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  1. Remijay

    Chapter 16

    Chapter 16 How do you tell someone that you want to use drugs after you have already promised that you wouldn’t? Just how… As I sit here with my mind going numb and my body craving for something that is just out of reach. I look around my room and sigh. Everything should be fine, good even. Nothing has really happened. Over the last week. I have gone back to school. The rumors of what I did or didn’t do flew through the school like water. They have nothing better do apparently. Shrugs I didn’t care because I knew what was true and what wasn’t. I wont confirm or deny what happened. It’s none of their business. At one point and stout girl came up to me and asked pointedly what had happened to me. It’s like really. I don’t know you, therefore go away. And that’s exactly what I told her. Well things have certainly changed that for sure. My mother was home when Jason dropped me off. He didn’t want to come inside because he didn’t want to feel awkward and out of place. Easy for him to say, I have to live it. So after kissing him goodbye and waiting for him to round the corner, I turned towards my house with a sigh. Ugh, why does this have to feel like a death sentence or death row? With my head dipping low I went up the walkway and opened my front door. The first thing that I heard was silence. Which is a good thing… But then my mother’s voice came from the kitchen, asking if it was I Aiden. I told her it was me. “I have some issues to pick with you mister?” She says as I walk towards her. She is facing the stove with a spatula of some type in the air. Waving it around as she talks to herself more than me. Eye rolling because it’s not the first time, probably won’t be the last. She turns around as I come more into the room. “Aiden…” She sighs, “I just don’t know what to do with you, honestly.” She points the spatula at me, “First I would like to say, if you’re going to disappear please please please text or call. You had me worried sick! Second, tell me if you are going to be out all night… Don’t do that again…” She pauses, and then places the spatula down. Comes around the island and hugs me. More like crushes me. I tapped her on the back, “Mom...” She literally hugging me so tight that I can’t breath correctly. “Mom, loosen.” I struggle to get out. “Oh… Oh!! Sorry honey. I didn’t mean to squeeze you that tight.” She presses down her blouse and returns to cooking whatever. “Dinner will be done shortly okay? GO up to your room or whatever.” She dismisses me, with a sigh and a shake of the head, I ascend the stairs to my room. Kicking the door closed, I collapse onto my bed and burry my head into the pillow. Digging out my phone I text Jason that it wasn’t as bad as I hoped but the monster isn’t home yet so who knows. I put my phone down just as someone texts me, it was him with a LOL and fingers crossed emoji. He so cute. I text him back saying I miss him already with a sad face emoji. He says same. I must have dozed off or something because someone poked me in the side making me jerk. “What?” I ask groggily “Dinners done.” Says my little sister, as she turns around and leaves my room. With a sigh, I get out of bed, and look at myself in the mirror. Damn I slept hard, my hair is every which way. With a brush I manage to get my hair looking somewhat alright. Going back downstairs I was met with a stern look from my father. But I bypassed him to the kitchen. Sitting down for dinner, everything was quiet, maybe a little too quiet. Once my father came into the room, we look at him with questioning eyes. “Aiden, if you’re going to just take off and not tell anyone where you at then you will be grounded from leaving this house other than to go to school.” He looks at me, with angry eyes. “Is that understood?” His stare increases “Yes, I understand what I did was not right. And I shouldn’t have worried mother like that. I’m sorry…” I said “Good, next time just text or call. Okay son! After what happened to you, I don’t want it to happen again. How are you holding up anyway? Any new bruises or…” He couldn’t finish that last statement because