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    Thanks for picking upy massive error. Without a beta reader or editor, I tend to make silly mistakes and well, that can leave readers confused at times.🙈
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    Oblivion Wish I would go back I could go back to nothing Jhené Aiko ********************************************************************************** I have absolutely no recollection of the events that transpired after my impromptu mad dash out of the class room. I’d probably hear what happened tomorrow at lunch when I meet up with Grayson and Rudolph. For now, I needed to clear my mind of what I had just seen. I needed my therapist. I needed to vent to someone, yet at the same time I wanted to be alone. I was a mess with dirt all over my clothes, my shirt ripped up a bit and my face was tear-stained. I looked like a runaway bride at that moment, but even my feeble attempt at humour wasn’t enough to make the white elephant I didn’t want to think about disappear. Miles McKay. That was his name, right? He looked exactly like Alex. If I didn’t know better, I’d say he was Alex’s twin brother. It was too much of a shock for my system as I was only dealing with his loss recently. It seems that life just wants to never see me happy anymore. No matter what I try to do, it seems that it’s either destined to end in shit or with some unwanted twist of events. I began to gather myself and realise that I am at the park again. What was it about this place that kept bringing me back here? This was the second time I’m here. The section I’m in is not familiar, but I know this is the park somehow. I begin to take note that I have some scars on my body along with dry blood and yet again, more dirt. “What the fuck did I do after I blacked out?” I pondered as I began to walk in what I thought was the direction home. By the time I got out of the park, it was dark and cold outside. I was also exhausted and in a lot of pain. Whatever I had done was now taking its toll on my body and I was struggling to get home. Just as I was about to quit and lie there on the side of the road on a cold winter night, a car came to an abrupt stop beside me and what happened thereafter I can’t tell you as I once again blacked out. “He’s coming to,” a voice said somewhere. I heard a faint beeping noise and a blurry figure appeared above me, followed by more blurry figures. The light in the room was hard to adjust to and it took some time to get my eyes to co-operate, so I can see what who was standing above me at the moment. “Welcome back to the land of the living,” an unfamiliar voice said. “My name is Doctor Vincent McKay and you’re currently at Fairdale Private Hospital. I’m going to ask a few questions, but please bear with me.” After the gruelling interrogation into my very hazy memory, the doctor told me I would have to spend the night in the hospital as a safety precaution. I really didn’t care as a wave of exhaustion hit me and I was back in dreamland. An unknown amount of time passed when I came to again, only this time, there were people in my room when there was nobody earlier. My mom was sleeping uncomfortably in a plastic chair that sat close to my bed while my dad was awake but deep in whatever book he was reading. Mom jolted awake and this made dad lose concentration on his book and focus on the source of disruption. Since mom was right by me, he noticed that I had woken up. Mom, realising that he was looking past her and not at her made her turn her head from him to me. Tears began forming as she looked at me. “Hey baby boy. How are you feeling?” she asked, trying to hold back the tears that threatened to spill from her eyes. “Better than I was earlier. What happened to me?” I asked, unhappy with the fact that I couldn’t remember anything past me passing out on the side of the road. “Well, the doctor who is currently in charge of your health, Dr Vincent McKay, found you. Or should I say, his son found you. You were on your way home it seemed when you suddenly collapsed on the side of the road and his son saw it all. Apparently, you had a concussion when they bought you in. Also, his son told him that you had fled school after meeting him and got into a fight with the security guards, which would explain the concussion. He said that you appeared to be in a state of hysteria. What caused all that Arnold?” I sighed and closed my eyes to process all the information I had just received and thought of how to answer her question. When all my thoughts finally settled, I began to explain what had caused me to go insane. “It was during the first lesson when I lost my mind. I was sitting and staring out the window as the teacher introduced the new student. Since there was only one available seat in the class, he sat next to me. At first, I ignored him and then I felt that I was being rude, so I turned to introduce myself and that’s when I saw him…”. I drifted off, thinking about how identical he was to Alex. I must’ve been stuck in thought for too long because my mom shook me gently to get my attention. “… Arnold! Are you okay? You spaced out there…” she asked with concern written all over her face. “Yeah, sorry. I was just thinking about how identical this guy is to Alex. I swear he’s his doppelganger. The way he spoke, his voice, the twinkle in his eye when he introduces himself to someone was the same as the twinkle Alex had when he introduced himself to me.” I said, now devoid of emotion and feeling really tired all of a sudden. My mom didn’t know how to respond to my statement and just sat there, watching me quietly with concerned eyes. “He’s right this way,” a voice said that was practically at the door. The door opened and the first person to enter was Dr McKay. Following him was a beautiful, petite lady who looked like his wife and after them was… “Miles…” I whispered breathlessly, still not used to how he looked exactly like my dead boyfriend. “Uh, hey Arnold,” he began with a sunny smile. “I’m glad to see you’re doing okay now. I was worried that you were badly hurt when we found you on the side of the road because of how bad your clothes looked.” I was still at a loss for words, so my mother chose to reply for me. After she finished, she took Miles’s mom out to get some coffee and Dr McKay took my dad to go sign some forms. That left me with Miles and I didn’t have anywhere to run to. As soon as they left, he came and sat in the seat my mom was sitting in. “Arnold, I have a burning question to ask you. You suddenly took off in class yesterday and that left me confused. Why did you run off? I mean, was I that ugly that I scared you off like that?” he said, trying to inject some humour into this rather serious topic. After a few failed attempts at trying to get words out of my mouth, I sighed heavily and decided to tell him about what triggered my impromptu run. “Miles, the reason I ran out of class yesterday was because you remind me of someone that was once special to me. His name is Alex and he was my boyfriend. He passed away a few years ago and well, I never really got over his death. Then enters you, his doppelganger. Yes, that’s right, you look exactly like my dead boyfriend. You have his sunny smile, his beautiful, warm eyes, his kind, expressive face, even your body size is similar to his. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you guys were twins.” Miles was stunned. He hadn’t expected me to say all this, but he did tell me he had encountered a guy that looked at him like he’d seen a ghost roaming the halls, but he ignored it. He said he also got a few odd looks during the day but chalked it up to being the new kid who’d scared away someone on his first day. “Now all those stares are starting to make sense. People are confused by the fact that I look like your deceased boyfriend and the guy that saw me in the hallway literally saw a ghost. Wow, what a fucked-up day.” I merely stared at him for a while. I had no words for his statement, so I eventually closed my eyes and lay there in silence. We sat like that until our parents returned and Dr McKay ran some tests on me to determine if I could be released today. He then gave me the green light and said I could go home with my parents so long as I adhered to his rules and took all the medication that was prescribed to me. Before we left, mom invited them over for supper, so they can meet the rest of the family. The ride home was quiet. We all seemed lost in thought. I was thinking about how Chuck was taking this. I mean, they were cousins after all. I also began to wonder what everyone at school thought about my sudden escape. My thoughts were interrupted by us pulling up to the house. I noticed that Grayson’s car was here and so was Chuck’s. It seemed they were waiting for me to return. I guess it’s time to go inside and face the music.
