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  1. I was actually planning to your read your writing after I finish my current stories. But anyhow I'm actually from the west Midlands who moved to the south 4 years ago. It was a surprisingly refreshing change of pace though
  2. Camper

    Chapter 19

    The story as a whole is a gripping tale, which im dying to read more. The relationship between Zack and his father is horrible, and it pushes me to read further as I am wanting his father to get the punishment that he deserves. I really believe that if Zach did tell his mother then it would be the step forward he needs to ending this disgusting relationship, but I also understand why he doesn't and the turmoil within Zack's head about this decision is well written. Im dying to read more and will be here when it is available.
  3. Hey, I noticed that you added me. Nice to meet you :)

    1. Joen



      Nice to meet yu too! :)


  4. A comedy program in the UK i have been watching recently is called 'Cucumber'. Its main character is a mature gay man living in manchester and his relationship around other gay men his age and younger. Has some situations that Icould relate to, but It occasionally does give the impression that gay men don't want monogamous relationships.
  5. True motivation for going is to make 'me' healthier, but people watching is an added bonus.
  6. Welcome to GA!

    1. Camper


      Thank you, its nice to be here :)

  7. You'll need to have 5 active posts before the site opens completely. It's an anti spam thing. Be welcome!

    1. Camper


      Thankyou for letting me know.

  8. Hey I'm Stuart and I'm from the UK. it's pretty late right now and the massive amount of stories on this site isn't really helping me get some sleep. There just isn't enough time in the day
  9. Camper

    Chapter 17

    I really enjoy reading your stories. The new kid at school world is my favourite I think as there is so much going on, leading to lots of different stories that I want to learn more and more about. I loved Ariel as a character in the main story and wished that I could have the chance to read more about him once he was getting introduced to Tyler. So Once I saw 'kiss of an angel' I was ecstatic and I have binge read the entire story. He has probably become my favourite character within the world you have created. It really is an enjoyable story to read and I even laughed out loud during particu
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