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  1. davidw

    Over The Rainbow • Part VIII

    😭❤️ Not much I can say!
  2. davidw

    Over The Rainbow • Part VII

    Carlos, I just gotta say I hate CJ just a bit. He is visiting places I have dreamed of visiting! And then the bomb shell with Ozzies sister, damn! But all in all another fantastic chapter!
  3. davidw

    Over The Rainbow • Part V

    OK Carlos, I have to agree with the comment from pvtguy from yesterday, need to take a Xanax! 😜 Seriously tho, I can not get enough!
  4. davidw

    Over The Rainbow • Part III

    Damn Carlos, I know it was coming but still a shocker! Well done. Still have tears!
  5. davidw

    Roar • Part VII

    Simple! 👏
  6. davidw

    Roar • Part V

    Carlos I've said it before but I'll say it again. Fan-Damn-Tastic! This story has me caught hook, line and sinker!
  7. davidw


    What can I say... Fan-damn-tastic! Can't wait for Georgetown. Grown to love this story that I stumbled onto on a different site.

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