  3. Emanon

    Ambrose Smith

    My name is Ambrose Smith. Most of you know me as Natalie Amber Oakley, “loving” mother of Thomas Riley Oakley, successful entrepreneur and Vice-President of this country. I mean, that is the image you have of me, right? Or you probably know me as the cold-hearted bitch that experimented on her own son and did some rather despicable things for her own curiosity or personal gain. But I’m here tom just show you why I am as I am and let you judge me thereafter. My story starts when I was 6 years old… 30 Years Ago I bolted upright with a start and everything was still dark. I began to panic, taking in shorter and shorter breaths, only to slowly realise that I was in my room and the lights were off. Even though that thought comforted me a little, I still felt uneasy. As I started to regain my senses, I began to ponder on what had woken me up moments earlier. It took me a while, but I remembered the nightmare I had. *** I was coming home from school and mom was working the night shift again, so she was preparing to head off to work. If she was working the night shift, then that meant that either my dad was back, or the babysitter was somewhere in the house or coming over in a bit. I didn’t pay too much attention to that fact and wandered to my room to put my bag down after I had greeted my mom. As soon as mom left the house, I was sitting in the entertainment room watching cartoons or something. Some time passed, I guess because it was dinner time and I was sitting with my babysitter. He was my cousin essentially and him and his parents stayed next door to us. Anyways, we ate and then I went upstairs to take a bath, brush my teeth, change into my PJs and go to bed. As I was falling asleep, I felt the bed suddenly get a little heavier on the side I wasn’t sleeping on. I ignored it because I was exhausted. After a while, I feel something touching my private parts and I wanted to get up and scream but I was paralyzed with fear and nothing was coming out of my mouth. After a while, the thing that was touching me moved away and I breathed a sigh of relief. Just as I was about to relax, the weight shifted from the side of the bed to on top of me. I once again froze, and I couldn’t do anything. The next thing I feel something warm and way bigger than what was touching me earlier, touch the entrance of my private part. I immediately tried to squirm and get away from this but whoever or whatever was on top of me held me in place and the voice from whoever was on top of me told me to stop moving and take it like a good little girl. As the warm, large object began to enter me, I woke up. *** I began crying in my bed at the nightmare I had faced. The sad part of this nightmare is that it has been happening every day from the first time my babysat me. He threatened to hurt me if I told my parents and I never said a word of what he did to me. I mean, who would believe me? He was an angel in their eyes (that being my parents) and I was the child that should have never been born. Dad hardly even acknowledged my existence and mom drowned herself in work to avoid seeing me half the time. Dinner is somewhat civil. Since dad is a public figure, he usually entertained guests when he returned from his business trips and that’s when they act like I existed. Since I was at the top of my grade, they’d brag about my intellect to anyone who wanted to hear. 5 years passed, and the demon known as my cousin graduated from high school and moved away for college. For the first time in my life I was free, but I was left scarred by the entire ordeal. 5 years of repeated rape made me scared of people and I never made any friends. Girls disliked me because I was highly intelligent, and I seemed weird and guys just didn’t feel any attraction towards me. I was never bullied but I was never included in anything that went on. I didn’t care at times, but at other times all the loneliness would catch up to me and I’d cry myself to sleep. The situation at home didn’t improve much. Mom was still distant, and dad was cold as hell, but they decided to do something they had always wanted to try. They adopted a child. A boy who was also 11 at the time. His name was Jeremy. He either didn’t have a surname at the time or he just didn’t want to tell us. I never really cared at the time. He moved in and life at home changed drastically. Mom was almost always home, and dad’s business trips were almost non-existent. Sadly, I was still the outsider. Sure, I ate supper, got to watch TV and had all my basic needs covered, but I never had the love I deserved from my family. My own parents cared more for an adopted child than they did for me and it hurt, but I never let it show. Instead, I began plotting something sinister. Something no one would ever expect from me. At age 18, I implemented my scheme. In my final year (now aged 18), I was still a major loner and I really didn’t care. I was waiting for my chance to get out of here and start over with a new name and money. Since I was 6, I have been saving up all the allowance money I have been receiving. I currently had enough to buy a three-bedroom house in the town I lived in. Jeremy was a major star in my high school and some people didn’t believe that we were related, even by adoption. He never really cared much for me and I never really cared much for him either. Why care for people you’re going to kill anyways? It was the night of my graduation. The plan I had was ready to be put into play. The cameras in the house were also prepared for my plan. I had set them up to loop a certain video for a few seconds as that’s all I would have. It took me years to make the poison gas I had made, and it took me a while to acquire a gas mask without looking suspicious. Anyways, that night I released the gas that I had made which had similar characteristics to mustard gas, but it was more potent, took less time to kill and also left no trace forensics could follow. How did I know all this? I had been testing it on rats and I even tested it on a human. One of the men in my neighborhood had been abusing his wife constantly and I decided to test it on him as I deemed him the scum of the earth. Long story short, he was “dead” in 20 seconds and there was no trace of the chemical that had killed him. Forensic scientists were baffled as the cells in the body weren’t destroyed, instead it seemed like they had been told to stop functioning at all. Every living cell in the body seemed to have been deactivated. To cut another long story short, I killed my family (except Jeremy, as he was nowhere to be seen the night of their murder) and since Jeremy and I were the only ones left, they split the property and money 50/50. Jeremy and I separated, and we haven’t seen one another since the death of my parents. I got a large sum of money and started my life elsewhere. I got into a University for science and I pursued my dream of becoming a scientist. I also legally changed my name from Ambrose Natalie Smith to Natalie Amber Oakley. At age 20, a lot of shit went down. I was doing my second year at the time and I was still a loner. I guess I preferred working alone at the time. During my second year, we got a transfer student. His name was Noah White. He was easily the hottest man I had ever laid eyes on and for the first time in my life, I felt like I wanted to connect with someone. A few days after his arrival, he somehow found me. I was working in the lab like I always do, and he came in looking for one of his friends. I initially clammed up and I was unable to speak, but eventually I got more comfortable with him and we started chatting about a lot of things. We occasionally got together and before I knew it, I was pregnant. Noah left soon after that and left me to fend for myself with a child I didn’t want or need. I was devastated after his departure and I didn’t know what to do. Luckily, I had made friends during the period of Noah. Peter and Paul Edwards. They were a year older than me and were happily married, I think. They helped me raise Thomas and also, they got a Thomas of their own later on… Well, that’s it. That’s my story. Why am I so cold? Because of my rapist of a cousin and my distant, unfeeling parents. How can I act like I’m a caring person? Peter, Paul and Noah taught me well how to behave like a human with compassion. I am but a product of my tragic past. I have no regrets in my life. Thomas’ anger towards me makes me feel no regrets either. Instead, it fuels me with a new desire. To kill my own experiment before it kills me.
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    I'm glad you're enjoying it. I try to keep the readers entertained but I feel that sometimes I lose people along the way. Thanks for the comment. It means a lot to me.
