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  1. grahamsealby

    Chapter 17

    Thank you for your kind comments. I enjoyed writing the story and , even more, hearing from people. Yes, after the initial pain goes away Kathy will find someone else and be happy. Isn't it sad that people like Jason, with his family background, have to lie about themselves. The hetro world has to understand that being gay is normal. They need to be educated or should I say that homophobia, particularly in religion, will not be tolerated. Thanks again . . . stay safe and be happy.
  2. grahamsealby

    Chapter 17

    I just needed Jason and friends to be in church to watch his fathers humiliation. It's just the way I wanted all the threads come together. Thanks for commenting, I really enjoy hearing from people. .
  3. grahamsealby

    Chapter 17

    Thank you . . . that makes me feel good. It's been great hearing from you and I appreciate the time you've taken to correspond. Stay safe and happy.
  4. grahamsealby

    Chapter 17

    17.1 Jason and Mother ‘…oh, I don’t think that’ll do any good son. When he read the newspaper interview he exploded. He’s accused you of splitting up the family, damaging the congregation, undermining his authority, and making me unhappy. I’ve tried to reason with him, but he’s so, so stubborn. I told him if he did anything to hurt you, and that includes your partners, I’d leave him. You’re my son and I love you more than I love your father. So you see . . .’ ‘Mum I didn’t set out to cause him problems, he’s caused them himself. I tried, dear god I tried. I didn’t want to be gay, but coming into my teens, I knew I was. I did everything I could to bury my real self and make him proud of me. Unfortunately, it couldn’t last. Let me put it this way. Do you believe if you’re born straight you could force yourself to be homosexual? Not just academically but the whole nine yards, love, sex and relationships’ ‘No, of course not. I can’t imagine the terrible strain you’ve been under. Whilst you were away, I read a lot about gay people and the trauma we’ve imposed on them. I actually feel ashamed of being a member of a society that shuns people like yourself. I found an organization called Parents of Gay Children, and have already liaised with the principals. My first meeting is in Melbourne next Monday night and I’m looking forward to it.’ ‘Hey that’s great; at least you’ll know other parents who’ve had to deal with one of their children coming out. I’ve something else to tell you. I don’t know how to do this but . . . but, I’ve met someone who makes me very happy. Our relationship stumbled at first . . .’ ‘Jason, I know. Rhonda has told me about you and Karl Williams. He had lunch with us just after his dad transferred from then country. (laughing) As I recall you weren’t very cosy with each other that day. I’m amused to learn he’s going to be your partner. I thought him to be a very well-mannered and sensible boy and he’s welcome in my company any time. Please don’t bring Karl home to meet your father as it would be unpleasant.’ ‘No, I won’t be doing that; only if you’re here by yourself. By the way, how’s the church going? Has there been any fallout from my press interview?’ ‘The brain-dead became a bit vocal and sympathized with your dad. They know there’s family trouble because I’m the only one sitting in the family pew. I think that affects him more than anything else, but he never lets on. If you want to go to church and bring Karl, best you sit with Rhonda in the general congregation.’ ‘I reckon we’re both a little negative when it comes to religion, so I can’t see that happening. Well, not in the foreseeable future.’ 17.2 Morningstar Estate The Mornington Peninsula is one of Australia’s popular wine making areas and produces fine quality red and white dinner wines. Scattered throughout the area are vineyards that offer fine cuisine in peaceful rural settings. The food is up to world standard and can be pricy. Some vineyards go further and offer over-night and weekend accommodation so that patrons can enjoy the wines but not risk the booze-bus. Other benefits include a pool, spa baths, walking tracks. The Morningstar Estate, just near the village of Mornington, offers such facilities as well as stunning views over Port Phillip Bay. Karl tentatively approached the Reception Area on a Saturday about lunch-time. Finally he and Jason were to properly consummate their relationship and for days now he’d been lusting about the encounter. A weekend of sex, good food, relaxing, more sex, swimming, more and more sex. It was to be like a honeymoon. ‘Good morning young sir; how may I help you?’ ‘Ummm . . . err, (looking at his name tag) Simon, I’m here to see Mr. Jason Andersen. (Hurriedly) I’m expected; my name is Karl Williams.’ The Receptionist looked Karl over and liked the view. Karl wore Jeans and a spunky white Tee-Shirt that stretched alluringly over his muscled chest. Now isn’t this cute. When Mr. Andersen checked in my gaydar went ballistic. What a spunk! Checking in alone is a little unusual but I assumed a young lady would soon turn up. Now along comes this gorgeous spunk and I’m drooling. I wonder what the situation is; is he a casual fling or something deeper? I wonder if’n they would like a third . . . ‘(Grinning) Of course Mr. Williams. Just go up to room 204. Take the lift and turn right. I hope (winking) you enjoy your stay.’ Following instructions Karl found room 204 and, a little shaky, knocked. Silently Jason opened the door and ushered Karl inside. For several moments the two lads just looked at each other. Then came a flurry of passionate kissing and discarding of clothes until they were both naked. There was too much repressed sexual energy for any foreplay. They needed relief; they needed intimacy and they needed to express their love for each other. Remembering Karl’s comment about preparing himself, Jason decided to take charge. He gently pushed until Karl’s beautiful body lay naked on the bed, his eyes clouded over in lust. Admiring his tanned muscled body, Jason’s desire became unbearable. The sight of a naked Jason caused Karl to pull his legs back almost to his ears, offering himself. Gently Jason teased the exposed hole and watched as Karl gasped with pleasure. Increasing the torment, he slipped one finger inside and twisted it gently around. This made Karl squirm and plead for more with his eyes. Now Jason inserted two fingers and to his surprise Karl grabbed his hand and stabbed himself. Jason’s own cock dripped copiously, so he used a little lubricant to make a three-finger penetration easier. Now; it had to be now. Neither partner could wait any longer. Karl grabbed Jason’s shaft and positioned the head to his satisfaction. A slight push and the engorged pole slipped effortlessly into Karl who, unhesitatingly, impaled himself on the full length. Jason paused and locked eyes with his lover. If there was any discomfort it didn’t show. A nod from the lad encouraged Jason to start pumping his tool slowly in and out, until Karl cried out, ‘Harder, please harder . . .’ Finally locked together, they used each other’s bodies to satisfy their lust. To Karl’s amazement the continual friction on his prostrate began to stimulate his orgasm. With Jason on top laying across his body and kissing him, Karl couldn’t touch his penis, but then that wonderful feeling began to spread from his toes throughout his whole body. Higher and higher, with painless intensity, he soared towards his climax and screamed into his release. His erection spewed discharge between their bodies so that Jason’s last thrusts were slippery and squelchy. In a daze Karl felt his lover erupt inside him. Minutes passed and no one moved. No one wanted to break the magic spell of their first physical encounter. Perhaps Karl, being least secure, wanted the moment to last forever. Their kissing toned down from aggressive to gentle sharing. The atmosphere reeked of spent juices, male sweat and scented bedsheets. When two persons completely bond, words have no meaning. Both men silently acknowledged their mutual commitment to each other. But after several moments, ‘You never said how you went with your boss. Do you still have a job?’ ‘So it appears. I rang the boss and expected to be fired. Instead he simply said something about being surprised but then went on to say whoever I fucked wasn't gonna impact on my work skills. He did warn me about seducing his son. I cleared that up quickly. Sorry, but I told him about you and I.’ ‘As well you should. But hey, that’s great news. So what’s your next move?’ ‘Well to get somewhere to live for sure. I can’t stay at Eric’s . . .’ ‘No, you can’t stay at Eric’s! . . . OUCH!’ ‘That’s for being suspicious, and not trusting. Now I know I still have my job I can start looking for accommodation. Well, . . . we can start looking for accommodation. Are you gonna join me?’ ‘Absolutely, but I’ll have to discuss it with my folks first. They might feel I’m too young to leave home. What d’you think?’ ‘I think it’s a discussion that the four of us should have. I’ll respect any stipulation your parents make. After all, I’m with you for the long haul, and if your ‘rents feel you should spend another year at home, that’s fine with me. OK?’ ‘Oh man, I love you so.’ EPILOGUE ‘ . . . and I can only thank you, from my Christian heart, for all the support you dear people have given me. You . . . (choke) . . . you’re all aware of the tragedy that’s befallen my family. My son . . . my only son, has been bewitched by these devil-worshippers and fallen under their evil spell. He voluntarily went to a good Christian facility that cures . . . yes cures . . . the evil of homosexuality. I know my son, . . . you all know Jason . . . he’s everything a father should be proud of . . .(choke) . . . but the devil intervened and denied my son the salvation and cure he so ardently desired.’ A low sympathetic murmuring of support came from the congregation. Sitting at the very back, Rhonda, Karl and Jason glanced at each other. Jason looked enraged by his father’s attempt to make him a victim. He won’t let go, will he. He just refuses to acknowledge me as I am. What’s wrong with the man? His self-righteous garbage is getting to me. It’s all so, so very fucking wrong. Look at my mother sitting all alone in the family pew. If I get anymore distasteful looks from some of my dad’s cronies I’m gonna punch someone out. What the bloody hell am I doing here? If it hadn’t been for Karl and Rhonda insisting I come . . . Although attendances were down slightly, the faithfull still packed the church. In fact the notoriety caused by Jason’s interview had parishioners wanting to see how their Pastor would respond. And so he droned on, ‘(Thundering) All I can ask is for your prayers . . . for my bonny son Jason . . . for our family . . . and for all those poor souls who right now are in the thrall of the Devil’s evil persuasion. Let us pray. (Bowing his head) Dear Jesus help . . . . ‘ ‘ENOUGH! STOP THIS FARCE! . . . . RAPIST! . . You raped me Anderson . . . You . . . For a moment the congregation sat immobile and confused. From the centre of the population, a man stood pointing an accusing finger at the Pastor who appeared disorientated with the interruption. . . . You and your cronies took turns raping me. Yes, I’m gay just like you Andersen. You’re a hypocrite! Hiding your true self behind a clerical collar. (Turning to the congregation) I have proof; listen to this . . . With that he produced a small device and held it high. The Pastors voice could be heard throughout the church. ‘. . . I’m so sorry Gary. So very, very sorry. I know that can’t absolve my crime, but I just want to say it.’ All eyes turned towards the Pastor who stood white-faced, frozen and blinking rapidly. Inarticulate sounds came from his mouth but soon resolved as ‘sorry, sorry, sorry’ over and over and over. He seemed in a trance, perhaps comatose. Those closest sensed something serious had occurred but no one knew what to do. Then came action. Chaos reigned. A snapshot would show Gloria Anderson exiting her pew, several men joining her striding towards the pulpit, a shocked Jason and Rhonda rushing out of their pew and staring at their father, and above everything, Pastor Peter Anderson mumbling incoherently with blinking unfocused eyes, staring towards the ceiling. Or was he imploring his god to come save him? No one took any notice of Gary Sommers as he quietly left the church. THE END
  5. grahamsealby

