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    Chapter 20

    I think so the attack on the hallowed order was a mistake, they were probably trying to destroy shipments which were infected with the insanity causing substance Since until I remember The grain shipments came from yago’s territory. Maybe the hallowed order knew about this and was trying to stop the general population from getting infected.
  2. Hi Lilansui, First of all I am a big fan of your work and please keep it up. Secondly can you give any updates on when the next chapter of the reluctant consort will be published that would be great. 

    1. lilansui


      Hi Div! Thank you so much for reading my work! I've just updated The Reluctant Consort.  I'll work on sharing my update times from now on.  I've been obsessing a bit on the direction of the story this last week, so that's why it's taken a bit of time.  I'm on track now, so it will get easier. I hope you enjoy the new part.  Cheers.

    2. Div


      Hi lilansui, thank you for the reply and for posting the chapter. I was just a little worried with the pandemic and all going on so yeah just wanted to say stay safe and keep writing bye. 

    3. lilansui


      Awww, you too stay safe, and take very good care of yourself.

  3. Div

    Pleasant Surprises

    One can hope
  4. Div

    The Last Screw

    Will there be a new instalment for war or is this the last one ?
  5. Div

    Pleasant Surprises

    When do the fireworks start?
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