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    Take my mind and take my pain, like an empty bottle takes the rain. And heal, heal, heal, heal Tom Peter Odell *Arnold’s POV* 3 months went by in a blur. The remainder of the summer faded into a cool autumn that would usher in a cold winter. A cold winter it would be indeed. These past three months have been really interesting for me. Why you ask… Well, it all has to do with a little chat I had with Cameron and how he told me I could confide in him. Ever since that day I have taken up his offer and began telling him about the day Alex died and how I coped with the trauma thereafter. He suggested I see a psychologist just to be on the safe side, but he wouldn’t force me into the matter. He felt that I should do it because I wanted to get better, so I did as he suggested. For the past 3 months I’ve been seeing Dr Beth Dawson. She’s 45 years old and is still pretty young at heart. Besides Cameron, she is the only other person to see me smile and laugh all the time. She has this energy that just makes you want to open up to her no matter how bad your day has been. The moment I met her, I instantly opened up to her which is something I found pretty strange as I had been sent to a psychologist earlier, but that didn’t go well (I hardly said anything in the sessions). She has been amazing at helping me heal, but we haven’t really spoken about Alex’s death a lot. I think she is waiting for me to open up and speak about it freely and explain what I feel every time I talk about him. After all this time, it still hurts. There are days where I would just lock myself in my room after school until dinner then after dinner, I’d get cornered by Cameron and he’d try get me out of my funk, but it won’t work until my next visit to Beth. I tried to get her to prescribe me anti-depressants, but she abhors the medication and feels that it’s a sad way to evade ones emotions. She explained that she was once a depressed child and was put on the drugs and they made her not feel half the time. As she got ‘better’, for lack of a better word, she began to realise how horrid the drugs were and as such she never recommends them to her patients, unless it is really necessary to do so. My stepdad has gone back to his old ways, non-caring and cold as ever. However, he seems to be scared of something lately, I think. Why am I saying this? Well, lately, he comes home and shuts himself in his office for hours, whispering incoherently and always making mysterious phone calls to unsaved numbers (okay, I check the phone bill every month for some odd reason and I’ve memorised most of the frequently called numbers in the past year or so). Another thing I noticed is his business trips seem to be longer than usual. What was once a 2-day trip out of town becomes a 1-week trip. Also, these visits seem to make him ever more distant. Last week was the saddest thing that happened since dad left. My stepdad disappeared. I was waiting for him after school because he promised to pick me up. That never happened. In fact, when I called him, his number no longer existed. I called mom who told me the exact same thing and also told me that his clothes were all gone. What we hadn’t noticed is that each time he returned from a trip, he had less clothing than when he left. He was smart with this as he often bought gifts and those distracted us. All in all, our stepfather abandoned the family, just like my dad had. Friend wise, I still hang around Grayson and Rudolph. They seem to have noticed my change and well, I’m not sure I’m entirely comfortable with that. Rudolph still doesn’t like me for some reason, but it has toned down these past 3 months. In fact, him and Grayson seem very touchy feely around each other. It sort of reminds me of Alex and I, but then again, I could be reading into something that isn’t there. Grayson also seems to be a little cooler towards me recently, like he dislikes something I’ve done but will never let me know what it is. It’s highly unnerving at times but I refuse to call him out on it. If he wants to talk, he’ll talk. Isaac and I have re-established our relationship, however tense it may have been. He has also made up with Chuck and the two of them seem to be dating from my perspective. There was a time when I suspected that Isaac had a crush on his friend, but I didn’t say anything that could potentially harm their friendship. Dad has also tried to be more present in my life after he left. I’m not going to lie, but it feels like I’m talking to a stranger half the time. There are days that I sit and wonder why and how he could make me choose who to stay with back then. It hurt when he didn’t show any hint of being hurt by my decision and when he just took Isaac and left abruptly. It’ll take time to get used to the fact that he’ll be in town for a long time because now that my stepfather has left, he has to take over and run the business. ********************************************************************************** Today started off like any day. I woke up with a hardon, something I haven’t taken care of in months. I just don’t feel the urge to masturbate anymore, even if my body wants such pleasure. I took a leak and then headed into the shower. While I was showering, Cameron knocked on the door to let me know that I was going to be late if I stayed in the shower any longer and that Grayson was waiting for me downstairs. I was stunned because Grayson never came to pick me up. I quickly finished up and got out the shower. Now, I normally don’t have a towel around my waist when I walk to my room because there is a bathroom in my room, so imagine my surprise when I am drying my hair and a very loud gasp catches my attention. Sitting on my bed and staring at my naked body is Grayson who decided he wanted to see my room and tell me to hurry up. Now, I naturally don’t feel the need to cover up as I feel comfortable in my skin, but the way Grayson was leering at me was enough to make me want to wear all the clothing in my closet. I covered up and cleared my throat to get his attention. He immediately snapped out of whatever trance he was in and went beet red. He was also very hard and could do little to hide it. I decided to try and diffuse the rather awkward situation he had created. “Hey Grayson. What brings you here so early and so suddenly?” “Uhm, h-h-hey A-A-Arnold. Uh, I’ll go wait downstairs for you,” he said as he literally fled my room. I’ve never seen someone run away that fast and I struggled to suppress a giggle from escaping. I quickly got dressed in some rather decent clothes and headed down to meet up with Grayson. He wouldn’t meet my eyes at all and when he did, he’d go beet red and turn away again. He was clearly still unnerved by the entire ordeal. “Let’s go,” he said as soon as I finished my breakfast. The drive to school was quiet, but I expected it to be so. I wasn’t going to address the with elephant that now sat in between us because that wasn’t my style. I wasn’t embarrassed by the incident this morning, but he was, and he would raise the point when he felt ready. We stopped at Rudolph’s house to pick him and that was all it took for Grayson to ignore the white elephant. And ignore it he did. I had to sit in the back seat because one cannot stand in the way of love, I guess. We arrived at school and I quickly hopped out the car as I couldn’t take the lovey-dovey atmosphere in the car no more. They were 5 seconds away from ripping each other clothes off and having sex while I patiently sat in the backseat and waited for them to finish their business. I guess seeing me in my birthday suit really got Grayson going. After leaving the 2 ‘ready for sex’ lovebirds in the car, I took off in the direction of my locker. As I got closer to my locker I noticed something odd. Something that actually threw me off. Alex’s locker, which had been unoccupied for 2 whole years, now had a lock on it. The reason I knew this is because we asked to have our lockers next to one another and when he had died, I had asked they keep it unoccupied. This could only mean one thing. Someone was staring at the school and all the lockers were currently preoccupied. I was mildly upset but I quickly got over it when Isaac came over and spoke to me for a while. He basically caught me up on his tennis match and how thing were going with Chuck. He seemed really happy and I was happy for him (well, as happy as I can get). They say if you speak of the devil, he shall appear, and the devil did appear. Chuck came and practically stole Isaac away from me, all the while not looking at me or even apologizing for doing so. Isaac was so caught up in the moment he didn’t even notice what had happened and before I knew it, I was alone once again. Alone once again… just like I had been over 3 months ago before Grayson and Rudolph intruded on my peace and quiet. When the bell rang I walked to my first class. I’m still not a fan of classes but I have to just do it. My grades have improved a lot in the last 3 months and my teachers are pretty happy about that. In fact, some are even trying to get me to work even harder, so I can be the top of the grade again. I think they need to relax a bit. I’m not ready to devote myself to work again. Anyways, I enter the class and sit at my usual seat which is right by the window. I like this seat because if I feel like drowning out the pointless droning of the teacher, I can just look out at the field and watch a class having their PE lesson. It was still cool enough to have lessons outside, so I always had some entertainment. I guess my mind was already a million miles away because I hadn’t heard the teacher introducing the new student. I didn’t realise this until the new kid tapped my shoulder to introduce themselves. As I cast a look upon his face, I froze. My brain seemed to shut down. Nothing and everything seemed to run through my mind at light speed. WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FUCK WAS GOING ON? WHAT WAS THE UNIVERSE DOING? Sitting next to me was the SPLITTING image of my dead boyfriend. He had his curly brown hair and warm, honey-colored eyes. I didn’t know what to do or how to react. I had essentially shut down and there was no way to recover. The only thing I heard at that moment was, “Hi, my name is Miles. Miles McKay,” and the world turned red.
