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    Loose Ends

    I got a home after three days of poring through and over every report the three packs could produce. Emails, texts, Facebook posts. Anything that would show where and when the people disappeared. GPS on phones helped some, but only for those who had newer ones. All the trails led up to Canada and then disappeared. Strains of "Blame Canada" from South Park ran through my head, which of course was not at all appropriate or adult. Much like the show itself, come to think of it. I wanted to just fall into bed and cuddle my husband as we sank into oblivion. It would have been so lovely, so perfect. It would have been the best way to end such a shitty few days. Which is why it didn't happen. It was a few minutes before four in the morning. Pat had the pilots radio ahead, and my favorite future daughter-in-law had thoughtfully aired out the house, put down clean towels and fresh sheets, and left a copy of a fax from Salt Lake. Patrick smiled softly, kissed my cheek, and went to put our things away while I handled business. I read over the non-hostility treaty Dean and Kao had agreed upon. I was looking it over, seeing where Dean's hand had stirred the pot. Mutual defense pact, cross-training of pack members who wanted special training, free travel through lands. I was smiling, proud of my future betas. I pulled my phone from my hip and dialed Dean. "Dude, it's 4 am. The hell do you want?" came Dean's voice. I had woken them up. I had zero sympathy. I hadn't interrupted sexy times, so he could just suck it up. "I'm just getting home after forty-one hours awake, so waaah." I kept my tone playful, but I know they could hear how tired I was. I could do twenty-four hours without much problem. Nearly double that was really pushing it. "I want to tell you I am so proud of the two of you. The SLCP treaty is perfect. Who added the exchange program?" "Dean did, blame him," said Kao through a yawn. Since I could tell Dean had put me on speaker, I could hear the rustling of Kao snuggling. I shook my head. How strange that Dean and I, both confirmed hetero, had both mated men. I loved my mate, but damn if I wasn't fond of Kao. Little smartass, he knew when to put it aside for work. "It's awesome," I said honestly. This was one reason I had decided on Dean and Kao as my betas. They could act autonomously and didn't require someone to hold their hands when I was away. It was a perfect choice because they had both proven to have creative and open minds, a willingness and desire to help, and the drive to carry out even the worst shit tasks. "Then I thought of it," teased Kao, making both Dean and me chuckle. "Any changes while we're still here?" His voice came a bit muffled, so I knew he was mumbling into Dean's side or armpit. I didn't want to know what else it could be; hot man sex with anyone other than my mate was nothing I wanted to dwell on. "Nope. Anything else will be handled as needed. You guys get an hour or more sleep, then get on the road. I miss ya." God, I missed my buds. I needed them here to keep me sane. All this shit with the Council was going to end in blood, either because of war or me just going postal and start killing. I would probably start with the shithead manager at a store I owned in Big Sky. He was skimming profits from the employee payroll, and I had caught him right before I had to deal with the rogue bullshit. I would start with him, probably disemboweling him in front of the other employees. Discourage other bullshit...no, not really, but I could fantasize. "Gotcha. Now go to bed. Beta's orders," said Dean. I heard his grin as the dick just hung up. "Pat, I have an asshole for a beta," I said with a laugh. "Which one?" he asked from the bathroom as he put away the toiletries. "Yes," I replied, "but mostly the big one." Pat came in, completely naked. I had to admire his body for the billionth time. Muscular, furry blonde hairs on his chest, ample package bobbing as he sauntered over. Such grace and effortless movement. He got up on his toes and kissed my lips lovingly. "True, but he's our asshole. Come on, it's bedtime. Beta's orders." "Gladly." My husband stripped me, led me by both hands, and we tumbled into bed for some needed cuddles. We were out in minutes. We were up again at eight in the morning. Not enough sleep, but I didn't plan on doing much of anything today. Pop was still here, and he could handle anything that required executive action. The only reason we were awake was we smelled bacon. It pulled our noses out of bed, and the rest of us naturally followed. Dylan and Heather were cooking breakfast. Pat and I did our morning routine and then just sat at the table in the kitchen in sarongs. I watched as my son and his love moved around the kitchen as a perfect unit. They didn't say much as they fried up bacon, made pancakes, freshly squeezed orange and grapefruit juice, eggs, and potatoes. They moved to the same beat. It was so awesome to see my son had found the perfect woman for him. Now, I just wondered if she was ready for Dylan to drop the bomb on her. Even knowing her for a decade, I didn't know if she could handle Dylan and the boys. I smiled up at Heather as she came over with a heaping plate and a kiss to the top of my head. She was the best office assistant/cook/housekeeper/daughter-in-law ever. She did so much for the camp, and she pretty much looked at us as family anyway. Pat had been a big brother to her, so that made me something of a big brother, too. I had a quasi-dad thing too. I mean, she was marrying and mating my son, so I'd be Papa Jon...mmm, pizza. With bacon. "You sure know how to wake us up right, Heather. Teach the Little Dude. He usually just stomps around until we get up to Gibbs smack him." I had been watching way too many reruns of NCIS, but Special Agent Jethro Gibbs knew how to handle annoyances. Pat loved the show, too...or rather we both loved Abby. McGee was worthy of a cuddle, too. "I have been teaching him. He used to just barge in, right?" Her grin was so perfect as she and Dylan dished up and joined us. "I get no love," was Dylan's lame retort. "I could call your grandma and have her come out here." My mom, who lived in Australia, loved Dylan more than she loved me, which is not surprising. He's a sweetheart compared to when Pop adopted me and his ex-wife became my grandma. She had no clue how to deal with a smartass kid, but she found that after a few years of casual annoyance, she loved me. Then she and I would conspire, and I would be sent home hyped up on sugar and caffeine when we both knew Pop would not be singing in the Sydney Opera that night. "I don't think I could handle cheek pinching right now," Dylan grumbled. Pinching cheeks was Mom's way of showing love and for getting even whenever someone was mouthy. Dylan found out Mom considered pretty much any snark was being mouthy, so his cheeks had been totally red after the first weekend with her. We laughed at him. After doing the dishes, Pat and I went about our days. He had his own businesses to check on, mostly temp staffing agencies and other office assistant placement firms, and I had mine. I also had to finish filling out the paperwork for Dean's and Kao's pack membership and elevation to the ranks of Beta. Thankfully, Travis had filled out his own as he would be stepping down as my beta in a small ceremony. Which reminded me that I had to notify the pack that their new betas were coming and they should attend the welcoming feast if they were able. Last minute plans were so much fun. Once again, I was proud of my pack. By noon I had received the RSVP list from the entire pack, which came in via email from a polling site Dyl had set up for things like this. Since Homestead covered all of Montana, the Dakotas, Minnesota, and into Saskatchewan, Canada, it was a must that word be sent efficiently. Eight hundred people would be attending, which meant I had to get food for them. "Heather?" I called out from my office. "Food and drinks ordered, Jon. With enough for nine hundred," she called back. "You're awesome. How much do I pay you? You deserve a raise." "I work pro bono." I could hear her grin. I knew what she made as my assistant. A nice hefty sixty grand a year salary. Plus bonuses. "Double that, with my compliments," I shot back, getting a chuckle. "Honestly, I couldn't run this pack without you. I'm super proud you've stuck with us for so long." I could smell her pleased embarrassment. When I had taken Homestead, I'd been disappointed Heather and her mom Betty hadn't come with us. Betty had been a friend, but she had stayed with the East Coast Pack. When Heather turned eighteen, she immediately petitioned to join my pack. I hadn't known she and Dylan had kept in contact, or that they had been "dating" since they were both sixteen. Skype was great for that. Since I didn't have to worry about the food, I was looking into the more legal aspects. Transferring over command could be very simple when it concerned betas. Nothing too strenuous, just a formal acknowledgment of the exchange. I knew Dean wasn't one for ceremony, but I knew that Kao was. Laid back beach bum meets very traditional upbringing. How the hell did I swing this one? Answer: I didn't. I picked up the phone and dialed my father-in-law. "Yes, Jon?" was his opener. "Travis, can you come up with a simple yet traditional ceremony to transfer your beta status? I have no clue how to swing it for two very different people." Travis harrumphed. He instantly saw why it would be hard for me since I wasn't one for much ceremony either. You had a problem? Call me or just drop by, and we can chat. You got a grievance with me? Talk with me about it instead of letting it fester. You have ideas? Let's hear 'em. "I'll come up with something. Expect an email for your approval." "You know I'm totally not sorry to make you do this." His harrumph turned into a snort. "I know. It's one reason why you were originally brought to HQ." I remembered my transfer to HQ in Salem, Mass. from southern California. Sand and babes in bikinis to snow and babes in parkas. Was it worth it? Yes. Did I think so at the time? Fuck no. Not until I was there a week and met my OA. I ended up liking him so much I married him. "You liked that I didn't have remorse for delegating a task I couldn't do?" "No. The fact that you never were one to stand in awe of power. Did you know 'problems with authority' was always in your reviews?" "It doesn't shock me." What can I say? I didn't like when people had authority and tossed it around like they were better than everyone else. It didn't mean you were innately better, it meant you had to be better to set a good example for those under your supervision and to be strong enough to take care of them if needed. Probably one of the biggest reasons I could never stand Angus McLeod, the alpha of the ECP. "Thanks, Travis. You just freed me up for a late morning quickie." A faux exasperated sigh exploded through the phone. "Just shut the windows this time." "Okay. We'll just bang on the back porch." I hung up to get the last word, grinning. Travis had always approved of me and his son being together, so I didn't have to worry about offending him with our relationship. I did go home to get that quickie, but it got postponed for a few minutes. I had to stop laughing because Travis had called Pat with a message. "He said to tell your husband, and I quote, 'if you do, I'm getting the hose,' end quote." With me being home and getting naked, he knew what would result in the hose. We did it in the jacuzzi. He still turned the hose on us. Bastard got the last word anyway. I was back in the office checking on the new house. I knew Dean needed water near him, and Kao looked to be the same. Pat had hired a contracting company to build a three bed, two bath house on twenty acres with a view of Canyon Ferry Lake. With them coming in two days, it needed to be done and not smell like paint. "The paint's dry, and the house's aired," the firm's architect said. "The movers will be here later today and some members of the pack are helping unload and organize what they can." Always good to have an architect in the pack, I thought. "Thanks, Matt." * * * "The chickens are in the yard. I repeat the chickens are in the yard." This came over the camp's radio from one of the state police we had in our ranks. Another handy person to have around. He had been watching the highway for my buds while doing his normal duties, and thankfully Dean hadn't whizzed past him at normal California speeds. It meant we had about an hour until they got here, and I knew it would take the entire time to get the last minute touches set up. Heather was giving orders, and even I was jumping when she said frog. She knew what she was doing, she had planned the entire welcoming party, which again got her a raise in her pro bono salary. I didn't have to lift a finger, and when I tried, she nearly bit it off. "Jon, I love you, but leave this to me. You have bigger things to worry about than this." "Which is why I want to help. I need the distraction." I wasn't pleading to put aside a possible war. Never! She was tapping her foot, her arms crossed her nice bosom. "Bring the plates out," she said and then went back to efficiently giving orders. I gave her cheek a smooch when I went past, which got me swatted on my shoulder. All was ready pretty much the moment we could hear the engine of Dean's car as he was slowly coming into camp. We barely got ourselves arranged with me, Pat, and Dyl in one clump, and Pop, Travis, and Heather in another. It looked planned. It looked official. It didn't look like we ran around like the Three Stooges and stopped in what might work out okay. Travis stepped one pace forward, a token meeting and defense before anyone could talk to the alpha. Dean met him and said, "Travis Andrews, Acting Beta for the Homestead Pack, you are hereby relieved of your duties as Beta. Homestead thanks you for your years of service and guidance as you move on to take your place among the Council of Lycans for the northern packs of the USA." I knew Dean had to say it because he was the elder of the two betas, even though Kao was technically my beta. I still hated all the titles, the posturing, the ceremony. I just wanted them to tell me if I was doing okay or if I was doing a shit job. Not too much to