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  1. NakKing25

    Chapter 62

    Two of life's most important decisions!
  2. NakKing25

    Chapter 61

    with a little Agave Syrup & Tequila lots of good ones. writers that made mistakes, that is. thanks for the lol moments.
  3. NakKing25

    Chapter 59

    Had a good laugh this morning. Thanks
  4. NakKing25

    Chapter 56

    I have truly enjoyed Post-Humorously and sad to see it come to an end, at least regular postings. Thanks,
  5. NakKing25

    Chapter 51

    I try hard every day to better mine.
  6. NakKing25

    Chapter 46

    Written for students who plan to study veterinary medicine?
  7. NakKing25

    Chapter 42

    I am a ruler. I've measured seven inches.
  8. NakKing25

    Chapter 42

    me is one!! The night life is not a cheap life anymore.
  9. NakKing25

    Chapter 39

    me is not to much learned and no not of this Beckett. last or first name would be helpful for me to look up him on the interweb. thanks in advance. And me do so enjoy Post-Humorously.
  10. NakKing25

    Chapter 39

    Sand tunes. These are the sand songs that come to me mind 1) Song on the Sand 2) Toes 3) Love Letters in the Sand 4) Cool Water brought back good memories.
  11. NakKing25

    Chapter 38

    Bilbo Baggins would not be pleased.
  12. NakKing25

    Chapter 37

    Didn't take me to many years.
  13. NakKing25

    Chapter 36

    Sometimes you gotta live dangerously. Don't ya?
  14. NakKing25

    Chapter 36

    It sounded like the author enjoyed the experience.
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