  6. Emanon


    *Ray’s POV* 10 Years prior to Tom’s 14th Birthday “Madam, we found a boy, still living, in the ruins. What shall we do?” “Take him. To have survived this whole ordeal is nothing short of a miracle. I also want to do tests and see how he survived this whole nuclear ordeal.” And that’s how I came to meet Ms Natalie Oakley. A cold-hearted woman who loved science more than her own child back home. She put on a good motherly face the first time I met her (essentially, I was 4 years old during that little intro scene) and well I fell for her charms. I fell for the whole “mother and son” thing she had started because my own biological mother had hated me and was now dead. After coming to the lab at age 4, they ran some standard procedure tests. Then a week or two after my arrival, hell began. “Raymond, honey, come here really quick,” Ms Oakley said in a sweet motherly tone. “Can you be a big boy and follow these gentlemen to the room they escort you to? Can you do that for me?” “Sure Ms Oakley.” I replied, naïve to the torture and hell I was about to experience. Upon arrival, I was shoved into this tiny 5m x 5m room with only a ventilation system and nothing more. The room was damp and had a stench I couldn’t recognise, but already detested. I would later learn that the smell was that of death, or better put, the smell of all the people who had died in the hands of these monsters. “Tomorrow we start tests on subject 01105. Please have him ready by 07h00 as we need to begin as soon as possible.” And so, at 07h00, I lost my innocence and I descended into an abyss of sorts. The tests we rather cruel. Apparently, they had discovered a genetic mutation in my blood that had allowed me to survive the nuclear “accident” that had happened in my hometown. The first test was seemingly harmless. They exposed me to rather small doses of radiation. At first, it was non-lethal doses of radiation then they began to increase the exposure till essentially the radiation levels were so bad that I felt the effects. My blood oddly began to boil, and my skin felt like someone had set it alight and kept adding fuel to keep it burning. My entire body was searing with pain. After a minute or so (though it felt like hours), I noticed pieces of my skin bubble up and fall of like some nasty, slimy substance. All the screams that I had suppressed began pouring out now and I began screaming for Ms Oakley to save me. All that screaming didn’t help and after another minute, they stopped the test and the radiation dosage diminished until there was none. Oddly, my body began to regenerate, albeit at a sluggish rate. This unfortunately grabbed the attention of the monsters and they wanted to test the extent of my “healing” abilities. So, after my body had fully healed that day, they began a new method of testing my capabilities. They bought in a highly skilled doctor/assassin (as I’d later find out) to test my capabilities. I thought method 1 was bad but this was absolute sadism. He began by piercing my body with a surgical knife in any area he deemed non-lethal to me. Once he saw my wounds heal rather rapidly, he decided to try a new method. He asked for a grater because he wanted to peel my skin. Now, I want you to imagine a block of cheese moving against a grater. What does it do to the cheese? Well, that’s the image I want you to have as this man began grating my skin off. To say it hurt would be an understatement. I nearly blacked out from such torture. The worst part? He was laughing and enjoying himself the whole time. He had an erection for crying out loud! I screamed till I couldn’t anymore, and all my skin had been peeled off. Once he decided he was done, my body began to heal. Now, the previous wounds healed quickly, but these wounds were oddly different. It’s like my body was “secreting” a new coat of skin and it was painful, but not as bad as being grated like fucking cheese. For 4 years, tests like these continued interchangeably. I eventually grew immune to pain itself and I became like my tormentor. I quickly became cold, emotionless and a sadist. That is, until I met Ms Oakley’s son, Thomas. At first, I thought he was another test subject until I saw how the staff and Ms Oakley herself treated him. I grew enraged at this fact until he looked over at me. At this point in time I was 8 years old and so was he, so we knew nothing about love, but the fact that he ran over to introduce himself to me ignited something in me. He was the embodiment of all things pure and innocent. He spoke fast, but not enough to make you lose track of what he was saying. He was a very attentive listener and we soon became friends. When they weren’t running experiments, Ms Oakley would bring him in and we’d play outside. The visits ceased one day, and I’d later find out that he had school and was only here because it was summer vacation. For that short time, I had a reason to live, a light that I wanted to see, and nothing was going to stop me. I started planning my escape to see my reason for living (and to obviously get away from these monsters). A week prior to me implementing my plan, a new test was run on me. A serum of sorts was injected into my body. For an hour nothing happened, and as the doctors we about to call the operation a fail, I died. It was instantaneous. One minute I was taking in a breath, the next I’m dead. The doctors rushed in to resuscitate me, but it didn’t work. After 4 minutes, they had to declare me dead. In a weird turn of events, an hour after my death, I came back to life. Unfortunately, I was being supervised by a doctor who believed that I would come back to life (damned doctor). After that, they ran some new tests to see what I had acquired during my death period. They noted that my brain activity was way off the charts for a normal being and wanted to see of I could manipulate anything using my mind. It was then that they discovered elemental manipulation. They took samples of my blood and ran tests on it. They also ran tests on the serum by injecting it in animals and humans who they’d bought in. None of those tests subjects survived. It was then declared that only my blood (without the serum) could trigger the capabilities. Also, they noted that my regenerative capabilities had ceased to exist, meaning that I had lost a power to gain a new one. After a year (now aged 9), Ms Oakley assigned me “parents” because Tom had been pestering her about when he could see me again and why I didn’t go to school and other stuff like that. To keep him from running his mouth, she managed to get me to live with 2 gay and “happily” married scientists, Peter and Paul Edwards. Thus, I became Raymond Charlie Edwards, son of Peter and Paul Edwards. After that, life wasn’t so bad. I got to hang out with Tom occasionally, and then that all changed when that bitch Jordan arrived. Around that time, Blake had left Tom and it was just me and him. He wasn’t his usual cheery self and I tried to ensure that he was at least content. Jordan arrived, and Tom was smitten. I knew because I was deeply in love with Tom and I knew the look all too well. I tried to get Tom to notice me or to even treat me like he treated Jordan, but it looked like I was a jealous boyfriend and Jordan noticed it. After that, he began laying on his charm and Tom got even closer to the bastard. A month before Tom’s 13th birthday, I’d had enough of his shit and cornered him on one of his night walks. It was then that I discovered that I wasn’t the only elemental user and that I wasn’t even the strongest. I wasn’t supposed to use my powers and I had hoped I’d spook Jordan, but in the end, he spooked me by telling me he’d expose me to Tom if I didn’t leave them alone. Naïve me did exactly I was told, and I ignored Tom out of fear. I only saw the light on Tom’s 14th birthday and was ready to let him know my thoughts and how much I loved him. I never got to confess my love to him because Mr Overbearing was there. The highlight of that night was Tom falling into my arms. I swear I saw a hint of disappointment at first then a look of him being awestruck by my smile. I didn’t get a chance to say a word before Jordan stole him from me (have I mentioned that I want to kill the bastard and have been planning to do such since last year?). After I while I got bored and was about to leave when I bumped into and fell on top of Janie Phillips. Now, to any bystanders, it looked like we were about to kiss and to her boyfriend, Blake White, I was practically about to fuck her. And thus, a massive fight broke out between the 2 of us and as such the party was disbanded. We left the house and unbeknownst to me, that would be the last time I would see Tom with a smile that beautiful on his face and the last time I’d visit him at his house. He was about to live my nightmare. One that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. One that I wish I could have saved him from.