of my sister being present. With a shake of my head, I look down at my plate with embarrassment. “Good, good. Let’s eat then.” He says, maybe hes changing or something. Normally he would yell until he couldn’t anymore, and then would just be quiet. He would still look at you with pissed off angry eyes. But I think that with what has happened to me, he’s trying to give me some room. “Aiden you have a doctors appointment tomorrow morning so youll be home tomorrow.” My mothers out of the blue “What kind of doctors appointment?” I ask skeptically “Well we have to take your Dr. Freeman to check out your body and see how its healing. You don’t have a therapist appointment yet.” She says “Okay I can handle that.” With a nod of my head After dinner was done, my family split up. Since mom cooked dinner, I took over doing the dishes. It’s not that hard of a job honestly. Rinse, place in dishwasher, rinse, and place in dishwasher. Just that hard. “Have you had any episodes Aiden?” My brother asked from behind me. He must have just got home football practice. I can smell his body wash. “I can’t tell you that…” I ask “Why..?” He asks “Because it’s not like you actually care. You have been avoiding me since mom and dad said anything. I know what has happened to me scared you and you didn’t know how to talk to me about it, but I didn’t think you’d just start avoiding me…” I said in a low voice “I avoided you because I was giving you space. With mom and dad asking you everyday since the incident, I just didn’t want you to get angry at me for asking. I was only looking out for you. I know that if you wanted to talk and they weren’t available, or Jason wasn’t available. You’d talk to me.” I turn around and look at him for a second. “I’m sorry for being mean. I just didn’t want to be looked down upon. I can handle school giving me grief, I can handle Jason not knowing what to do. I can handle mom and dad’s questions. But you…” I pause “You I don’t know, man. I just didn’t expect you to disappear.” I said turning back around to finish dishes. “That’s my fault and I’m sorry.” He says in a low whispered voice “It’s alright Kev… No harm no foul…” I throw a smirk towards him “Alright well shower time, and then bed. I hate mornings.” He laughs “I couldn’t agree more…” With that I was left with my thoughts again. I need to start hanging out with my friends again. I need to go see my therapist and talk to her about what has been happening with me lately. At the beginning of finding a therapist we went through so many… like I almost gave up hope that we wouldn’t find one. And then came Ms. Hann, she wasn’t like the others. She didn’t really care why I was there, she didn’t pressure me for answers, and she didn’t deflect the questions that I had back onto myself. She actually just sat there a few sessions with me in quiet, silence. She didn’t pressure me about anything, which I found to be a good thing. I didn’t like doctors or adults always pressuring you to do more, be more, find the answers on your own type thing. That’s why I think I like her so much. Over the last few months, I have stopped the cutting, the searching for ways to kill myself. When I formed my group friends they were what I needed at the time. I still missed Jason like crazy but with help from Ms. Hann and them, I actually started to get over him, and then bam. He showed up back in my life. Taking over the school, being the most popular guy in school… the list could on, serioiusly. However, the one good thing that came out of this was that he feels the same way that I do. It took him a minute to figure out, but I’m glad he did. We are together now. And through all the shit that I have still left to do, I’m glad I can count on him to be there in my corner. The next day I texted Jason that I wouldn’t be in school due to me having a doctor’s appointment, he texted back saying it’s okay, but he will miss me. I also texted the gang and they replied pretty much the same. On the way to there my mother stops to get us some food, I love her sometimes. Upon getting to the building I have this overwhelming feeling that, the doctor will say something I might not like.
  2. Remijay