    Chapter 16

    ‘Hello Jason.’ ‘Kathy.’ Long pause. ‘This is weird. I don’t know what to say.’ Kathy just stared at Jason. ‘Well you had plenty to say to the Peninsula Times. Everyone knows what you are now. Have you talked to your father?’ ‘No, just mother.’ Another lengthy pause. A reporter from the ‘Peninsula Times’ newspaper asked Jason for an interview following the dramatic closure of ‘Elysium Meadows’. At first Jason disliked the idea but Eric talked him into it. The more negative publicity these places got would help gay people. Of course the downside meant that Jason would ‘come out’ to everybody; including his boss. Now, several days after coming home – home meant Eric’s apartment – he called Kathy. Not that he dreaded the confrontation because, well . . . he did. He had to face the music at some stage, so now here they were, in a sunny little coffee shop, facing each other. I feel so weird. A month ago I had everything. Now that’s all gone. Is it worth it? Well now I’m not living a lie and trying to live up to others expectations. It’s strange I feel remote but relaxed. I’ve made the big move and what happens now isn’t up to me. If I get fired well, so be it. I’ll try and sort things out with Kathy, purely on the basis what’s good for both of us and, of course, the baby. (sigh) There’s no doubt Kathy is pretty, and there’s no doubt I love her. Looking at her closely she seems to be on the verge of tears. What a mess. ‘I won’t ask how you’re feeling because I can see you’re upset. I totally understand. If there’s . . . ‘ ‘Upset! You think I’m upset? The man I married, the man I conceived a child with, the man whom promised to love and cherish me, has just announced to the world that he’s a poofter – a dirty . . .’ ‘Please Kathy, there’s no need to name-call. I understand your disappointment and disapproval . . .’ ‘(Raising her voice) Disapproval? Disappointment? There really aren’t any adequate words for how I feel; about you, about what you are. The word gay has been hijacked to make your filthy life-style less sickening. And what about God? The Good Book expressly condemns who and what you are. Are you prepared to live eternity in hell just to have a few moments of disgusting sex? How you must have . . . The conversation stopped whilst the waitress brought their coffees over, fussing about the placement. She obviously wanted to eavesdrop. ‘ . . . how you must’ve laughed at me for my pitiful attempts at sex. I went to a convent school . . .’ ‘Kathy stop! No-ones laughing at you, certainly not me. If others laugh at you then they’re just cruel. None of this is your fault; you’re entirely blameless. I’m the wicked one, I’m the bad. This is all my doing and I’m prepared for the consequences.’ ‘Consequences, consequences? Why did you marry me Jason, knowing you were a deviant, a queer? That’s what I call cruel. You knew what you were, yet still went ahead and married me. Why? Why? Why?’ ‘It’s really, really complicated. I love you Kathy . . . no, please don’t say anything; please hear me out. I do love you and always will. It’s just I had this thing inside and really believed my love for you would over-ride these desires. I really believed that, and I thought it worked. For some time our married life conquered my attraction to males and I thought I’d been cured. Then slowly, insidiously the old thoughts and desires crept back in. I tried to ignore, but then realized being gay is fundamentally a part of who I am. Nevertheless, I kept trying to push these feelings away but I started to become more and more anxious. I felt miserable . . .’ ‘So to overcome your own misery you decided to make others miserable. To hurt as many close people as possible just to make yourself less contemptible. That’s disgusting . . .’ ‘No, no, no! I never wanted to hurt others, certainly not yourself. No, no, no. Y’see no one can change who they fundamentally are. We all have to accept who we are and try and be happy. That awful place I attended, fraudulently tried to change me but they can’t. As you know they used medieval techniques on one poor guy and it backfired terribly. If you could’ve . . .’ ‘I’m not interested in talking about what happened to one of your disgusting mates. I’m only interested in what’s gonna happen now.’ ‘Yes, of course. Look I’m not gonna walk away from my responsibilities to you and to our child. By the way how are you going? Do you . . .’ ‘I’m doing well . . . no, I’m not. I can’t sleep, I can’t eat; I’ve got no appetite. I should be doing exercises to help with the delivery, but lack the motivation. I’m A FUCHING MESS JASON! (crying) I really hate you Jason, what you’ve done to me is inhuman. Best you keep away from my dad; he would like to kill you . . .’ ‘Oh I’m so sorry. I suppose I can’t blame him. We’ll have to see each other after the baby’s born . . .’ ‘NO! OH NO, NO, NO! I can’t deny you access because you are (sneering) the baby’s father. That’s something we’ll work out. For the time being I don’t want you near me. Don’t you dare come to the hospital when I go into labour. I’ve left instructions that you’re to be escorted away by the Security people. My dad will see that you’re nowhere near. He’s never been a healthy person and this has degraded his health alarmingly. You’ve got a lot to answer for shit-head.’ Jason stared down into his cold cup of coffee. Kathy’s level of hatred rocked him, but then, . . . maybe it’s therapeutic that she can direct all her angst towards me. Hating someone directs all those damaging negative feelings outward and allows emotions to be vented rather than bottled up. Of course what can I expect; I’m the one who’s bad, who’s destroying her life, causing her shame, and who didn’t have the guts to confront society and show my true self. I’m ashamed I didn’t have the guts to own up when I knew a poofter I am. If only . . . HOLD ON! That’s not right. If the hetero world weren’t so antagonistic to gays. If bloody religion weren’t telling young kids that being gay is a sin and you’d rot in hell. If, in the past, you were regarded as a criminal just for being yourself. If the bastards believe you actually make a choice being gay . . . IF, IF, IF. NO! I’m not bad, it’s the bloody Bible and all these religious nuts like me father that are wrong. Very, very, wrong. And they get away with it because they’re good Christians. WELL, FUCK ‘EM. Of course I can’t say any of this to Kathy; but I’m not going to belittle myself by begging forgiveness. Still with his thoughts running wild he looked Kathy straight in the eye. ‘Listen Kathy, there’s nothing I can do or say that’s gonna change your attitude. Right? (she nodded cautiously) Then so be it. Maybe in time you may soften up, but I’m not waiting around. I have to get on with my life and so do you. Hate me . . . that’s OK. Do your worst . . . I’m not going to lose any sleep. The strange thing is I actually feel stronger within myself after our talk. Get a legal shit-head if you will . . . I really don’t care. I’m going now; I’ll settle the bill.’ 16.2 Eric, Jason, Karl Ever since coming back to Eric’s place, a strange undercurrent prevailed. Eric had not made any intimate overtures but instead seemed eager to hear about Jason’s so-called ‘treatment’ . Even now he seemed overly anxious to hear about Jason’s meeting with Kathy. ‘From what you’ve told me you handled that well. It seems you stole the moral high ground from wifie; I would love to see the look on her face when you walked out.’ ‘Oh I don’t know Eric, I didn’t have any plan, just went in cold. I spoke my mind from my heart. Frankly, I’m no longer afraid of what she’ll do. It’s up to her – not me.’ Rather than sitting close together they sat across the room from each other. The situation troubled Jason, but being a guest he needed to be careful. Nonetheless, he had to find out what bothered Eric. ‘Mate, I feel a bit strange. You seem to be keeping your distance from me. Have I done anything to upset you?’ Silence. ‘(laughing) It’s not something you’ve done; it’s more what you haven’t done.’ ‘Umm . . . what do you mean?’ ‘It’s the hundred tonne elephant that’s sitting on my white shaggy-pile carpet. (pause) You’ve been home for nearly three days and haven’t mentioned Karl once. That’s the elephant I‘m talking about. What’s gonna happen?’ ‘(sheepishly) Oh that.’ ‘Yes, that.’ ‘Ummm . . . I thought you didn’t want me to talk about Karl.’ ‘Oh fer shit’s sake! Jason, I’m falling in love with you, but I know you’ve got the hot’s for Karl. Am I right?’ ‘(nodding reluctantly) Yes, yes I am. You’ve been so good to me I don’t want to hurt you or abuse your hospitality. I honestly don’t know what to do.’ ‘Well you have to talk to him; be with him to see if the feelings are strong and mutual. Now let me say it would hurt very much if you were to fuck each other in my home. That’s something I won’t allow only because of my strong feelings for you . . .call me a bitch’ ‘Jeessuuss I’m sorry Eric, I’m bad. Seems I just go around making people unhappy. Please . . .’ ‘Oh for Christ sake. I’m not a child anymore and you gotta be more adult. You haven’t even called him let alone seen him. If he’s in love with you, how do you think he feels knowing you’re with me and not hearing from you?’ ‘Oh shit you’re right. I suppose Kathy’s been foremost in my mind and I needed to deal with her before reconnecting with Karl. I’m a shit-head aren’t I?’ ‘Yes, yes you are. Now I’ve got a date, so whilst I’m away you ring Karl and get yer lives sorted out. I’ll probably be home late.’ ‘A date eh? Do I know him? Is he good to you? If not I’ll tear his eyes out, cut off his balls and do a dump on him.’ ‘(laughing) Jealous eh? I’ll take that as a good sign. See ya.’ 16.3 Karl waits Should I call? He’s been home for three days and not a word. I could just turn up at his little gay friend’s place . . . nah, that’d be too girlie . . . and awkward. I know I’m not his top priority . . . there’s his wife and his father . . . and of course his baby. But, Oh I do want to hear his voice . . .touch him, smell him, feel his cock going . . . Stop! Don’t go there. Be patient. Be . . . WHAT! Why shouldn’t I want to hear from the bastard, because I love the bastard. Since he’s been away it’s all I can think about. Maybe he found someone at that place and has fallen in love; maybe that’s why he don’t call. Jeesssus, I’m hallucinating, aren’t I? Think boyo, you have every right to call him and say ‘g’day mate, how’re ya going?’. Ah shit, this is love’s fault. Being in love makes ya feels so vulnerable don‘t it? I mean were we just friends I wouldn’t worry about all this emotional bullshit. I’d just say sumthin’ like ’listen cunt-face, ya got two hands so . . . give me a call’. Yeah, so, so easy. Shit I got it bad; him going off to that place were bad enough. Then, reading in the paper how it was a disaster got me worried if any harm had . . . bloody courageous of him by the way. Jason’s come out with a bang. I wonder how his family and wiffie feels about what he said . . . shit, I gotta lotta questions . . . if only he’d call . . . . . . and just then the phone rang. 16.4 Jason and Karl Coffee When Jason walked in, Karl stood up to greet him. No words, just a tight hug, a long tight hug that spoke volumes. Still holding hands they sat down with eyes welcoming, and lustful. Several couples nearby couldn’t help but notice the physical dynamics between these two males. A waitress, standing behind the counter, elbowed her mate to check the two boys out. ‘Bastard.’ ‘I suppose I am.’ Silence; the optical conversation continued. ‘The nights were the worst. I imagined all sorts of nasties going on in that place. Imagined you in pain and being abused. (giggling) I also imagined you’d fall in love with someone there. When I heard you only lasted a week I just longed for details about . . .’ ‘Excuse me boys, are you ready to order?’ Suddenly two sets of knees jumped apart, but hands were still interlocked. Almost embarrassed they ordered for the sake of ordering. When the waitress left, knees gain sought out each other. ‘Jason, I need to say something. (pause) I . . . err . . . what I want to say is, ummm . . . this is new to me. I don’t know how to express myself. I’m, I’m a bit scared . . . (pause) of making a fool of meself, but anyway . . .’ ‘Karl from the moment you winked at me, and then when we embraced on the beach, well . . . you stole my heart. (Karl’s heartrate soared) Slowly I came to realize my love for Kathy was incomplete because there weren’t any physical attraction. Something happened in that church, didn’t it? (Karl nodded) At the time I didn’t know what had happened because these feelings I have for you advanced slowly. (giving Karl’s hand a squeeze) I thought of you . . .’ ‘Alright chaps, let me put these down. Sorry for interrupting. Just take as much time as you want. If you want refills, just holla. Enjoy.’ Both men looked down at steaming cups of coffee as if they were intruding. In a way they were. ‘Yes, in a way you’re correct; my love started slowly but over the past weeks it’s escalated. Look, maybe I’m just a kid whereas you’re a mature twenty-six. There’s eight years between . . .’ ‘Shut it! Age, or age differences have nothing to do with us. At least not for me. I just want to spend my time with you – a long time with you. Let’s not talk about ages . . . If I had to get up suddenly, I’d be a social disgrace. I need you boyo in the most basic way.’ ‘Yeah please, I want to talk about sex because that’s all I’ve been thinking about lately; at night, at school, at play, eating, drinking and pissing. (lowering his voice) I’ve even started to prepare myself so that we can be joined together. You know what I mean (Jason nodded) I don’t suppose your friend Eric would let us . . .’ ‘No. No absolutely not. Look I should level with you about Eric. The night Kathy kicked me out I stayed with Eric, and . . . well, I was feeling bad and I kinda slipped in the moral stakes. It only happened once I promise and definitely won’t happen again. The trouble is he’s developed some feelings for me. He made it quite clear you and I having sex at his place is a big no. That’s why . . .’ ‘Come again? Shit! You had sex with him while at the same time I’m getting desperate with need. I could’ve asked Billy y’know, to just get me off . . . but I didn’t because I’m holding myself for you. I’m not interested in an open relationship Jason. If you need to have sex on the side with anyone that takes yer fancy count me out. Not interested – not gonna happen, boyo. If that’s the way you’re thinking then you’ve completely misjudged me. I’m still smarting over Billy cheating on me. If you think I’m weak, then maybe I am; If you think I’m immature, then maybe I am; if you think I’m a pushover, then I’m definitely not! You hurt Jason, that really hurt . . .’ ‘Oh fuck! I’m so sorry . . . the last thing I want to do is hurt you. I only brought that up because to me it’s a non-issue. Eric knows I love you and that’s that. I wholeheartedly agree with everything you said. I want stability in my life and that specifically excludes an open relationship. I’m going through the breakup of my current relationship and it’s painful. It’s only because I love you so much that I’m entering another union. Please forgive me.’ ‘(sympathetic) Yeah I guess your life’s a bit messy right now. I wouldn’t like to be I your shoes and I want to help. (hesitating) But let’s talk about us. I want to be together with you, to share, to wake up beside you, and . . . most of all . . . to fuck with you. But look at us. I’m living at home and you’ve just lost your home. It seems the whole situation is conspiring against us, and . . . and, it’s frustrating.’ ‘Baby, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking. What you say is true and something has to change. I figured the ball’s in my court. I haveta find a place to stay, kinda permanent. I don’t want to live at Eric’s place. I gotta find out if I still have a job; it’s a painful phone call I’m not looking forward to. If I get fired it won’t be a disaster because I’m a good mechanic and should get another job easy like. When I find a place, you can then decide to move in with me or just visit part-time. Up to you . . . and, most importantly, your parents. How does that sound?’ Karl reached over and squeezed Jason’s hand and applied pressure against his knee. ‘Sounds terrific. As to the ‘rents, I’d like you to meet them. Of course I want to stay with you full-time, but I’d be happy if my folks approved. Let me talk to them. Now I’ve just had an idea . . . .’
  6. grahamsealby

