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  1. Dyaus

    Chapter 34

    The nerves are killing me...! My eyes are still completely wet...! Keep it on!
  2. Dyaus

    Chapter 12

    i like this garjah guy!!! let's see what all thi story leads to!! Thanks!!
  3. Dyaus

    Chapter 24

    it is really beautiful!!! great work!!! thanks for your efforts!! 😘
  4. Dyaus

    Chapter 15

    really beautiful scene... Jimmy's nerves are very endearing and his and the wolf's playfulness makes me fall harder in love for the character..!! Thanks for sharing your art with words!!! I would never be able to express myself like that not even in my mother tongue!!! Congrats!!!
  5. Dyaus

    Family Matters

    Keep strong!!! A big hug from across the ocean!!! 😘😀😀
  6. Dyaus

    Chapter 12

    that Fergus guy is an ass... I can't stand him..!!
  7. Dyaus

    Weird Day

    I just can't believe you're already working on another piece!!!! Great intro.. let's see how everything develops!!!
  8. Second story I read from the same author. It has an unexpected beginning, unexpected middle and a terrifyingly romantic end. The story takes you from laughter to tears in the easiest way, and you fall in love the the characters as easily as they fall in love with each other. I must say that I really loved the spa session of Alex-Carter... I cried from laughter just remembering the one and only time I've suffered such thing. Thanks for your hard work and all the thought that must go to build up the plots!
  9. Dyaus


    Oh, the last sentence just got to me!!! And the waterworks start working again...! Great story with great characters and, of course, interrelated to a previous work.. It's a real treat readying your work..!
  10. Dyaus


    Great story till the very end....!! Congratulations!!! All goods things come to an end... and the whole story has been spectacular! Can wait for your next one!!! Thanks a lot!
  11. I just don't know how you do it, but i'm crying my eyes our... Am I just a little sentimental or what?? Thanks for the hard work and the non-stop surprises!!! I can't wait for the next installment!!!
  12. Dyaus


    Either I'm too sensitive because of the confinement or you're a great writer.... I think the second option is the one right one! Let us see what the future brings to that ass-hat of a preacher! Great chapter, my eyes got as rainy as the weather in Washington!
  13. Dyaus

    Meet the Parents

    Family dynamics are always difficult... Luckily he's an only child... or is he not??
  14. Dyaus

    Chapter 75

    oh my!!!! I can't believe!!! Out of the pan and onto the burning coals!!!
  15. Dyaus

    Chapter 72

    I'm really starting to dislike a bit too much these f*ckers...!
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