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  1. OMG!!! I read this chapter in about two minutes, cuz I could not wait to find out who was responsible. Amazing chapter. You had me on the edge of my chair. Now I will go back and read this chapter again, but slower thuIs time. Please don't keep us waiting for the next chapter. I can't wait!
  2. danield


    I thought of you and CJ when I read about the passing of Representative John Dingell. One of the many reasons why I love this adventure that is CJ's life is how you bring real life into his story. This chapter is another example of it. Thank you for a wonderful chapter!!
  3. danield

    Council Bound

    I am thoroughly loving this series. I have laughed, cried and experienced every emotion in between while reading it. Thank you for writing such great characters and bringing them to life with your "totally tubular" writing. Please give us more chapters soon!!!
  4. danield

    Perfect Bonds

    I LOVE this story and cannot put it down. You are a perfect storyteller and I am so glad I stumbled upon this. Gotta go now. I have more chapters to read! dan
  5. danield

    Hunting Season

    I finally started branching out and just read this. I was wondering where the references to cj saving someone's life in Charlottesville came from. Now I know. As always, you create incredible word pictures with your writing. I am in awe of your talent! i seriously do not know how I will get by without cj in my life? Dan happy 4th of July
  6. danield


    Thank you for the months of absolute pleasure you have provided us! I have thoroughly loved reading and rereading cj's story. What a wonderful journey you have guided us on. Please don't keep us waiting too long for more..... dan ps. You ole softie, you! Such an incredible love story. BRAVO!
  7. danield

    February 2015

    Every time I reread cj's story, I find a new gem that totally makes me giggle. Toys R Us. I had a part time job with them for about a week during college. The reference to them reminded me of calmer times. Thank you for always making me smile. beavis <g>
  8. danield

    ATGB X

    I am bawling here at work, you butthead. BRAVO!!!
  9. danield

    Chapter 4

    I have the same damn comment. I literally laughed out loud loud !!!! I'm liking the story so far and look forward to learning more about the characters <g> involved.
  10. Question for you. What is a "polling station"? Is that the same as a voting booth? I'm rereading "Georgetown Roar" and I've never heard that expression before (at least, not up here in Minnesota). Maybe a regional thing?
  11. I'm glad I could be of help (Wow!! Thank you for the compliment.)
  12. danield

    ATGB V

    Thank you for letting us experience Father Chance again. He is such a good man.
  13. Comparing Hitler to any other politician? dan
  14. I loved the interactions between cj and Ritchie-the love between them is almost palpable. dan Not to be Debbie Downer or anything, but was the cause of death for Ritchie's parents ever revealed?
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