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Genres: General Fiction
Sub-genres: Drama

Declan was the epitome of strength, the top defensive back, top student in his classes, part of THE top-notch football team. But when he fails a basic challenge in front of his entire team--especially to a tiny thing like Bailey McIntyre--he's furious. So is his team captain. And Declan just can't seem let it go. And it gets worse... because he starts to think about Bailey as more than just the guy who destroyed his reputation.

This story is set at an elite private all-boys school.  The campus is very collegiate-like, and each student is expected to participate in a sport of some kind as a way of integrating mind, body, and spirit. It will be told in three parts.  Part 1 is exclusively from Declan's POV, part 2 will be Bailey's POV, and the chapters in part 3 will alternate between the two.  It is a slightly different approach I'm trying with this story, so I hope you enjoy it.
Content Warnings:  depression, bullying, self-harm (I'll add others if I think of them).
Copyright © 2017 craftingmom; All Rights Reserved.

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I honestly have this story bookmarked. I check back more than twice a day, with fingers crossed, hoping there's a new chapter. This story is very well written and flows so effortlessly. It just keeps you wanting more. Looking forward to future chapters. Stay awesome

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6 minutes ago, Bagnios said:

Just continuing to practice patience for craftingmom’s muse.

Yes, but I’m waiting for @Timothy M.'s muse too. Is it possible their muses ran off together for a little ‘something-something’? Then they should both be back refreshed and ready to inspire their ‘mused’!  ;-)

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15 hours ago, Bagnios said:

Should we consider some type of sacrifice to the muses? 🤔


B)............................Nah, we would run out of writers!

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35 minutes ago, Drew Espinosa said:

A virgin sacrifice, maybe? :P 


B)..................Haven't seen any since in a long time....that ugly 3rd grader?

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38 minutes ago, Hunter Thomson said:

Are you offering yourself? Should see what @Headstall has to say about that :P

No problem for me. Go ahead and sacrifice him :P 

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7 minutes ago, Hunter Thomson said:

No comments on the virgin part?


B).....................Nah, but I had no idea on Drew!



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