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    Two Sides, Same Coin

    Life and death are on two sides of the same coin. The same can be said about lies and truths. You either tell the truth or you lie. You either live or you die. Dinner that evening was rather tense. Mom was brutally cutting her steak while dad was essentially killing the already meat with the way he was stabbing it. Isaac was calmly eating his food while I had no appetite at all. My stepdad was trying to keep a conversation going but the crowd tonight wasn’t having any of that. Cameron still hasn’t come down after his explosive episode earlier. I don’t blame him though as I was about to do the same the same thing the moment dad poked his head through the door. I still don’t know why I am still sitting here at this table because it is not out of respect for my stepdad or our guests. Maybe I’m curious as to why they are here. “So, what brings you back to town, David?” mom begins the interrogation. “Didn’t know that you ran this town now, Catherine,” dad replied coolly. “I came back because I have to work here and to give Isaac the best education money can buy. Is that so wrong?” “Not at all David. I guess being a single parent has opened your eyes huh?” mom snidely replied. “Now, now you two, you’re embarrassing yourselves in front of the kids,” my stepdad said trying to cool the now heating fight. They backed off, but only to make way for a new fight. A fight between the kids themselves. “So, Arnold, how’s Alex? Isaac asked knowing the answer to this question. “I don’t know. How about we go visit his grave tomorrow and you can ask him. While we’re there, maybe we should start digging your grave as well. A lot of accidents have been popping up lately and I'm sure you're prone to end up in one of them,” I replied with a real dark look on my face. “So scary. Gosh, where did the happy-go-lucky “Arnie” go?” he asked mockingly. “Oh, that guy. He walked out of my life the exact same way you and dad did.” I replied, not backing down from his attacks. As soon as I said that, his face resembled mine now and we both looked like we were going to kill each other. Sadly, looks cannot kill so the bastard isn’t dead yet. “ENOUGH!” my stepdad shouted as he banged his fists on the table and rose up from his chair in an almost blind rage. “From the moment these two entered it’s been this cat-and-mouse game to see who gets the other angrier or who gets the other to snap first. Whatever game it is, I don’t FUCKING CARE! I just want to eat my dinner in relative peace so can you all just SHUT THE FUCK UP???!” And just like that, not a single word was spoken and not a single death glance was shot across the table. As dinner ended, however, my curiosity came to its climax and I had to ask the one question mom has been evading. “Dad, why did you walk out of our lives all those years ago? Mom keeps dodging the question and telling me you two were “unhappy” together, but I feel that there is more to the story than meets the eye,” I asked looking him in the eye. “I don’t know if I should answer…” “FOR FUCK SAKES ANSWER THE GODDAMN QUESTION!!!” I screamed getting fed up with the deceit in this family. “I PLAYED THE NAÏVE SON ROLE FOR LONG ENOUGH! EITHER YOU TELL ME, OR I FIND OUT AND WHEN I DO, PRAY TO GOD THAT HE HAS A SEAT THERE FOR YOU!”. “ARNOLD JAMES WILLIAMS, YOU WILL APOLOGIZE TO YOUR FATHER THIS INSTANT!” my mother screamed at me. “You have some nerve. YOU OF ALL PEOPLE ARE TELL ME TO APOLOGIZE? ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR FUCKING MIND?” I screamed at my mom. SMACK!!! The sound echoed throughout the house. I touched the cheek that my mother had just slapped. Utterly stunned, I sat in my chair unable to process what had just occurred. My mother stood opposite me with a look of rage at first, then a look that probably resembled mine. Never in my life has she ever laid a hand on me in this manner. Isaac himself looked terrified. “A-Arnold, I-I didn’t mean to…” mom started but didn’t finish as I bolted from the table and out the front door. With no car, I just ran out of the now opening big gate and into the streets. For some odd reason, tears were rolling down my face. I had absolutely no idea where I was going but I had to get away from that house. *Isaac’s POV* Whoa. That was scary as hell. I’ve never seen that look on mom’s face and I don’t think dad was expecting her to do that. She was always this sweet mother who would still smile at you while serving your punishment. She never hit us once in our lives and that was the first time I had seen such happening. I immediately felt sorry for Arnold and was about to go after him when his stepdad told me to stay and he’d go. After that, mom broke down and started crying. I always thought I was tough but sitting there and watching her cry made me want to go over there and comfort her while shedding a few tears of my own. Dad was looking at her with the same look, but he made no move to implement his plan. “Catherine…” dad started, “What happened to us?” Mom, unable to reply just looked up at dad and cried even more. I started feeling very uncomfortable with the whole situation, but mom held up a hand to indicate that I must not go anywhere yet. After a few minutes, she got her breathing under control and turned to face me but kept her head down the entire time. She looked defeated and helpless in that moment and I was close to discarding my pride and hugging her. “You remember my parents?” she began. Who could forget those monsters? I hated them from the first visit. They disliked me and Arnold, and only cared for Cameron. They were the incarnation of evil if they did not care for you at all. They also treated dad like shit and disregarded him every time they came to visit. Dad always kept a brave face the entire time they were here and as soon as they left he’d curse like a sailor and lock himself in his office, which usually indicated that he was going to drink himself to sleep. The died 2 years ago and I feel no remorse whatsoever towards them. “Well, they found out that Isaac and Arnold weren’t Toby’s children.” “Wait, who is Toby?” I asked, a little perplexed by this revelation. “Toby was my first husband before your father. He is Cameron’s biological father. He walked of Cameron’s life before he even turned 3 years old. He grew bored of me apparently, or so my parents would always say. They believe that I wasn’t satisfying him in bed or that I was not doing all that I could to keep him in my life. I was heartbroken when I found David on Cameron’s 3rd birthday. He was friends with my older brother and that’s how we met. Anyways, after my parents found out that the twins were not Toby’s, they started treating them and you horribly in hopes you’d up and leave. When you showed no sign of leaving, they threw an ultimatum at me. That I find someway to get rid of you, or they’d do it themselves and heaven forbid anyone or anything that got in their way. I was so scared then, because they hated you and the twins and wouldn’t hesitate to kill them if that was all it took to get you to leave. Out of fear of losing everything, I started to do things that eventually put you at the doorstep of our old house with Isaac at your side. I wanted to tell you to stay and tell you about my parents and their threat, but I feared them finding out and implementing their methods to rid you of me. That day I lost the love of my life and one of my children, although Arnold wasn’t the same after you left until Alex came. That boy was his world. I saw it in his eyes. He would have killed for that kid if he’d been asked to. When Alex shot himself, I lost another child and essentially, my parents got their wish.” Mom looked dead after telling her story, but she also looked like a massive burden was lifted from her shoulders. She sort-of resembled the mother I’d grown up seeing at that moment and I couldn’t hold back anymore. I stood up and walked over to her and wrapped her in my arms. She began sobbing as soon as I did this, and I couldn’t hold back my emotions and stared crying with her. Dad sat there stunned but oddly calm. He looked at mom with a look I couldn’t decipher at the time but would later recognize as odd admiration. The strength mom displayed that night was something that touched dad and me. As all this was happening, I couldn’t help but wonder where Arnold had run off to. *Arnold’s POV* As soon as my legs tired out, I staggered into a slow walk and began to take in my surroundings. It looks like I was at the park Grayson, Rudolph and I were at earlier. I strode towards the spot we sat at and plopped down heavily from the exhaustion that I was experiencing. I began to recollect the past hour or so and I still could not believe my mother had hit me. I’d always believed her to be a rock that I could lean on and would never hurt me, no matter what I did. I just cannot wrap my head around the fact that she raised her hand at me. After some time, I started getting tired of sitting alone and was about to go home when I saw a figure sitting under a tree, enjoying the sunset. The longer I looked at him, the more I realized that it was the creepy guy from earlier. I turned to leave when I heard some shout “Hey!”. I ignored it and was starting to walk away when I heard someone run up to me and lay a hand on my shoulder. Scared, I froze and didn’t move for a bit. Then, I slowly turned to face the person who’d given me such a fright. Standing in from of me was the person who had been stalking me, and as I’d later find out, the person whose entire existence revolved around mine. “Hey, I noticed you didn’t hear me or ignored me, so I decided to run over and introduce myself,” the green-eyed, auburn haired, freckle-faced guy said to me. Oddly, I was mesmerized by his eyes and found that I couldn’t turn away even if I wanted to. “The name’s Chuck, what’s your name?”
