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  1. after 8 months .. my affair is over .. BF gts his husband back in 2 weeks .. oh well i knew it was going to happen :(

    1. clochette


      Sorry to hear :( He didn't deserve you then, I'm sure you'll find someone just for you :)

  2. Happy birthday! I hope everything is going great for you :)

  3. home again after spending 2 1/2 months at BF's

    1. clochette


      Getting serious? ^^

  4. back home for a couple of days after 2 weeks at BF's

    1. clochette


      Good! Happy for you :)

  5. off to see Spectre tomorrow .. imax .. nice to cuddle up in the dark

  6. happy hump day

  7. hope everyone had a great weekend . spent mine at a country hotel & country walks in sunshine with BF

    1. clochette


      Seems like someone has a lot of fun ^^ Happy for you *hug*

    2. MarcW


      went on a date last night with a new guy (one i went to the hotel with is married - so time to wean off him - although we r going to the theater this weekend & cinema on the 1st) anyway drinks & sushi - very nice

  8. 1st bout of flu for the season .. :(

    1. clochette


      **hands tissus** Hope you'll feel better soon *hugs from afar*

  9. just had a big online argument with a guy i really like - i dont think he'll be talking to me again :(

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. MarcW


      "we're not going anywhere", "we'll still be friends", "you need t find someone else" - so when i do all hell breaks loose - confused & moving on !

    3. MarcW


      btw written like this as there's a word limit here that's not in the blog

    4. Zombie


      ah yes, see what you mean - can't improve on the Walker Brothers: "breaking up is so very hard to do"

  10. ventriloquism ... because i can never pronounce it correctly
  11. fantastic ending to book 8 ... now the long long wait for the (not so secret ) adventures to continue in book 9 x's & o's as always
  12. going to have a long talk about where me & R are going - i suspect its nowhere fast :(

    1. MarcW


      i was right ... so now we are just online friends :(

      i wonder how long that'll last - i would want to see him f2f as well

  13. good morning world - let battle commence !

  14. the problem with drinking to excesss is that sometimes i think of what a fuck up iv made of my life & perhaps i should just skip this cycle ... if i wasnt to much of a coward .. so of course i wont do anything so no worries

  15. pissed off at work ... pissed off outside work ... just generally pissed off :(

    1. clochette


      Sit in a café, take a deap breath, I'll bring you a drink and we'll watch the cute guys walk by lol ;) *hug*

    2. Puppilull


      Time to get just pissed?

    3. MarcW


      over worked & under loved :(

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