns property in the islands!" exclaimed one man whose accent named him from the South. His face had gone instantly red from anger. Maui looked over his shoulder, his face a cold mask of indifference. "The lands were part of the treaty. Aloha." Maui, out. He wasn't giving two shits about their properties, just as they didn't seem to give any about the Islanders. He nodded to me as he left, his eyes full of sorrow. Patrick stood with as much dignity as he could and followed him out. I didn't have to tell my mate what I felt was needed, he just did what he knew was right. If Homestead could find anything about his people, we would do what we could to get that info to him, and if able, bring them home. After a moment, Pat came back in and took his seat with the same cool demeanor as when he left. His scent though...if the Council could catch that tiny little quirk in his scent, they would know he was just as likely to declare war as assassinate a few Councilmen. Travis could smell it, and I could see him shaking his head ever so slightly. "That got unpleasant," said another member. He had no accent to my ears, which pretty much told me he was from California. "Were there absolutely no findings, Henri?" "I said there were none," spat the man from Quebec. "You West Americans are so soft. Their problem is not ours." Every snooty French stereotype would be offended by how offensive this bastard was. "Since you didn't answer my question, you smug fuck, I'm going to launch my own...," the rep from the South West began, but Travis cut him off. "If you children can't play nice, I will have to put you in time out. We wouldn't want that, would we?" His tone was slightly stern, but their faces turned white. Looks like Travis hadn't changed at all. "As it is, we have a very local problem. This seems as good a time as any. Joining us today is Alpha Jonathan Davenport from Homestead. He is here representing his and several other member groups of this Council regarding rogue problems along his border. That would be your territory, Susette, would it not?" The only woman on the Council nodded. "Would you be so kind as to stand, Alpha Davenport." Looks like I was on the docket early. Good. I stood and stepped up to the rail. "Could you elaborate about your rogue problem?" Pat stood to whisper briefly in my ear, and I nodded. "Homestead thanks you for this opportunity to speak. I am a blunt man, so I hope you can forgive if I speak too informally." I didn't wait for them to even take a breath. "I'm grieved to report that several members of my pack, Salt Lake City Pack, and several other smaller packs that share a border with mine, have all lost members to an unknown group up in Canada. We have all sent word of this to the NALC and the reports have either gone unheeded or showed very little was done to investigate the matter." "Once again, you Americans show your lack of poise. Your..." The Smug French Bastard started but I looked him in the eyes, his voice trailing off. "Please correct me if I am wrong, but you were not recognized by the Head of the Council to speak. Please sit there like a good little shit and keep your fucking mouth shut or I will shut it for you." I didn't even try to hide my fury. Let him open his mouth one more time...please. "You are correct," said the Head and sent a glare at the SFB. "Please continue, Alpha Davenport. Hopefully, with a more civil tongue." It was my warning, and I nodded, showing a bit of throat in deference to the Head of the Council. "I contacted the Council directly, got the usual bureaucratic runaround. I'm here to cut the crap and ask you directly what is being done about this. If nothing has or will be done, as the Council has shown as of late, then I am giving notice that Homestead will be launching an independent investigation of its own, with the backing of SLCP, the Rogue Valley Flock, Cali Sands, and various smaller packs." I pretty much just named the entire western US as an ally. "I have not received your reports, Alpha. Do you have copies?" asked Councilwoman Susette. When I held them up, a lackey for the Council took them and handed them to her. It was close to a hundred pages of info. "Well, this will take some time to look through, which I hope you understand." I nodded. It took me a long time to create the damn thing. I knew it was an info dump. "Just glancing through the first few pages, I can give you my word that I will look into the reports for my area. I don't head the Security Force, but I will do what is necessary to get you something more than a runaround by tomorrow." "May I ask who does head the Security Force?" I asked. "I do," said another man. One I recognized vaguely. His name came to me sluggishly. "Tony, congratulations on the promotion," I said with a nod. He had worked in the home office in Salem with me, years ago. I remembered his file. Exemplary employee but a bit of a shifty character. He had a gambling habit and had to borrow against his salary a few times, but no one could find any fault in his work. "Thanks, Jon. I'll look into your reports, too. I never saw them personally, but I will look at them." I gave him a nod of thanks. Looks like all this took was a personal visit, and I was going to finally get something concrete back. Hopefully, there was something to go on. Lives were on the line, and some of them hit very close to home. Gene gone missing, and my son was looking for him. My pack mates were missing. Close friends of my pack mates were missing. I needed to get info to those I was here to speak for. It sucked, but I was more hopeful now. * * * When I got Patrick alone I asked him what he had said to Maui. "Nothing." I raised a brow. "I gave him what he needed which was a hug. His people and the NALC have had a treaty for over two hundred years. It just ended, and it won't go well for the Pacific tribes." We were walking out of the building to go grab something to eat, Aaron discreetly behind us. It was time for a late lunch, and I was totally glad we had a local. "How bad?" I asked. "The Pacific tribes rely on tourism and trade for much of their income. Since a lot of that was from Lycans, their livelihood will be taking a huge hit, but I don't fault them for their decision." By his smell, he agreed that cutting ties was best. Considering they were a seven-hour flight from southern California, they didn't have any ties to the NALC other than the treaty. "Now, my