    Chapter 15

    Thank you. I'm glad you liked the ending I tried to make it happy and leave my readers with a good feeling. There will probably be another book but I'm unsure right now
  3. Remijay

    Chapter 15

    Sorry honestly, I mean yes the time jump was intentional. They were in the middle of the school year when Devon started there, I figured might as well go for the throat and end with a bang... if I planned on making this story longer i would have went into depth with the character of Nathan... I'm sorry
  4. Remijay

    Chapter 1

    never expect the normal from me lol I am certainly not "normal"
  5. Remijay

    Chapter 15

    Thank you
  6. Remijay

    Chapter 15

    In those months though, my friend was there to help me. She was my rock. And then came Trent. A hot sexy little number that I was shocked to find out he liked me just as I did him. Those days have come and gone. Only to be replaced by happier times, happier moments. Not saying that those days are not special to me because they are. I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for Tammy and Trent. I lost my virginity to my first boyfriend. However, it was on the last day that I was going to be living in Colorado. That day was emotional, just thinking about it, makes me tear up. And that’s what this is about. This is about a short summarization of what a few short months can do for a person. 1; Got a hot boyfriend 2; Got sent to the hospital 3; Lost virginity 4; Moved to Arizona 5; Began loving my new school 6; Made new friends 7; Started to accept my family 8; Met someone new (Hint later in chapter) Dammit I didn’t want to cry. But here I am. Wiping the tears that fell from my eyes. I’ve already accepted my fate. I’m sorry heart, but the brain is right. It’s the right things to do. It has to be done… Part Z One door closes another opens After saving the journal entry. I close my laptop and sigh. It sure is funny and exciting at the same time. I mean the people that meant the most to me, are quite frankly not that close anymore. I still have love for them, but friends don’t last when you’re out of state and in high school. You make new friends, your life gets busy again. You stop hurting as much as you did before. You start to accept things. “Hey Bro, you almost done in here. We have a party to setup for..?” My brother Josh pokes his head into my room. I turn around and look at him, “Yea I’m done. I had to finish a journal entry. Doctors orders.” I wipe the tear that escape my eye. “You okay..?” He asks, getting concerned “Yeah… Yeah,” I pause, “Just got emotional is all. Things have certainly changed in these last few months.” He opens his mouth to say something, “Don’t Josh. You know what I mean. Going from that to this, it’s kind of mind numbing. Exciting but scary at the same time.” “Okay, Bro whatever you say.” He leans against my door. I chuckle at him, “Who’s all coming again?” Here it is the beginning of summer and our mom has promised to let us throw a pool party. Yes you read that right, mom. It took me three sessions with the therapist to even say that she is my mom. We still haven’t had the combined session yet. But, it is looking good for now. “A few our friends… Nathan… You know some other people. This party isn’t going to be huge but it will be fun… Yeah, definitely fun. We have to start the summer off correctly.” He smiles wide and chuckles. Have I told how his laugh is contagious? NO, well it is… Because within a few moments I laugh with him. With a huge sigh, I lift myself out of the chair and walk passed him to stairs. You know how when I first arrived here, I didn’t want to touch anything, eating anything, always scared of what I could and couldn’t do. Well that has changed, my therapist suggested trying different things, and they have worked wonders so far. Not that I’m pushing the envelope or anything. Just being a normal teenager. Resting my elbows on the counter I look towards my brother. It’s already turning 1:30 and the party is to start at 3:00. I’m excited but scared because I have already planned on doing something later tonight but I don’t want anyone to know, yet. “How do I look..?” I ask him “You look hot, especially with those new clothes that you bought last week. Who knew you could dress.” He laughs I pick up an apple and tossed it at him, he laughs even harder. “I know how to dress. Back then I didn’t have the finances like I do now.” I smile at him, “Besides I wanted to dress nice for someone…” I stop talking and blush. “Yeah that someone being six foot one, has piercing bedroom eyes, has six pack abs, a killer smile, fine ass legs, not including that ass of his. Yeah, I know who you are talking about. You ain’t fooling me.” He smiles broadly, while my face flames up. I wanted nothing more than to sink beneath the wooden floor. “Stop teasing your brother. It’s not his fault, Nathan is hot!” My mother comes to rescue but she didn’t have to say that… “MOM!” I exclaim “What..?” She acts innocent “Ugh! I dislike you guys right now.” I pout, while my face is still on fire “No you don’t. You love us. I’m sorry honey, we don’t care who you date…” She pauses and looks at Josh, “We just want you happy.” She smiles while she combs my hair out my eyes. “Thanks