ask, right? "It has been an honor and privilege to serve, Beta Whitmore-Saechao. You are to carry on in my place alongside your mate. To guide and advise the Alpha, to lead the pack in his stead, and to mediate disputes between members of this and other packs should you be called upon. Do you, Kao Whitmore-Saechao, and you, Dean Whitmore-Saechao, take up this mantle of authority?" Was it me, or was there a slight catch in Travis's voice? "We do," they said together. Travis turned to me with the biggest smile on his face and a tear in his eye. "Alpha, I stand down as your Beta in the full knowledge that these two men will serve you as well or better than I. Do you accept my resignation and their promotion?" "I do accept." My part was easy. At least the words. To avoid everyone seeing my own tears, I pulled my father-in-law into my arms. He felt like my husband, only a foot taller, and there was a familiar scent. I would hate to see him go. I loved and respected Travis, but his wisdom and strength were needed elsewhere. "We will all miss you, Travis. You will always have a home with us. Now go give those stuffy council asshats a good shakeup." Travis laughed and stepped back. I stepped forward. "Homestead pack, your Betas have come home to roost." A collective cheer went up as the mates were embraced and welcomed. "Now, let's eat. Thanks to Heather, and all her hard work, we can give you more than oatmeal and water." Dean came over for a big hug, and I finally didn't feel like I had to hold back for fear of killing him by squeezing too hard. "Dude, why the big turn out? We're nothing special." "Bro, it's not every day a pack gets a new beta pair. It's also a bit of a send-off for Travis. You, c'mere," I said and pulled Kao into a hug. "Welcome officially to the family. Your crazy suits ours, so you'll fit right in." Kao gives good hugs. "Alright, break it up," said Pat coming over, "or add me to the cuddle puddle." So we pulled him in, all three of us putting him in the middle. His grin was huge as we pet him, and I nuzzled his ear. "Someone stopped off at the Lone Wolf. I smell Whitebear Meatloaf Surprise." "Guilty," Kao said. "We had it for lunch." A bit of a receiving line was formed so the betas could meet their new pack. Mind you, it would have taken too long for them to meet everyone, but those who came from farthest away were in line. Everyone else was local and could just drop by. Dean got a ton of hugs from the few people he'd met before, but I was surprised by the number of bows Kao got. More than half he met gave him a formal welcome. I wonder if that was how it was going to be. Dean would be the informal one, Kao would be the formal one. If the pack treated them that way, they would act that way, and the pack would be all the worse for it. Kao could be just as relaxed as Dean, maybe even more so. Dean could be downright rigid if he was so inclined. I decided to nip it in the bud. "Hey, Feathers," I said, using his unofficial nickname, "Go start some music and grab a dance partner. Dean, scoot." There were twin curious glances, but they got what I wanted a split second later. "Yes, Alpha," Kao said with the cheekiest grin and went over to the sound system for something lively...I hoped. "Irreverent little turd," I called after him. "It's why you hired me. That, and I'm banging your best bud." Even I had to laugh at Dean's total-body blush. Even his toes turned red. The best part was when he put on Cotton-Eye Joe and grabbed my Pop as his dance partner. The smallest guy here chose the biggest and started to do a quick two-step. If he started at any point to slap leather, I'd lose my shit. Pop didn't even bat an eyelash. He had to stoop, but he was laughing along with Kao. Guess the time the bullies from Sawtooth Pack messed with Kao brought Pop and Kao together. Good. It was perfect that Kao had gotten close to Pop. They would be working together whenever I had things that demanded my attention. I was only slightly surprised when Dean grabbed Heather's hand and led her out. Only slightly, because Dean was still straight. Dylan growled a bit, but he was far more amused than worried his uncle was trying to poach his fiancee. In the middle of the dance, the couples switched partners often, which was even better: watching Pop and Dean trying to decide who would lead. God, I loved my family. Too bad this was about the last time we had any fun. * * * "Jon, we have a problem," said Gene over the phone. It was week two of the investigation, and he'd made sure to check in often. "When some people say problem, I roll my eyes. When you say it, I say prayers. Hit me," I was in my office looking over local reports of more attacks and more losses. The situation was getting worse quickly, like the rogues were pushing faster to get their goals accomplished before someone stopped them. "Some of our trackers have gone missing. All of them within fifty miles of Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada." That was just north of our border. Could our expansion have triggered this entire thing? Were we getting too close for comfort to some rogue installation? It wouldn't be much of a stretch. Canada was far less populated than the US, so rogues could hide out there far easier, and being close enough to the US border made evading either country's police a snap. "Can you find out the cause? Without getting caught?" There was a pause. Not good. "I'll do what I can, Jon." Those were the last words I ever spoke to Gene.
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    I think it will be an obvious surprise. The backstory is going to get worse.
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    Jonathan Davenport, Alpha of the Homestead Pack, must not only take on those responsible for the disappearances of many Lycans but also the North American Lycan Council. With this uphill battle leading to all-out war, will Jon find the help he'll need to survive the heat of battle and the boredom of politics?
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    "Jon, you have a call from Salt Lake City," my soon-to-be daughter-in-law told me as she poked her head in my office. I was poring over a few official papers that came in from the North American Lycan Council. They pretty much told me what every alpha knew: The NALC was useless. We all knew it, but this latest thing, a rogue group picking on the smaller packs and the incidents being called "a waste of funds and resources," was nothing we hadn't come to expect from any form of government. The only reason I had these papers was that the former Alpha for the East Coast Pack, former Beta for Homestead Pack, and my father-in-law (all the same person) was going to be on the Council and kept us in the loop. Not that the body of the Council did shit, but they wanted to look official. "Thanks, Heather," I replied and picked up the phone. "This is Jon Davenport." "Alpha Davenport, this is Beta Levi Hawkins from Salt Lake City Pack." I had met Beta Hawkins a few times. Not enough for us to be friendly but enough to be recognizable. Dependable, that was the word that came to mind when I thought of Levi. There were worse traits. Mouthy, like my own betas, but I wouldn't change them for the world. "Levi, good to hear from you. At least, I hope so." I tried to make lighthearted, but I knew this was no pleasure call. "It could be better, Jonathan," he said, and I could hear he wasn't in the best mood. When I met him, I told him, like I tell everybody, to call me Jon or Jonathan. Guess which one he chose? "We've been in discussions with Acting Beta Andrews about an alliance." "Travis told me, and I believe he suggested we wait until our Beta Pair come home to roost." Stupid little joke, but it made Dean and Kao Whitmore-Saechao grin and groan, so why not do it? "That is true, Jonathan, but ... I need to ask if we can move the decision forward. My brother has gone missing, and I want him back." Levi's voice broke. Oh shit, I thought. Missing members from SLCP was an SLCP issue, but this was something far more personal. I thought of something that could speed up the treaty a bit, but treaty negotiations could be hell. "Levi, my Betas will be coming through your area on their way here in a few days. Could I impose on your pack to put them up for a night?" I knew it would be no problem as their travel plan had already been approved by all the packs between Cali Sands and Homestead. "You could then pitch the alliance directly to them. Throw in a meal, and I know Dean won't turn it down." There was a small snort on the other side of the line. "Bribery and ambush. You're an evil man, Jonathan. You trust your Betas this much? They are new to your pack." I didn't blame him for asking. I would have asked, too. New members to any pack would usually have some sort of training or probationary period of adjustment to the new pack's way of life. Even members new to the hierarchy would usually be trained before something so vital as a treaty. "Kao has shown me he is ready for this, and not just from his training as a former member of Rogue Valley Flock. Dean has been telling me what to do for about fifteen years, and he's never steered me wrong. Except when he said to try a Greek place in So Cal. I tossed my cookies." That got another snort. "So tell them. Send your sister to get them." There was a pause. "You...know of my sister?" His tone was a bit guarded, and I could understand why. Levi's sister Melody was transgender. Not easy when you're a Lycan and made even worse when living in a highly religious area like Utah. "Gossip flies faster among alphas than it does among church ladies. I heard it from Goldie Kirkland who heard it from Lars Olsen who heard it from the Alpha Mate of the Adobe Pueblo pack who met your sister's best friend's ex-boyfriend's mother who works as a maid in your Alpha's house." There was a silence, one where I knew he was trying to compute what I just said. "Show them we aren't closeminded like many people think all Mormons are." "Exactly. I...Levi, I've got another call coming in. Talk with Dean and Kao." We said our brief farewells, and I clicked over to the call on hold. "Jonathan Davenport." "Jon, it's Tucker Hayes from the Great Lakes Tribe. Could we meet on a matter of some urgency?" Tucker Hayes...I knew that name. I'd met a huge man named Hayes when I first came to claim the lands of Homestead. A werebear. There was a brief talk about territory boundaries. It went smoothly. "What's up, Tucker? Wait, does this have anything to do with the rogue group operating in the area?" "Yes. We've lost three members that we know of, and two are reported missing. We don't have the resources to find them." His voice was very low pitched, a sort of deep rumble, and I could hear he was holding back. He also sounded tired and frustrated. "And the Council is doing nothing." Not a question. "You say 'we' like it's more than just the bears." "The Sioux City wolves have lost more than us, but the Council has done nothing." "Okay. I'll head over to North Dakota, and we can meet up to discuss what help you'll need. I just got a call from Salt Lake, and I'm no mondo hotshot detective, but I've got a feeling this is all connected. I'll make some calls and send you the details where we can meet." His long and relieved sigh was enough to make me worry. How bad was it? How bad did it have to get before the Council stepped in? "Thank you, Jon." "Don't thank me yet." I hung up. I sat back to wonder exactly what I could do. I mean, I know I had some clout with the Council, but even they would frown if I decided to mobilize without their consent. It was a tricky situation. I didn't mind helping out my neighbors. I didn't mind helping out SLCP. We were on friendly terms with them thanks to a giant mountain named Zeke. Formal alliances were something more and could bite us in the ass if shit hits the fan. I hated politics, but I found myself dealing with them more and more every month. "Heather, could you call ahead and tell them to ready the plane? Pat and I are heading east for a few days." I had said it at a normal level, but I know she heard me loud and clear. Lycan hearing was awesome unless someone was learning to play a sax or violin within a mile. Then it was hell. "Sure, Jon. Who'll be in charge?" The only reason she wanted to know was so she could schedule who was out for patrol and when. That way she could get some cuddle time with my son. "Pop just showed up yesterday. Put him in charge." I got to my feet and marched out of the office, seeing her already pulling out some paperwork for me to sign. I scribbled my John Hancock and left to pack. I paused briefly to look over my home. It had once been an old campground in Montana, but we took it over, did a few repairs to make it livable, and then set about getting actual lodgings put in. Mostly rustic looking on the exterior, each of the eight cabins was equipped with enough gadgets even a city boy wouldn't feel like he would hear banjos in the distance. All the ceilings were high, the furnishings made of real wood, and the doorways huge. Every cabin was like this for two reasons. Well, three now. Lycans, or werewolves if you prefer, could get pretty damn big. I'm 6'3" and weighing about two-fifty, and I'm average for a Lycan male in his prime. My husband Patrick was the same weight, but he was about 5'8". I married a bulldozer, and I love it. My pop was a smidge under seven feet, and my son was over seven feet. We're a big family. High ceilings were a must. Pop and Dyl were reasons one and two. The third one was Zeke, a 6'10" mountain who was as gentle as he was big. Until I became a Lycan, I was considered above average height. Now I was short. I walked a dozen yards to my house and went in, two suitcases were already open and being packed. A slow grin spread on my face as I took in the sight of my husband already packing for a trip I didn't tell him about. Doing it in just a jock strap was the perfect bonus. "Someone was hoping for an afternoon quickie, I see," I said and pulled him back against me, running my hands over his furry chest. He only wore a jock to get me horny fast. "I was, then I overheard you tell Heather we were leaving." Patrick Farris, he kept his own last name for genealogy reasons, sighed as he melted against my polo shirt clad chest. His sigh became a whimper as I tweaked a nipple harder