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    Odyssey - Part 1

    *Tom’s Memory* Its my 14th birthday today. Jordan is coming over in a few minutes and I am still not ready for school. Sure, it’s Friday, but mom believes that education is too important for me to skip because I’m a year older now. It’s not that I hate school, I just dislike how long classes are. I mean, is it necessary for us to sit for so many hours in one place? Torture method of the millennia. Also, I am hosting a party tonight WITHOUT mom being present which means… ALCOHOL!!! Sure, it’s not good for our developing bodies, but I just want to finally let loose and enjoy myself. Jordan is supplying all the booze so that’s a major relief. Tip: get yourself a friend who can score you alcohol even when they are underaged. Any who, I’m currently in the car with Jordan and mom and we’re headed to hell (okay I mean school) and him and mom have sung and teased me since we left the house. Honestly, they are embarrassing me and it’s a good thing it’s just us in the car. I’d be embarrassed if anyone else heard what’s going on in here. We arrive at school and mom demands a kiss goodbye. She usually never asks for one, so I find her request odd, but still fulfil it anyways. It grants Jordan the right to tease me for the rest of the day, but I can handle it. I have always wondered if he likes me back. I mean, I’ve been trying to read him since we met 2 years ago, but he shows no signs of even liking me beyond friendly terms. It’s kinda sad because I have fallen in love with the boy. I am head over heels in love with him. I think my infatuation started last year on my 13th birthday when he got me a gift I had hoped mom would get but she didn’t and then that night I had a tummy bug and he stayed by my side the whole night. He hardly slept for my sake and since then I have been smitten. I just wish I could have him for this birthday because I don’t think any gift would be better than him. Classes were boring as per usual. I’m too smart for my grade, but I refuse to be placed in higher grades as I’ll no longer be a child who still wants to enjoy their childhood. Mom was a little disappointed, but she has respected my wishes so far. It’s been a boring but fulfilling journey as I got to meet Jordan. I also got to meet my ex-best friend Blake White in the schooling system. Why ex? Because he decided that hoes come before bros and started dating that bitch Janie Phillips. That was over a year ago but I’m still bitter about it because I was Blake’s first and only friend. I also blame the fact that he chose popularity over our friendship. It still hurts but at least I have Jordan to fill the void (also, Blake didn’t even come to my party last year and our friendship ended then). Another person I have met is one of the hottest, yet creepiest guys yet. His name is Raymond Edwards. He likes it when I call him Ray and has been giving me and Jordan death glares ever since we got close. Before Jordan entered my life, he was always following me around like a lost puppy. It was cool and all, but then it started getting creepy cause he’d follow me EVERYWHERE! I eventually let him know it was uncool and rather creepy and he tried a different approach. He basically became my friend until Jordan stepped in and suddenly, he just stopped being my friend. He ignored my calls and essentially became a ghost. I only see him rarely and when I do, he has a death glare waiting for me and my future husband (ignore that part!!!). So, as I was saying earlier, there is a party tonight. No guest list so anyone can arrive. I have already packed away any breakable items and locked my mother’s room. I’m just waiting on Jordan to arrive with the booze and then this party is a go! Jordan arrived at 19:00 with the alcohol and we set up some snacks around various points in the house. I made sure to place a table with some alcohol by the pool, as I know most people will want to be outside and swim. I did mention to them (the “guests”) to bring something to get wet in. I didn’t mention that there would be alcohol so they’re in for a surprise. The guests begin to arrive at 20:00 with Blake and his posse arriving first. When they learnt that there was alcohol, it was only a matter of time before I was hosting the entire 8th grade at my house. Soon, people from other grades had gathered and by 22:00 the party was wild… I was not expecting such a turn out but the again, alcohol attracts the masses. I was a little tipsy at this point, having joined a drinking game not too long ago and I was losing so I left. Jordan on the other hand looked like he hadn’t touched a drop, but I had spotted him on various occasions nursing a drink. I even took a sip to be sure that he was drinking, and he was as far as I knew. He looked so approachable at this moment in time, so I took my chance to finally get something off my chest. I clumsily made my way over to him and when I was about to reach him, I trip over something and land safely in someone’s arms. To my surprise (and disappointment) it was Ray’s arms that I was in. He looked down at me and flashed me a really dazzling smile, but Jordan intervened and took me away from Ray. I didn’t see his expression, but I’m sure he was wearing his scowl for the way Jordan took me away from his rather warm and comfortable arms. Maybe I’m a little beyond tipsy, I guess. Jordan escorts me to my room and lets me lay down on my bed. At this moment in time, I didn’t realise that he had also closed the door and that we were in darkness because I had closed my eyes and quite frankly, the alcohol was affecting my senses. I then felt someone lay beside me and assumed that it was him. I don’t know what prompted me, but I began to confess my love for him to him. I told him about when my feelings began and how I’ve always wanted to tell him. I then begin to babble about how he can hate me if he wants to when he silences me with my first kiss ever. OMFG!!! His lips are something words cannot begin to describe. The feelings I experienced in that moment transcend anything I had ever felt in my life. I felt like I was floating away and the only thing that was sort of anchoring me was Jordan’s lips. We didn’t get too passionate because Jordan heard commotion downstairs and we had to go check it out. I hadn’t realised at the time that we had been in the room for almost an hour. Apparently, my confession was delayed cause I kept nodding off at certain times and he was flabbergasted by my admission of love that while I was blubbering apologies and prayers for forgiveness like an idiot, he was processing all that I had said. I had sobered considerably after the kiss and was now in the process of kicking everyone out because Blake and Ray had a “disagreement” and that lead to a large fight that almost couldn’t be stopped. After that, Jordan and I just chilled on the couch in the entertainment room when everyone had left, and we just cuddled. I don’t know how or why, but we were on the run suddenly. It felt so surreal. I didn’t know whether it was a dream, but the pain of fatigue felt realistic enough for me to admit that we were running from someone. I turned back to see who was following us and noticed something odd. These people had my mother’s company logo on the front of their outfits. What’s going on here? Why are we running? I was about to stop and ask until I saw the look of worry and extreme desperation on Jordan’s face and realised that this was a serious fucking situation we were in and that questions would slow us down. We ran for some time before Jordan did something my mind couldn’t fathom, not even in a million years. He caused a massive rift to form and the guys following us fell into that. I asked him about what just happened, but he seemed annoyed by my questions and gave me a rather vague reply. As we were going to continue running, something happened, and I cannot remember it. The next thing I know, I wake up by the rift Jordan made, but there was no Jordan in sight. I found that weird and I began walking back to town in tears cause my feet hurt and I couldn’t find Jordan. I was dazed and confused by the entire night. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, I’m ambushed by some men and I’m tied up. I try calling out for Jordan to help me, but to no avail. Help wasn’t coming, hell was. Hell that I hadn’t imagined. Hell I’ll never forget.
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    I apologize.😂 I will try limit the amount of torture I subject my viewers to to a bare minimum.😂
