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  1. VVesley

    Chapter 24

    Interesting take on Marion! I'd have to agree that is the direction she is going. Thank you for reading, and for the comment!
  2. VVesley

    Chapter 24

    Indeed! We couldn't let K & A get away to get their happy ending that easily Thanks for reading and for the comment!
  3. VVesley

    Chapter 24

    The prince of the Illjard heard his barrelman easily, despite his perch high atop the main mast. “Ship approaching! Clarion emblem!” He blew a shrill whistle, and multiple crewmates sprang into action. A large rush of people crowded to get below deck to access the armory. Adrian hoped that there wouldn’t be a fight, but he was fully prepared for one already. Up here? It was improbable, but Adrian trusted Captain Bjornan’s crew. And they all seem to trust the barrelman. “Where is it?” Kade asked from his side. “I don’t see any ship.” They had been on deck at the time that the alert was
  4. VVesley

    Chapter 23

    Indeed! We'll see who, if anyone, succeeds soon! Thank you for reading and for the comment!
  5. VVesley

    Chapter 23

    Carlisle Cathcart was a prince, a leader, a husband, and a hard worker. There were very few people in the world that could make him doubt himself, or feel like a fool. His parents, his husband, and the mentors that he grew up with reserved that very special right, and several days into the siege of Yago Clarion’s territory, it happened. Carl set the letter that he had received from Director Chamberlin down, and put his head in his hands. I never should have doubted all of you. I should have come to you for advice instead of holding you in suspicion. If I had just been straightforward all those
  6. VVesley

    Chapter 22

    Indeed! A lack of transparency really hurt them in this case. Thank you for reading and leaving a comment!
  7. VVesley

    Chapter 22

    Indeed! As was guessed in the comments, the Order and Chamberlin weren't so bad after all. It does! It's the same mission that Carl went on, Alex went on, Jezebel went on, and Talia went on. The success rate is a bit low... Thank you for reading and commenting!
  8. VVesley

    Chapter 22

    Ysabel Clarion continued to ride, eyes ahead and slightly down. A brown rough-spun cloak hid her long hair and face, and oversized sleeves masked the claws that she wore on her hands. She was heading south via a westward path to get around the mountain range that guarded her brother’s back. She had taken an inconspicuous horse so as not to draw attention to her wealth, and she had made it quite far without being accosted. This was aided by the fact that Marie Lafeye had died, and Fran La Croix had headed south towards the main body of war. The people left in the general territories were mostly
  9. VVesley

    Chapter 11

    Thanks for another great story @Ethan! I love reading your writing - I hope to see you publishing again sometime soon!
  10. VVesley

    Chapter 21

    Indeed indeed! He's a true Nabian - survival of the fittest to the extreme. Well, his version of 'fitness' anyway. Thank you for reading and for the comment!
  11. VVesley

    Chapter 21

    It had taken over a week, but the full might of Nabius had finally reached their southern destination. Tomacian troops were interspersed with Nabian resistance, and they marched as if they were one army. Fewer and fewer squabbles had occurred between the two nations as time went on, and a record few fights had occurred during the journey to Yago Clarion’s territory. Alex could sense what hung in the air – there was a finality to this march, a strong sense that the fates of too many would be sealed soon. When death hung above them in the air, soldiers did not have appetites for the pettiness of
  12. VVesley

    Chapter 20

    Thank you! As for Marion, she's definitely a rash character - we'll have to see if she's bitten off more than she can chew! Thank you for reading and the comment!
  13. VVesley

    Chapter 20

    Interesting theory! Thank you so much for commenting and reading!
  14. VVesley

    Chapter 20

    Yes indeed! Though if Yago has all of these troops at his command, why not use them until now? I'm impressed that you picked up on Marion's plans - maybe I'm getting too predictable. Thanks so much for reading!!
  15. VVesley

    Chapter 20

    Thank you for reading!
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