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  1. I’m just waiting here for the revolution to start. It’s coming. RePUBlicans (drunks) and DemocRATs (corrupt) are all stupid. There’s easy mid ground for practically every issue, but everyone has to have their way or it’s the highway and everyone gets stung. I’m also mad at the fact the majority of major cities have had the same leadership type for 60 years, and nothing has changed. 60 FREAKING YEARS. If either Dems or Reps even cared, it’s be fixed by now. They don’t. Wanna talk institutional racism? Don’t have to look far, it’s on both sides and it’s insidious. Institute two term limit for everything, holding office shouldn’t be a career. Incorporate harsh prison and monetary penalties for accepting bribes. $1000/wk for Congress plus housing and food, and only while in session. Only way we stop this shit. Alright, I’ll step off of my high horse now.
  2. Sol24

    Entry 47

    I love this story, and I think it’s incredibly well made. The structure is amazing. However, I’m going to be a bit of a curmudgeon here. Captain America’s shied is technically Wakandan, if we wanna get serious here.
  3. So, I don’t readily defend myself, although there was this one time in ninth grade. I made the switch from private Catholic to public school for high school, and was relentlessly bullied by this one boy. Come December, about a week after my 15th birthday, he hit me, so I hit back. We were both suspended, and the next week he kept calling me gay for about two hours. (The school thought it was a good idea to put us in three consecutive classes🙄) Finally, I turned around and said, “Are you only calling me gay because you want me?” He went green, whole class laughed at him, and he was never a problem again. Now, in eleventh grade, I was sitting outside with my group of friends for lunch on the patio, and this one group of nasty ass kids were tricking and cajoling another boy to say some really, inappropriate things. Let me describe him, call him E. I’ve known him since before pre-K, ok, I’ve known him practically my whole life up to this point. He has some mental issues, and will probably never be able to live on his own or grow past being 12 mentally and emotionally. Sweetest damn person you’ll ever meet. I fucking exploded. I blacked out. I know I didn’t fight them, but I did sure as hell yell. This group was making E say sexual acts, that he didn’t understand, towards others in the area, and once it got to me, I lost it. One kid at my table actually got behind me to back me up. I had never gotten that angry before, and I haven’t since.
  4. I wish I could stay home all day and play on my computer! Alas, I am “essential.” Oh, the joys of being a mechanic and having to get into everyone else’s grungy ass cars! I appreciate your efforts of writing, I always enjoy them!
  5. I can so relate. I’ve been down with the flu and will be until Monday. Hey, at least I have sick days and can miss work. Feel better soon Com!
  6. So, this goes under the category of definitely not my fault. Growing up, I wasn’t popular, and I had a habit of latching onto anyone who would give me the time of day, which weren’t many. Enter 8th grade, I have some friends, but I don’t have a best friend. I don’t have someone who’ll just be my person. (Grey’s Anatomy reference, btw, glasses is cute) Anyways, this kid was trouble. Everyone in my Boy Scout troop saw it, except me, because he was willing to be my friend. I ignored my gut. I never really got along with him, I just agreed and hoped he wouldn’t stop being my friend. About halfway through eight grade(he was in a different school) my grades started to slip. I just didn’t care anymore. What I thought was fooling around was him taking complete advantage of me, and he was abusive to boot. It took a toll on me and I didn’t realize it until halfway through summer when I blocked him. He was still in my troop so I had to still see him at least once a week. For those few weeks, it was oil and water. Only difference is it was on fire. Eventually my parents found out because I just wasn’t myself. Got me help. I still had to deal with him throughout high school. Made a deal that if he avoided me, I wouldn’t press charges. I was so naïve. My luck, he ended up in one of my classes one time. He didn’t honor the agreement. I switched. We were in the same friend group. Guess who got left out? Not him. We never got along, and I have a feeling if I see him again, there will be punches. *sigh*
  7. I’ve always been the opposite of a “go-getter.” I’ve rarely gone after who I liked. For some background only, I was assaulted in eighth grade by someone I thought was a friend. Then I had a girlfriend and that was an absolute train wreck that ended with me being in a “catatonic” state for about 2 years. That being said, there was this boy, Jake. The first time I saw him, I liked him. We had gym class together, that’s when we officially met. He would hover around me, especially after I broke my wrist ice skating. Thing is, we spoke maybe ten words. He tried one day, and *sigh* I walked away. I got scared, and that was that. It was then one year of stolen glances in the hall. He was all I could think about. I really think it would have worked out. I would tell myself just to go for it. In two years time, you’ll never see, yet alone talk to, the vast majority of those shitheads in that school anyways. It’s been 6 years since then, and I’m still hung up on it. And I live about 700 miles away.
  8. Sol24

    Chapter 29

    I’ll agree with you that Com is an amazing storyteller. I disagree with everything else you’ve said. His use of italics and bold letters help convey emotion and intention. This story is amazingly written, and the plot is one that a lot of kids live through. It relates. It shows they aren’t the only ones going through this. Yes, it’s depressing, but it’s therapeutic to write in its own way, especially for someone who has possibly gone through it. He’s not advertising, he’s bringing awareness.
  9. Sol24


    Please, please do just ONE story in this timeline where Brandon finds Billy. Please! Maybe add a surprise?
  10. Sol24

    Chapter 48

    I really don’t understand why Jimmy is so upset here. He’s the one who lied to Brandon, and by extension Billy. Billy is no saint here, but Jimmy is just as much to blame. He knew Billy could never love him the way he needed him to, and he manipulated Billy’s feelings for his own benefit, but it backfired. And NOW he gets to play victim? Not to mention, he played Brandon, trying to tell him Billy isn’t interested. So why are we pretending Jimmy is the victim here? Mind you, Billy is no saint. just saying
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