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  1. Fantasyboy69


    Heeeeey...I know Burney! I live an hour from the falls and I'm just grinning at seeing a local landmark in someone else's story
  2. Fantasyboy69

    Chapter 6

    He had/has a human father who was a hunter. I use had/has because the dad isn't pivotal and I never bothered to think past the mentioning of him.
  3. The Colton character is based off a friend of mine who was dating a guy named Michael at the time I wrote "Peace and Quiet" and the subsequent short that followed. They broke up and I didn't feel right keeping them together, but I had no problem with putting him with the others.
  4. Thank you. Being compared favorably to Rob is a huge compliment. I had originally asked if I could do a fan fic using one of his characters, but he declined and encouraged me to write my own Lycan story. So I did. I had no idea it would turn into what it has, but I am grateful to him for his encouragement, and to everyone who has stuck with this. Also, Travis did not die. I could see some confusion when he came to walk Heather down the aisle, but he is still alive and kicking.
  5. I knew this talk was coming. I had known it for a while, but it was still a bit of a shock when it actually happened. I never thought he would have the balls to do it. "Hey, Heather?" he had asked. He seemed so hesitant, which was very unlike him. Ever since he had come back from the battle at the ECP HQ, he had been a bit more subdued than usual. Was it this talk or was it something more? "Yes, Dylan?" I knew the only thing this could be about was him and his boys, at least I hope that was it. I gestured to the table for us to sit. I say "his boys" because they are his best friend
  6. This entire series is just a bunch of silly shorts and a way to get them out of my head. Don't expect them to ever be turned into longer versions
  7. Maybe if inspiration strikes. I'll probably post in the Shorts section periodically, but I don't know.
  8. Oh you'll get it. Like I'm going to pass up Dylan's "special" time with the boys
  9. When Pat and I finally got back to Montana, it seemed as if the entire pack was waiting for us. Not just our pack. Several of our neighboring packs had sent people to welcome us home. I could easily pick out Pop, Dylan, and Aunt Minerva since they were taller than everyone else. Banners were hung from tall poles, a few flags waved, and lots of cheers went up. Pat took my hand and leaned in. “I think they missed us or something.” “Or something. Jeeze.” We went down the stairs to the tarmac, and I lost count at two hundred seventy-ish hugs. Had I been any sort of claustrophobic, I would
  10. Fantasyboy69

    Chapter 21

    Honestly, no. I might include it in the semi-planned sequel, but I hadn't thought too much about his story past a rough outline.
  11. So...write about thirty more books? LOL. I will be wrapping up some loose ends, but I don't think I have the ability to wrap them all up without nuking the planet. BOOOM! They die. The end. Not for me. Besides, I like when readers dream their own endings to what I leave loose. As for Alice, it was clearly stated it was "woman's intuition"...(do you work for the Council?) I just never said WHICH woman.
  12. The weddings will be its own short which will be posted as soon as I write it. As for Victoria, Xander, and the boys, I might do something if I can get something to pan out.
  13. The Council took a recess to come to some sort of closed decision, and we wouldn’t meet again until the following morning. It was lunch. Part of me wanted to yell at them to just punish me and get it over with, but then the functional part of my brain, better known as my husband, told me they would have taken me into custody if there was even the remotest chance they were going to punish me. Since my declaration of responsibility told them to gimme their worst and leave the rest alone, I was hopeful I would be completely punishment free. It had been two months since the battle, and I wishe
  14. Fantasyboy69

    Chapter 13

    There is a cure for readus interuptus...actually, it's me getting back into this one. I am on the last few chapters of the last book of my Homestead series, so this might be getting an update
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