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  1. Remijay


    What a beautifully written first book to a series that will have me on the edge of my seat.. I loved this book so much. Better than any of the cliche books i've read elsewhere. That being said, i feel really bad for JED lol even though i know in the next book he'll find someone, guessing mostly; just from the title. I wish you the best and the books you write a glorious shine in the spotlight!
  2. HaPpY bIrThAdAy!




  3. Happy Birthday!

  4. Remijay

    Chapter 20

    I dont have control over my characters. I'm just the voice for the person. As such, i think it's just typical bullying. Or it could be another person that kidnapped Aiden. LOL i do have to agree with you though everytime Jason leaves him to go do something, Aiden gets some form of beating or punishment. The name of this story makes perfect sense. Aiden's fate has certainly twisted from the way he thought it would be. Thank you for commenting Benji
  5. Remijay

    Chapter 19

    Truly thank you commenting Benji 😊
  6. Remijay

    Chapter 20

    Chapter 20 Aiden’s Pov A few weeks have passed since I made up with Jason. I still didn’t tell him what I wanted to do and I wouldn’t until time came for him to know. In another few weeks it will be Christmas and one of our friends is throwing a Christmas break/new year’s party. At that time I will make Jason prove to me that he is truly sorry. But until then, I am just going to have to keep him on his toes. Walking out of the schools building, I waited for Jason. He was
  7. Remijay

    Chapter 19

    LOL yea sometimes i forget about them. Or i get writers block on that particular subject sorry. I really dont mean to leave my writers confused or wondering if the story will ever continue. My life hasn't been the greatness. And sometimes with being an adult other priorities come up. That's why I'm trying to finish this book in a reasonable amount of time. Thank you for the comment.
  8. 😎……………..Hey, I thought I had made numerous comments in this story (Twist of Fate).  But when I looked back I could only see a few, do you have any idea why that is?  The same thing with CJames story 'Circumnavigation' when I went and looked back at prior chapters that I KNOW I commented on and the same thing...no comments!



    1. Timothy M.

      Timothy M.

      This might be something you should ask over in the Help Forum. When did you write those comments, and did you see them posted at the time ? Also do forget to write which browser and which device you're using.

    2. Benji


      😎……...Take CJames story 'Circumnavigation' which is a few years old (and long in the making) I know for a fact that I commented after each and every chapter.  But when I re-read a chapter or just look up old chapter comments. Most all of my comments have disappeared.  I always thought that maybe, when the author updated a chapter that the comment section may be affected.  Or to save space it was deleted after time.



    3. Remijay


      That would be a good question. I thought you stopped commenting. I was looking forward to your opinions. I would ask CIA or one of the other admins to look into it. I'm glad that you took the time to post something on my profile



  9. Remijay

    Chapter 19

    Chapter 19 Jason Pov Shit, what the fuck have I done? Aiden hasn’t wanted to be near me, since the day he found out that I was in hospital. Not even his friends would come near me? What the fuck did I do? I kick someone’s ass for that asshole. And then I get treated like one? How can that even be remotely fair? UGH! I just wanted to rip out my fucking hair; it’s literally fucking irritating to no end. I have to find out what I did so I can fix this, so everything can get
  10. Remijay

    Chapter 18

    Chapter 18 Jason POV I can’t believe I fucking did that? How can I be so stupid to punch someone for talking shit about Aiden. I maybe his boyfriend now, but ugh! Stupid. I looked at my hand with disgust. Shaking my head, I look towards the door as it opens. A doctor came in with a smile upon his face. “Well young man, that hand will need to be put into a cast I’m afraid.” I grumbled, “Now don’t fret. It will heal in the next six to eight weeks.” He smiles at me. “Fuck!”
  11. Remijay

    Chapter 17

    Chapter 17 I really do need to hang with my friends more. After the doctors appointment, I had this itching feeling like something was going on. So of course I quickly picked up my phone and scanned it for any details. Like always Court texts me constantly throughout her classes telling me exactly what's happening. The one text that stood out above all others was a text that read, Jason got into a fight today with one of his friends during lunch. Jason ended up with a broken
  12. Remijay

    Chapter 16

    Chapter 16 How do you tell someone that you want to use drugs after you have already promised that you wouldn’t? Just how… As I sit here with my mind going numb and my body craving for something that is just out of reach. I look around my room and sigh. Everything should be fine, good even. Nothing has really happened. Over the last week. I have gone back to school. The rumors of what I did or didn’t do flew through the school like water. They have nothing better do apparently. Shr
  13. Remijay

    Chapter 15

    Thank you. I'm glad you liked the ending I tried to make it happy and leave my readers with a good feeling. There will probably be another book but I'm unsure right now
  14. Remijay

    Chapter 15

    Sorry honestly, I mean yes the time jump was intentional. They were in the middle of the school year when Devon started there, I figured might as well go for the throat and end with a bang... if I planned on making this story longer i would have went into depth with the character of Nathan... I'm sorry
  15. Remijay

    Chapter 1

    never expect the normal from me lol I am certainly not "normal"
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