mom.” I smirk “Anytime hun.” She says I turn back towards my brother, to find that he is on his phone. Smiling at whatever it is that he is looking at… “And what has my brother smiling?” I ask “Huh… Oh, um nothing. Jeff just sent me something cute.” I roll my eye at that. “Alright, well I’m going to shower and change. Unless you want me to do something?” I ask “Something like?” He asks “I don’t know help setup the party. Getting whatever that hasn’t been setup, setup…” I shrugs my shoulders. “No its alright. Theres only a little bit left to do anyway.” He looks at me with a smirk, “Besides you’re going to be busy getting ready. Who knows how long that will take…” He laughs “Are you calling me a girl?” I scowl at him “Hah no Devon. But I do know what this party is for you.” He smiles “Alright, whatever. I’m going to go now.” What to wear what to wear? I ask myself, I have been going through my clothes for the past hour. My bed is trashed, it has a big pile of clothes on it. I cant even see my pillows. “Fuck!” I said to the person standing in the mirror. I’m getting frustrated how can I have this many clothes but nothing looks right on me? Just how. “Damn.” My brother says he enters my room. One look at him, and he holds up his hands in surrender. “I can’t find anything that will look nice.” I once again look at the mirror. Hopeless, I start to take off my shirt. “I’m surprised you haven’t found something. So in a way you are a girl.” He laughs, “I mean no offense to it, but a guy would care less if he looked hot or not. He would just throw something together. You’re over thinking..” He picks a tee with a pair of shorts and walks them over to me. I looked at them, and sighed. The tee had a sarcastic slogan on it. I am far from sane, I like my t-shirt to hug me. “So you think this will be okay wear?” I look at him with a skeptical look. “It’s totally fine. It fits you to a T.” He smiles. As for the shorts, they are kind of plain looking, I mean they have some stripes down the sides. They are light grey. Why not. Shrugging I put them on and look at myself in the mirror. ‘Not bad’ I thought “Doesn’t look too horrible. Thanks bro.” I smile at him through the mirror. “Don’t go getting mushy on me.” He holds up his hands in mock surrender. We laugh about it for a moment. As if on cue the buzzer for the doorbell rings. My anxiety spikes right then, letting me know just how real this is about to get. With a sigh, I trail behind my brother as we descend the stairs. With each passing moment, my heart is pounding more fierce against my ribcage. “I can do this… I can do this… Don’t freak out. You got this.” I tell myself. He went towards the front door as I went into the kitchen and sat at the island. “Hey whats up buddy?” the only voice that could make me swoon stood behind me. I could feel him looking at me, like drilling holes into my head. Moving my head from side to side, I turn around and look at him. And damn does he clean up good. Like fuck! “Hee…” I clear my throat, “Hey whats up Nathan?” I stammer out, mentally kicking myself for sounding stupid in front of him. “Dude, not much. Happy summer is finally here!” He says with a wide a grin, displaying his perfectly aligned teeth. “This last semester was brutal to tell the truth. I didn’t know if I was going to make it, honestly.” I laugh “I think you did really well. From what your brother tells me of course.” He laughs “What has you two all happy and laughing?” My brother comes walking up just then. We both look at him, “Just catching up.” Nathan says “You guys look kind of cute together.” He says as he turns around laughing and books it out the door. With Nathan hot on his heels. Nathan tackles him to the ground and straddles him. Pinning his arms above his head. And I’m over here thinking how I wish that was me instead of my brother. Shaking my head, I look somewhere else in the yard. I don’t need to be thinking like that towards my brothers best friend. Because, god forbid if we do end up dating, and then we break up. What would happen to their friendship? I wouldn’t know how to handle that. “Hey what are you thinking about?” My brother jogs over and asks me “You wouldn’t want to know…” I try to smirk, but I think it came off as a constipated scowl “Let me guess… Nathan?” He asks, and of course I blush “Devon, Trent is like three states away. The relationship that you think you have you don’t.” I literally look at him like ‘what the fuck did you just say’ He holds up his hands in surrender. “I don’t mean anything mean by it, but you do think it will last?” He asks, and then continues, “When was the last time you two actually talked, and not texted?” He asks, and then continues when I don’t say anything. “Exactly… The relationship is already over. I’m sorry bro. But it’s the truth. Now if you think by getting together with Nathan will jeopardize our friendship don’t. We were friends before you two and we will remain as such. So why the hell not? Have some fun!” He laughs “So you think that Nathan and I should?” I ask “Whatever you guys decide to do is on you’s not me!” He laughs half hugs me and walks backwards nearly hitting another person. I smile at him while shaking my head… “You are an idiot…” I laugh “But you love me.” He smiles A little