darling, handsome, sexy, sneaky mate, what did you give him? Other than a hug?" I wasn't worried about that hug either. Many mates would be mondo jealous of even a friendly hug, but I knew one little thing about Pat. If he wasn't attracted to the smell, he wasn't attracted to them. Since he didn't sniff Maui more than once, I wasn't worried in the slightest. He chuckled and snuggled under my arm. "You know me so well," he said with a grin. "I gave him the contact info for Cali Sands, Rogue Valley, the Northen Shore Pack out of Washington state, and Homestead if his people wanted to form independent treatises. Having the entire US coast pack area in a treaty would make it better on them and might improve the livelihood." "Smart," I said and I could hear Aaron grunt in agreement. I wonder how many people underestimated my husband while he was growing up. All because he was Lunais instead of Lupus. "Why Homestead?" "You do remember our week in Waikiki, right?" His voice dropped to that husky tone he used right before sexy time. It made blood travel south for a bit. Boy, did I ever. We had more sex in that week than three months prior, which is saying something. On the beach, in the hotel, in the hills of Oahu, in the back seat of a tour bus, in the hot tub, the pool, the stairwell of the hotel, and even one time in the elevator. It was wild, passionate, and I only feel slightly bad for Dylan. He spent more time avoiding us than staying with us, which was fine with him since he was with my Pop and Mom, one of the rare times they were in the same area. Dyl was just turning sixteen, and he so did not want to watch his dads bang. Jealous, too, since we got to bone like bunnies, and he was single. I cleared my throat. "Yes, I recall," I said with a bit of a purr in my voice. Aaron laughed behind us. "Well, I was hoping we could extend mutual travel permits since his people like to occasionally travel to the Great Lakes." I nuzzled the side of his neck. "I love how smart you are. Now, what's the last thing you did?" Pat always did things in threes. "You know me too well. I invited Maui to lunch since his flight back to the islands doesn't leave until eight o'clock tonight." That's my husband. He always has some ulterior motive, always some ace up his sleeve. He learned from his dad, Gene, and even a few tricks from me. "Good. He seemed like a good sort." And he was. Maui and two other people from the islands met us at a local cafe. The other two people were his folks. I knew Islanders tended to be broader than white people, but dear god his dad was wider through the shoulders than Pop and Dylan. "Whoever you ate before you came, I hope you left some room," I said and Maui laughed. It was a big laugh, a jolly belly laugh. Malia, his mother, beamed with pride at her strapping men. "I believe I will like you, Alpha," said Akoni, Maui's father. He was an older version of his son. Maybe not as toned, some gray in his hair, but it was almost like Pat and his dad. "Then call me Jon. Titles are for meetings and bragging. This is lunch." That seemed to score a few points. I wanted to keep it light, informal, friendly. That was what I experienced when we went to Oahu. I don't know when it became a contest to see who could eat the most. It may have been about the time we ordered the lunch buffet special which included all-you-can-eat shrimp and soup. The only thing I really remember before the food coma set in was all of us boys just began eating. About the fifth plate, I saw Pat was ahead by two plates. Like I was going to be outdone by my own mate. I wish I could say I won. I didn't. I lost miserably to the one person who didn't even participate. Malia had twenty-nine plates and thirty-five bowls, and she looked at the dessert bar as if she could fit more food. "How...where did it all go?" I asked as I rubbed my belly. I thought I had been good at twenty-two plates and fifteen bowls. She smiled sweetly at me, patted my cheek as if I were a sweet yet dull child, and daintily dabbed her mouth before getting up and going to the dessert bar! "She cheated," said Akoni with the most loving smile I had ever seen. The entire DC area brightened with that smile. "She's eating for four." "She looks that good and is pregnant with triplets?" I blurted out. Akoni just beamed with pride at his beautiful wife and mate. "I gotta ask, how many calves do you have? I didn't know dolphins could have multiples." Calves, because baby dolphins were called calves. Yeah, they were Lycan Dolphins. The Little Dude would flip his wig when I told him I met an aquatic Lycan before he did. "Fourteen, not counting the ones she's going to birth in Autumn." I just stared. "More power to you, I had enough with just my one son and the pack." That got a grin from the visitors. While nothing formal could be decided, I was happy to hear they would deliver the contacts to their peoples to open up talks and to keep up friendly ties. Pat and I didn't have to say we would look into their missing people, Akoni and Malia knew we would. It was a wonderful lunch, and about the last time we had laughs. * * * "Hold up...Dolphins?" the Little Dude asked me, the sandwich halfway to his mouth. "Yes, dolphins. Now, don't interrupt if you want the rest before lunch is over." He gestured for me to continue, but I knew he would come back and ask more questions.
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    Chapter 4

    It's coming along, but it may not be posted for some time. I have so many projects going that choosing which one to work on is daunting.
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    Council Bound

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    Chapter 13

    This story is the one I work on when I have no other projects. It's my old standby, One I will be adding to when Homestead is done. I have a few others I pick up when I have nothing else, and I may finish up one of those to post while I wait for inspiration to drizzle into my brain.
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  14. Merci beaucoup. Avoir mon travail comparé à celui de Rob Colton est un immense honneur. Thank you so much. To have my work compared to Rob Colton's is a huge honor.
  15. Some of it is because she rejected him first. He handled it with grace. Could she do any less? She does and always will love Dean, as he always will love her.
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