than most people would like. He loved it. My white wolf was a masochist. "We still have time," I growled into his ear. I pulled away and grabbed some shorts from the dresser. "Unless you don't..." I wasn't able to finish because he grabbed me around the waist and almost body slammed me on the bed. I was grinning. When Pat was in the mood, I knew he wanted me to fuck him as rough as I could. "Are you going to fuck me, or do I have to ride you until I break the bed...again?" Yup, he was in the mood. He was already undoing my pants. Darn. What kind of husband and mate would I be if I didn't keep him happy? I pulled him to me, flipping us over so he was face down, ass up. I stared at his delicious ass. Even straight men stared at his ass. Round, firm, and hairless, which always made me chuckle inwardly because the rest of him was decently or copiously hairy. Not his ass, and I know he didn't shave it. I buried my face in that set of wonder-globes, shoving my tongue deep inside. His high pitched yelp made me chuckle, and I knew everyone within about a hundred yards knew we'd be busy. Our sex life was totally awesome, and thanks to super hearing, everyone knew we were fucking. No one ever bothered us. At most, we'd get a call or someone giving a warning yell of some important matter. No one walked in on us. My shirt and shorts went flying across the room toward the dirty clothes hamper. I'd have to grab my wallet and keys out of them, but I wasn't worried. At least this set of clothes had survived. Most got shredded in our haste for nudity. I did hear a ripping sound, and I knew we'd need another comforter for the bed. Pat loved when I ate his ass. Years of whoring around with pretty much any woman I wanted gave me the most excellent oral skills. My husband wanted, at one point, to send them all cards to thank them for teaching me. Impossible. Not even Bill Gates had that much cash. I kissed my way up his back, his hips already tilting, and nibbled on his ear as I slid everything God blessed me with up that always-virginally-tight ass. We both groaned, and never had I felt more complete than when my mate and I were joined. He was made for me and I for him. When I started rocking slowly, Pat moaned, gasped, and growled at me at the same time. He wanted it fast and hard, and I knew that, but if we wanted to get on our trip before tomorrow, I needed to do it this way. He wouldn't complain, never did, but he was wanting something else. I eased all the way in, grinding so I stretched the back wall, and pulled back out just as slowly, making sure I hit all his spots. By his panting and the familiar whimpers, he wasn't too upset with me right now. Mid-thrust, when I was balls deep and pressing farther than I usually did, I flipped him over, making him suck in air and almost scream. It hurt, I know it did, and it satisfied the need and desire for pain he had. It also pushed us both close, our scents giving away just how much we were both enjoying this. I had one last trick to use if I was close and he wasn't. It never failed. Our eyes were locked, and my Alpha dominance was in full swing. He would submit to me, and I could see both his human self and his wolf were doing just that. It was not the first time I had used my power as Alpha to show him who was in charge. Not even the thousandth. Wouldn't be the last either. Tomorrow he may do the same, taking charge and showing me who was boss, which I did for no other person in my life. Right now though, he was my bitch, and he knew it. That look in his eyes brought me right to the edge. Time to play dirty. When I growled and placed my hand lightly on his throat, his eyes went huge and his body began to tremble. It was a wolf's way of showing I could hurt you, but I won't. It was visceral, instinctive, and primal, hitting all his buttons at once. It was one thing I kept in reserve for moments like these. He'd once told me that erotic asphyxiation with eye contact was like instant orgasm for him. He hadn't been wrong the few times I'd done this to him, and it proved true this time, too. His voice caught mid-howl as his hole tightened around my considerable length. The load he had dribbled out for the first volley and then hit his chest for the rest. The scent of his seed, his submission, his utter devotion and desire for me, and that look of pure love in his gorgeous baby blues shoved me over into my own climax. I worked it in just a bit deeper, making us both gasp. It was quick, dirty, and very fulfilling. As I sagged against him, releasing his throat, he grinned up at me with half-lidded eyes. "I love you, Alpha," he whispered softly. I kissed him tenderly and smiled back. "I love you, my mate." Our post-boink bliss had to be cut short. We both knew it. We got cleaned up, packed, and were at the airfield by the time the plane was taxiing to the runway. * * * That was the beginning of a bunch of hell. I mean, with a few lost people, I could understand some unrest. A few would be sad but on a much smaller level. Over one hundred people had gone missing over the past few years; forty of them in the past three months. The Great Lakes Tribe of bears from Worthington, Minnesota had lost eleven members, the wolves of Sioux City lost thirteen, and the pack from Rock Valley had lost over half their members. They were down to nine members of their pack. Why had no one done anything about this? That was the question on everyone's mind as Pat and I met with their reps in North Dakota. These smaller packs were Homestead's neighbors, and I knew that they'd had some problems, but damn it! "Why haven't you asked for help from us? Homestead could spare a few hunters to patrol your borders, and I hope you know I wouldn't use that advantage to try to take you down." It went without saying I could lead a full-frontal assault and easily sweep them all with very few casualties, but I hoped I had proven I wasn't that type of dick. "The Council assured us it was being taken care of," said Tucker Hayes. He had come himself to this meeting. He was an alpha bear, although they called them by a different title, and he was trusting the truce of peace talks to keep him and his pack safe while he was in my territory. We were all sitting on one of my buildings in Jamestown, North Dakota overlooking the Hillcrest Golf Course. "Bullshit," was what I said, and handed them a copy of what was actually being done, according to Travis Andrews. "This 'rogue group' is utter fucking bullshit. I smell a rat, and the fact that Travis hasn't been told or found out much tells me someone is trying to keep this entire thing secret. Why I don't know." I pressed a button, and the door to the room opened to admit another person. "I believe you all know or have heard of the Lunais Liaison to the Council. He's taken time off from his work to aid us in this problem. Directly." Gene sat when I motioned him to join us, but he leaned against the window sill. "Gentlemen, I won't beat around the bush," he said. "Something is going on within the Council, and I have found out where some of your missing people are, but I want to know where they were taken and when." His casual stance was made a lie by his focused eyes and the tension in his shoulders. He wasn't trying to cover up his anxiety, which he could easily do if he wanted. Gene was a wily one, the best I had ever met. He came to these men with open honesty. A trait they appreciated even as they hated it. "We lost some while they were up in Winnipeg, Manitoba. No traces found other than a few Facebook pics from the time they vanished. Three of them were children, triplets, barely thirteen." Sascha Ianevski, the leader of the Rock Valley pack, spoke up first. He was a dog shifter, one of the very few I had ever met. A Siberian Husky...fitting for a Russian. I would have expected bear, but that would have been way too cliche. I don't know why that set off a few alarms in my head, but I know why it hit home. That was the age I found Dylan in the woods as his family was being attacked, killed, and possibly eaten by Lupus wolves. It was also the age he had been kidnapped and someone tried to sacrifice his heart to gain his Solaris powers. It was also the average age most Lycans started puberty and their first shift to their animals. "What type of shifter?" Gene asked. Alpha Ianevski's eyes burned with such anger and loathing. I knew the answer even before he opened his mouth. "Siberian husky," was all he said, and I saw Gene's head drop. Gene wasn't hiding anything from these men. His scent was so full of grief and sympathy. With a slow shake of his head, he looked to Tucker Hayes whose massive hand was on Ianevski's shoulder. The bear had little information. "I know they were hunting up in Canada. Ontario, I think. My tribe is not as strict about some things as the wolves. We roam a bit more freely. They did miss their weekly call-in. Three months ago." Why the fuck hadn't anyone done anything? I mean, I get that it was being covered up, but honestly, someone must have figured it all out or at least had an inkling. I was almost scared to even ask how many people Sioux City lost and when. The beta of Sioux City, Foster Gracin, looked down at the table. "Foster?" I asked quietly. People expected the alphas and betas of each pack to be strong, commanding, above the normal shows of stress. We were supposed to be the foundation each group built their lives on. We're the guide when things get hairy and the sword when they're attacked. That was not how I led Homestead, and it was not how Foster assisted in the running of his pack. Foster looked up, tears in his eyes. His mouth worked a few times before he cleared his throat. "You should remember, Jon. They had let you know where they would be." Oh, fucking shit. Six months ago a group of Lycan middle schoolers had let me know they were going to be spending a week camping in the north part of Minnesota, up near the lakes, for a science trip. They gave me a full itinerary, lodgings, and even invited me to come to say hi, which I had their first night. They had been a good bunch of kids, smart as hell, and we'd had fun making up "old wives tales" about the lakes. I didn't think anything of it since they were reported to have left when scheduled. I still had the thank you card the class made framed in my office. "They never made it back?" I asked in a whisper. I know I felt tears in my eyes. They fell when he shook his head. "We found the bus abandoned along the Canadian border. No scent trails, no evidence to say who took them, not even the bus's security tapes." A dozen kids and their teacher, just gone. No traces. "We all know you pretty well, Jon. You've been a fine neighbor this past decade. I speak for all three of us when I say we know you had nothing to do with it." I looked around at the faces, seeing their agreement. "Well, I have something to do with it now. Gene, I think we can guess what has happened..." He cut me off. "No, you can't. My group and I found the bodies of over two hundred Lycans in a mass grave yesterday." The assembled men, including myself, went white. My heart thundered in my ears, and my mouth went dry. "Ages ten to twenty-eight. Lupus, Lunais, Solaris...all had their hearts cut out. The oldest body had been killed years ago. The most recent, a Solaris girl, was less than twenty-four hours deceased." Gene was using his training now. I knew he had to keep the pain from his voice, the tears from his eyes, his hands from shaking. "I know what you're thinking, Jon, and I wouldn't put it past him, but there is no evidence to say he's involved," Gene finished. He met my eyes, but he turned his away. Gene was a strong wolf, but he was no alpha. I slammed my palm on the top of the table, a giant crack stretching the entire length of the three-inch thick solid oak table before it crumpled in on itself. All of them looked at me, and I know this would be the first time all but Gene had seen my temper snap. "Gene, how fast can you gather a group or groups to find the few who are still missing?" My tone was barely controlled, and I knew my eyes were bright red. "Three days at the very least." "Do it. Whatever resources you need, you will have them. Money, troops, weapons, yours." The others nodded their agreement and said the same. They didn't have the resources Homestead did, and we all knew that, but they had suffered so much. "Do you want the Little Dude and his squad? Them I can mobilize in minutes." I could tell Gene was tempted. "No. Save them in reserve. I may need the best to come get me out of the fire." His smirk was perfect. "Little Dude? Jon, do you have a black ops team we don't know about?" asked Sascha. He was mostly joking...mostly. I grinned. "No secret. My son and Prime Enforcer, whose nickname is still the Little Dude, has three men. All of them trained under Gene. A Pantera Leo Solaris, Latrans Lunais, Ursus Maritimus, and Lynx Canadensis." "A lion, coyote, polar bear, and lynx all in the same squad?" asked Foster. "Best damned troops I've ever trained. The five of us took down two Ferals with only one broken bone on our side, and that only because the Feral fell on him." That got more than a few impressed looks. "The polar bear...the Whitebear's son?" asked Tucker. He would know the bears in the general area, and most bears were not as big as Jessup and his wife. They were fairly well known "Yup, and his mate. US Army." I couldn't help but sound proud of my boys. "Yeah, keep them in reserve." Despite the gravity of the situation, Tucker chuckled. "If nothing else, Ezekial could eat those who get in his way." "The Little Dude is bigger," said Gene. For proof, Gene pulled out his cell phone and pulled up a picture of him and the boys. It was a picture of a fishing trip/training exercise they went on soon after Quintin Marshal had won his freedom from an abusive ex. "The shortest is the most deadly. Never turn your back on a lynx." Each marveled at the group of goofily grinning idiots. Gene brought the meeting back on track. "I'll get things moving, Jon. It will take time. Some of these trails are mighty cold." "Get it done however and as fast as you can. Keep us all posted." He nodded and left the room. "Oh, and tell Oliver to order a new table." All I got was a chuckle. "We'll get them back." Or there would be hell to pay.
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    Home and Gone

