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  1. mfa607


    What a great chapter and a get to know each other date! Thank you!
  2. mfa607

    Double Take

    That was an amazing story from a supportive father! Thank you!!
  3. mfa607

    Chapter 40

    They’re true friends. Standing behind Jay, just like I thought they would. Thank you!!
  4. mfa607


    It certainly did for me! Seems Jaymes is having some similar thoughts too!
  5. mfa607


    Thank you for this amazing chapter! The last sentence says it all! Absolutely loving this story!
  6. mfa607

    Chapter 21.1

    😍🥰 Absolutely great chapter! Caz, I love this story and so look forward to it’s posting! Now that they’ve captured some of the others, maybe we can find out what’s behind all this! After some hot lovin’ of course!!
  7. mfa607

    Sex Education

    Damn that was hot! If Stone hurts the Bunny, I’m going to be wrecked! Although I’m sure you have something up er your sleeve! Thank you!
  8. mfa607


    Great chapter! Things are about to get rough!! Thank you!!
  9. 😈. I absolutely loved this chapter! Thank you!! At least they have two days off!!
  10. mfa607

    Chapter 20.3

    Go Tristan! Great chapter!
  11. mfa607

    Chapter 39

    WOW! Just wow! Great chapter! People who do this to children....😡 Thank you.
  12. mfa607


    What a great chapter! Hopefully Tom’s grandparents love him unconditionally. Thank you!
  13. mfa607


    Great chapter! Like others I think Clifton is a complete slime ball. Thank you!
  14. 😍 go Aidan! Great chapter!!
  15. Love this! Thank you for the great chapter!
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