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    There are two things in life one cannot evade. Death and tax. Death is one thing we certainly cannot avoid. From our very first breath, we are fated to die. It’s inevitable. Why am I thinking about death at such a time? Well, simple. Rudolph is giving me death glares in the rear-view mirror that could obliterate me if looks could kill. I wonder why he agreed for me to come with them if he’s going to look at me like I killed his favourite family member and then I shat on their grave while in his presence. “So, Arnold…” Grayson began hesitantly. “What would you like to do when we get to the mall?”. “Is this guy for real? I have no idea what to do at the mall anymore. I mean, I haven’t had friends in 2 years and he’s asking me what I’d like to do when we get there? At this rate I’d like to go home, but that reply would not earn me a place in Grayson’s good books.” I pondered as I looked blankly at Grayson. “No idea. I don’t go out a lot and well, I don’t have friends to go to the mall with, so I guess I’ll follow your lead.” I replied with a shrug. “Great. We got ourselves a boring one.” Rudolph remarked, not caring to hide what he just said. I ignored his remark as I had no energy to deal with his idiocy at that point in time. I merely lay my head against the window and watched as the scenery went by. Grayson kept looking back to see what I was doing. I noticed him doing this quite frequently and eventually I assumed he had something on his mind. After being isolated for 2 years, I’ve learnt to read people and their intentions at times. “What do you want Grayson?” I finally asked, tired of watching him swivel round to constantly look at me. “I was just wondering about what you said about friends. You said you don’t have any friends and well I was just wondering why because you’re the kid with the wealthiest parents. I mean, don’t the rich kids stick together?” Grayson asked, fidgeting a lot after asking his question. It seems he was rather nervous as to what answer I might give or if I’d answer at all. “Well, 2 years back my boyfriend killed himself. I lost a lot that day and well I became a shadow of my former self. None of the rich kids cared about me, so when I hung out at my table they didn’t even raise an eyebrow. They just went on as normal and replaced me like I was an outdated car model or something.” I replied not daring to face either of the two. I didn’t care what people thought of me. I’d cut off that part of me the day Alex died. But in that car, I didn’t want to be judged by these 2 for some odd reason. “We’re almost at the mall,” Rudolph announced. “I hope you have your smile ready, Captain Grouch.” “Scowl? Check. Idiot in the driver’s seat? Double check. Yeah, I all prepared to hit the mall.” I said in a mocking tone. That didn’t sit well with Rudolph at all, but Grayson was amused by our bickering. “You two argue like an old married couple. It’s adorable.” Grayson mused as he looked ahead. “Well, here we are, Captain. Welcome to the mall. A place where high school kids, being us, come and hang out when we have nothing better to do. Usually we just come here for the food court.” “Wow. I had no idea that this is where teenagers came when their minds have no alternate entertainment or when they felt the urge to eat something unhealthy. I’ll document this discovery as soon as I return home.” I retorted as I got out the now parked car. It seems the place underwent major renovations since my last visit here. 2 years is a lot of time and in that time, they have added an ice-skating rink and a second bowling alley as the one used to be crazy full. I remember all this because Alex and I used to come here after our food dates. It feels like that was decades ago, but it has only been 2 years. “Are you going to stand there all day or are you actually going to follow us inside?” Rudolph asked as he went on ahead into the mall. ********************************************************************************** The mall. A massive gathering place for people of all ages. It’s also the place where a group of 3 people were currently navigating in hopes of finding something to do. I was just following the 2 idiots while they argued over where we should eat and what to do after getting food. I swear these 2 guys think with their stomachs and nothing else. As we approached the food court, a familiar face caught my eye. This person’s name had escaped my mind, but his faced is forever etched into my mind. It was my twin brother’s friend. I hadn’t seen him since my brother left and Alex entered my life. He averted his gaze as soon as I spotted him and walked into the gaming store he was standing in front of. That guy has always been a little odd for my liking with his staring and him averting his gaze when he finally realizes that I have caught him (usually takes him 5 seconds to realize that I have caught him staring). “Arnold, we’re going to get some burgers and a milkshake. Want to tag along or do you want to sit at that table over there and wait for us to bring the food over?” Grayson asked. “I’ll go sit at the table. I’m a little tired of walking because you 2 couldn’t decide on where to get food,” I replied as I headed towards the table Grayson had pointed out. “Also, I’d like a strawberry milkshake thank you very much.” As I sat down, my phone began ringing. It was my mom. “Weird. She never calls me at this time.” I thought to myself as I answered the call. “Hello mother. What do you require of me at this hour?” I enquired. “Well hello to you too Arnold. I just wanted to find out where you were as your father hasn’t come back and he never called me to let me know what’s going on. It sounds like you’re at the mall. Are you safe? Do you have your card with you? Who are you with there? Do you need me to pick you up?” mom began asking as I grew a little unnerved by her concern. She hasn’t doted on me in a while, but lately she seems to be doting on me a lot and I don’t think I’m ready for that due to her distant behaviour in the past few years “Yes, I am at the mall. Dad probably forgot to mention that after I called him. He is extremely busy after all. I am safe here and I do have my card with me. I am with Rudolph and Grayson, my new friends. No, I do not need you to come and pick me up thank you very much,” I replied quickly trying to end this conversation before it escalated into a full-blown interrogation. “Alrighty then. Please be home by 17:30. We have some very important guests coming over tonight. Your dad told me this morning that he got a new business associate that’s loaded and well, you know how he is, so he will be basically showing off his house and family. Also, he has a son about your age. Maybe the son could help take your mind off Alex for a while.” Mom said issuing me my curfew for the day and the reason for it being so early. “Alright mom. I’ll make sure I’m home at 17:15 latest to prepare for our guests. I must go now; my friends have returned with the food. Bye!” I shouted as I ended the phone call before she could get another word in. “What was that all about?” Grayson asked as he took his seat next to me handing me my food. Rudolph took a seat next to Grayson which placed him opposite me. “That was my mom. She just wanted to serve me with my 17:30 curfew because my dad has guests to entertain tonight and so I need to be home early as dad usually arrives at 17:40 if he’s going to entertain guests,” I replied as I grabbed my food. “Thank you by the way for the food and milkshake.”. “No problem. We’ll see to it that you are at home by 17:15 latest so you can prepare if need be. Also, it’ll give you time to catch your mom up on your day,” Grayson said, thereafter digging into his meal. Rudolph had long begun his journey into his meal and so I decided to join in as well. After 3 minutes, I felt like someone was staring at me and as I looked up, Rudolph looked like he was staring straight at me. “Do I have something on my face?” I asked as I returned his stare. “Sorry to burst your bubble; I wasn’t looking at you but the guy that’s been staring at this table or more specifically at you since we sat here.” Rudolph replied, finally looking down and resuming his meal. I turned around to see that guy from earlier. He had a different look on his face this time round though. It looked like he was jealous or angry. I didn’t worry myself about it too much and turned back to face Rudolph and Grayson who had decided to converse between themselves. After our meal, we walked around for 30 minutes before heading to the ice-skating rink. It was rather packed, but it was alright to skate. I had been to skating rinks before and had had lessons on how to skate. I was no professional, but I used to really enjoy it. I picked it up relatively fast and was a natural by the 7th visit. I haven’t been there since mom and dad divorced. We skated for about an hour before we decided to call it quits and go grab something to drink and maybe some doughnuts. We did that and left the mall at around 16:30 to go to the park in town to just eat our doughnuts and enjoy our milkshakes. The park was just a 5-minute drive from the mall, so we arrived there at 16:35. We ate our doughnuts and had our milkshakes. As promised, I was at the house by 17:15. I promised to see the guys tomorrow and bid them farewell. There wasn’t much said after we had discovered my stalker at the mall and I was glad. ********************************************************************************** As I prepared, I started thinking about my earlier “death” thoughts. I thought of something we all evade but cannot escape besides death and tax. Our past. It comes back to haunt us when we least expect it and when it does, our reaction to it is bizarre at times. At 17:40 on the dot, we heard dad’s car pull up. I knew it was his because he loves revving it when he is parking it. I went to the door to greet dad and our guests. Mom was also there waiting. We heard 2 loud voices, with the second voice being a familiar one. I looked over at mom and she had paled considerably. It seemed my suspicion about who the voice belonged to was confirmed. As my stepdad walked through the door he announced he was home. “Honey, Arnold, we have visitors. This is…” “Good evening, David,” mom began. “Good evening to you too, Catherine,” dad replied while returning the dark glare she was giving him. “Arnold.” “Isaac,” I replied coolly. “Well, it seems everyone is already acquainted…” my stepdad nervously chuckled to try ease the tension in the room. “Yo, I hope I’m not too late in meeting our…” Cameron began, trailing off as he came down the stairs and saw who our guests were. Without another word, he turned around and headed back upstairs and slammed the door to his room. “What a great way to kick off our family reunion,” I spat coolly towards our guests. Isaac shot a rather angry glare at me and I shot one back. Mom and dad were having their own little glaring competition and my stepdad was feeling a little flustered by the whole situation with him being the odd one out. “Uh… I think supper is ready. If we could all make our way to the dining table, we can begin the evening.” Stepdad announced trying to diffuse the situation. We all walked to the dining table expecting to be full solely on food, but it seems fate had other plans and the knowledge we were about to acquire that night would keep us filled for days to come.