    the eclipse was glossed over since Dylan's mind was all animal. Impressions, brief memories...that's all it was when he came back to his human self. In other words, this author chose the easy way out. LOL
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    Home and Gone

    Driving into Homestead was one of the hardest things I had ever done. I felt like the weight of the universe was on my shoulders and in my heart. It gripped, strangled, and it would be a long time before I could deal with this one. This pain was too deep to just deal. It wasn't only my grief. The guys felt it, too, and we kept trading the pain back and forth. Gene's nephew Allen met us at the camp. I'd known him for years but hadn't seen him since the members of Homestead split from the ECP. His eyes trailed up my frame, and he shook his head. “Damn, you got big.” I gave him a bitter smile. “Yeah. I'm glad you could get here so quickly. I wish I could stay, but Dad needs me with him at the Council meeting.” Allen nodded, gave my should a squeeze, and turned to look at his great uncle. I hated to leave, but I had a duty to do. The chopper would leave in two hours after refueling and picking me up. I had two hours to cry and get my game face on. Heather just pulled me into our cabin and held me. She didn't ask questions, didn't say a word about me leaving again so soon, didn't even smell angry. She was worried about me, grief-stricken over Gene's passing as she had known him longer than me. Hell, if it weren't for Gene, Heather and I couldn't have gotten engaged. He found the loopholes for us in ancient laws dating back to Egypt. Somewhere around the hour mark, I realized our bed was filled. The boys had come in and formed a cuddle puddle around us. It didn't register in my mind that anything had even come into the room let alone the bed. Part agony, it was mostly how much they belonged here. In the part of my mind that was mine and mine alone, I had a small thought that poor Heather's nose must be in agony. We hadn't showered in days. She must have been able to read my mind, however, because she wrinkled her nose. “You four stink. Dylan, go shower so you can get ready. Colt, could you help me cook for our men?” I groaned and rolled over Quint, squishing him and grabbing his butt. Heather got up and went to the small kitchen, Colton following calmly. “What are we supposed to do?” asked Quintin. He shot me a smirk with thoughts of what he would do to me. “Well, from what I hear, Zeke's had some groping action. He has to be a good boy and sit right on the couch. Quint, you can help Dyl in the shower.” Her face was neutral, her eyes glowing with mischief, and her scent was pure sunshine. “God, you're evil,” Quint and I said together, but that didn't stop him from stripping right there and following me into the bathroom. Not to be outdone, I pulled off my clothes and tossed my dirty shirt right in my love's face. She let it hang there, chortling, and Zeke took it from her and gave it a sniff. “Freak,” Quint and I said in unison. Our bear just grinned and gathered up the clothes for washing. I set the water to just below scalding hot, which Quint and I both loved, and stepped under the spray. When I turned around, Quintin was right there with a washcloth and looking up into my eyes. This wasn't the first time we'd showered together, not even the twentieth, but it was the first time after my big announcement. It was far more erotic now, although I'm not sure why. Nothing had changed, not in our minds, except I had said it out loud and in front of witnesses. “Is this as hot for you as it is for me?” he asked. I looked down at his full erection, again nothing I hadn't seen often. “Pretty much,” I said, not even hiding my own boner. “You know, part of me really hates that I want you and the guys so much.” He reached past me and snagged the bar of soap. He began to sensually scrub the back of my neck, me leaning over to make it easier since I was over a foot taller. Our eyes were locked, and I knew it was going to happen. He pulled me the last few inches and pressed his lips to mine. We kissed lazily as he ran the washcloth all over my body. He massaged my shoulders, my back, spent a lot of time on my butt cheeks which actually had me groaning in pleasure, and even made a very utilitarian washing of my balls. I liked that. No, I fucking loved to have my balls played with. He didn't keep it up long enough for me to get off, but I knew one thing I was going to have Heather do our first night together. “Creep?” Quint asked as he rinsed the rag. My brain kicked back on, and I took the rag from him as I responded, “Huh?” I soaped up the rag and returned the washing. I was actually enjoying the feel of his solid shoulders and chest. And, yup, his muscle butt. He did have a very nice butt. I wondered how mine compared. “Do you really want Zeke to top you?” His voice was low and a bit strained. I knew he was enjoying the feeling of being pressed against me while I washed his chest. “I want all of you to top, and I want to top all of you. Hell, I want you down my throat, Zeke in my ass, and Colton on my cock while Heather records it all before joining. Can you imagine that?” I asked, rumbling in his ear. He gasped and shuddered. “Feeling your cock taking my throat, feeling all of the stimulation through the bonds?” He was nodding silently, and my mind exploded as his orgasm did. It slammed through his mind and mine. He shot off and I had to pull back and turn to spray my own load all over the wall. We held each other up as the waves surged through us. “Holy fuck,” Quint swore, a rare thing. He hardly ever used profanity. “You said it. Did we just break the rule?” I had to ask because we just had simultaneous orgasms while touching. Did that count even without any penetration? A knock came on the door, and we both knew it was Heather. I grunted, which she correctly interpreted as come in, and I am so glad she is awesome. She just looked at us, sniffed, shook her head, and grinned. “Well, now I know why Zeke and Colton pretty much made a mess in their pants. You have five minutes until the food's ready.” She went to close the door. “Hon?” I said tentatively. “Yeah?” She looked back, and I could tell she wasn't worried or even slightly annoyed. She truly wasn't stressing over what happened in here. “You're amazing,” was all I could say, and she blew us both kisses. As she was closing the door, I heard Colton whining. “When do I get sexy times with Dylan?” Heather laughed and said, “Might have to wait until after the war.” And damn if she wasn't right. She knew what was on the horizon. Once hard evidence came back about our attack, it would be open war between Homestead and ECP. There was no avoiding it. While we were doing our last rinse, I looked at Quint. “Unless you get orders from Alpha Davenport directly, your duty, until you are relieved, is to guard Heather.” Quint nodded as he tossed me a towel, and I could feel Zeke's and Colton's acknowledgment. * * * I landed outside the Council building, an attache meeting me to take me in and to Dad. “This way, Enforcer Davenport, and please watch your head. I've only lost three people this week who forgot to duck.” I grinned and ducked. I liked the tone and smell of this guy. Honest, respectful, and totally not taking himself seriously. Whoever had appointed him to come to get me had made the best choice. I needed a little levity before getting inside. “Maybe just a trim off the top?” I joked back, and he grinned. “While there is no one around to hear us, I'll say working with your uncle has been awesome.” I quirked a brow. He stuck out his hand. “Xander Travers, Cali Sands Beta Designate, and hopefully future mate to Victoria.” “Oh shit,” I said and shook his hand. “You better not fuck that up, Travers, or Uncle Dean will have your balls. How did you get stuck as attache?” “When Alpha Kirkland says hop, you run because she had to tell you what you should have already been doing.” I laughed, now getting why he was here. Uncle Dean had told me a bit about Travers. From what I heard, he seemed pretty cool. If Victoria approved, he would be amazing. She wouldn't settle for anyone lesser than Uncle Dean. Travers led me to a set of doors and whispered to the guard. When the door was held open, I nodded to my escort and walked through. I could already hear shouting, accusations flying around the room. The stench was worse than the noise. A gathering of alphas, their combined scents were daunting. I grew up around them, so I would be better off than most, but it smelled like a rancid pissing contest right now. Almost as soon as I saw the assembly, comprised of the eighteen Councilmen, the Head Councilman, and the alphas in attendance, I was ordered to halt. “And who the hell are you?” someone barked at me. I raised a brow as all eyes turned. “Prime Enforcer Dylan Davenport, Homestead Pack.” I didn't even wait for them to tell me I could join my dads, I just marched in. A quick flick of my eyes to Papa Travis, and his barely concealed grin said what I was doing was perfectly in line with Homestead's reputation. Dad took the momentary silence to speak. “With tempers up, and my enforcer just arriving, I would like to take a recess until after lunch. To bring him up to speed and give us all a chance to cool off.” “Seconded,” came another alpha's voice, and the motion passed with a simple majority. I just stood there and shook my head. Guess I didn't need to sit down now. So many of the people who passed me smelled of annoyance or worse. This didn't bode well for what I knew Dad was going to have me tell the Council. I was going to end up pissing them off even more. Might be funny to watch. Dad and Pat gave me hugs when they were able to get to me, as did Papa Travis. “You couldn't have come at a better time,” said Dad. He smelled exhausted. “I see that. Thanks for having Travers keep an eye out for me.” Dad looked confused. “You didn't send him to meet me at the helipad?” “No, but if him showing up helped out, I'll take the credit.” His grin was the same as it had been since I was thirteen. Travers weaved effortlessly through the assembly and joined us. “Xander, good to see you again.” “Alpha Jon, Alpha Mate Pat, Councilman Andrews.” He nodded to each in turn, showing a level of familiarity I found humorous. While still using titles, he knew my dads personally and knew Papa Travis by reputation. “Join us for lunch, and you can tell us why you're out here instead of back with Victoria. Speaking of, where are Dean and Kao?” Dad was looking around for our pack Betas. “They have secured a small conference room, placed orders for lunch, asked me to meet Enforcer Dylan, and are probably snogging on Skype for Victoria while she recovers.” While what he said made me grin, it fell off when he mentioned Victoria was recovering. “Explain that last part,” I said, worried. Victoria was a wonderful woman, and I didn't like the sound of what he said. “Simply put, she killed a Lycan during an attack on our pack, getting hurt in the process.” I could smell the anger rolling off him, but his tone was neutrally conversational. “Dean and Kao came out to Cali Sands to check on her, and Alpha Goldie asked me to accompany them back here to be her eyes and ears while she deals with the pack that attacked us.” Travers led us to the conference room where I had to grin at my Uncle Dean and his mate Kao. Strange that he was my “Uncle Kao” and my age. “Oh, I was right.” They broke off their kiss, and I could hear a soft chuckle coming from Dean's phone. “Uh oh, caught,” said Victoria through the phone from southern California. I snatched the phone from the table and held it up. “Oh! Hi Dylan.” “How are you doing? Need me to come bash a few skulls?” I glanced over at the two literal lovebirds, Uncle Dean and Kao being werefalcons, and they were beet red. “Goldie is doing just that, although she is having trouble finding the alpha of the pack that attacked us. I say us because I'm accepting the offer to join Cali Sands.” She smiled that gorgeous grin of hers, but I could tell she was a little loopy because of the pain meds she was on. “You've met Goldie, right?” “I have. I would hate to be that alpha when she gets a hold of him.” Goldie Kirkland was akin to Mighty Mouse. Small but deadly. I was almost two feet taller and still called her ma'am when we spoke. “So, Travers, huh?” I grinned at her slight blush. “What of it?” she shot back, but I liked the smile I saw on her face. She was sweet on him. Good. “I'm happy for you, Aunt Vickie,” I said. She quirked an eyebrow at me. “Are you wanting to die?” She hated people calling her Vickie, and I had to do it at least once a month just to keep my credit as the annoying nephew. “Nope. Just checking if you're needing your pain meds increased.” She flipped me off. “Madame! So ladylike.” That brought her grin back. “I'll give you back to Uncle Dean.” I handed the phone back and sat next to Dad. I wasted no time telling him everything he needed to know about the attack, and I could see him getting angrier. His scent went cold. It took me a bit longer than I wanted because I had to fight back the tears. Still too soon. “Enough, Dyl,” said Pat softly. I knew he would be almost as upset as me. I nodded and wiped my eyes. “Now, tell me what I need to know about this Council from hell.” I had to keep my mind off Gene. Dad just started talking. In fact, he went back and started before he was called to the Council.
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    The Heart Shatters

    Well, as to the donkey shifter, Rhava could become a donkey should he choose, but there are no donkey Lycans. Still, it would be a funny wordplay.
  8. Fantasyboy69

    The Heart Shatters

    I won't lie. I was crying while writing this chapter. I'd been planning it since book 3 started, and putting it off as long as I could.
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    The Heart Shatters

