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  1. To my handful of fans who are wondering when I'm going to continue with the story of Mark & Carl that I began in About Carl:


    I'm having trouble getting motivated on the sequel, Loyal Opposition. I have the rest of it diagrammed and know what I want to do with the two characters, and I intended to continue their story while immersing them in the world of politics, which is a big interest of mine. However, I'm finding politics to be a very toxic and unpleasant subject right now (including here in Canada) and to be honest I'm just not feeling the enthusiasm to write on that theme at the moment. I will get back to this story at some point, but I have to put it on hold right now until I'm in a better frame of mind.


    That being said, I'm planning to write a series of loosely-connected short stories set in the fictional Selkirk County of the About Carl series, about gay men living in rural Ontario (a subject close to my heart). I plan to start work on that very soon. 


    Stay tuned!

  2. Conservatives in Canada are generally a different breed than in the US. Canadians pay high taxes for a generous social safety net and public health care; no political party in Canada would advocate dismantling any of this, conservative or otherwise. Fiscal conservatism in Canada usually means things like rolling back subsidies for corporations, selling off state-run industries, eliminating supply management in agriculture and curbing the considerable size and compensation of the civil service.
  3. Chapter 2 of my new story "Loyal Opposition" has been published. I hope you enjoy it.

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    2. Timothy M.
    3. Diogenes


      Yes, I'm a slow writer - sorry for the delay. I'll try to speed up production in the future. :)

    4. Timothy M.

      Timothy M.

      Nah, it's OK, I'm not much better myself.

  4. I had a moment of disorientation as I gradually surfaced from a deep sleep. What day was it? Was I late for school? Sunlight was seeping into the bedroom through the closed curtains, and I could feel Dan’s naked body stretched out beside me, radiating warmth, his arm casually draped over me. Through the fog of sleep, I realized that it was Saturday and I had two days of freedom to spend with my boyfriend. Maybe we’d start with some slow, lazy love-making. I rolled over to face him, gazing at his handsome face as he lay sleeping beside me, his dark black hair dishevelled, his whiskers shading h
  5. Another heartwarming chapter, Parker. I love stories like this - ordinary men finding love in real communities. It may seem commonplace to straight people, but to gay men like me it's really sweet, and unusual.
  6. Diogenes


    Thanks, Parker. Yes, those darn cell phones seem to be going off at the most inopportune moments. This particular cell-phone scandal is based on a real event that happened a few years ago to an Ontario politician during an election. He too was forced to step aside with just weeks to go before election day.
  7. Diogenes


    Thanks - it's good to be back to writing again now that I've finished off some other projects. I'm enjoying taking these characters off in a direction that is completely fictional - I can indulge in some fantasy with them. This new story is also a way for me to incorporate my love of politics - particularly appropriate right now, I think.
  8. Diogenes


    There seems to be something about politics that brings out the worst in some people. I wonder if the rush of being a politician encourages some men (it always seems to be men) to engage in risky behaviour, or if risk-takers are just naturally attracted to politics.
  9. Yes, ridings are redrawn every 10 years after the census. The principle for redrawing boundaries is that every riding has the same number of people in it. Consequently, cities have latge numbers of geographically small ridings while rural ridings like Selkirk-Ettrick River are very large but sparsely populated. This is similar to Congressional districts in the US.
  10. The bell rang announcing the end of the last period of the day, and my students noisily gathered their things and headed out the door. In the hallway, locker doors slammed, and 900 teenagers, glad to be finally released on the last day of the week, headed for the school buses. Over the din I heard the familiar burst of static from the school’s ancient PA system, warning that an announcement was coming. My ears perked up when I heard my name. “Mr. Nielsen to the office, please. Mr. Nielsen.” Dammit. It was Friday, and I was anxious to get out of the Milfield High School building and head home
  11. Chapter 1 of my new story "Loyal Opposition" has finally been published. I hope you enjoy it.

  12. Most of the characters in Loyal Opposition are involved in Canadian politics, either directly or peripherally. For non-Canadian readers, here’s a brief civics lesson on the Canadian political system which might help explain some unfamiliar terms used in the story. Canada is a federation comprised of ten provinces with full powers and three territories that have partial powers, each with its own elected government responsible for constitutional areas of regional interest. There is a federal government responsible for constitutional areas of national interest. As a legacy from Canada’s origin a
  13. Thanks for your kind words - I`m glad you enjoyed the story. And yes, things have worked out well for me in my own life too.
  14. I'm back! Working on a new story that's a wholly-fictional sequel to About Carl. I should have something published in a week or two.

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      Interesting, you wrapped the first up so well. It I'll be checking that out for sure

    3. Parker Owens
    4. Timothy M.

      Timothy M.

      Cool, I look forward to it.

  15. I'm just getting caught up on this story, Parker. Beautiful conclusion to a beautiful story. I love these two characters.
  16. Thank you so much everyone for your kind comments. I've been taking a break from writing for a few months while I worked on some other projects and haven't logged on to GA in a while - what a pleasant surprise to see this wonderful review waiting for me. I'm so glad this story meant something to everyone who commented. I'm planning to write some more about Mark and Carl later this fall - I've been working out the rough story details and I'm almost there. Stay tuned!
  17. Diogenes

    Chapter 1

    Great start - looking forward to following this story. You have a real talent for writing dialogue.
  18. Diogenes

    Chapter 1

    Mark Spitz is 66 years old now and still looks great.
  19. Thanks for the comment, Timothy. I had the same thoughts about expanding the story to include more about Dan & Mark, but decided to leave that for another time. I agree that the ending was a little abrupt, but I have more planned for Mark and Dan (and Carl). Stay tuned.
  20. Thank you, Tim - I'm glad you enjoyed the story. I have more planned for Mark and Carl - stay tuned.
  21. Very sweet. And a great sex scene, too.
  22. Diogenes

    Chapter 1

    A beautiful little story, Parker. I loved the fact that it was set in Niagara Falls - I know it well.
  23. The final chapter of "About Carl" has been published. Thanks everyone for following along.

  24. That song “Goodbye” was playing on the car radio. It was the song I listened to after I saw Carl for the last time. Almost eight years have gone by, and now I don't think about him very often, about how he's moving down a separate path from me, without me. But every now and then a smell, a photograph, or a song triggers something in me, and the memories come flooding back. I remember holdin' on to you, All them long and lonely nights I put you through, Somewhere in there I'm sure I made you cry, But I can't remember if we said goodbye. I pulled my truck to the side of the road. I sat, tea
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