while later, Nathan comes up to me and asks to take a walk with him. Now normally I wouldn’t just up and walk with someone. Because I have some insecurities about being lead to my death or worse. But, somehow looking into Nathans eyes I don’t see any maliciousness in them. All I see is kindness. I took his hand and it felt warm. It felt right. We round the corner of the house and he stops, looks both ways and leans in. I back my head away and look at him like has lost his mind. He smirks, because I think he likes the chase. I slightly push Nathan back and ask, “What did you want Nathan?” I ask “I wanted to be alone with you Devon. I have been thinking about you a lot. And I wanted to see if you felt the same way. But I guess trying to kiss you isn’t the best of choices.” He laughs at himself which I find cute “Nathan I do like you. I like you a lot. But are you sure?” I ask “What isn’t there to be sure about?” He asks cocking his head slightly to the right Instead of answering I reach for his hands and place them on my hips. While I wrap my arms around his shoulders. Normally I am not this bold but looking into Nathan eyes, I have the overwhelming desire to kiss those full red lips. They’re like just begging to kissed you know. “You sure?” He whispers against my lips. I don’t answer him with words, I answer with a tentative kiss. Leaning back some, breaking the kiss, I look into Nathans eyes and they sparkle with the sun. They have a desire, a flame, a heat that radiated off him. IF that wasn’t hot enough he softly guides me to where my back is touching the wall of the house. There he places his hand on my cheek and runs it down until it lightly runs over my bottom lip. Leaving goosebumps prickling my skin. I have always dreamed of a guy being this attentive. This soft and caring. Why did it have to be after my beatings after my getting together with Trent. Why did have to be when I moved to Arizona? But however looking at him with that smirk, all those thoughts left my mind and all I wanted to do was kiss him again. “What are you thinking about?” He asks sweetly, I look at him with kind eyes “Where have you been all my life.” I know cheesy but it’s the truth. “Waiting for you to get here.” He answers “Good answer.” I smile Nathan leans in and lightly kisses me, I reach up and grab his head. Running my fingers through his hair. He has really soft full hair. Shaking my head I clear it of nonsense. And I focus on the increasing pressure of the kiss, not including the tightness of my shorts. Damn this boy knows how to kiss… As our kiss deepens, I moan into his mouth and let me tell you that is like the hottest thing I could ever hear. He grinds his hips into mine and damn did I want him… “HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!!” We both jump apart, sputtering. And yelling at the same time. We look towards my brother with wild eyes. He just sprayed us with very cold water. I guess it was a good thing that he did. But fucking dammit, I want to kill him. “Seriously? Why…” I look at him with murderous eyes “It looked like you guys needed to cool down some.” He laughs “I am so getting you back for this… You just wait.” Says Nathan. “Come on, I have some clothes that might fit you. I’ll steal some of Josh’s.” I smile at him “UGH! You suck Josh.” Nathan says as he laughs walking passed him “What are best friends for?” He laughs harder “Apparently ruining good moods and times.” “I’m sorry about that…” I didn’t know what to say honestly. It’s not like they haven’t done anything like this before. I can’t say for sure though. I think Josh is trying to take in stride about Nathan and me. “Par for the course Devon. Josh has always been like that. And I’m glad for it too, because that way I know how he feels towards us…” He moves his hand between us. “I need to do something real quick…” I couldn’t finish, because as soon as we reach my room and shut the door behind us, Nathan pushes my body against the door with a thud. He bites his lip, and looks at me with desire. God how I wanted nothing more than to have his lips smashed against mine. Looking from his eyes to his lips, I lick mine. And he soon licks his. Talk about hot like fuck! “Nathan…” I whisper out against his lips. They are so close, so close. “Devon…” The huskiness of his voice has me grabbing onto his shoulders encircling his neck. I am so turned on; I can feel his member hard against my thigh. Talk about impressive. Nathan takes my arms and lifts them up and pins them above my head, as he teases me by hovering just out of reach for a smoldering kiss. Instead he attacks my neck. Nipping, lightly scraping his teeth, licking, and fuck! This is making my skin crawl with desire. My breath is coming out in short rushed huffs as he hits that one spot on my neck. I squirm against him… He lifts his head and attacks my lips with force. Making me growl deep in my throat. “Nathan… Nathan… Nathan please!” I whisper pleading once he releases my lips. With a sexy smirk he releases my arms as he dips down and takes my shorts in both hands, in one fail swoop he has his prize staring him right in the eye. Nathan looks up at me with pleading eyes. I nod once, and he takes my member in his hand and slowly start to pump it…
  7. Remijay