    I was happy to hear that no one was going to be harmed, which of course meant I had to go harm someone. You know, to balance out the cosmos and shit. I shook hands with everyone, telling them to be ready to go as soon as everything was settled. No one argued, not even Phuong. She looked like she wanted to kill me, but she knew the others needed to go home. With all that out of the way, I made a beeline right for Anthony. The Tribunal member was looking at him curiously. Perhaps wondering what was causing him to twitch. “Pardon me,” I said politely, and the Member stepped aside. I snatched Anthony up by his throat, my hand turning into a claw. “If you ever think about harming anyone I care about again, you piece of filth, they would write horror stories about what I will do to you.” I chucked him like a fastball, and he landed at the feet of the Tribunal members. He still twitched. “Your Camp, your laws,” was all I said to the Eldest. The Eldest's face was set stone, his eyes pits of displeased anger. Only about five percent was aimed at me. Aunt Minnie looked down at the twitching man with such disgust. Rhava's hands were clenched, and the crease between his eyebrows reminded me so much of Grandpa when he was about to pass judgment. It wouldn't be good to be Anthony right now. “We shall handle the discipline ourselves, Enforcer Davenport,” said the Eldest, his tone frosty. “The members of your delegation have been very helpful as well as respectful. Blood ties notwithstanding, all of you are welcome to Equis Camp and her lands. Please give our regards to Alpha Davenport and let him know we would like to open up talks for peace with Homestead.” I bowed low, showing my respect for him and the honor he was giving to my friends. “We thank you for your hospitality, and I will tell our Alpha of your desires for peace. Perhaps our combined efforts shall bring those responsible for the kidnappings to justice. If you require nothing more of us, I would like to get these people home.” The Eldest returned the bow and made a gesture of dismissal. “Rhava, could you and Marcus lead us to the border? I would like to make sure no one misconstrues our peaceful departure.” Rhava glanced at the Eldest who nodded. “Of course. We'll help you pack as well.” The group started back to where we had set up our camp with Marcus and Rhava flanking Phuong almost like an honor guard. The guys gave me a brief nod and followed without another word. I turned to Aunt Minnie with a smile. “I'm glad to have met you. Grandpa says he will come for a visit once things are settled in Homestead, and I know Dad will want to meet you.” She pulled me in for a hug. “You take care of those people, Dylan, and of your grandfather. They need someone willing to talk or kick ass as needed.” She gestured to the other Tribunal members, and they went the other direction, Anthony floating into the air and trailing them. I know my grin was a bit evil, but I wish I could just watch what they were going to do to him. Attack my family? I don't think so. With the extra hands, packing was easy. I pulled out my phone and dialed. “Hey beautiful,” I said when Heather picked up. “Hey. So...” She trailed off, not want to ask. “Have five transport vans ready at the airstrip. We're all coming home.” I heard her breath whoosh out of her lungs, and I know she was grinning. I could see her bouncing up and down as she tried to contain her glee. “They'll be there. How long until you get there?” I could hear her clicking away at the computer in the office, probably filling out the vehicle requisition. I was about to ask when Rhava looked over and said, “Three days. Two if we take the boats.” “Two days,” I replied. “I love you, but I need to call Dad.” “And I tolerate you, but you need to call Jon.” I could hear the grin in her tone and was not surprised when she just hung up. It was one thing I loved about her. Jokes and sarcasm included, she understood duty better than Quint even. And you're marrying her why? Quint asked in my head. He knew why. Cause you don't have a great set of boobs, and you do have outdoor plumbing. I heard all the guys snicker and give me the side-eye. I dialed Dad's cell. “Tell me you have good news or hang up this fucking phone right now.” Wow. Dad was not normally this rude. He was either banging Pat and they were hot and heavy, or the Council has reached a new level of stupid. “We're all coming home.” I heard something come from the other line that I never thought I would. “Dad, are you okay? You're...” Crying. “Relieved, Little Dude. Bring them home as fast as you can. Things are hitting the fan here. Dean and Kao also had some distressing news, but it can wait since it's no longer life-threatening.” I almost demanded to know right then, but I didn't want to piss Dad off. He seemed out of balance right now. The Council must really be bad. “I'll get them home, then I am coming to you. If for no other reason than you need your Enforcer.” I could hear him groaning, and it wasn't in the sexual way one would hear around the camp...anywhere my dads decided to boink. “I...yes. Come here when they're home.” “Sure, Dad. Anything you want me to pass on?” “Tell everyone how proud I am.” God, he sounded exhausted. “Get some rest if you can. That is not a request from your son, that's an order from your Enforcer who will protect you even from yourself.” I'd had to hold him back from killing someone before. Once I almost let him kill the rat bastard, namely Kai Saechao. Phuong's brother, not our Beta but the other shithead bro, was nearly killed, and I wanted to let Dad pull his head off. I had to remind him I was in charge of assassinations. It was enough to take the killing edge from Dad, but Kai was one micron away from being skinned alive, dipped in lemon juice, given a full-body massage with sandpaper, dipped in rubbing alcohol, and then hung out to dry by his balls by fish hooks. Those were Dad's thoughts, which he told me later that same day. I told him he should never hang a man by his balls...too easy to rip off. “Yessir,” he sighed, but I could hear the ghost of a smile in his tone. There was a rustling noise, and I knew Pat had grabbed the phone even before he spoke. “While he takes a nap, you can tell me everything.” So I did. * * * The night was spent on the banks of the river. The docks Equis Camp used were right there, but the ones in charge of the boats were not willing to take us tonight. First light would come soon enough. Everyone seemed in high spirits. Glad to be free of the endless sound of waterfalls, I would guess. They hadn't been treated too badly. No one was hurt or ill. Not even a muscle cramp. I sat by myself on the banks of the river, just watching the moon sparkle on the water while still keeping an eye on everything. Zeke had said this place should be safe tonight. Should be was not would be, so we posted three sentries. With them and some handy magic from Phuong, Rhava, and Marcus, we should be fine. There was something to smile at if only a little. Rhava was leaning against his bedroll with Marcus snuggled up on his right and Phuong on his left. Marcus was holding Phuong's hand. It was a wondrous sight, one I knew wasn't just a fleeting thing. The future Wind Master had found her mate. If he came with a plus one, then it seemed to be fine with her. I mean, I wasn't one to shake a finger at any poly relationship. I had my girl waiting for me at home, and I had the guys who completed my heart. Life is just so damned weird at times. The only part I could see wrong was the two thousand mile distance between them. Both had duties with their people. Neither could easily forsake them for romance, and I couldn't see Phuong leaving the flock, not even for her mates. Rhava was young, and Equis Camp would elect a new spiritual leader if necessary. I wouldn't put it past my cousin and Marcus to pack up and head to Oregon to meet with Wind Master Saechao Sinh, Phuong's father, and make a formal pledge for her hand. Hell, he might even say yes. I turned my attention back to the river. What the hell was I going to do about my love life? I mean, I was never going to give up Heather. She's been in my life since I was thirteen. How could I leave the first girl I kissed? Had a crush on? Fell in love with? Wanted to marry? How could I deny that I wanted the guys there with me? It wasn't just Quint in my mind anymore. I could sense Colton as easy as I could Quint, and Zeke had been there since he and Quint completed their mating. They were as much part of me as Heather, and I had no fucking clue what to do. What could I even say to her? Hey, honey, guess what? We're getting several king-size mattresses and putting them together so I can have my boys sleep with us. I'd be lucky to keep my balls. I knew Heather loved them, too, but enough to open up our future marriage? She was open-minded, but was she that liberal? If her reactions to me even smiling at another woman were any indication, she wouldn't give it a moment's thought before she said no. Yet I couldn't not ask. It wouldn't be right to keep quiet. It wouldn't be fair to all five of us. “You got a second, Dylan?” Zeke asked as he came up. It wasn't like him to use my name much anymore, and it wasn't like him to intrude on private time. I motioned to the grass beside me and he sat, crossing his legs. “Listen, Quint didn't want to say anything, but I know what's on your mind. All three of us do. You can tell me to stuff it, and I won't be mad since it's pretty much all on you, but I wanted to tell you that we're getting married. The three of us.” I looked over at him, smiling a little. “We were wondering if you would mind if we shared the day with you and Heather. I mean, we wouldn't be getting married to you, just with you, and it would mean a lot to us to share that day with you and the only woman we think about.” I looked deeper into his eyes. “You think about Heather?” “Duh. She's always on your mind. Like you get our emotions, we get yours, so we're saying we...um...” “You wonder what she looks like naked and want to see what it would be like with a woman, as long as it was her?” His face was a deep crimson, but he nodded. “Messes with your head, doesn't it?” He nodded again. I threw my arm across his huge shoulders, pulling him close. “Welcome to my world, Klondike.” He chuckled and nuzzled my neck a bit. Zeke was cuddles incarnate, and I knew even after our respective marriages he and I would probably still cuddle. Was I sexually attracted to him? Yes, but only because Colton and Quint were. Romance? More like Bromance. I wouldn't say no if he wanted to mess around, but I don't know if I could initiate it myself. I would never do it until after Heather and I got married, and she made it clear I was open season after, but I could feel what they wanted. They wanted us. They wanted me and Heather to be with them. Not just sexually. It was deeper, more than physical. I wanted it, too. “As far as I'm concerned, I would love for you guys to share the day with us. Hell, I want you guys to share a honeymoon with us. Maybe not the first night,” I said and he chuckled, “but it wouldn't feel right without you guys around. I can't say Heather would agree with the honeymoon part, but I know she would love to see you guys get married.” I knew that much. “So...you want us there for the second night of your honeymoon?” His tone was so