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  1. Hellsheild

    Chapter 44

    This is getting dangerous. I'll have to continue reading to make sure things turn out better. They probably made the mistake because they were thinking of Arric and Key together
  2. Hellsheild

    Chapter 41

    yay! great chapter. i can't wait for the next one.
  3. oh what a feeling! this story came the day a wicked heat wave broke and I love it!
  4. Hellsheild

    Chapter 30

    Like my back and Jihan. I'm feeling much better. 2 days of rest icy hot patches and assorted pills And I'm walking (slight limp) and raising Heck! We're good again and thank you for your concern. Like your masterful story it's very much appreciated. Now to re read this to enjoy again and again
  5. Hellsheild

    Chapter 29

    I love this chapter, but the end! I...I don't know what to say so I'm just not talking to you anymore
  6. Hellsheild

    Chapter 28

    Oh bless your sweet soul. You put out a chapter just after I bust or tore a muscle in my hip. The pain is there but I was able to distract myself by reading this great piece. Thank you for brightening this painful time.
  7. Hellsheild

    Chapter 37

    What a perfect end to my perfect Fri...(checks watch)...beginning of a great Saturday. God I feel good. Love this story and am counting the hours until the next chapter.
  8. Hellsheild

    Chapter 27

  9. Hellsheild

    Chapter 26

    Ohhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh..... that's the stuff. Can't wait for more and I'm truly excited to see how this plays out.
  10. Hellsheild

    Chapter 25

    I think you can understand how I feel after reading this.
  11. Hellsheild

    Chapter 34

    All i want to say is...that was adorable!
  12. Hellsheild

    Chapter 13

    Damn I'm laughing so hard right now because I'd be like that and the other's at the same time. Cursing up a storm at their stupidity and threatening to kill them a second later followed by are you comfortable in the same breath.
  13. Hellsheild

    Chapter 37

    I need more I want more I'm impatient for more. WHY MUST YOU TORTURE ME SOOOOO!!!
  14. I smell people's butts frying! Sniff sniff! Did someone assume they couldn't be caught
  15. Hellsheild

    Embers 16

    This might have been my favorite chapter to date. Now if the elementals the mutts and CJ's whole family could combine in story somewhere somehow that would just be lagniappe.
  16. Hellsheild

    Chapter 31

    I smell douchery from Baxter. Like he's a sympathizer and will notify the 2
  17. Hellsheild

    Chapter 31

    Makes me think of a new meaning to Lupin the 3rd and the interspol after him. Lol
  18. Hellsheild


    Wahhh! Its over! I loved my Friday reading! This was great. I love these characters. I would buy their books! Real fake these people have become like friends to me. Now i have to wait for fall
  19. Oh why can't I put 2 emojis! I love this chapter and my sides hurt from laughing. He now has someone to put him in his place. And I bet it's going to be great
  20. Thank you, also to note they are brothers. Thank you, from Ren.
  21. Bill and Ren Heck- Houma (home-ă) Louisiana
  22. Hellsheild

    Chapter 27

    Wow i think that their sex is shorter than my bathroom breaks...DAMN!
  23. Hellsheild

    Chapter 26

    Great chapter, I love the build up of love between the two. I like the slow pace of the mating bond as opposed to some writers "he found his mate and they bone." (This was an exaggeration)
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