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  1. RichEisbrouch

    Chapter 1

    Of course, Rosalind may not completely understand the things she's trying to explain to Addy.
  2. RichEisbrouch

    Chapter 1

    For a long time, I thought Mary and Billie died in an elevator accident. I was two, so didn’t really understand. I just knew they were gone. Actually, they died of hookworm, something that sounds terrible even now. Mary was fifteen and Billie twenty-three. They were my half-sisters, but I never think of them that way. I was born in 1908, Mary and Billie died two years later, and two weeks after that we moved to Bodark Creek. “We” were Mama, Daddy, my older sister Rosalind, and me. We moved from Hattiesburg, Mississippi because Mama was sad about Mary and Billie. At least, that
  3. Bodark Creek is a small, former mill town, north of Dallas and close to the Oklahoma border. Starting in 1908, Addy Bronner Braden spends most of her very long life there, surrounded by her large, close family. She loves them, leads them, and depends on them. There is one gay person in this book – my husband. That makes sense, since the book is based on one half of his family tree. But he only turns up at the very end and as a visitor. And that about defines the relationship between gay people and this part of his family.
  4. RichEisbrouch


    Chapter Index . This is a story about a large family. As in any family, there are people whose names you can’t always remember. This index and the family tree should help. . The index identifies people the first time they appear. It usually identifies them in relationship to Addy. . 1 Mary – Addy’s older half-sister Billie – Addy’s older half-sister Addy Mama – Addy’s mother – Ilene – Daniel’s second wife Daddy – Addy’s father – Daniel Bronner Rosalind – Addy’s older full sister Charley – Addy’s younger full brother . 2 Walter – Addy’s youngest half-brother
  5. Yep, overthought is one of Lucas' strengths / weaknesses. But better overthought than underthought, as long as they both take the same time. Again, thanks for reading.
  6. He was fine until he met another willing guy. In his mind, he always thought of himself as a “willing safe.“ That is, he wasn’t about to have sex with another man because he knew how much was at stake. It was like his mother, who wasn’t about to have an affair, until she happened on someone at a conference who was perfectly comfortable having an affair with a married woman. Of course, that destroyed his parents marriage, which had otherwise seemed just fine, at least to him and his sister. But he wasn’t going to destroy his chances at a basketball scholarship and career, especially now, when t
  7. RichEisbrouch

    Chapter 17

    Yep, as you easily know, that's what sometimes happens with people. They see and hear what they want to and tend to make up their own minds. As to whether there's a sequel to this book or an effective solution, well, someone here has already pointed out how timely this situation is and how unresolved the issue still is thirty-five years later. Again, thanks for reading.
  8. RichEisbrouch

    Chapter 17

    “It’s an odd situation,” Ben began, when he was standing in front of the jury for perhaps his last time. “I – or almost anyone else – can predict that in just a few minutes, Counsel Aguilar is going to tell you that officers Jarl and Martel – following all the good rules they’ve been taught – were just doing their jobs. And she’s going to honestly, and in the best intentions, believe that.” He turned to Amanda and smiled in a way he meant as a compliment. He admired how well she’d done her job. “And I don’t mean to get lofty here,” he went on. “Or self-righteo
  9. RichEisbrouch

    Chapter 16

    Thanks. As I've mentioned before, the timing was coincidental.
  10. RichEisbrouch

    Chapter 16

    “Did you help Officer Jarl put Mr. De Wijk in the car?” Ben continued. “Yes,” Officer Martel said. “How did you do that? “We picked him up. We each grabbed one of his arms and asked him to stand.” “Where did you grab his arms?” “I believe around the elbow area.” “You didn’t grab them around the wrists where the cuffs were?” “Not that I recall. I normally don’t do that because it inflicts pain. If the person complies and gets up, I assist them. But if they try to resist in any
  11. RichEisbrouch

    Chapter 15

    Yep, absolutely coincidental. But, unfortunately, it tells you that things don't seem to have changed, and the treatment Gene was so angry about thirty-five years ago still occurs. I think the lesson, at least for me, is, "In any interaction with any police officer, no matter how minor, don't piss off the cops."
  12. RichEisbrouch

    Chapter 15

    “When you got to the sidewalk,” Ben continued, “did you say anything else to the driver?” “No,” Officer Martel replied. “I just put him in a position where they were next to each other, facing the street.” “When you say ‘Put him in a position,’ what do you mean?” “I asked them to stand approximately three feet apart on the sidewalk and face the street.” “Had the passenger reached the sidewalk before you got there?” “Yes.” “So you were watching both the passenger and the driver at that point?”
  13. RichEisbrouch

    Chapter 14

    You're still expecting that "Gotcha," and that's interesting because it tells me what readers want to see, and it's important to remember that. But remember how new Ben is at this. And he's not the polished, fictional Perry Mason. He's mainly trying to be thorough and persuade his jury.
  14. RichEisbrouch

    Chapter 14

    “Getting back to training officers,” Ben asked Officer Martel, “did they give you examples of how to make arrests?” “We went over theoretical situations.” “Can you tell us about one of them... that you think might apply?” Ben glanced at Amanda, to see if that was again ambiguous. She simply nodded, encouraging him to go ahead. As did Dorothy. Meanwhile, Officer Martel started to answer. “I remember one example in particular. ‘If you observe someone robbing a gas station, what do you do if you’re just passing by.’” “What would
  15. RichEisbrouch

    Chapter 13

    You're right: having patience is often necessary in this kind of book.
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