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  1. RichEisbrouch

    Chapter 35

    Yep, Albie would definitely have been on the Autism spectrum had it existed. I'm not sure the word Autism had even been developed. But he couldn't have gotten any more support then as the kids do now. He simply had very understanding parents.
  2. Joann’s marriage was fine, showing us that Martin and I didn’t know what we should be worried about. She and Bobby found an apartment near the college. He got a job working at Kraft, and she started at school. They even bought a used car, so we saw them almost every weekend. Sometimes, we saw Joann more than that, when she had some time off between classes and just decided to stop out and see us. After a year, she got pregnant, but she was excited about that, too. “You’re going to be grandparent
  3. Just before his twenty-eighth birthday, Albie got married. It was a surprise to everyone, though Dock said, “Why? A man should be married.” The problem was that none of us really thought of Albie as a man. Maybe we were being foolish. He was a good-looking man, almost handsome. His blonde hair had turned darker as he’d grown up, but when he was around sixteen, he suddenly started getting taller and almost reached Neal’s height. That wasn’t as big as six-foot-three Del, but it never hurt Nea
  4. When we asked Sonny what he wanted for his seventieth birthday, he needed to think for a while. “Well, I want a party, of course,” he said, though we’d given him a big party when he was sixty-five and finally left the mill. There’d been another party for Dougie a year later, when he turned sixty-five and quit, so it wasn’t like either of them was short on parties. And Martin and Walter were going to be sixty-five in just another year, and that would be more to celebrate. So we needed something s
  5. RichEisbrouch

    Chapter 38

    Again, sure thing. As I've said before, the piece was fun to write. And, yeah, people unfortunately die, but I think writing the WWII section was harder because they were all young people. Sill, the book starts with young death, almost as a warning. Again, thanks for reading.
  6. RichEisbrouch

    Chapter 1

    Thanks. It's a long book of short chapters which stretch many years. People seem to find it easier to read them in short sittings, so you don't burn out your memory trying to remember all the people. Enjoy yourself.
  7. Sonny went for a walk in the woods one afternoon and didn’t come back. He’d driven into town to see Rosalind, and when he didn’t stop by again after his hike, she figured he’d gone on home. Only when Ruth phoned, near dinnertime, did Dock discover that Sonny’s truck was still parked on their street. By that point, it was too dark for Dock to go looking. “He could have gone into anyone’s house,” Rosalind told us. “You know how Sonny is. He could be sitting in Leo Kinzer’s kitchen
  8. RichEisbrouch

    Chapter 37

    Again, you're welcome. And a belated happy new year.
  9. For our thirtieth anniversary, the boys decided to give Martin and me a special present, a double wedding. “It’s about time,” Martin said, so I guess even he was worried about our grandchildren turning up before the minister. “It hasn’t been that long,” Del joked. “You’ve been back from Korea for almost five years,” Martin pointed out. “How long’s a man supposed to wait?” “Well, it’s not like Susan and I weren’t going to get mar
  10. RichEisbrouch

    Chapter 36

    Yep, the closest I've been has been to very large weddings. Good food there, too. And sorry about the delayed chapter last week. It was on automatic post and, evidently, I did something wrong.
  11. RichEisbrouch

    Chapter 34

    Yep, it's kind of fun to watch the values of successive generations change, and they often make progress: if the present younger generations weren't more relaxed about sexuality, there probably wouldn't be gay marriage.
  12. When Del came home from Korea, Martin and I expected him to marry Susan almost before he got out of uniform. But he didn’t. He and Susan stayed engaged, and they saw each other nearly every day. They just never set a date. “There’s so much I want to do, Mama,” Del told me. “There’s the farm, and there’s a business I want to start. And I feel like I’ve been gone forever. I need to catch up.” I felt like he’d been gone forever, too, though it was really less than
  13. RichEisbrouch

    Chapter 33

    Maybe surprisingly, the area that Bodark Creek is set in has only expanded. But it's only about an hour-and-a-half from Dallas.
  14. For me, the biggest problem with Del being gone was everyone else was just going on as usual. Rosalind was working at the mill, and Dock was poking around their house. Albie had finished with high school and was working four-days-a-week in the drug store downtown. “I really want to be at the soda fountain,” he told me one Sunday. “And the girls like me well enough to buy milk shakes and sodas. But the owner’s son hogs the fountain, and I mostly have to stock the shelves.”
  15. RichEisbrouch

    Chapter 32

    Yep, it was a strange military operation which it seems was still cleaning up the end of WW II.
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