    Chapter 13

    Yes they are mix ups. His name is Josh.
  8. Remijay

    Chapter 13

    Part Z is going to be the last chapter. i have prolonged the end of this story for so long that it needs to be finished. Im glad you like the chapter
  9. Remijay

    Chapter 13

    Chapter 13 X Here it is six thirty in the morning. My alarm clock, just woke me up. I haven’t been up this early in a couple of months, to be honest. As soon as I opened my eyes, my heart rate went up, today is the day that I start at a new school. Today everything changes. ‘Knock… Knock’ That must be my brother. “Come in…” I sigh “Oh good, you’re awake.” He smiles. God, I hate morning people. “Yea, I guess.” I chuckle. I’m up in more than one way, if you know what I mean. “I can see that…” He laughs. As I rush to cover myself with my hands. “Don’t be embarrassed it happens to all us guys. I usually take care of it in the shower.” He blushes, as he admits it. “That’s good to know. Now can I get dressed? Or are you going to stare?” I laugh at him “Um, yea. Sorry! I’ll be downstairs.” He backs out my room I shoved my head into my pillow and laughed. Josh is something else. I know that he is gay and I’m his brother. Maybe he’s curious if we’re the same with everything? Shaking my head I get up. Go the bathroom, and look in the mirror… What I saw was a scared little boy. I don’t see what everyone else does. My twin brother has more going on than I. No wonder he has a hot number of a boyfriend. Speaking of which, I miss mine. Maybe I should call him? Possibly… After the shower and cleaning myself for my first day, I go downstairs and sit at the island. My brother is playing on his phone and my mother is sitting there reading the morning paper. Is it that easy? Can it be that simple, so mundane? “When do we leave?” I ask, because my heart seemed to clench and tighten up “Um, in about ten minutes Devon. Drink some coffee, or eat something.” Josh says, as he scrolls on his phone. “Alright.” With a shrug of my shoulders, I reach for the cups and the coffee. This will be interesting… About ten minutes later, Josh and I are heading for the car. I feel jittery and awake. Go figure coffee would do the trick. “How do you feel this morning, Devon?” Josh asks as he backs up the car. “Honestly, I don’t know. I feel weird.” I say towards him as he drives “I have to pick up Jeff. Is that okay?” He asks “I like Jeff. Why wouldn’t it be?” I laugh “I figured I would ask. I don’t want to put you in a situation that would ultimately hurt you.” “Thank you Josh.” “No probs bro.” He smiles We turn into a beautiful driveway, lined with little bushes. It’s really cute and adorable. This must be Jeff’s house. “This is a beautiful property. I like it.” “Yea, I was amazed the first time I came over here. Jeff’s parents are realtors.” “That explains a lot about the house and the property. Just look at it.” We both laugh “What has you two so chirper this morning?” Jeff asks as he climbs into the car. “Just admiring your house dude. It’s beautiful.” I say “Hi babe. How are you?” Josh asks Jeff “I’m alright. Hate the mornings still.” He yawns “You’re cute.” Josh says, he makes Jeff blush “Alright you two, stop right there before it gets out of control.” I smirk “Did you… Did you just say what I think you did?” Josh asks, acting all shocked “What did I say?” I look at him with confusion “You showed dominance.” He smiled “I did not…” I bowed my head. “I don’t even know if I could…” I confessed “It will take some time before you know what you are, Devon. Not everyone can be sure of themselves like Josh.” Jeff laughs at Josh’s expression. “And what is that supposed to be mean mister?” He fakes hurt “Nothing babe. You can be a little aggressive sometimes. IT’s not a bad thing.” Jeff hurries and says… And with that came the end of the conversation, we pulled into what I would think will be my high school for the next two years. It’s a massive place. A lot of windows, the windows glinted with the sun. The colors of course are, cardinal red and navy blue. Like the university. It’s kind of cute… As for the rest of the building, it looked a lot like any other school. “What do you think so far Devon?” “It’s structure. And I like the school colors.” I said “The people here are like any other school. Jocks, smarties, lowlifes, Goths, preps, etc. You get the picture. Anyway, you don’t have to fit into any one group Devon. Be yourself, people will come to you eventually.” Josh says as he parks the car and goes to get out. “Don’t leave me Josh.” I ask in a pleading voice “I would never leave you Devon.” He says as he looks back at me. As we walked into the building all eyes were on us. Like I’m not already