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  1. George Richard

    Chapter 30

    One of the stories I always waited with anticipation for the next chapter. So happy we now know that Jihan is recovering and there is more to come.
  2. George Richard

    The Farm

    Thanks for this great story—it added a lot to a great day. I would love to have more about these two!
  3. George Richard


    And again, as someone who has spent most of my working life in downtown Chicago and been to many concerts at Symphony Center, this was another especially meaningful chapter for me. There are no miscues in the madcap tour. 😁
  4. George Richard


    Your writing about the trip amazes me. I’ve lived near Chicago all my adult life and made many trips to Wisconsin on the route you described. Every detail about the route, Chicago streets and Symphony Center is perfect (and I’ve been going to the symphony for 50 years). My only complaint: only two chapters left ☹️
  5. The new chapters for today were added and I read them, but now I can’t reach the site.
  6. Welcome back! Good luck with the writing.
  7. Congratulations! I’m always happy to see another @lilansui story!
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