    Chapter 14

    Back in the 50s they even tried chemical castration on gays. One such person was Allan Turing, the father of modern computers, who helped solve the German enigma machine and helped win WW2. He eventually committed suicide.
  7. grahamsealby

    Chapter 15

    15.1 Finding Max and Ernie Jason slept fitfully during the short time remaining till daybreak. Images of Max and the torture room implements kept chasing any true sleep away. He awoke about 8 am and quickly dressed for breakfast. He wondered how Max felt after his ordeal. He entered the breakfast room only to find Sharon and Tony fooding up. Not feeling hungry he opted for orange juice and fresh fruit. ‘Hey, could you get the word out for everyone to meet in my room in about an hour. I’ve got some news I want to share with everyone. It’s sensitive and I don’t want any staff to be present. (Both Sharon and Tony looked curious) I can’t say anymore now, but I will when we meet. And Tony, you said you had a spare mobile (Tony nodded) I’d like to borrow if I could.’ Just then, Charles burst into the room. ‘Jason, I can’t find Max. I left him asleep while I shaved and showered. When I got back, he’d disappeared.’ ‘Oh shit! How is he? After last night I thought he may become calmer and better able to look after himself. How did he sound Charles?’ ‘He still sobbed ever so quietly, but I thought he began to improve. That’s why I decided to take a quick shower and shave. I’d only gone twenty minutes, but when I returned, he’d disappeared.’ Seeing the question on Sharon and Tony’s face, Jason quickly brought them up to date on Max. ‘You mean the bastards fried him? Stuck wires in him and electrocuted him? That’s awful. Ernie don’t seem the kind of monster that’d do that to another human being. Have you talked to Ernie yet?’ ‘No, Sharon, it was too late last night. Let’s do it now. How about (indicating Charles and Sharon) you two start looking for Max whilst Tony and I run down Ernie. If you see any others, they should also join in the search. It’s imperative we find Max; who knows what he might do?’ 15.2 Jason and Tony search Jason and Tony made a good search team. They combed the premises for about fifteen minutes and couldn’t find Ernie anywhere. They checked all toilets, showers, offices and dormitories without success. Frustrated, they found themselves back near the breakfast room. ‘Well, he ain’t anywhere inside; also, there’s no sign of Max either. What now Jason?’ ‘Bloody hell, I haven’t a clue Tony. He must be outside; they both must be outside. There’s a lotta grounds to cover so best we gets a start. At some stage we should join up with the others. By the way, we also couldn’t find Ava. I wonder where she’s got to?’ ‘Probably carousing with the local coven, or maybe renewing her broomstick flying licence. Who knows, who cares.’ ‘I care. She’s the boss cocky and not only must know what the staff are doing but must also sanction what’s going on. Yes indeedy, I want to talk to the evil one.’ The grounds were fairly open, just studded with trees, a gazebo, and some gardening sheds. Jason thought to dismiss the sheds as unlikely, but then changed his mind. A thorough search is just that - thorough. As they approached the shed containing the gardener’s tools, they heard some strange noises; strange noises which were somewhat familiar. ‘What’s going on Tony? Sounds like someone in pain.’ ‘Weird.’ Opening the door quietly they came face to face with a hairy bum; a hairy bum busy fucking someone vigorously. Both lads just stood there in surprise and even embarrassed at intruding on such an intimate moment. They were about to sneak out when Tony exclaimed, ‘Ernie?’ Nearing the open door, Jason reacted to Tony’s exclamation and turned around; following Tony’s gaze, he looked at the couple closely. There wasn’t any doubt. The person impaled on hairy bum’s cock was Ernie. An unfocused Ernie, squealing with passion every time the cock hammered him. The scenario bordered on pornographic. Both men were naked, with Ernie on his back clinging fiercely to the unknown male. For several seconds, in a frozen tableau, four pairs of eyes stared at each other. Then, ‘(Shocked) Oh shit! Oh shit! . . . I’m . . . I’m . . . sorry, sorry . . . sorry.’ ‘Ernie? (smiling) Ernie? (now laughing) So much for your conversion. If I didn’t see with me own eyes, I wouldn’t believe it. (giggling) Hey, who’s yer buddy?’ Ernie continued to stare like some animal caught in headlights and couldn’t answer Jason’s question. Instead, ‘Hey boys, name’s Gavin. I don’t know why yer all here at this place trying not to be poofters because Ernie and I reckon it’s great – don’t we hon?’ ‘I . . . I . . . take it this isn’t your first time with Ernie?’ ‘Sorry, I didn’t catch yer name son . . .’ ‘It’s Tony.’ ‘Yeah well Tony, the lad here and I have been screwing since I joined the staff. I must say he’s got the sweetest hole I’ve ever come across. What’s more he loves it, don’t you darling?’ By this time Jason and Tony started to anger. The sheer hypocrisy staggered them. All the time they injured kids with a so-called reparative therapy program, Ernie and Gavin fucked each other senselessly. Finally, ‘(Imploring) Please, please Jason, don’t tell Ava. She’s . . . she’s . . .’ ‘Blackmailing you, isn’t she? She knows what you and I do matey; she’s known about us since we started to fuck. I don’t know what she’s got on you Ernie, but I think right now yer shit’s gonna really stink.’ At that Ernie began to sob. In disgust Jason and Tony turned to go, when from outside someone shouted, ‘OVER HERE! QUICKLY, OVER HERE. IT’S MAX. OH GOD . . .. WHAT’S HE GONE AND DONE?’ Without looking back, the two lads burst through the door, heading in the direction of the voice. Jason feared the worst. Soon feminine wailing joined the first voice, so Jason and Tony headed in that direction. They spied a small group gathered at an old eucalyptus tree and ran as fast as they could. Drawing near, they saw a male body laying stretched out on the grass; they also saw a great deal of blood. ‘It’s Max, is he OK? Sharon, did you check to see if he’s alive, y’know feel for a pulse?’ ‘Oh, oh sorry Jason, I’ve just arrived myself and didn’t think . . .’ Bending down hurriedly, Jason felt for a pulse. ‘I got one, he’s still alive, but only just. Tony, (beckoning to Tony) quickly call 000 and declare an emergency. He’s cut himself perpendicular up his left arm and (addressing Sharon) take off your panties quick so I can apply a tourniquet.’ ‘Fuck that; I’m not taking me panties off . . .’ ‘Jeessus Sharon don’t be difficult. Girls undies are perfect to stop the bleeding and we need to do it now. C’mon baby, be nice.’ Quickly Jason applied pressure on the cuts, and the bleeding slowed. Examining the boy closely, he noticed he seemed pale and listless and his pulse felt feeble. ‘C’mon Maxie, (sob) don’t leave us mate. We’re gonna get you outta here and into a better life. I promise anyone involved in that mediaeval torture will pay heaps. Stay with me boyo, help’s (looking at Tony who nodded) on the way.’ The whole group stood looking pathetic and helpless; no one knew what to do in a crisis like this. They simply stood back and watched as Jason tried valiantly to keep Max alive. When sirens signalled the approaching Paramedics, they collectively breathed a sigh of relief. The Paras did what they could to stabilize Max but became grim-faced when they considered the amount of blood loss. The senior medic, a middle-aged woman, talked to the bystanders. ‘Look, he’s lost a lot of blood, so our major concern now is if he goes into shock. We’ve given him a drip and then he’ll get full blood in the hospital. I can’t give you any more positive news, except you found him just in time. By the way, don’t go anywhere because the cops will want to interview everyone.’ As Max disappeared in the departing ambulance, the group stood aimlessly about not knowing what to do next. This is when Jason’s leadership skills rose to the occasion. ‘I’d advise you to start thinking of going home as soon as the cops give you the all-clear. This whole set-up is a farce, particularly our good friend Ernie who Tony and I found being fucked by someone called Gavin . . .’ ‘(Disbelief) Gavin, Gavin . . . the gardener? Ernie and Gavin were fucking?’ ‘Yes, indeedy Sharon. According to this Gavin, they’ve been at it for some time. Makes you want to throw up. But there’s more; yesterday, someone authorized electric shock therapy on Maxie, as part of his anti-gay treatment. Whilst not the sole cause of Max’s attempt today, I believe it was the final straw. For that, someone’s gonna hang!’ ‘So, what d’yer say we should do, Jason?’ ‘I don’t think we’ll be able to leave till tomorrow, or as soon as the cops finish interviewing us. So just do yer own thing for now but keep close. If you think I can help, just knock on me door. OK?’ 15.3 Leaving Elysium Meadows Ava had disappeared, along with Ernie and the gardener. The whole complex became eerily silent. Just on dinner-time a police sergeant arrived and spoke to the group in the dining room. ‘My name is Sergeant Burrows and you need to listen carefully. I don’t know what’s happened here as I only know what . . .’ ‘How’s Max? We want to know about Max?’ ‘Sorry ma’am, I don’t know your name. Can you . . .’ ‘I’m not a madam. I’m a miz. My names Sharon.’ ‘OK Sharon, all I know is he’s in intensive care and his condition is stable. You know how hospital speak goes . . . even worse than police speak. I guess you’re a close nit group, eh?’ ‘Umm Sergeant, my name is Jason. Do you know why we’re here in this place?’ ‘Thanks Jason. No, I don’t. Perhaps you can enlighten me, please.’ ‘We’re homosexuals trying to overcome our nasty habit by using a program designed by the people who run this place. I said trying, but I really mean past tense because it’s a bloody fraud.’ ‘Oh . . . err . . . I, I didn’t know that. We were told the place belonged to a religious organization. Now you tell me it’s some sort of Psychological program aimed at . . . . well, you know . . . ‘ ‘Being normal. Well that’s what we signed up for, but unfortunately . . .’ ‘Why d’yer want t’do this? I mean we get to know many gay people, and I find them to be very good citizens; helpful, courteous and non-violent. We also have many gay police, of both genders, and they have the respect of all of us as well as the public. There’s nothing wrong with being gay, so why d’yer want to change? (Looking hard at Jason) I’ve heard about these reparation programs and they’re generally accepted as stressful and unsuccessful.’ ‘I couldn’t agree more, and I’m sure I speak for the group. In my case, the issue is religion. My father is a homophobic pastor and demands I change . . . or else! Although the circumstances are a little different each one of us is trying to satisfy some religious dictate. (several people nodded) ’ ‘Well, it’s a shame but each of you must make your own decisions now. I can tell you, as a result of the young’un’s attempt, this is now a criminal matter . . . (Enthusiastically) ‘That’s good news.’
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    Chapter 14

    Ha Ha! A good thought.
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    Chapter 13

    Yeah, he's in the box seat with Ava. Of course he doesn't know his father has virtually bribed the lady with the promise of a large donation.
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    Chapter 12

    Glad to hear from you. In Jason's mind he's just going without any hope of changing. It's a way out for family and wife. He knows deep down it's bullshit
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    Chapter 9

    Thanks for commenting. Yep, Jason's in real trouble.
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    Chapter 8

    I think he's just a horny teenager who thinks only of his cock
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    Chapter 14

