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  1. grahamsealby

    Chapter 3

    Thanks for asking. As he wasn't part of the story thread on a continuing basis I didn't feel he needed any follow through. A diversion in Karl's musing.
  2. It may be ancient but I've just finished CAP Series 1. A thoroughly engrossing story with a satisfying ending. I loved the way the treads wound their way through the tale with highs and lows that reflected such emotional reality. Lengthy as it was, I just couldn't put it down. I have just a couple of comments. First, I have an aversion being defined as 'Queer'. I grew up in the 1950s and 'queer' was an insult usually delivered with a sneer. I know young gays seem proud to be called queer and I just don't understand this; but, there again, what do I know. Second has to do with sex. At
  3. grahamsealby

    Chapter 17

    Thank you for your kind comments. I enjoyed writing the story and , even more, hearing from people. Yes, after the initial pain goes away Kathy will find someone else and be happy. Isn't it sad that people like Jason, with his family background, have to lie about themselves. The hetro world has to understand that being gay is normal. They need to be educated or should I say that homophobia, particularly in religion, will not be tolerated. Thanks again . . . stay safe and be happy.
  4. grahamsealby

    Chapter 17

    I just needed Jason and friends to be in church to watch his fathers humiliation. It's just the way I wanted all the threads come together. Thanks for commenting, I really enjoy hearing from people. .
  5. grahamsealby

    Chapter 17

    Thank you . . . that makes me feel good. It's been great hearing from you and I appreciate the time you've taken to correspond. Stay safe and happy.
  6. grahamsealby

    Chapter 17

    17.1 Jason and Mother ‘…oh, I don’t think that’ll do any good son. When he read the newspaper interview he exploded. He’s accused you of splitting up the family, damaging the congregation, undermining his authority, and making me unhappy. I’ve tried to reason with him, but he’s so, so stubborn. I told him if he did anything to hurt you, and that includes your partners, I’d leave him. You’re my son and I love you more than I love your father. So you see . . .’ ‘Mum I didn’t set out to cause him problems, he’s caused them himself. I tried, dear god I tried. I didn’t want to be gay, but c
  7. grahamsealby

    Chapter 16

    ‘Hello Jason.’ ‘Kathy.’ Long pause. ‘This is weird. I don’t know what to say.’ Kathy just stared at Jason. ‘Well you had plenty to say to the Peninsula Times. Everyone knows what you are now. Have you talked to your father?’ ‘No, just mother.’ Another lengthy pause. A reporter from the ‘Peninsula Times’ newspaper asked Jason for an interview following the dramatic closure of ‘Elysium Meadows’. At first Jason disliked the idea but Eric talked him into it. The more negative publicity these places got would help gay people. Of course the downside meant that Jason w
  8. grahamsealby

    Chapter 14

    Back in the 50s they even tried chemical castration on gays. One such person was Allan Turing, the father of modern computers, who helped solve the German enigma machine and helped win WW2. He eventually committed suicide.
  9. grahamsealby

    Chapter 15

    15.1 Finding Max and Ernie Jason slept fitfully during the short time remaining till daybreak. Images of Max and the torture room implements kept chasing any true sleep away. He awoke about 8 am and quickly dressed for breakfast. He wondered how Max felt after his ordeal. He entered the breakfast room only to find Sharon and Tony fooding up. Not feeling hungry he opted for orange juice and fresh fruit. ‘Hey, could you get the word out for everyone to meet in my room in about an hour. I’ve got some news I want to share with everyone. It’s sensitive and I don’t want any staff to be prese
  10. grahamsealby

    Chapter 14

    Ha Ha! A good thought.
  11. grahamsealby

    Chapter 13

    Yeah, he's in the box seat with Ava. Of course he doesn't know his father has virtually bribed the lady with the promise of a large donation.
  12. grahamsealby

    Chapter 12

    Glad to hear from you. In Jason's mind he's just going without any hope of changing. It's a way out for family and wife. He knows deep down it's bullshit
  13. grahamsealby

    Chapter 9

    Thanks for commenting. Yep, Jason's in real trouble.
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