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  1. Hellsheild

    No Knocking

    I could read more of this for hours
  2. Hellsheild

    Chapter 9

    Don't get honry...Don't get horny...Don't get horny! DAMMIT!
  3. Hellsheild

    Chapter 5

    Codename V approves this plan
  4. Hellsheild

    Chapter 16

    Jihan was being "bitched" and then at the end when dealing with merchants (boom!) Big dick energy just strutting by, be careful I'm about to turn and I don't want to slap you with it 🤪 Love the story
  5. Hellsheild


    I want to hug them soooo badly. I want to move to California. (Louisiana is too damn muggy!) I want moreeeee! By the way love the story
  6. Hellsheild

    God's Plan

    This made my night I absolutely love your stories
  7. Yes! I absolutely loved this. Yeah get fucked Ezra! Mason you traitor! Lol Ride em cowboy! Had a good and hardy laugh thanks to this. Thank you.
  8. Hellsheild

    No F'n Way

    Oh boy! A viking is going to accidentally kill an American in self defense. This is going to be fun!
  9. Omg yes I loved this and want so many many many more stories rhudjdkwjaowprntowkwn!!!
  10. Hellsheild

    Chapter 9 - Rush

    To the doc: With all the shit coming around heads are going to roll. Elder Easton, the lieutenant(if he doesn't get his act together), the doc definitely, Beckett just because he'll say something smart.
  11. Hellsheild


    Baby proposal! (I made a gutteral awwwwww sound) I am not ashamed to say. Quick someone, I need a strong cuddle hug.
  12. Hellsheild

    Chapter 21

    Hold him boy, hold him and never let go.
  13. Hellsheild

    Chapter 20

    I can just imagine what's next, someone bursts through the door just in time to see the natural pressure from his ass shoot the dildo out like a week rocket while all are in stunned silence of being in this position. Then it braches off as laughter of the whole situation or screams of either embarrassment or shock
  14. Hellsheild

    Chapter 8 - Tanner

    Yes yes more more write dirty to me you filthy beast!... I mean I'm excited to see where this goes
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