    14.1 Karl . Rhonda caught Karl at lunch and suggested they have coffee down in Mount Eliza after school. Now they sat playing with their cups of steaming coffee. ‘Have you heard from Jason? Do you know how he’s coping at that place? ‘No, I haven’t heard. Of course, I’m not exactly popular with dear pater right now, so I doubt if he’ll tell me anything about Jason. (looking at Karl) How do you really feel about my brother? I still remember that first time you came to Sunday lunch. He heavied you unnecessarily. I thought you’d be sworn enemies forever.’ ‘Yeah, he certainly had me guessing. Looking back, I reckon it was a camouflage job to hide his true feelings. I mean I think he felt attracted to me and went on the attack to cover up. At least that’s my theory. Since then we’ve become closer. One day at the beach he sat with me and the conversation became complex. We danced around until I eventually asked what he would do if I kissed him.’ ‘(Laughing) You what? You asked my brother what he’d do if you kissed him? Cool! What did he say?’ ‘That he’d kiss me back.’ ‘My brother said he’d kiss you back, on the beach, out in the open? Wow!’ ‘So, there it was. We both knew where we stood. (Embarrassed) Then I had that interlude with Billy and unfortunately Jason sorta faded away a little. I’ve thought about Billy lately. I liked him a lot, but it were only sex, no real emotion. He did me a favour messing with that other boy. He and I could never have lasted. It crushed me when I walked in on Billy and the other bloke. Absolutely stunned, I turned around and fled up to the main terrace. To my surprise Jason joined me. He could tell I wasn’t in a good place so he comforted by wrapping me in a cuddle. I really needed that. Something magic happened that night; we could both feel the electricity flowing between us.’ ‘This is almost romantic. How love blossoms amid tragedy, then the couple get married and live happily ever after. Wow!’ ‘What about you Rhonda? Are you seeing anyone?’ ‘Nah, I don’t want to get serious, I’m too young and still at school. I got a coupla fellas I got regular, but that’s all. I’m OK, don’t worry about me. I’m more concerned about home. The relationship between my mother and father is deteriorating. Mum won’t hear a bad word about Jason and every time my dad starts to rant, she savage’s him. It’s his fault, he just won‘t accept Jason’s gay, and I think he’s gonna split the family apart. I’m so frustrated because there’s nothing I can do. It’s awful to watch your family break up. But enough of that; what’s gonna happen when Jason comes home. Will you see him?’ ‘Of course, if I can. But what’s he gonna be like after going to that place? I just hope he’s not harmed; I’ve heard some nasty stories about places like that. I just hope they don’t damage him. We’ll just have to wait and see.’ ‘Yes, it’s the great unknown. But Jason’s always been strong and can look after himself. I can’t see him putting up with any shit. Would you like to have a relationship with him?’ ‘(Emphatic) Bloody oath! If he wants me, he can have me.’ ‘What about if he’s carrying a lot of baggage like a wife and child. Could you cope with that?’ ‘Nothings perfect. I care so much that I’d enjoy helping him through the rough spots.’ ‘Well, we’ve only got another ten days before he come home.’ 14.2 Tony gets moved from room After lunch Jason returned to his room to find Tony gone. No explanation. Shortly after, Ernie entered and asked Jason if they could talk. Although the prospect of being alone narked him, he’d also miss Tony’s company. He took it personally and now put Ernie on the spot because he was a little pissed off. ‘Did you have to move Tony out of my room? Am I such an ogre that you think I’ll corrupt other? Seems a bit drastic to me. I need an explanation . . . so why?’ ‘Well you’ve only got yourself to blame, haven’t you? Your attitude since you came has been to defy myself and Ava, and you do so in front of others. You’re a natural leader Jason; people look up to you. If you were being positive about what we’re trying to teach, it wouldn’t be a problem. As you insist on being negative, we must isolate you. It’s that simple.’ ‘It’s not simple as you say, in fact anything but. Shouldn’t the onus be upon you to convince people that pursuing a straight life-style is for the better. Where are the tools, the arguments and the process that’ll change people from gay to straight? Up till now, all I’ve heard is platitudes and nauseous preaching about how good it is to be straight. Ernie, these people are gay and you want then to be straight. OK? Well show me how it’s done. If I’m convinced then I’ll buy into the program. So, convince me.’ ‘(Avoiding the issue) Jason I’ve already told you about my descent into hell. Before that night I whored my butt around everywhere and indulged in every sexual activity known. I had, like Tony remarked, a high sex drive. Had I not seen the light, had I not vowed to change, I daresay I might not be alive today. I’m totally cured and am thinking of an engagement to a lass I’ve been seeing for several months. I feel restored and re-established as a normal person. Now I’m not saying others will be as lucky as I am. I’m not saying that . . .’ ‘Well what are you saying. I’m getting tired of these vague generalities.’ ‘We have a successful program that requires dedication and while you’re talking negatives, we won’t have a chance to achieve the level of commitment necessary. I suggest you do some soul-searching because your own situation is dire. Your Dad has imposed severe conditions should you not graduate successfully. He’s very serious, Jason. I sat in on his meeting with Ava and his attitude frightened me. You’ve got a lot riding on getting out of here cleansed. If I were you, I wouldn’t be so negative. What about your wife and coming baby? Don’t you want to have a happy home life with a supportive wife and the blessing of children? Think carefully Jason. Think carefully.’ After Ernie left Jason sat musing. So that’s the deal. Knuckle under and participate in the program or suffer the consequences. But what program? I’m gay . . . I know I’m gay and unless there’s been a major medical breakthrough, I’m always gonna be gay. (sigh) So I’m back to lying, pretending, and burying my true self. Shit-eh! I don’t wanna go back to pretending I’m straight. (grunt) I’ve been here two days now and yet to see anything constructive presented. 14.3 Second Group Session ‘OK let’s begin. Max I’d like you to tell us your story. (turning to group) Ava and I talked with Max yesterday and in our opinion it’s critical he overcomes his homosexuality. I could say it’s a life or death matter (Ava nodded). Just take it slow Max, remember we’re all friends here; you have nothing to fear. Please.’ ‘(Timidly) I . . .I . . . can’t. I’m too ashamed. Please don’t ask me to tell things I talked about yesterday. Please Ernie, please.’ ‘No one here is going to judge you Max. (Again, addressing the group) Max has had a poor start to life; much harder than most of us. I wonder (wink, obviously a signal) . . .’ ‘Hey Maxie, why don’t you tell us where you live and how old you are?’ ‘(Relieved) Thanks Tony, I come from Frankston and I’m 18. I passed my GED (General Education Diploma) last year.’ ‘How did you go. What were your grades like?’ ‘Umm, I can’t remember the number scale, but I passed with honours in every subject but Maths.’ ‘Fuck me . . . so yer a brain then?’ ‘Sandra, please refrain from offensive language. The English language is quite able to express itself without resorting to bad language.’ Sandra simply glared at Ava whilst someone chuckled. Then she continued, ‘(Bluntly) So have you come out, I mean just at home or the world at large?’ ‘(Stammering) I . . . I . . . have . . . sorta, but . . . but . . . I didn’t have the guts to tell anyone. Y’see . . . (tears started to roll down Max’s face) I got (choke) caught.’ ‘What d’yer mean, caught? Were you rooting a boy and someone saw ya?’ ‘(Reluctantly) NO, no, it wasn’t like that.’ ‘(Impatient) Well tell us how.’ ‘Sandra give Max a chance. Don’t badger him.’ Just then Jason entered the discussion. ‘Max, let me tell you how I got caught. It might help. I’d been going to the Seaford sauna for some time. But the first time there I picked up a brochure showing opening times and the general facilities. Unfortunately, I stuck the bloody thing in an old ski jacket and forgot. Sometime later my wife did a clothes search and found the wretched thing, and . . . BOOM! Does that help?’ ‘A bit, thanks Jason. At a party I kissed a boy and unfortunately someone took a photo of us. They posted it online, and it went viral. One of my friend’s mothers saw the photo on her daughters mobile and, and . . . well, she told my parents. My parents were disgusted, and . . . and . . . (tears again began to flow)’ ‘Max if you don’t mind me saying, you dress like a goth. All black clothes, dark glasses and being skinny. Why don’t you try and change yer appearance?’ ‘C’mon Tony, we’re not here to question how the guy looks. Everyone’s appearance reflects their own individuality. I mean, I dress as butch as I can because I’m hiding who I am. There’s a reason for everything. When . . .’ ‘Hey boys . . . can it! I want to hear from Max. What was yer home-life like Max? Did you have good relations with yer siblings and parents?’ Suddenly Max began to cry, deep racking sobs. He took everyone by surprise. ‘Max, I know this is very painful. You have every reason to be upset. Folks (addressing the group) Max has had a bad childhood. The family home didn’t give him a haven of security. Ava and I debated whether we’d ask Max to share with you all, but it’s necessary to face your demons before a person can change his life choices. (Addressing Max who still sat crying) C’mon mate, take the next 5 minutes to get all the horror off yer chest. I know you’ll feel better. Have patience people.’ Silence, then Jason, ‘Max, were you molested, mate?’ Max shuddered and started gasping for air. He began crying again, a little more intense than before. As he cried his head nodded in answer to Jason’s question. Then, ‘(Rushing) YES! Yes, they all buggered me! My brother and his mates kept fucking (Ava flinched, but said nothing) me anytime we were alone, then me Uncle would rape me, but the worst thing, I found out my dad knew about it all the time and took money from my uncle to fuck me.’ Complete silence followed Max’s statement. Everyone’s face registered sadness until anger came to the fore. ‘Oh, you poor bastard. It’s bad enough about yer brother but . . . but yer dad. That’s gross.’ People uttered sounds of support to Jason’s statement. A heavy painful atmosphere gripped the room. Max sat with shoulders heaving. Silent tears rolled down his face. His demeanour reflected a person who’d reached rock bottom. He seemed to sag in on himself. Did he have the energy to drag himself out of the mire? Jason thought no. How could anyone do that to another human being? How could any father condone his son being used as a sex object? How could any father take money for services rendered? What about his mother; surely, she could’ve done something. And I thought my parents were cunts. But there’s a question that begs asking. ‘Max, something doesn’t add up. You said your folks were disgusted when they saw the photo but you also said your dad knew about the molesting. Surely he must’ve known you were gay?’ Max struggled to take control of his misery. He raised a teary face to Jason and, ‘Don’t you think I haven’t asked myself the same question . . . over, and over, and over. I don’t have an answer. All I know is he reacted badly when he found out I . . . I . . . was gay. If anyone has an answer . . .please . . . please.’ The room became silent, until, ‘Perhaps he knew all the time; as long as it stayed in the family you weren’t a problem, weren’t any embarrassment. But when outsiders found out, then that’s a different ball-game. Having an openly gay son reflected badly on him. A family secret suddenly became public humiliation, His adverse reaction wasn’t about you, but him.’ ‘Charlie, I reckon you’re right. What you say makes sense. Max what . . . (Max nodded).’ ‘Alright people, I think we’ve done enough today. I’m sure Max’s situation has touched us deeply. We want you to go away now by yourselves and study your Iceberg. Identify all the bad issues your recognised, and spend time in prayer. We want you to focus on how good it is to be normal. When sinful thoughts embrace you, such as same sex attraction, think only of the positives of being normal. Reject the bad, adopt the good.’ 14.4 Jason talks to Charles Leaving the meeting Jason grabbed Charles and drew him aside. ‘Just wanted to say how smart you were coming up with the suggestion about his dad. Spot on mate. Now I’m a bit concerned about Max; you’re his roomie and you need to watch him, I don’t like the way he looks or sounds. Has he said anything to you that might indicate his current mental condition?’ ‘Nah, he’s a bit weird; very quiet and keeps to himself. But yer right, he needs watching. I’ll keep an eye on him as much as I can.’ ‘What about you? What brought you to this fiasco?’ ‘Well, my folks are well off and I reckon I were raised spoilt. I mean I knew I were gay like you . . . real early. I tried to cover by becoming introverted and surly. Thing is I like sex and went hunting at several sleazy places. One night I was at my favourite beat and got sprung by the cops. My dad’s a bigwig financial bloke in one of Australia’s biggest companies, so image is really important. He chucked a biggie when the cops called and told him I’d been nabbed sucking someone’s cock. Jeessus he went vile. My mom’s a social climber and the thought of scandal terrified her. I didn’t have a choice; they just booked me in here and, as they say, the rest is history.’ ‘What do you think so far?’ ‘It sucks!’ 14.5 Ava and Ernie ‘Ernie I’m concerned about young Max. The group seemed to focus on his mental condition instead of helping him cure his homosexuality. I believe he’s ready for some intrusive treatment. We can use his mental recovery to plant seeds in his mind to enable him to reject any same sex attraction.’ ‘Hey, you’re talking about electric shock treatment, aren’t you? You don’t think it’ll be dangerous to him? Right now, he’s very fragile.’ ‘Maybe, but at the same time we must try everything to help the boy. I think shock therapy is right for Max now. Let’s set him up tomorrow; you’ll give him a sedative beforehand as the treatment requires. I don’t believe it’ll have to be very strong, given his current condition. I’ll leave it in your hands.’ ‘Fair enough, but what about the set-up? Who’s going to wire him up and connect the photo apparatus?’ ‘Leave that to Gavin; he’s done this frequently and knows what to do. Any questions?’ ‘Just we’ll follow established procedure, right? Gavin will apply the shocks whenever a male torso appears, like we did last time.’ ‘Yes, why do you ask? Are you trying to suggest a change?’ ‘No! No, not at all. Just not wanting any loose ends.’ 14.6 Ava asks for prayer At breakfast next morning Ava made an unexpected appearance. Usually breakfast allowed for lively general conversation avoiding anything so do with the program. With Ava present banter became stilted. Finishing her food Ava tapped a glass with a spoon and asked for quiet. ‘This morning we want everyone in the chapel. We’d like you to ask God for help with your task. (She started to hand out notepads and pens to each person) Please write down what you view as the positives you’ll enjoy once you’ve converted to a normal opposite sex attraction. You have twenty minutes to do this and then go straight into the chapel. Once there commune with Jesus and ask his help to attain the positives that you’ve listed. This is a process that we find very successful and we urge you to follow these guidelines. Now any questions?’ As the room remained quiet Ava departed, leaving the assembled to start making a list. 14.7 Max’s ordeal Max sat, stripped down to his underwear, at a small table in a darkened room. He felt a little drowsy. Connected to his genitals were several small wired clamps. He wasn’t uncomfortable or cold because the room was warm. At breakfast he barely heard Ava’s comments and started to follow the group when Ernie stopped him. ‘Let’s sit for a moment mate. I hope you’re feeling better because yesterday must’ve been hard for you. It’s not easy to air our deepest secrets out loud. I think you’re amazing the way you handled yourself. I wish I had your courage my friend.’ ‘I don’t understand Ernie, I thought I made a mess of meself. I couldn’t stop crying and I think I made everyone miserable. I’m ashamed.’ ‘Don’t be. When I came here, I was a mess, a real basket-case. You see I’m a country boy and being the eldest they expected me to take over the property. A substantial property no less. Believe me when I found meself liking boys I got scared . . . real scared. My parents are good Christians and pillars of the community. The local town and surrounds isn’t large but the people regard my family as leaders. Having a gay son would’ve been intolerable for the family. Also, as the property boss, I wouldn’t have any authority in the community; they would just laugh at me. If that weren’t bad enough, my family made it clear they ‘d ostracize me if I lived a gay life-style. Not just my parents mind you, but all my siblings were hostile. I had to do something Max; my situation became unbearable. Just when . . .’ ‘Ernie, why are you telling me this. Is there something you’re trying to say?’ ‘I’m getting to that. I just wanted you to know that others come here with a load of baggage not unlike your situation. In the end this place cured me, but not without some specialised treatment. Being desperate, even after convening with God, I asked if they had any other treatment to help me cure my affliction. That’s when they mentioned invasive therapy . . .’ ‘Invasive therapy?’ ‘Not as bad as it sounds; in fact, quite the opposite. It works like this. They place clamps gently around your body and sit you at a table in a darkened room. On a screen they flash images of male and female body parts. When shown a male image, a gentle current tells your brain that this is wrong. You don’t feel anything. The net result is any arousal by a male person or male body parts will not occur. The process is a total cure. I went through the procedure and now I’m only attracted to females. How does that sound?’ ‘Won’t it hurt? What if something goes wrong? It sounds dangerous. I’m not sure . . .’ ‘Max, your life up till now has been miserable hasn’t it? (Max nodded) Your future prospects aren’t good. When you ask about hurt, think about how much you’re hurting now. I can guarantee all that will be in the past. You’ll start a new life, a life where you’re accepted by parents, family and friends as a normal person. You’ll be able to hold your head high at last. No more misery.’ Max sat thoughtfully after Ernie stopped. After a little while, ‘I’m not sure, I don’t like pain . . .’ ‘Max think; what have you got to lose? Think about what you’ll gain. Respect, acceptance, love and a positive future. I must tell you if you don’t try, you’ll probably go back to your previous miserable existence. Just give it a try Max, you’ll be a winner.’ He’d agreed. Now he waited expectantly for something to happen. The screen came to life and showed a pair of woman’s shoes. Next came a handbag and with each following screen, articles of daily female attire appeared. Suddenly a male hand appeared; Max felt a slight tingling in his groin. The next few screens showed more female attire; as nothing happened Max started to relax. Then a young male head appeared and again a slight tingling. With almost boring repetition articles of female attire would appear, followed by something masculine. With each male article the tingling sensation increased. Max wasn’t uncomfortable as the tingling sensations were minor. A woman’s beast then lingered on the screen. Suddenly a male torso flashed and a severe surge of electricity jolted Max out of his relaxed state. Pain flowed from his toes to the top of his scalp. A momentary respite as two large female breasts appeared. Then just as the pain subsided a pair of male testicles appeared; the resulting burst of electricity caused Max’s body to double over. He cried out, gasping for breath and started to cry. ‘Ahhh . . . Please, . . . aahh . . . please, no more! Stop . . . it! . . . I can’t . . . ‘ Near screaming with pain, he didn’t see the naked vagina but, in a daze, watched a fully erect penis relace the vagina. Another pulse, a bigger pulse, a longer pulse and pain engulfed him; he doubled over again, vomited, and fell off the chair writhing on the ground making incoherent sounds. Something went horribly wrong. Ernie turned to Gavin the attendant in a panic, ‘What happened Gavin, why were the charges set so high?’ ‘Not my doing! Ava told me to increase the final surges by 50% as she wanted to see how the lad would respond. I didn’t know he’d react like this; I feel awful.’ ‘It’s not your fault. I’ll talk to Ava. In the meantime, can you get the lad back to his room. I’ll catch up with you later, OK?’ 14.8 Jason reflects. Jason needed to work. He missed the atmosphere and challenge of the workshop: the grimy overalls, the smell of grease, the company, and getting satisfaction from a job well done. He also missed Karl. Memory flashes of Karl’s bronzed knees, the close feel of his body at Billy’s home, the suggestive bulge in his swim costume at the beach, all kept invading his thoughts. Absence may make the heart grow fonder; it also makes your cock harder. Now back in his room he started to have more vivid imaginings. Karl’s beautiful body lay naked on the bed, his eyes clouded over in lust. Admiring his tanned muscled body, Jason’s desire became unbearable. Pulling his legs back almost to his ears, Karl offered himself. Gently Jason teased the exposed hole and watched as Karl gasped with pleasure. Increasing the torment, he slipped one finger inside and twisted it gently around. This made Karl squirm and plead for more with his eyes. Now Jason inserted two fingers and to his surprise Karl grabbed his hand and stabbed himself. Jason’s own cock dripped copiously, so he used a little lubricant to make a three-finger penetration easier. Now; it had to be now. Neither partner could wait any longer. Karl grabbed Jason’s shaft and positioned the head to his satisfaction. A slight push and the engorged pole slipped effortlessly into Karl who, unhesitatingly, impaled himself on the full length. Jason paused and locked eyes with his lover. If there was any discomfort it didn’t show. A nod from the lad encouraged Jason to start pumping his tool slowly in and out . . . A knock on his door jolted him out of his erotic dream. A quick glance at the time showed 1:45 am. Making sure his arousal wouldn’t be noticed, he opened the door to find an obviously distressed Charles in his pyjamas. ‘Sorry Jason but I’m worried about Max. He hasn’t stopped crying since they brought him back to the room. It’s weird. He’s not actually crying; well, he is, but it’s more like wailing or keening and he keeps mumbling about how bad he is. I’ve tried to comfort him but without success. I thought you might have more success. Can you come?’ ‘Sure, let me get my gown.’ It shocked Jason to see Max in such a terrible state. He lay in his bed facing the wall with the bedding pulled over his head. His crying – if you could call it crying - sounded like he’d reached the depths of despair. The only cohereant sound being a steady warble of No, No, No. Jason quietly sat on the bed and placed his hand on Max’s covered shoulder. ‘C’mon mate, it’s Jason. Something bad’s happened to you and I need you to tell me. I’m not leaving here until you unload. Trust me I can help, but first you gotta help me to understand.’ For several moments nothing happened. then the sobbing sound decreased and Max’s form under the bedclothes began to stir. When he emerged it shocked both Jason and Charles to see the abject misery writ large on Max’s face. Red-rimmed eyes peered out from a deathly white face. Jason let Max pull himself together before encouraging the boy to unload. ‘Something’s happened hasn’t it boyo? Look no one else’s around it’s only Charles and me here; and I might add I’m not leaving until you open up.’ A much more calmed Max stared at both Charles and Jason; they both had a no-nonsense facial expression. With a faltering voice and several stoppages to maintain some semblance of control, Max stammered out his experience in the darkened room. When he finished, all Jason could say were, ‘I can’t believe they did that to you. Jesus Max, they actually fried you and led you to believe it were for yer good. Bastards! The bloody rotten bastards! Wait till I find Ernie . . . and the witch Ava. Can you remember where the room is?’ ‘Yes, I think . . . why?’ ‘Because I want to see if it’s still set up for torture. I want you to come with me Charles so later on we can both attest to the set up. Are you with me?’ So, with the time by now nearing 2:30 am, the three lads set out very quietly. It didn’t take Max long to locate the room and, as luck would have it, the slide projector, that table and the wired clamps apparatus hadn’t been hidden away. Jason and Max simply stared in disbelief at the proof before their eyes. Unfortunately, confronted by the implements of his earlier nightmare, Max started to shake. Saddened, disillusioned and angry. they made their way quietly back to Max’s room. Max appeared to be pale and comatose. They got him into bed and Jason turned to leave. ‘Charles keep an eye on him will you. I don’t like the way he’s reacting, but I’m not a doctor, so I simply don’t know what to do.’ ‘OK, will do; but what do we do now? Having seen and heard what they did to Max, we can’t just ignore . . .’ ‘We won’t. Let’s get some sleep now, and discuss our plans in the morning. I want to tell Tony what’s happened if it’s allright with you?’
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