laden with sexual innuendo. I took his hand and put it on my dick. I was hard as a fucking rock. “You tell me.” He growled low in his throat, and the scent of arousal went through the roof. He pulled his hand away so he wouldn't try to ravage me right there, but I think I made my desires plain. Plainer than ever before. “Zeke, if I have my way, the three of you would be moving in, and Heather and I would have you part of our relationship.” There, I said it. Openly, I had said I wanted them. There went my straight credit. “So I guess it would be a good time to say that's what I was trying to say?” Zeke was trying not to jizz in his shorts. He had just gotten farther than either of his mates, and it was my idea. “Yes.” “We want to be part of your relationship.” His voice came out as a growl as he said, “The thought of you using this monster dick on me has all three of us ready to go.” I glanced over at Colton and Quintin. They both nodded, and I could see the tents in their pants. My evil side took over as I pushed Zeke onto his back and lightly grasped his throat. His eyes got huge as I leaned over and put my face so close we would kiss if either puckered up. His entire body went limp as he submitted to me. I got even harder. I leaned forward, pressing my lips to his ear, and whispered, “Only if you fuck me first,” and then got up to relieve one of the sentries. There was no use in trying to adjust my dick. There was just no hiding it. “Evil bastard!” he cried, and I heard so many snickers from the group. None of it had been truly private as they could see and mostly hear us anyway. There were some grumbles, but they were very few and none from Homestead, Salt Lake, or Equis. I did look over to Quint and Colt just to make sure I hadn't crossed any lines. I don't think I had ever seen Quint so turned on, and was that a large wet mark in the front of Colton's jeans? You're an ass, Creep, came Quint's voice in my head, and I just nodded. Then I heard a roar of pain and smelled copious amounts of blood. A few silenced gunshots pew-pew'd to the northwest, and I forgot all about my aching boner. My troops responded quickly, those who could shift did. I never cared about the loss of my clothes when I was forced to shift. Neither did Quint and Jordan as I was joined by a lynx and a silvery gray wolf. We charged across the open space to see flashes of light and the beginnings of a wildfire. While it momentarily blinded us, I had seen enough of the hostiles' locations to do some damage. My brain had seen four gunmen, and I could feel at least four magic wielding asshats. Two shots whizzed past my head heading towards the lights. Two forms fell, their heads now missing at least half their original mass. Gene had grabbed a rifle it seemed since I knew neither Colton nor Zeke was that good. There was answering fire, and a few bolts of lightning coming at us. “Keep behind me,” I hissed, and Quint and Jordan fell in line. Golden bullets were damn near impossible, so I didn't really have to worry about those being fired at me. Spells would just fizzle, so I didn't worry about those. Anything else I would heal. Of course, they put that theory to the test as I took five rounds, three to the chest and two to my left thigh. All it did was piss me off, and I was upon the attackers. The main shooter went down as I put my claw through his chest and then used him as a semi-living meat shield to stop another fork of electricity. I could feel the energy crackle along my arm, but it didn't seem to do much except raise the hairs. I bet my mane looked like it came from the 80's. Then I shook the corpse off and used it as a missile to knock one shaman off his feet. A huge rumble beneath my feet nearly knocked me over, but the quake wasn't aimed near us. Rhava had apparently joined the fight as I could hear the very rock rise up. It cracked, and I could smell damp earth and more blood. Rhava wasn't so nice to the forces attacking us; more had come from the southeast. A pincer attack, two forces with their target in the middle, and I hadn't heard or smelled a thing. Zeke hadn't sensed it, either. No one had, which meant there was some damn powerful magic going on, stronger than Phuong who had set up the basic perimeter. Water began sheeting down, our friendly neighborhood weather mage flexing her magic. That would take care of the wildfire. It also ruined any sense of smell and threw off night vision goggles and the low light vision we Lycans possessed. That didn't stop me from seeing Quint rip out the throat of a shaman as Jordan quite literally bit the head off another. Looks like the good Mormon boy knew when not to play nice. I felt Colton take a hit from a non-silver bullet, which sealed the fate of the shooter as Zeke went charging faster than I could ever go. It was damn hard keeping the rage Zeke was feeling from blocking out my side of the fight, and thankfully Quintin was able to funnel most of it into himself. No stranger to combat, Quintin knew a few things about battle frenzy and how to keep his mate's anger from taking over. That distraction cost us. I didn't see the man in the grass with the rifle until it was too late. I heard the two rapid shots and veered toward him, but I knew his bullets had found a target. I could smell the blood. I knew the scent well. He just looked up at me, his eyes resigned and calm as if he knew I was going to kill him, and he had made peace with the Higher Powers. It was like he knew it was a kamikaze mission, and there was no pleading as I raked my claws through the back of his neck and lower back, leaving him in three parts. My mind screamed at me to crouch down, and I did, Quintin and Jordan using my body as a springboard to leap at the last two shamans and dragged them to the ground. Their teeth flashed and claws slashed. They left nothing alive. Neither had I. As one we turned to the other side of the fire to see all was quiet. The rains were gentle now, dampening the flames and seeming a fitting ambiance for the mood. I did an all-over body flex and forced the bullets out as Quint and Jordan shifted back. They had some superficial wounds, and my bud had a gunshot wound that went through his hand, but they were alive. They propped me up as I shifted back, difficult with me towering over them. I could see bodies on the far side of the campfires, and did a quick count of the allies. I could see four injured, the rest hurting but standing. One body. We lost only one, and my heart was ripped apart. The sniper had put one round through his forehead and one through his heart. The wounds were splattered with a foul cocktail of monkshood and silver nitrate. There would be no healing this. Despite the wounds to my chest and thigh, I fell to my knees and began to scream. My hand reached out of their own accord to pull his head into my lap. I didn't care if the monkshood was burning the wounds on my legs as it oozed out of him. Gene was dead. My brain refused to acknowledge it. Gene couldn't die. He was too smart, too sneaky, too kind...too GENE to die. He'd never tell stories from when he was a young man. He'd never teach me all I needed to know to be the best Enforcer I could. He...he'd never be my children's godfather like Heather and I had wanted. The biggest reason I had come north was dead in my arms. As I looked down at his face, I could see the last thing in his eyes, that last fleeting thought. I'm finally done. He had led such a long and hard life. Such cruelty he had seen, such violence, so much hatred. He showed so much love, so much compassion, and such understanding. People like him didn't deserve to die by violence, but after his life... “Rest well, old wolf.” I felt a calm come over me. It was like Gene had placed his hand one final time on my shoulder and smiled his damned Sean Connery smile. “Gather the bodies. I want identification. I want it now. Colton, Phuong, that is your goal for tonight. Get me names.” “Yes, Enforcer,” they both said without even a moment's thought. They joined hands and began their search. I looked up to see Zeke and Colton, along with Jordan and the others, with tears in their own eyes. Each had a story to tell with the name Gene in it. Rhava and Marcus gently lifted the man I admired, the man I loved, and took him down to the river to bathe him. I was numb, so I didn't protest as Zeke eased me onto my back and began to clean my wounds while another tended the rest. Some went among the bodies and dragged them closer to the fire to see what could be found. Scents on their bodies, passports, anything that could get me what I wanted. “Sir,” said one of my fellow enforcers from Homestead. “I can give you ID's on four of the men.” My eyes flicked to him. “I don't care about their names. Who sent them?” I watched him swallow. “The four men work, rather worked, for Angus McLeod. They're East Coast Pack hunters.” One of the other men who served nodded his agreement. “We were both hunters with them.” I sat up, much to Zeke's dismay, and took his cell phone off his hip. The numbers swam before my eyes, one of the less annoying side effects of monkshood poisoning, but I dialed. “Zeke, why are you...” “Not Zeke. Put Dad on the phone,” I said. “He's in a Council session, Dyl.” Pat had answered. I loved my other dad, but he was often too nice. “I don't give a fucking shit if he's talking to God. Put him on the goddamned phone, now.” I heard him gasp, and I would apologize later. “Watch your language, Little Dude,” were Dad's words when he got on the line. “Alpha, with all due respect, shut the fuck up.” I was in no mood for a lecture. My language and calling him Alpha was a pretty sure way of letting him know. I could almost hear him get annoyed. “Alpha, I am calling to inform you that we were attacked by a large force just outside Homestead and Equis Camp territories. Among their numbers were no less than four members from the East Coast Pack, positively identified by two who served with them. Add in fifteen more gunmen and a dozen shamans.” My lower lip was trembling as I struggled to make my report. “Gene's dead, Dad.” I lost it again, and the phone slipped out of my hand. Zeke pulled me against his furry chest and held me while I bawled. Quint, my second-in-command, snagged the phone. “The Head Enforcer is currently busy, Alpha,” he said with a brisk tone. In my head, he was relaying what Dad was saying while also trying to calm me down. Not take away my pain or grief, just to help me get it under control for now. “Fucking shit. Quint, anyone else hurt?” So much anger was rolling over the phone. Dad was livid, and Quint was in the middle of my mental breakdown, Dad's rage, and his own feelings. “Not lastingly, sir. We'll all heal.” I could hear his memories of past combat trying to break through his walls, to pull him over into maddened grief. “What are your orders, Alpha?” “Get home. Get me prints and anything else needed to ID the attackers. I need hard evidence.” “Yessir. Anything else?” “No. I'll notify Gene's next of kin. Tell Dylan he doesn't need...” I heard it and growled. “Or not. Just get him calmed down. I know you boys were fond of Gene, but Dylan worshiped him.” I could tell Dad was just as upset, and it couldn't have come at a worse time, but he was right. Dad was my dad, and I loved him, but Gene was my hero.
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    Tribunal Trouble

