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  1. mfa607

    Chapter 145

    Gerry is stepping into his own as a leader, thanks to Adam’s teaching and nurturing. Thank you. Great chapter!
  2. mfa607

    Chapter 126

    Likely the right decision for Anton. Hopefully it’s a successful recovery for him. Thank you.
  3. mfa607

    Chapter 121

    Great chapter! Adam has his heart in the right place.
  4. mfa607

    Chapter 119

    Glad that Anton’s back. Thank you!
  5. mfa607

    Chapter 116

    Great chapter! Adam has his plan! Thank you.
  6. mfa607

    Chapter 101

    Great chapter! Sounds like a perfect day! Thank you.
  7. mfa607

    The missing piece

    That you are! I was like, this is very different for her....loved it though...kids don't need too much drama. There's enough of that in this world. Thank you!
  8. mfa607

    The missing piece

    What a adorable story!!! Absolutely awesome!
  9. mfa607

    Chapter 83

    Great chapter! Loving this...Thank you!
  10. mfa607

    Chapter 61

    Greed. Horrible. Thank you for sharing this story!
  11. mfa607

    Chapter 48

    Great chapter and hey, Adam is getting things done. Thank you!
  12. mfa607

    Chapter 46

    What a great read! Thank you.
  13. mfa607

    Chapter 42

    Love it! Great chapter!
  14. mfa607

    Chapter 17

    Great chapter. Mayson clearly has a tough backstory and needs some serious therapy. I’m glad Hunter has Dale in his life. A wedding maybe? Thank you.
  15. mfa607

    Chapter 37

    Loved this chapter! Thank you as always.
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