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  1. Spdw John

    Entry 52

    I really enjoy reading Brandon Smiling. Because i read up to date Billy's story. Its cool to gef Brandon's perspective on their relationship. Billy's story for what ever reason is on hold. Im hoping that it will continue once Brandon Smiling catches up. It just seems so unfinished.
  2. It was different. I like that though. I liked the fact that Cairo was able to get him to a open mindedness to accept faith so that he could find a confidence with in himself to ask Asher to the roof.
  3. Spdw John

    9 Houses Down

    Awww i like yours better lol.
  4. Spdw John

    9 Houses Down

    Really Enjoyed the story. Is it going to be a series?
  5. Spdw John

    Chapter 26

    I like that Randy n Ariel s conversation gave them both some answers they both needed. Can't wait to read what happens next
  6. Wow so is that whole series about the death n. New life of Billy Chase.? Great story but very sad.
  7. Spdw John

    Chapter 1

    I know but Like Billy Chase n Brandon Smiling its cool to read about the side of a couples view. Unfortunately Billy hasnt had an update in some time.
  8. Spdw John

    Chapter 1

    Great story Loved it. Damn Shame not more of it though.
  9. Spdw John

    Entry 46

    As Always i enjoyed this chapter. The only problem is it was to short lol. Question is there video of Billy's secret life? I ve seen the trailer,n i read in other stories that video may exist. If so where do i find it?
  10. Spdw John

    Chapter 49

    I cant wait to read whether or not Billy n Brandon's relationship comes out.. I hate comin to the end. Of Billy n Brandon's stories . Ryan n Randy's story is Great Reading also.
  11. Spdw John

    Entry 42

    Sorry to hear about the struggles. Looking forward to reading more.
  12. Spdw John

    Entry 42

    I really like reading about Brandon's side of things. I benged read all of Billy Chase in a few days a awhile back. I could be wrong because i haven't checked but there hasn't been any new installments to Billy Chase in awhile.
  13. Spdw John

    Chapter 13

    Thank You for A Great Story As a kid I grew up with some of the things that TJ went through . I was raised in the system,but in a lot of regards I was more fortunate as far as placement. Anyways thanks for the opening being only a dream.
  14. Spdw John

    Chapter 8

    Oh Man,I knew this was coming. I just didn't know how it was going to happen.
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