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  1. atlteddy

    Chapter 37

    Jim, I am so grateful you are writing this novella. I go nuts with anticipation for each chapter. Paul being macho, Sam and Dave being themselves ( I really would love more on their characters; maybe around their line of work). Thanks so much. PS I live your tales of the navy!! Mike
  2. atlteddy

    My Story

    I am touched and speechless..Thank you for sharing such intimate feelings.
  3. atlteddy

    Chapter 33

    Jim, When are you going to look into getting this published and released. You know it is a fine romantic novel with good twists and turns thrown into the mix. I have several friends who would love this as a gift. Mike
  4. atlteddy

    Chapter 32

    Jim, So great to be back and to get the next installment of your writing. The big romantic in me loved every word. MMMMMMM.......now I am wanting to find Jeremy the love of his life.
  5. atlteddy

    Chapter 30

    Oh Jim you got that communication issue resolved quickly and with great skill, thank you since it could have become one of those drag ass events that make me yawn. Thank goodness that is not your style. Miss Julie is a clairvoyant, I love how you let her go wild. MMMMMMMM, I am hoping this John character is in the past ( like the painting) that may connect Jeff and Paul together in another's wild way. Just thinking out loud. As always, I love your talent. Been out of town so I am playing catch up on your last couple of chapters. Mike
  6. atlteddy

    Chapter 5

    Graham, I am growing more and more excited at my hopeful outcome. I pray you give me the ending I want. thanks, Mike
  7. atlteddy

    Chapter 2

    Loving the progression can't wait for the movement in the relationship with Sammy.
  8. atlteddy

    Chapter 1

    Graham, i am reading all your stories and am beginning "Sammy". Looking forward to another of your endeavors. Mike
  9. atlteddy

    Chapter 11

    Please don't leave Billy hanging. I wish you had sent him to live with Jeff and Kenny until he joined a footy team or found love with a footy player. I actually like Arial font better. The Courier is like reading the printed newspaper. Thank you, Graham for a great yarn. Mike
  10. atlteddy

    Chapter 29

    Jim, Apparently they each see a problem in how tgey individually reacted to something they both enjoyed. They must talk it out, never let the sun go down on any misunderstanding. Please make sure this becomes only a bump in the road and not a head on collision. Mike
  11. atlteddy

    Chapter 10

    I love the happy ending, wish I knew what happened to Simon.
  12. atlteddy

    Chapter 9

    Thx Graham, I am truly loving your writing, it is touching and set at a pace that keeps me so on the edge that I cannot wait for the next chapter. Thank you for sharing your talent.
  13. atlteddy

    Chapter 9

    Ok, I have to go back and re-read somewhere, I only knew that Gary and Paddy had discussed his screwing around with Linda. I don't remember the department getting involved and warning him. Glad the scank Linda is gonna find out just what she doesn't mean to Gary.HA!
  14. atlteddy

    Chapter 8

    I think the scene was very realistic, you don't need any additional help. Death really does stink, especially violent death. I would have never associated Ken as being Freddie, you did that well. thank you for removing that human obstacle for a Paddy and Giles relationship. Looking forward to the next steps since both gangs are pretty much decimated.
  15. atlteddy

    Chapter 7

    OK, now the roller coaster has slug me out the back of the car and I am just hanging on, flapping in the wind! I could not not have imagined these twists and turns, especially Paddy suggesting having them taken out, but I think it is the only way. I say take out the Chief also, he is a cancer on the force that if allowed will only grow stronger. i want the tables turned on Linda, she is not fit to even raise the kids, Giles has got to fight her with everything. I feel for Gary (even though he lets his little pecker brain rule too much) so I am trying to develop a plan in my mind to save his career and relationship with Giles on the force but provide Giles the ammo needed to ditch the bitch! Hard to do! Just hanging on!!!!!! thank you Graham, I love you for your caring heart about Simon and kids in general
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