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  1. mfa607

    Chapter 35

    Great chapter! I love Grandmother already!
  2. mfa607

    Hook, Line, And Sinker

    Loved it and love bunny! 😍 Thanks!!
  3. mfa607

    Two Brothers at the Office

    Great chapter! It’s not on my list either. I found it when @Geron Kees liked a comment I made on a previous chapter! Thank you!
  4. mfa607

    Shamrock Lite

    Wow! Thank you! What a great story!
  5. mfa607

    Hellos and Goodbyes

    You sir have woven an amazing tale! This chapter was amazing. Thank you!
  6. mfa607

    Chapter 19.1

    What a great chapter! Thank you!
  7. mfa607


    I agree...this is a bit foretelling, I think: “Not sure really. Weak heart, the doctor said. Broken heart, more like. Don’t think he ever really got over my mum disappearing into the night without a word.” Clifton’s professional smile slipped for a moment. Nathan realised why—Clifton had been there at the time his mother skipped town. He had also done the same thing to Nathan. I'm really looking forward to finding out the why! Thank you @lomax61!
  8. mfa607


    What a great chapter! This dinner should be good! I love how Jaymes jumped in! Me thinks ‘Clif’ may be a bit of a douche. His story and why and how he left should be interesting! Thank you!
  9. mfa607


    What a great ending and beginning! Thank you for this!
  10. mfa607

    Chapter 20

    Wow! Amazing chapter. Thank you.
  11. mfa607

    Snapshots from the Hereafter

    Oh wow. Great chapter!
  12. mfa607

    Two Brothers at Dinner

    Interesting dinner! Can’t wait for desert! Great chapter! Thank you!
  13. mfa607


    A bit of oil and water to start! Jaymes is nothing, but a bit gruff. He sounds hot though. 😂. Great chapter! Thank you!
  14. mfa607

    Chapter 34

    I was just going to say...what a poignant chapter! Thank you!
  15. mfa607


    Always love a good nude calendar! Looking forward to finding out what happened and loved this chapter! Thanks!

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