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  1. Demented

    Chapter 33

    I'm fairly certain if it was within King Wyhrem's ability to do so, he'd take Kandric over his knee and give him a mother of a thrashing lol. He's certainly frustrated enough with him to try. I'm going to need to fully digest this whole "chapter" and maybe read through it again before I can give my thoughts on it, but on the first read through I enjoyed it quite a lot. It answered some questions, but I feel like a whole bunch more were added to the pile that it's difficult to list them all lol. At this point I have no idea what Echelon Kandric and his brothers are supposed to be in. Between all the dragon and demon giftings they keep racking up. Honestly the Greens might want to stick with their revealed stealth strategy cause being an enemy dragon around any of these brothers is a death sentence. Even Connor's getting in on killing Royal dragons now. I do find it interesting that the only things that can humble Kandric at this point are some of his scarier spirit Teachers, Glaster, Seldnat and Syrissia. I would add Mathard, but he's not as good at knocking Kandric on his back foot as the aforementioned others. If the buildup is any indication, I think King Wyhrem may soon be joining the ranks of people that make kandric check his ego at the door lol. I actually think him having to deal with that Garm girl might have been something of a reality check to Kandric now that I think about it. She is something of a mirror of what Kandric could have been had he not been trained properly. Even now, he plays a very dangerous game of getting too enamored with his own power. It is good that he has instructors in the spirit realms which can soundly knock him down a peg when he needs it. Also, Afterdusk has the voice of Abridged Alucard in my head. If you know who that is, you're welcome, you now can imagine him with that voice as well. There are some theories and lore and stuff I could go into, but I'll need to read through this again to really parse out my thoughts on the mysteries, such as what actually happened in Bloody Rock and how many green dragon infiltrators the King may have on his hands. Suffice to say, I thoroughly enjoyed my first readthrough and will most definitely be reading it again.
  2. 1900 hundred words into the next chapter of MageCrafter. Still got a ways to go but headway is being made. 

  3. One of these things Is not like the other🎶
  4. Demented

    Chapter 31

    I'm glad you liked it! Sometimes you gotta rough (draft) it up a little when it's not cooperating lol.
  5. Finally posting a chapter after days of struggle be like 



  6. Demented

    Chapter 31

    Abigail's grin broadened as she entered the training grounds for Silbel's newest military recruits. The future Duchess looked quite out of place with her flowing scarlet gown and flowery hat among all the armored guards around her, but they merely bowed and allowed her in. She frequented the Royal training grounds enough to be known by face alone, and even more so by name and family crest. Her heeled shoes normally would have been ill suited to the grassy courtyard she was walking onto, but the
  7. Oooh I like it, it's got sort of a... how do I put this... I could see this being used in the Menu of a fuckin good video game. Or one of those Demo Disks from back in the day that you got for Playstation and PS2. As for my song
  8. Demented

    Chapter 30

    Next chapter is coming soon. Been working with different drafts to make sure it's good. Looking forward to posting the finished product.
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