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  1. Dyaus

    Chapter 15

    Great way to stop Milan's self pity tirade! Yes, Rory!!!
  2. Dyaus

    Chapter 20 - Brady

    Epilogie??? What do you mean epilogue?!?! This cannot end this quicly!!! Thanks for the great read!!
  3. Dyaus

    Maybe the Sky Will Fall

    Love the story... I hope all had the same endings I noticed it, but I couldn't stop to comment on the mistake: there's an Andrew in the middle of the story that ought to be Austin
  4. Dyaus

    Maybe the Sky Will Fall

    Great reading, with a bit of crying involved if you like romantic stories. After having read it three times I can say it is one of my all-time favorites!
  5. Dyaus

    Chapter 26

    You made me cry, here! The feelings were very strong here... I loved it!
  6. Dyaus

    Chapter 14 - Ember

    You can't even imagine the way I suffer with every cliff-hanger... Today's hasn't been that drastic, but hey! It's your story and we must suffer your "quirks" 😜 Again, thanks for writing and letting us enjoy the story!
  7. Dyaus

    Chapter 14 - Ember

    love it, love it, love it!!! 😍
  8. Dyaus

    Chapter 37

    yes, yes, yes!!!! Beat them off to the other corner of the galaxy!!! (I cannot write louder for them to hear me!!!)
  9. Dyaus

    Chapter 13 Brady

    The way you build up the scene until it’s climax is the best I’ve read in a long time!! Congrats.... Pity that Mr Cliffhanger was invited again to the party!! I cannot wait until next week to see their reaction to Justin’s sudden appearance!! Kisses!!!
  10. Dyaus

    Chapter 12 - Ember

    I could kill someone for these cliffhangers... It's some kind of a love-hate relationship that I cannot get over... 😤
  11. Dyaus

    Chapter 11 - Brady

    Things get interesting!!!! At last November starts to act it up!!! Keep going, we love it when you steal the keyboard!!!
  12. Dyaus

    Chapter 10 - Ember

    oh dear!! and there is still one week for the next installment!!! 😭
  13. Dyaus

    Chapter 29

    Oh God!! At last! I thought the captain would be blind about the connection they shared until the very end, and we'd be suffering alongside Kohen!! Thanks for a great chapter!
  14. Dyaus


    No words. I feel like Mira trying to express everything I've felt without having to write it. I've laughed, hated, gotten nervous, cried (oh my god, how I hated that chapter!!!!). Thank you very, very much for this rollercoaster of emotions, and please, please, please, consider publishing. This ought to be out to the wider public. There is romance, adventure, and feelings... I've devoured the book. Now, on to the second installment!! By the way, some of the links to the maps aren't working! Hugs from Barcelona!
  15. Dyaus

    Chapter 23

    Falling in love with those two there... I love how it's written! keep with it!

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