    I almost did leave it on the cliffhanger, because I am a shameless writer.
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    Tribunal Trouble

    I would like to say the Tribunal was just a formality. I would like to say the Tribunal could see Gene and the others were just in the wrong place at the wrong time, especially the missionaries. I would like to say it all went smoothly. It didn't. I knew Minnie and Rhava were on our side. We only needed two others from the Tribunal to vote in our favor to keep them from receiving any form of punishment. Nothing is ever that easy. The missionaries were set free without even being questioned, which was the best part of all of this. The duo ran over to Zeke who gave them both hugs. He didn't know Crestin Miller, the other missionary, but he knew Jordan Hawkins well enough. When Zeke put himself between them and the Tribunal, he made an obvious statement that they would have to go through him to even think about laying a finger on the boys should something go wrong. The Tribunal was questioning each person separately if they felt it was necessary. One member from each pack was questioned, and they all invariably answered with the same reasoning from being in the territory: Missing pack members with all the trails leading into this section of Saskatchewan, Canada. All of the reports put the disappearances around the same time. Within weeks of each other, Homestead, the smaller packs of Rock Valley and Sioux City, Iowa, and the bear tribe from Worthington, Minnesota, had all lost members. These times matched up to the missing persons from Equis and her sister tribe Swan Camp out of Manitoba, Canada. It was all too neat to be coincidental. The Tribunal acknowledged that much. When Gene was called forward to speak, two of the Tribunal sneered at him. I knew there was some beef between him and them, but I hoped it wouldn't matter. “Please state your name and your affiliations.” The speaker was an older man. So old, in fact, that I couldn't put an age to him. He was far older than Aunt Minnie, and I think she was the next oldest and in her eighties. A passing thought was I hoped I looked as good as her when I turned eighty. “Eugene Ignatius Alexander Marvin Cassidy Johnson. I once belonged to the East Coast Pack but am now the Lunais Liaison for the Lycan Council to the United States.” His voice didn't give much away. “I am also affiliated with Homestead as Security Adviser, having helped trained half of their hunters and enforcers, four of which are seated just over yonder, if you need to have verification.” “Officer Johnson,” began the eldest, using Gene's Honorific as a member of the Council, “Could you state your purpose for being in the territory?” “It has all been documented with the Lycan Council, Eldest, but I shall paraphrase. I was consulted by several other packs for tracking down missing members. I took personal leave from the Council for these since, unfortunately, they didn't see a few missing people as reason enough to investigate.” Not the best of news, but if the Council sent out people for each missing person, they would have no forces for actual emergencies. “It wasn't until a few Mormon missionaries went missing that anyone seemed to take notice, and by then, Jonathan Davenport of Homestead had called me in to aid a few of his men in the search.” “Why would he call you in personally?” asked one of the Tribunal who had sneered at him. I didn't like his tone of voice at all, but Gene seemed unphased. “Jon and I have known each other for a decade. He knows my background and I'm pleased to say his son sees me as something of an uncle.” He gave me a grin, and I stuck my tongue out at him. Formal meeting or no, he was right. He was family to me. “I was to start my search at Homestead's northern border and see what I could find. I found a faint trail that lead me to within a few miles of Equis Camp. I'm sure I don't need to tell you what happened after.” That put a nasty twist on the man's face. Why didn't he like Gene? I wasn't the only one to notice, either. The Eldest, Minnie, and Rhava all noticed the man's lack of propriety when dealing with Gene. I mean, it was fucking obvious. I wondered why Gene was putting up with it at all. Such blatant animosity could be cause to have the man removed from the Tribunal proceedings. “What did you find before you were detained?” asked the Eldest, his glance at the rude speaker silencing him for the moment. “All of the disappearances can be linked to Lycans from the east. How far east, I cannot be sure, but they are Lycans, not Skifters. Multiple types as well, since I saw wolf, bear, and weasel tracks, as well as the swaying tracks left by a serpent.” Gene's findings made me blink. Lycan snakes? Holy shit balls! Why had no one told me about those yet? “Are you sure of your findings?” asked the hostile man. “If I may speak, Honored Eldest,” came Colton's voice before I could say anything. When given permission, Colton stood. “I'm Latrans Lunais, and I can confirm from my own search that Lycans are responsible. It would take me some time longer to get more information, but I can tell you that it was Lycans from the east, maybe even as far as Quebec.” Once he was done, he sat. He did glance at me to make sure it was kosher to have said anything, and I gave him the briefest of nods. The Eldest nodded a bit. “As no one can doubt the abilities of the Latrans, be they Lupus or Lunais, I will accept both findings as valid.” He was quiet for a moment. “What would your actions have been when finding we held some members of the American packs?” He asked Gene. “Asked why and reported back to Alpha Davenport and the Council of my findings. Since they were not harmed in any way save for being annoyed by the sound of falling water for all eternity, it is in my opinion, and would be my recommendation to the Council, that no actions be taken against Equis Camp.” “Were you not a Hunter once for the ECP?” asked the hostile man. Why didn't someone shut him up? “I was, some years ago,” Gene replied easily. “You were taught many things about questioning, correct?” Gene nodded, his face impassive. “Including how to lie convincingly.” “Why, yes. I'm a teenage girl named Petunia, and I just love One Direction.” His scent never shifted to say he wasn't a teen...where had he come up with that bullshit? “No change in scent. How can we trust any of his testimony?” “Because I haven't said anything about you, Anthony. Keep your own tone civil, and I won't be forced to tell the truth about you.” That came out with the most venom I had ever heard from Gene. The look in his eyes was also one I would never want to be the target of. I would probably kill myself to save me from whatever tortures Gene could come up with. “Do we need to take a moment?” asked Minerva, her own tone warning. Everyone flinched when she spoke. Grandpa could use that tone, too, if he wanted. It stopped everyone and made them think of every sin they may have committed. If it was genetic, I couldn't wait to be able to do it. “I don't believe it will be necessary,” said Gene with a final look at this Anthony guy. “You may sit with your friends and family, Officer Johnson, while we deliberate,” said the Eldest and the seven Tribunal members got up and walked some distance away, all sound and scent of them vanishing. That was some potent wind magic. “So...spill,” said Zeke to Gene as he sat down. “What's with Anthony McShithead?” The eternal gossip wanted all the dirt. Gene grinned and shook his head. “As I know I won't get any peace until I tell you something, I will say this. He was once a fellow Hunter from a small pack that was absorbed by the ECP while Travis's predecessor was Alpha. Their alpha had died rather mysteriously, but no other alpha could be found to take the position since the last four alphas all died from questionable circumstances. Anthony tried to keep the pack together and appeared to be trying to place himself in as Alpha, but certain questions were raised about his activities leading up to the deaths.” All of us were listening with avid attention. Not only was it some seriously juicy gossip, but it was Gene telling a story. “With too many people not supporting him, Alpha Lawrence was approached to take in the pack since the ECP shared a border. He accepted. Anthony was rather vocal about his opposition to this. I can confirm two facts. One is Anthony hired a few Lycans to try and 'persuade' the others to follow him. The second is his hired goons were the ones that turned Travis Andrews, thus setting up the line of succession for the ECP. The mysterious death of Alpha Lawrence one year later made Travis the alpha, and I was on the investigation team. While I could not prove Anthony had a direct hand in it, I can say his brand of seditious talk was on the lips of those who did.” I know my scent went cold. My glare swept over to the Tribunal group, and I could see Rhava was looking right at me, gesturing for me to keep calm. How did he know I was about to charge over there and rip Anthony's fucking head off his shoulders and shit down his neck? Then I looked over to Marcus who was sitting a few seats away. “What are they saying?” His mouth quirked a little, but he spoke. “I was wondering if you would ask me that. I can relay Rhava's thoughts if you like.” I nodded. He moved over next to me. * * * “Rhava, could you make us private?” asked the Eldest. “Of course.” The barrier to stop scent and sound went up. Marcus, can you still hear me? I can. Then remember everything said or not said, and let Cousin Dylan know if he asks. I shall, beloved. “It seems to me that all involved were innocent of harming this camp,” said one of the other Tribunal members. “Why the missionaries were even taken is beyond me.” “My brother wasn't taking any chances. They were treated far gentler than the rest.” Rhisi never takes any chances. Only if he thinks he will succeed does he act. True, my heart. Marcus replied. “Missing group members is reason enough to track them, but should they not have informed us they were coming?” asked another member. “All of them were taken outside our territory,” Minerva stated, “so no permissions were needed. True, they were very close, but still not within our lands. Questioned at the border would have been correct procedure, and I don't fault Rhisi for his behavior, but can we pass judgment on those who have done nothing wrong to us?” “At least one of them can be,” mumbled Anthony. Ah, here we go. Enter the idiot. Marcus just laughed at that. “Member Anthony is right. Officer Johnson is known to have been in special forces and even on some black op missions. It would not be out of the question should he have ulterior motives.” Member Trudeau's statement was plain. “Have you any dealings with Officer Johnson?” asked the Eldest. “Personally, no, but he was assigned to a border dispute some twenty years ago. His reports, if believed, had him getting into and out of a rogue gang's lands without being seen or detected with all the information on the real cause of the dispute.” His tone was even. “I don't say this in condemnation, only to say it is not out of the realm of possibility.” “Even with the brief statement of the Latrans?” asked Rhava. “That boy couldn't lie if he wanted to.” Anthony was about to comment when the Eldest spoke up. “You are correct, Member Rhava, about the coyote's lack of falsehood. I am willing to accept Officer Johnson's reasoning for being here since the members of the Homestead delegation didn't even flinch when he said he had been contacted by their alpha.” “They would vouch for him. He said it himself they were close.” Why is this sniveling mutt even on this Tribunal? Minerva asked of Rhava, which Marcus heard loud and clear. Teacher mine, Gene just told Dylan and crew why he doesn't trust Anthony. Rhava relayed that bit of news, and it made Minerva's eyes narrow. “They are very close. He was their teacher, as well as being a close family friend of Alan, Jonathan, and Dylan Davenport. I find it interesting that you don't trust him, Anthony, since it is widely known your actions led to the infection of no less than two humans, and the potential death of several alphas.” Minerva's gloves were off, especially when Anthony glared at her. “You even think of trying to cast that spell, mutt, and I will fry you.” Her voice held the tone of inescapable death. “Both of you will calm down,” said the Eldest firmly. “Minerva, those are very serious accusations.” “And true. Officer Johnson was the investigator who brought the facts to light. While the deaths of the alphas were not proven, evidence showed that Member Anthony had a hand in it. If nothing else, inciting and sedition could be proven. Which is why he was exiled from the ECP and even the lands of the Lycan Council.” Minerva had altered her tone to be civil and even, stating fact without emotion. Her gaze hadn't altered one bit. “Anthony, you are excused from this Tribunal hearing,” said the Eldest. His neutral expression belied the tension along his elderly body. When Anthony didn't move, the Eldest flicked one finger and Anthony went flying, landing some two hundred feet away. “Now, we will need to ask one other person to abstain from the vote.” “I will,” said Rhava. “To keep a simple majority, I'll abstain.” Why? Asked Marcus. Because Minerva and the Eldest are going to vote in favor. The only two undecideds are Member Trudeau and Member Featherdance. Marcus could see why Rhava stepped out. Trudeau was known to look at facts and show very little emotion. It was the main reason why he was on the Tribunal. “Thank you, Member Rhava, although it may decide the vote.” “With one so obviously against removed, one who is so obviously for must step out for balance and fairness.” Rhava was looking toward Anthony as he just lay there, still stunned from the spell. “Wise of you, young one,” said Featherdance from Swan Camp. “With the evidence given, shall we vote?” “A vote has been called,” said the Eldest. He held up a black leather pouch. Inside were seven stones that could be changed by magic to show the vote either way. White stones were for, gray for abstaining, and black for against. “Cast your vote.” Each voting member channeled a bit of magic into the bag. When they were done, the Eldest dumped the contents into his palm. * * * I saw Marcus flinch a bit, but he nodded, “Share with the class, Marcus,” I said, nudging him. He looked over to me. “I cannot see the verdict. Rhava has blocked it from me.” I growled a bit. What use was a spy when the spy withheld information? I glanced over at Anthony as he picked himself out of the dirt and jumped in front of Gene when his hand came up. The bolt of lightning just fizzled out in front of me, completely harmless. Score one for the curse scar...which brought its score up to one. Two other spells just vanished a few feet from me, and by then Phuong had joined the fray. Ever see anyone get struck by lightning? Well, in this case, it looked a lot like a cartoon. I could momentarily see Anthony's skeleton, his hair stood on end, and his body convulsed while sending off smoke. One bolt should not have done that, but I wasn't complaining. It did get the attention of the Tribunal, and Aunt Minnie's spell burned the clothes off his back. Something in me knew he would not be healing those burns. Ever. He stayed down this time. “Everyone okay?” asked Rhava as he rushed over. “Marcus? Phuong?” He checked them both over for injury and pulled them both into his long arms when he found them whole. “What did you hit him with?” Her innocent look was totally fake. “A spell I learned from a Norseman. A storm shaman. He called it 'Thor's Hammer,' and I think I see why. Also...brought up some groundwater under his feet. For added oomph, you understand.” She gave me a wink. Totally awesome. Rhava just gaped and pulled her into one steamy kiss. I thought she was going to hit him with Mjolnir, but she just wrapped her arms around his neck. I felt a hand fall on each of my shoulders. One was Gene, silently thanking me for stopping the spells. The other was Marcus, having to use me to keep him from falling over from the overflow. “Damn, her lips are soft,” he whispered, and I just laughed at him. “Were it anyone but you laughing at me, Dylan, I would have to hurt them.” But I understood. I had three perverted sex fiends in my head, he had one who at least shared his love for the same gender he liked. The Eldest motioned for one of the other Members to go check on Anthony, then he cleared his throat. “While I understand youthful passion, can we get on with the proceedings?” Rhava pulled away, and I could see three faces flushed red. “Thank you. Will all involved please stand for our decision.” Phuong hastily sat, looking cool and calm save for the flush in her cheeks. Rhava sheepishly took his place with the Tribunal. “The final decision of this Tribunal, with four votes for and three abstaining, is you have all been found innocent of crimes against our Camps.”
  12. Fantasyboy69

