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  1. mitchelll


    Not finished yet, but not abandoned. And since all of my stories feature HEA endings, I figured it wasn’t too much of a spoiler.
  2. Chapter 2 Bumpy Landing Andy stirred. He wasn’t fully conscious, but he could sense heat and dampness, wrinkled sheets clinging to his sweaty skin. The pain swirling around his head prevented him from opening his eyes fully, and through the slits he managed to produce, Andy could only see darkness. He also heard, as from very far away, the sound of rain pounding down on walls and windows. Very slowly, and painfully, he pulled himself to a sitting position, a loud groan slipping from his dry lips. “Hey, blondie, you up?” Andy heard faintly. He felt rather than saw, a large pre
  3. mitchelll

    Coming Down

    It's not really a spoiler to let you know that those pix are going to have a huge impact on Andy (and Will). And poor Andy is indeed floundering.
  4. mitchelll

    Coming Down

    Thanks so much for reading.
  5. mitchelll

    Coming Down

    I'm glad you think so. Thanks for reading.
  6. Andy stared into the mirror. “What have they done to me?” he asked himself, not recognizing the person he saw reflected; though, if he were honest with himself, Andy would admit he hadn’t known exactly who the man in the mirror was for some time. “Come on, Andy,” his co-star pleaded, “it’ll be fun. You can show off your new hair.” “That’s not really selling the idea,” he said. “I hate it.” “Blonds are supposed to have more fun. Come out with us and see if it’s true. We need to be celebrating. The show’s already got great buzz, and we’ve barely even begun shooting.” Skylar, a petite
  7. I do see some of the suggestions; like I see how the possible infidelity doesn’t really advance the plot (though I personally found it intriguing back story), but I felt the sister in law actually presented a believable impediment. this does explain why I am disappointed with a lot of the m\m romance I read on kindle unlimited. They’re usually pleasant enough, but I often find them too sparse and simplistic. I mean amateur writing can suffer from too much unnecessary filler, and I think a great editor can do amazing things, but editing can go too far. i don’t recall t
  8. Does the MC end up with his friend’s dad, living in the Caribbean? It sounds like Knowing I’m Going to Get Fucked by Peterbilt, ended on Dec 2011. That one also ends with a visit to a cemetery a few years after starting, but no bar in final chapter.
  9. mitchelll


    I'm glad you enjoyed it. Honestly, I got confused and thought Al Green had done the version with Tami Terrell, but then I figured, it's such a great song, might as well feature as many versions as possible. Diana Ross's is my personal favorite, but you can't really dance to that version. I do have tentative plans for a third story, but still working on the idea. I do plan to feature the characters in cameos in other stories set in New Orleans.
  10. mitchelll


    I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for reading.
  11. mitchelll


    I'm glad you enjoyed it.
  12. mitchelll


    I'm glad you enjoyed it. And I definitely planned on a happy ending from the beginning (though poor Casey didn't make it out alive of the first few drafts), but I wanted a certain amount of realism, and I didn't think a brief relationship, no matter how powerful, would be enough for someone like Waylon to immediately throw the closet doors open. I figured he would need time to decided if it was worth it and then do it slowly and methodically. I do have some ideas for a third book, but they are germinating slowly.
  13. mitchelll


    I'm glad you enjoyed it. I felt Waylon was the kind of guy who wouldn't rush and wouldn't want to waste Bruno's time; who would want to make sure his "i"s were dotted and his "t"s were crossed before he went forward. He knew Bruno's dealbreaker, and wanted to make sure he was out of the closet. And for someone deep in, stepping out of it can take some time.
  14. mitchelll


    I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thank you so much for reading.
  15. After a brutal breakup, shop owner Bruno Vignau has focused on rebuilding his life. Now a horrific series of events threaten to tear that new life apart. This story contains characters introduced in Mr. Brightside, but is not a direct sequel.
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