nervous enough, add being watched to that and my anxiety spiked hard. It’s like I couldn’t breath. My chest instantly hurt. I looked down at the ground, as my brother threw his arm over my shoulder. The initial contact made me jump but I calmed down once Josh said it was only him. Let today be easy, let today go by fast. “Hello Mrs. Hollow. My brother is new here and he’s very nervous. Along with some other issues that my mother might have told you. Anyway, we would like to see the principal please.” My brother says and asks. “Sure, I’ll ring her to let her know. Have a sit boys.” She says and then looks at Jeff, As for you Mister Ridge you need to get to class, the tardy bell is about to ring.” “Alright I’m going no need to get me in trouble. Bye Josh I’ll see you in third.” He says as he walks out the office. “He must really like you, Josh.” I say to him “He doesn’t just like me Devon, he proposed to me a few weeks ago. Before…” He stops talking. “Before I came into the picture.” I say “It’s not like that Devon, mom and I want you to be happy. We are trying our hardest to make sure you are okay. And that you don’t have to worry about anything.” He goes to say. “I just don’t want to be a burden.” I say in a whisper “Boys the principal will see you now.” Before he could reply, we got up and walked into the principal’s office. The walls were like you’d expect, beige. There is some artwork though, some degrees, and some homemade artwork as well. Maybe by some of the kids that go here or maybe she has kids of her own. Looking more into the room, I see that it’s a very nice office. A shiny medium desk that is pretty much taking over the whole room. Little plants here and there, books behind her sitting neatly tucked into the mini bookcase. “Please take a seat, I’ll be with you two in a minute.” She says The principal, sat there typing fast on her laptop. She has medium light brown length hair, a clear complexion, piercing hazel eyes, and a smirk on her face. Maybe she’s different from my other school. Maybe just maybe I’ll like it here. “Sorry about that gentleman, I had to finish that and send it over to the board. You know how it goes.” She lightly laughs “That’s alright Mrs. Curry. This is my brother Devon Cooper.” Josh politely says “Ah yes, glad you could join us Devon. I’m sorry that it had to be so late in the year. But it’s never too late to begin anew…” She pauses, brings something up on her laptop and purses her lips. “As I can see from here, you have never missed school, you have impeccable grades, and lets see. Nope never mind about that…” She pauses again. “Never mind about what?” Josh says impatiently “Oh, Devon has never really tried sports. But that’s okay, not everyone is cut out for sports.” She says, “Now you’re mother did ask me for a favor. And normally I don’t do this but maybe just this once I can make an exception to the rule…” She pauses once more. She clicks a few times and the printer starts up. “Here is your schedule Devon. You will be in all of Josh’s classes for the remaining of the year. I do hope that you will like being here Devon..” She pauses, “If you ever need to talk to just come visit me. My door is always open.” “Thank you Mrs. Curry. You have a nice day.” Josh goes to say “Oh don’t forget this,” She hands Josh a lock and combo, with a number attached. “Thank you again.” Josh says as he grabs my hand and yanks me from the room “Why didn’t you say anything? She’s like the nicest principal we have here. The other two are like fort knox or something.” He laughs at his own joke. “I don’t get it. But okay.” I say with a smirk “It’s whatever. Anyway, our first stop is the locker and then to class. Mrs. Curry has already given us hall passes.” He says “Sweet!” “Why is it sweet? I get them all time..” He laughs again “Are you a trouble maker?” I ask “I wouldn’t go that far. But yea sort of…” He laughs louder this time “Quiet down.” I look around us “Paranoid or something brother?” He cackles at that “Something like that. Look I just want my first day to be a good one.” “Alright, I get it. I won’t cause trouble.” He holds his hands up in mock surrender. “Okay..” I say while shaking my head **** The first few classes weren’t bad. Honest! The other students were kind of nice, except this one jock. Eye roll on that. What jock didn’t have something to not like about me. Anyway, the teachers told me if ever need something just ask. Everyone here keeps saying that. Is it like something with just this school or is all the schools in Arizona like this? My last school could care less if anything was wrong. They didn’t care if there were fighting going on. As long as it didn’t bother them. Shrugging i get into the