    Calling and Finding Home

    Only one character is based off real life, the rest are just the general people I have as family and friends.
  13. Fantasyboy69

    Calling and Finding Home

    As lucie put it so well, Ginger is one of Jon's friends. She was shown in book one (A Full Moon) when Dylan got his Halloween costume from Universal Studios. She is now Dylan's boss as he went into concept art mentioned in book 3. (Home To Roost)
  14. Fantasyboy69

    Calling and Finding Home

    As lucie put it so well, Ginger is one of Jon's friends. She was shown in book one (A Full Moon) when Dylan got his Halloween costume from Universal Studios. She is now Dylan's boss as he went into concept art mentioned in book 3. (Home To Roost)
  15. Fantasyboy69

    Calling and Finding Home

    Before anything else, I had a few calls to make. First one seemed more important at the moment, although I don't know if Dad would agree. I dialed home. “Homestead, this is Heather.” “Hello, beautiful,” I said with a bit of a purr in my voice. I had missed her. Love the guys, but they were no substitute for her. “Hello yourself, handsome. Is it safe for you to call?” She knew I needed to stay as quiet as I could. My sarcastic self was thinking that she should have guessed it was safe or else I wouldn't have called. “Yeah. We found them.” I could hear her cheering and calling for Grandpa. I could even hear him storming into the room. She put us on speaker phone. “Well, that saves me having to ask you to get Grandpa.” “Where are you?” asked Grandpa Alan. His Aussie accent was so clear. I wondered if Aunt Minerva lost hers or if Grandpa had moved to Rooville very young. “In the middle of nowhere. Everyone is fine, except Wallace. We lost him.” I hated delivering the news, but it had to be passed on. “Zeke's calling Salt Lake.” “We'll pass on the news. When will you be back?” Heather wasn't cheering now. Her tone was flat. Any loss was a bad one. “After the solstice. With or without everyone.” I laid it all out, but I saved the good news for last. “Good thing is, we have two of the four votes needed from the Tribunal to clear them. Oh, by the way, Grandpa, Aunt Minnie says hi.” The small gasp was clear. Yay, I shocked him. “Minerva?” “Yup. She's awesome. So are my cousins.” Which meant I had to tell them about that. It was probably the best news as far as Grandpa went. Losing family meant the same to him as growing up without one meant to me. I could almost hear Heather shaking her head. “You're an ass, love. Alan, I'm marrying and mating an ass.” Such fondness in her voice though. “You wanted him. He's your problem now. You had a year to back out.” I love my sarcastic family. “After all that, I guess I can keep him. I mean, he bathes regularly, doesn't make too many messes, he's potty trained,” Heather recited the general grievance list of every woman in TV and movie tropes. “Tell Min...tell my big sis I miss her,” said Grandpa. His voice sounded a bit choked up, but I would expect no less. I knew it was mostly the lost time he was sad about. “Grandpa, Homestead would survive one day without an Alpha figure. I know Dad's annoying the Council the death, and you agreed to watch over the pack, but you should come up here and spend the solstice with us.” It was a long shot because I knew he would most likely decline. He took his place within the pack very seriously, and with Papa Travis now on the Council, there would no one to make the executive decisions. I knew that Homestead could govern itself for one day. “I wish I could, Dyl. Perhaps when all this has passed, I will make my way up there. Now that I know where she is, I can visit.” He sounded a little hesitant, but I knew he would see her. “I know she would like that. I need to call Dad. Let him know what's what.” I didn't want to, because he was dealing with the Council and I wasn't there in my capacity as Prime Enforcer. It could seem to the Council that Homestead could not afford to send out hunters and bring their hierarchy to the meeting. It could be seen as weakness. At least Dean and Kao should be there by now. “You do that. I'm proud of you, Dylan. It sounds like you have done what is necessary to ensure the safe return of all our people.” I could hear the pride, pardon the pun, in his voice. After saying my goodbyes, which were very different to Grandpa and Heather, I called Dad. It would not be pretty. It rang three times and Pat answered. The only reason Pat answered was Dad was arguing with someone on the Council, loudly, and with some very inventive phrases including things that were anatomically impossible. “Tell me you have good news.” He sounded tense, but with the shouting in the background, I didn't have to guess why. Normally Pat was the soul of courtesy. He usually sounded chipper or at least professionally courteous. “We found them. All but Wallace survived.” I went on to tell him what had happened and what would happen in the coming days. “Good. Jon, it's Dyl,” said my other dad. He said it quietly but all arguing stopped. “Talk to me, son,” said Dad, and I knew that everyone was straining to hear me. Again, I told him what was going on. I could almost hear his grin spread over his face, although he had grunted when I told him Wallace had died. “Dyl, you're awesome. I knew it was right to send my best to do what the Council could or would not. Keep us posted if anything comes up.” “Sure, Dad.” I wasn't upset when he hung up. He had more important things to deal with than tearful goodbyes. Like bragging about how awesome I am. I turned to everyone. “Dad is yelling at the Council for being morons and unable to do in months what we did in a week.” Rhisi looked shocked. “Alpha Davenport is...yelling at the Council?” I nodded with a smile on my face. “I've heard he is rather laid back...but it's the Council.” He sounded like a cheesy robot saying It does not compute. Colton grinned. “Jon's great. Pretty chill. Until you piss him off. Then he is one hundred percent asshole, the most stubborn shit you've ever met thanks to being raised by an Aussie, and an alpha to boot. Watching him bump heads with the Council would be funny. The bureaucrats wouldn't stand a chance. Except for Councilman Andrews, but he wouldn't fight with Jon.” This last he said as a bit of an afterthought. “Why is that?” Rhava asked, a lopsided grin on his face. I could tell he was already pretty comfortable around us freaks. “He's my other grandpa,” I said. “Dad is his son-in-law.” “So...had you been hurt or worse, Equis Camp would have pissed off Homestead, the Davenport Solaris, Salt Lake City Pack, Rogue Valley Flock, and the former alpha of the East Coast Pack.” I think the idea of just how connected I was finally hit home. Poor Rhisi looked like he just had a death sentence revoked. “Close. You would have pissed off my dads, my grandpas, probably would have annoyed SLCP, pissed off my Uncle Dean and his mate Kao, who is the brother of Phuong, and probably the Whitebears simply because the slightly smaller mountain over there adopted me as his brother.” I was grinning. “Oh, let's not forget Ginger.” “Do I even want to know?” asked Rhava. “No...she's the scariest.” I know my face turned a bit whiter at the mention of my honorary aunt. Trust me when I say I have seen enraged lions, a pack of wolves take down a rival pack, a cold-blooded execution via cranial bullet, and none of them scared me as much as Ginger. I missed one deadline because of a power outage, and I was in fear for my balls if not my life. Ever hear your life ending when you read a politely phrased email? It doesn't flash. It screams like it's being fucked by a cactus while being dragged away to be eaten by rabid wolverines while nibbled on by fire ants. She's human. “So what's next?” asked Zeke. Most of us shared glances, and then all eyes looked at Rhisi. Since he was the head of security here, he would have a say in it. “You can stay and set up here or move into the camp proper. As both guests of our spiritual leader and related by blood, to deny you the camp would be a very large breach in custom.” I got the feeling that customs were important to the people of Equis Camp. “Kinda sticks in your craw, doesn't it?” I asked. Probably not the kindest move on my part, but he deserved a good bit of ribbing for trying to have us arrested. “A bit, but I can still throw you into the cave if you lip off too much.” His face said he was serious, but he couldn't keep the humor out of his eyes. Nice to know Rhisi wasn't a dick, just worried and willing to shoot first and question the bodies. That runs in the family. “Here will be fine,” said Phuong, and none of us even thought of speaking against her. Rhava nodded. “Relax, if you can, until the Tribunal meets. It would be an honor to have you join us for a meal tonight. Quite a few of us are vegetarian, but I know we have some wild turkey.” “Any fish?” asked Zeke, and Quintin and Colton smacked the back of his head. “Whaaaat? Honest question. You guys know what happens if I eat turkey.” Colton couldn't help himself, and he said it before I did. “He snores...from both ends...very loudly.” Only Phuong looked scandalized, but I think it was mostly feigned. “Anything else embarrassing you want to tell about me?” Zeke grumbled. Does he not think before he speaks? How could he not see he was giving us an opening? “When you orgasm your eyes roll back and your face turns super red,” I said with the straightest face I could. I was waiting to see if anyone was going to ask how I knew, but in this crowd, it was probably damned obvious I would know. “Bears do shit in the woods,” said Quint. “You're a total bottom whore,” said Colton, who was even more of a bottom. “You look at Quintin and Colton like a hungry man does a buffet. No idea where to start, but you know you wanna eat it all. 'I'll start with the Colton, then have the Quintin, over easy, and maybe some Dylan for dessert.'” Rhava's comment brought a blush creeping up Zeke's face. He wasn't angry at all. He was trying not to laugh. It's pretty bad when people you barely knew had embarrassing things to say about you. Especially when they are so spot on. “Fighting gives you a boner,” said Phuong from completely out of left field. Yup, there was the full blush which had us all laughing at him. We all looked at Rhisi as if it was his turn to embarrass Zeke. He just stood there with his arms folded, a vacant look in his eyes. “Nothing?” asked Zeke after too long a silence. Rhisi shook his head to clear the cobwebs. “Sorry, I was wondering if you would look better as a rug or a comforter. You have such a nice pelt. What did you ask?” No sound. Nothing. Then Zeke shook his head. “I know I'm hairy, but I don't have a pelt.” Rhisi's answering grin was perfect. “Yup, being an ass runs in the family,” he grumbled with his own smile lurking. The meal was sublime...yeah, I said sublime. At least I stopped myself from saying totally tubular, which was actually very hard. Dad and Uncle Dean and their damned surfer lingo. There was more than enough to go around even when you added four hungry boys and a bottomless pit of hottie named Phuong. There had been fish, courtesy of Aunt Minnie dropping a discrete word to two hunters. I was proud of my packmates. They didn't eat the Camp out of house and home. I knew they could eat thrice what they did and still eye a four-tier cake for first dessert. Hobbits, the lot of them. They also pitched in on clean up, citing familial ties. No one, even those who felt it rude to have guests work, said anything after that. I think it was mostly because the guys were stripped to the waist and most of the workers were women. Zeke and his massive muscles, Colton and his slightly husky build, Quintin with his broad shoulders and lean physique. Eye candy all around. Of course, the women understood why their shirts came off. When buckets of water get tossed around, it's easier to retaliate when you're not encumbered by a clinging wet shirt. Zeke tried to soak Phuong, but the water just stopped in mid-splash, reversed course, and drenched the man. “I should have seen that coming,” he said evenly, tapping his chin. Shrugging his shoulders, he went back to scrubbing the pans. One Skifter, a younger girl, tugged on my shirt as she looked up at me with solemn eyes. “Yes, little lady?” “Why are the boys doing women's work?” Her tone was just as solemn as he face. “Well, Zeke's mama runs a boarding house. Do you know what that is?” She shook her head. “She opens her house to anyone in need of shelter, and all she asks is a bit of help around the property. Zeke does dishes as well as chops wood. He was taught to help out where there is a need. Colton has a lot of younger siblings, so he had to help his mama take care of them. That meant doing dishes when there were any to be done. Quintin was in the military.” That was all the reason needed for him. “Oh. Why aren't you helping?” Ah, the Eternal Question...I fucking hate the sound of “WHYYYYY?” “I'm clumsy and break too many dishes when I try to wash them. Aunt Minnie would skin me alive if I broke something.” I could see Minerva's mouth quirk up in a small grin. “Oh. Then you are free to help me.” Which is how I found myself building a temporary tree house with four benches that can seat twelve. Apparently, none of the elders of the Camp would help her. I guess she was supposed to learn, but one thing I learned was never to give a kid tools and leave them alone. Rather, Dad found that out when I left a few parts out of his car engine when I was learning auto-shop. That fix came out of my allowance for six months. The next day passed quickly, and I spent all of it at Sun Camp as I tried to form a familiar bond with the other Solaris. I could feel it easily with Aunt Minerva, and I had come to know Marcus enough to trust him. The other two were aloof. The other lion was polite but retained his distance. Not a good way to build the bond I would need to keep calm during the solstice. The eagle...gave me a nod. That was it. I had gotten friendlier welcomes from rival packs. We ate every meal together. I guess in hopes of building that bond. Nope, not feelin' it. It was making me itchy with all the silence from half of the Camp's members. Conversation flowed freely between myself and Marcus. Having a shared annoyance, we hit it off fairly well. Aunt Minnie seemed to ignore the other two but aware that I was agitated. I finally just blurted out, “Don't you two ever talk?” Their expressions were a bit annoyed but hurt at the same time. “Dylan...both of them have been trying to speak with you.” I looked at Marcus like he was crazy. I can be pretty oblivious at times, but this wasn't one of them. “You were told that spells just bounce off you. All four of us have been trying to let you know mentally to relax. Our spells just keep vanishing.” “You do know how silly it sounds to try and tell me to relax with magic that bounces off? Staying quiet which I know you can tell is making me edgy and making me tense? You do realize this, right?” I know I sounded sarcastic, but come on. They had to realize it. Henri, the other lion, shook his head. “How can you be so nervous around your own kind?” That French accent was thick, so I could see why he might not speak much. English was obviously not his first language. “Oh it's not you personally, or even Solaris. I just really hate magic.” That shocked them. “Why?” asked the eagle quietly, finally speaking. “It is a personal...” began Aunt Minnie, but I took off my shirt and showed them my scar. “This is why. I don't know you two at all. I know Minerva wouldn't hurt me, and Marcus wouldn't hurt a fly.” Again, I don't really know how I knew this. “You wield magic, and I don't trust magic. Forgive me for being blunt, but I have damn good reasons to hate spells.” Marcus placed a hand on my bare shoulder and gave it a squeeze. “Take a moment, Dylan. Find your peace,” he advised. His voice was soothing, and it work on me almost as well as if Quint had just put his hand on my shoulder. I did. I closed my eyes. I knew I was nervous and my flight or fight response was ready to jump either way. In my head I could see Heather in one of my shirts and nothing else, cooking breakfast. She looked over her shoulder and smiled so sweetly. This was my peace. Then, of course, Quintin and the boys just barged in and hopped into bed with me for cuddles. Heather shook her head and added more batter and bacon, a fond look in her eyes. As annoying as my friends are, it didn't disturb my peace. It was part of it. This, Heather and the guys, this was my peace. I couldn't deny it, and I could feel Quintin's happiness from our camp. I love you, too, Creep. I didn't push away the unease. It just floated away like a balloon into a puffball cloudy sky. When I opened my eyes, all four were looking at me with the gentlest smiles. “You're in my head now, aren't you?” I didn't need to ask, I could feel it. Rather, I could feel Minerva. She was the only one truly in my head, the other three were in hers. “I won't apologize for what you see in there. I live in it and get scared.” And, just to prove the point, Quintin and the boys were having mental sex right now and all of Sun Camp could see it. I couldn't block them out either, but I had warned them they wouldn't like what was in my head. Minerva was just laughing. Henri was shaking his head and trying to look disgusted and amused at the same time. The eagle, whose name was never said, had a look that spoke of so little amusement. Marcus was blushing so hard. “No wonder you are crazy. Having that in my head would send me off my rocker.” “Feel lucky your soulmate is straight. I get gay porn in my head.” And a boner in my pants which I had to hide behind my lunch platter. They all knew it, but that didn't mean I liked it. Much. Thankfully, Minerva left my head. “Remind me to speak to those boys about appropriate behavior.” “Oh, I will. If you want, I can give you their mothers' phone numbers.” That evil thought had me smiling the rest of the day. * * * I was itchy. I hated this part of solar events. I didn't have much of a choice whether I shifted during them, and that made it a bit worse. The Sun Camp residents were all outside, and had I not been raised by Lycans, I might have been shocked by everyone being nude. Myself included. The only comment I received was from Marcus. “I feel so sorry for your future wife,” he said with a wince. I looked down and shrugged. “And you wonder why I question when the guys want to have me top.” That made Marcus snort. All of us were aware of when the event was close because our bodies told us. Judging by their faces, the others were just as uncomfortable as me. A tingling that radiated from the spine, gripped the scar on my chest, and the rest is flashes. Fragments of memory I couldn't say were mine. A large lioness grooming me, a dog wiggling his hind end as he wanted to play, and bringing down a deer. My human side was so buried I couldn't even remember my name. I didn't have a name. I was Lion. He was Dog. She was Lioness. I do remember one thing, or rather three. Lynx, Bear, and Coyote had come to lay with me and share my kill. My Pride had come to share in my hunt, and I gave to them freely as I would have my mate. Bear and Coyote had remained on two legs and made the fire to burn their portions, but Lynx had joined me in the fur and licked my muzzle free of blood. As I did for him. Brother, beloved, friend...lover. No human words could describe who Lynx was to me, and Bear and Coyote were part of us. My mate would have her paws full when we returned. * * * The first thing I remembered was feeling Quintin nuzzle deeper into my side. We were both nude, both bipedal, and it felt nice to have him there. I looked over to see Zeke cuddling Colton, lightly tracing his fingers across his chest, naked. I felt something stirring within me. Some strange new feeling. It wasn't a sexual feeling. It was something I had missed before I met Dad. This was family. Once I married and mated Heather, my family would be complete. I smiled softly when Colton and Zeke joined us in our snuggle. Colton curled up with Quintin between us and gave him a relaxed and sleepy kiss. Zeke spooned up behind me, draping his big arm over all three of us. I turned slightly to look into his warm eyes. I wasn't surprised when he kissed me, not even when there was a little tongue action. Hell, I wasn't even surprised when I kissed him back. There was no use in denying I loved these men as much as I loved Heather. My only thought was to wonder if she would be okay having a reverse harem. I heard a quiet click and looked to see Zeke had snapped a picture of us...and saw him send it to Heather with the caption “wish you were here.” Almost instantly came her reply. Keep your dick out of my fiance until I get a chance to break him in. I wish I was there, too. “I love her,” said Zeke with a grin. “Where would you be?” he texted. Without missing a beat, her reply had us laughing hard enough to wake Quint. I have three holes, two hands, and a nice set of tits, use your imagination. Perhaps she would be okay with the harem. The wind shifted, and all of us looked over to see Aunt Minnie there, dressed in what looked like official robes of office. “Sorry to break up this wonderful scene,” and there was no sarcasm or joking in her voice or scent, “but the Tribunal meets in one hour.” “Thanks, Aunt Minnie. Held in Equis Camp, right?” She nodded in response. “Okay. Let's get up, guys.” Colton chuckled. “Too late.”

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