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  1. RichEisbrouch

    Chapter 2

    Yep. Less flippant than my light-weight stuff, but in the same style as In The Plan. That makes sense, seeing both books share a central lawyer. And there's some occasional banter coming,when Ben and Gene are more relaxed. As usual, thanks for reading along.
  2. RichEisbrouch

    Chapter 2

    “And then what happened?” Jessica asked. Gene was still under hypnosis. “They came to our car.” “The police?” “Yes.” “Do you remember how many?” “Two... there were two... the one with the mustache.” “The one with the mustache? What does the other one look like?” The other one is boyish... Not young... neither of them. Neither of them is young.” “OK. “The one with the mustache opens the door.” “And then what happens? What do y
  3. RichEisbrouch

    Chapter 1

    “Are you relaxed?” Jessica Seong asked softly. “Umm,” said Gene De Wijk. They were in Jessica’s office. “Good. What I’m going to do is relax your body. I want to do it very quickly. Once your body knows how to relax, you can do it very, very quickly. I’m just going to count to five. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Your body is relaxing. You’ve relaxed before. This is the way you’ve relaxed before. Five. Four. Three. Two. One. Completely relaxed. Completely relaxed. Very relaxed and very comfortable. Pay no attention to outside noises. Listen to our voices and our voices alone. The sou
  4. RichEisbrouch

    12 Hours

    Gay lawyer Ben Carleson – from In The Plan – is back, this time in 1985, near the beginning of his career and soon after he finished law school and passed the California bar exam. He and Gene De Wijk met over a different kind of bar several years earlier, and since then, Ben’s given Gene incidental legal advice – for a business agreement, a will, and helping Gene close on the sale of his new house. Now, they’re both up against something much bigger.
  5. 2020 A tedious short explanation about young Rich and his love for holiday letters, a very sad and tragic comedy (Sorry, Will) The history of my New Year’s letter began accidentally on Christmas Eve 1968, when it seemed there was nothing to watch on the seven black-and-white TV channels coming into my parents’ house except various competing versions of A Christmas Carol. So I squirreled up in my garret bedroom, unpacked my typewriter, and started a long, time-passing letter to friends, I think specifically to Jan Campbell and Jim Erbe. And I guess when it was finished, I thou
  6. RichEisbrouch


    Leo was doing some nearly volunteer college design work again, mainly advising a young lighting designer, Kevin – tall, thin, good-looking, young, and a bit unfocused, maybe because of all those easy assets. At six one morning, when Leo and Gus were staying at Leo’s parents’ house outside Dallas to celebrate Leo’s birthday, his phone woke him. It was Kevin. The first thing Leo asked was, “Do you know what time it is?” “Yeah – a bit after 8:00. Too early? Sorry. I know you stay up late.” They’d talked about the hours of working in theater. “It’s six o’clock.” “No, it isn’t.”
  7. The interview wasn’t really an interview. It was a conversation between friends – actually, friends of friends. Leo had been given a call about Gael and was hesitant to follow up because he really wasn’t interested in teaching that year. He had a lot of commercial work lined up, but the friend made Gael, his students, and his directing sound so interesting that Leo decided to give it a chance. He’d been up late the night before, with the usual final tech rehearsals, and when he met Gael, it was on the stage of his college theater. It wasn’t a bad stage, but it was too large, too badly rigg
  8. RichEisbrouch

    J P

    Leo was passing time before Saturday dinner at his twenty-fifth high school reunion. The hotel was in kind of a sports resort – golf, tennis, volleyball, pickleball, swimming, hiking – and he’d been there before for earlier three-day reunions – the tenth, fifteenth, and twentieth. But he’d never had time to explore the grounds. Now he did, and though he didn’t play golf – almost never at all really, after he swung his great aunt’s old clubs in maybe fourth grade and couldn’t get interested – he wandered over to the course. There was a driving range, a putting green, and a tiny miniature go
  9. RichEisbrouch

    Burn 'Em

    He was visiting friends who still taught at the university where they’d all been grad students forty years earlier. The two of them had finished their degrees and had tumbled into jobs, though not in their expected field or department. He’d skipped out of his degree, almost at the very end, for all sorts of then-reasonable considerations: The department wasn’t close to having the reputation it had long maintained. He already had a Bachelor’s and Master’s from the school, so a third degree would be hard to explain. His advisor – one who in the best intentions had been urged on him – had complic
  10. He’d been feeling lousy all day. He felt drugged when he woke up and didn’t seem to get better for the hour he lay in bed, trying to feel less out of it. It seemed like a combination jaw, ear, sinus ache. Eventually, he got dressed, fully, since it was November, in flannel-lined pants, a long-sleeved business shirt, a crew neck sweater, and wool socks and work boots. Then he topped that with a knee-length overcoat. No hat – he hated the baseball caps that so many guys wore, and those tweed Irish anything caps seemed too affected. But lined gloves and a long scarf were fine. So he put them on a
  11. The supplication of farmers. People began engaging in consumerism hundreds of thousands of years ago. Tourists come to see major museums, nice gardens, lovely streets, historic houses, famous old places, and pizzas. You have to wonder how big the cow flue is. We can not conclude that their stocks may lead into downstairs. When it comes to natural disasters, humanity usually has no choice but to shrink back to the safest corner with everything they got. In modern society, a person can freely choose the style of his or her life, say, vegetarian or homosexual. During a
  12. RichEisbrouch

    Chapter 75

    I think you're thinking in the same direction as these student writers. Which might be scary.
  13. Most of the universities have corn requirements. This recommendation is surrounded by question marks? The ship got one captine and more than one chief spoil the food. They will be left with many unwashed questions. Sir Robert Edison invented the electronic light bulb. Imagination can make people bold to jump out of the box. Anyone will be in favor of eliminating poverty, starvation, and bad shoes. Politics leads people to act like short-sighted frogs. As an old adage goes, “Even the most cursory glance will reveal that this has left indelible marks on the sands
  14. Commen sence. The cogerency of ideas. Informational asymmetry. Conslutting firms. Prefoaming talent. How crural. Agender. Hamful. Winglingness. Nugatory actions. The industrial revelation. The sacred sanctity of the sanctuary. She is reely weel-known. The was generation. Newton discoverd garivity History is a nebulous friend. A veal of false morality. A peaceful and hominy environment. Mariah Curie. A beaut
  15. Billy and the goon were stretched on Billy’s comfortable bed. “Tell me your name,” the goon said. “You know it.” “Tell me.” “Billy.” “You’re thirty-eight.” “Almost thirty-nine.” “And you’re still called Billy?” “Billy Joel... Billy Idol...” “Billy-the kid.” “William?” “Bill.” “Bill.” “Good.” “What’s your name?” Bill asked. “You already know it.” “I do?” “Think.” Bill studied the goon. He’d just taken off his ski mask after Billy had asked. The name of a guy he’d met in that first batch of answers to his posting slowly work
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