lunch line and pay for my food. Looking around the lunchroom, you tell the same setup is everywhere. Meaning, the groups or cliché if you will. Sighing I walk over to my brother, and look at his friends. They all have this apprehensive expression, like they don’t want to scare me or something. “Josh what did you tell them about me?” I ask timidly “Nothing I swear.” He looks around the table. “Don’t mind them, they all have the look. Its something they do.” He says, yea something they do. Sure Josh “Whatever.” I put down my tray and look around the table. “Hey…” Comes a voice on the other side of my brother. “Names Nathan.” He says. He does have a sexy smile. And a very cute face. “Hey.” I spoke barely above a whisper. “This is my best friend Nathan. He likes to talk a lot and he doesn’t know when not to say something. So if he ever says something you don’t like or he offends you let me know. I’ll take care of him. Along with the rest of these trouble makers.” He laughs as everyone around us, throws stuff at him… “Alright… alright. I get it!” He laughs harder “I think they like you Josh. You’re pretty cool.” I smile at him. “Eh, I don’t try to be. I am just likable.” “That’s apparent.” I tease Part Y As of today my brother started my school. As far as I know, he’s been doing fine. I chatted with him a few times and it seems that he might just end up liking it here. Now that might change once he gets his bearings. I have also chatted with a couple of my friends and teachers and asked how he has been holding up. They all say good things. So I’m hopeful. “Hey why don’t we get some ice cream after school?” I ask Devon. “Yeah, sure. That sounds good.” He says he eyes my friend Nathan. I smile at him, he might have a crush on him. Nathan does have a nice body I’ve seen it so many times that I ignore it now. He’s also soft on the eyes if you know what I mean. “So what class you have next?” I ask “I have a free period actually. I’m thinking of going to the library and chillin there for a bit. It’s the last class of the day. I’ll meet you out by the bike rack, after school, cool?” He asks “Yea, that sounds good. You have your cell right.” I look at him, he nods his head yes. We give each other a bro hug and I sort of run to my last class before the late bell. I seriously don’t want a detention today. The day has been good so far. Nothing has really happened, which I’m thankful for. Devon doesn’t need any more negativity than he has already gotten. Devon still needs to decide if he wants to go to a therapist, he also needs to have a talk with Mom about things. And well I guess that’s it for now. I laugh as I shake my head. “Good to see you Josh. Please come in, take a seat wherever you’d like.” Clearly my teacher is being kind of a dick at the moment. “I’m sorry. I was helping my brother with his schedule. He’s new here… Today is his first day. I’m sorry.” I said towards him “Well let this be a reminder, you only have one warning before you get a detention.” He looks from me to the others, “That warning is being applied to the whole class.” He says, “Now as I was saying…” I tune him out after that. I didn’t care if he didn’t like that I was late for class. My brother comes before school, or even my friends. I want him to feel appreciated and loved. At least when it comes to me. “Hey, how’s your bro doing? He good?” I asked one of my friends Chris. “Yeah, he’s good. He actually might end up liking it here.” Chris gives a weird look, “I know right. But from what I have gathered, Devon actually likes school. He did really well at his other school. So maybe things will get better for him.” “That’s cool. Maybe he can tutor me sometimes. Because we all know I need all the help I can get…” We laugh quietly to ourselves.
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  12. Remijay

    That Summer's Day

    Omg omg omg!!! I loved this chapter the most out of all of them, this is my favorite. I love how they have 3 kids now and they act just like Ryder. Hah poor Teddy. OLI 21, that's amazing. I hope Oli and Mark are still together. Awaiting the next book. With love Remijay ❤
  13. WHy do i keep switching up the character names? LOL :O)

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      You're not alone in that. :) 

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    Chapter 12

    Thanks @Benji I'm trying to to get everything in order for the closing of this book. I'm glad you liked this chapter...
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    Chapter 12

    You'll have to wait and see about the Nathan thing 😏 All stories have an ending. Whether it be good or bad 🙃

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