  11. The death of his entire family is just too coincidental. The Jacobs are truly powerful I guess. I'm hooked though. Amazing story.😁😁😁
  12. Emanon

    Captain Grouch

    Thanks for the comment. Only time will tell...😉
  13. Emanon

    Captain Grouch

    Humans are fascinating creatures. They claim to be the most intellectual species and they believe they are social beings but fail to socialise with people and vocalise their pain. Odd but fascinating creatures indeed. They are also the most annoying. Which brings me to why I started this rant in the first place. My brother thinks it’s fun to go through my stuff and move things in the hopes that I’ll find what he has taken and what he has moved from my room. At age 18, you’d think he’s the more intellectual one with a sense of maturity. Wrong! He is as immature as a toddler and quite frankly, as thick as a brick. A jock to boot, he believes that he is the definition of what a man should be. My parents don’t really care about what he does or his beliefs as they expect us to be independent people. Cameron Wells, my brother. Not the brightest bulb but he is one of the best athletes at his school (note I said his school). He attends the athletics academy on the other side of town. When my parents saw he had no intellectual aptitude, they enrolled him in a place where his skills would shine (and other skills would rot). He’s not much of a social butterfly but he’s not afraid to speak to people. ********************************************************************************** Dinner is a… how can I say it, business-like affair in our household. There are no social activities held around the table. It’s more like a boardroom meeting where we just state what each of us did that day, pass any notices that need to be passed, eat and go our separate ways. The maids come and clean the table once everyone has gone. It wasn’t always like this. There used to be happier days. I guess I didn’t explain that Alex isn’t the only person I’ve lost. I "had" a twin brother. Now, he’s not dead so don’t worry about that. It’s just that, we don’t connect like other twins. From the moment we were born, we’ve competed against one another but even then we were happy I guess. The man I call "dad" now is actually my stepdad. My mom and dad got divorced when we turned 12 and my twin brother chose to go off with our dad. I haven’t seen him since. Mom hasn’t been the same since then and the family portraits stopped after she remarried. The man she’s married to now is more business-like than family-oriented and she seems like she aims to please him. I guess he has a fair bit of money to contribute, but I don’t understand why mom is so desperate to keep him around. I mean, she is the richer one between the two, so it can’t be money. He’s so mechanic that I doubt he could show love, so love itself is out of the picture. What keeps her so bound to this man? What kept me bound to Alex? ********************************************************************************** Another school day. Same old idiots. Grayson and Rudolph seem to think I’m their friend because they both ambushed me as I walked into the school doors. “Good morning Captain grouch!” Grayson stated with a salute. “How may I be of service?” “You can start by not calling that,” I replied, choosing to ignore his whole charade. “Why are you so happy this morning anyways?” “The sun is shining. Birds are singing. What reason do I have to not be happy?” Grayson responded with a smile on his face. A smile. Something I haven’t been able to muster since Alex’s death. It looks like such an interesting thing to do. I was once capable of producing such a captivating thing. Wonder if I’ll ever be able to again... At this point Rudolph spoke up, “Did you guys hear? There might be a new kid coming in tomorrow. I heard that his parent’s wealth rivals yours, Arnold.” “I wonder who that could be…” I thought out loud just enough for Grayson to hear. “You look like you have a clue as to who it might be,” Grayson stated, clearly observing me way too close for my comfort. “It might be him, but I don’t want to believe it,” I replied vaguely. “Could they really be back in town?” I thought to myself as we walked to class. ********************************************************************************* Classes are a major bore. I mean we need to learn but can’t they do it in a manner that doesn’t make me want to fall asleep every time I enter? Sure, I don’t really care about school anymore, but you’d think they’d care to try get me to get my grades up. No, they just care about getting their salary and the rest they’ll make up as they go along. I feel like some of them don’t even have the qualifications to be a teacher. Ugh, why isn’t the bell ringing for my favourite time of the day? Gosh… Finally, LUNCH TIME!!! About the only thing at this school that makes it worth attending. As per usual I have my special table, but alas, it has been defiled by Grayson and his sidekick Rudolph. “I should just accept the fact that you two are going to be permanent thorns in my ass and that I have no chance of getting rid of you?” I asked as I approached them at my table. “You make it sound like we’re the unsociable one,” Rudolph said rolling his eyes at my statement. “Come on now boys, play nice,” Grayson said playfully as I said down across from them. I haven’t taken time to notice their physical features because I really don’t want to connect with them. Human interactions leave one emotionally vacant if unchecked. “So, how have classes been, former valedictorian?” Rudolph asked me, coming off as more an insult than a question. “Rather fantastic! I have discovered various methods to sleep in class and a fool proof method of failing tests and assignments. Nothing can stop me now,” I retorted, not allowing this bastard to get the better of me. He looked annoyed by my reply but Grayson, however, was thoroughly amused. “You two get along like oil and water,” he stated as he took a bite of his burger. “Better yet, you get along like the middle-class and upper-class students lately.”. I turned back to see what he was looking at only to see the current leaders of both tables ready to bash it out in the cafeteria. “Just great, a food fight is just what the doctor ordered today.” I groaned internally as I picked up my tray getting ready to leave. “I’m not exactly in the mood for detention so if you guys want to follow, I’ll be eating outside,” I stated to the 2 then I made my way to the park situated just outside the cafeteria. “Look at you. Inviting us to eat with you and get some sunshine. Maybe you aren’t so cold-hearted after all,” Rudolph said taking a seat next to me on the grass. “Thanks. And you’re not as stupid as I was led to believe,” I replied while picking at my food. Grayson took a seat next to Rudolph and they started talking about their after-school plans. I blocked them out and started thinking about the new boy. Rudolph had said his parent’s wealth rivals my parent’s wealth and there was only one person I knew who could rival mom and that was dad. I have a gut feeling that this is dad, but it could be someone else entirely. Hmmm… I guess we’ll see what tomorrow will bring us. “ARNOLD!” someone was shouting at me. “WHAT???” I replied, frustrated that my thoughts had been broken. “Uh, me and Rudolph were wondering if you’d like to hang out with us after school? We’re heading to the mall and well, we just wanted to see if you’d come with…” Grayson asked shyly while Rudolph looked at him with an annoyed face. “Uh... Are you sure cause Rudolph the red-faced guy here has a facial expression that’s more hostile than welcoming,” I said trying to piss Rudolph off even more. I think it worked cause the guy looked like he was about to explode. I guess I should piss people off for a living from now on. “Sure, he does. He’s just jealous that you have my attention lately,” Grayson said, likely teasing him but I think there’s more to the pair than meets the eye. They stared at each other as if to send some secret message that the other could read just by looking at one another. “They must be a couple,” I thought to myself as I observed them. “Ehm, sure, I’ll accompany you both to the mall then,” I said to get their attention and break up their staring contest. It had begun to unnerve me. “Great! We’ll leave straight after school and head to the mall then. Do you have to notify anyone or…?” Grayson asked me. “Just my dad as he is supposed to pick me up after school. Let me do that quick before the bell rings.” ********************************************************************************** While I was on the phone and the pair were once again conversing amongst themselves, we were unaware of someone watching me from not too far away. Their eyes had been fixated on me the whole time we were there. This person had been able to catch parts of our conversation and knew I was going to the mall. “Maybe I can finally talk to him,” this person said to themselves. This person has been watching me since before the departure of my dad. This person has been a part of my life at some point. This person was once important to me. ********************************************************************************** “The mall is a go,” I said as I approached the “love birds”. “Great…” RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING!!! “Ah shucks, I guess we’ll hash out the details at 2pm then. Be at the parking lot. We’ll go from there. See you in a bit Arnold!” Grayson shouted as he rushed to his last class. Rudolph didn’t say anything as he walked away. How rude… Anyways, last class is always uneventful (like every other class), so I just block out what the teacher says. I focused my thoughts this time on Rudolph and Grayson. My acquaintances. Acquaintances? Is it alright to call them that? I mean socially speaking that is what they are, but can I really call them that? I mean, it would be weird to call them that in public today… Maybe “friends” will do for today’s excursion. Then they go back to be my acquaintances. That’s how it’ll be then. The final bell rang, and I left class in a bit off a hurry. I’m not sure as to why I was in a hurry but boy, was I in a hurry. Maybe I was nervous to do this because I haven’t had fun in so long. Fun. Yet another word that is foreign to me. I haven’t had fun in 2 years. I have closed myself off from people. Why? Why did I close myself off? Am I afraid of people or of their intentions? I wonder why… “Yo Arnold, over here!” Grayson shout, waving his hands for me to see him. When I got there Rudolph was already in the driver’s seat, tapping the steering wheel impatiently. “Let’s get a move on. We’re burning daylight here,” he said as we climbed in. We headed off to the mall, unaware of the surprises that lay ahead.
  14. Emanon

    Chapter 1

    Interesting start. Elliot intrigues me and I want to see where his story goes. He seems rather desensitized to murder that even the concept of committing murder isn't such a heavy burden on his mind. I look forward to the second chapter.
  15. Emanon

    Blast from the Past

    I'm just having trouble seeing the direction I want the story to take. In the meantime, I'm trying to write a more light-hearted story to keep people distracted until my brain has overcome this problem. But it won't be on hold for too long. Hopefully I'll return before September to it. I'm sorry to disappoint you but I want to keep the story interesting.😥
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