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  1. mfa607

    Chapter 26

    Great ending to a wonderful story! Thank you.
  2. mfa607

    Chapter 19

    So sad that his Uncle Mark has so much sway...maybe things will change...great chapter!
  3. Loved this chapter! Thank you!
  4. mfa607

    Chapter 16

    Great chapter and story. Thank you!
  5. mfa607

    Chapter 10

    Loving this story! Thanks!
  6. mfa607

    Chapter 6

    Uncle Mark is a douche...Bobby's mother is blinded..something happened. Thank you!
  7. mfa607

    Party Balloon

    No Mrs G, you are awesome! This quote was just one of the many in this chapter that brought tears to my eyes! "As long as you can be patient and hold my hand along the way, I’m here" I'm so happy for them both! Thank you!
  8. LOVE the OFFICE!! I know! I know! I've been stalking and reading/re-reading this somewhere else too...hmmm.. So much to catch up on! I have made it through 1/2 of T&T and with my luck you'll have another one out before I get to finish it! LOL! Almost bought the chocolate macadamia nuts Sunday at the favorite super store...I'm trying to behave. All is well I hope?
  9. Can't wait for the forensics stuff! Is this going to be like CSI?!?! LOL! Seriously loving this. Thank you!
  10. mfa607


    SMH....semi adultness at it's best...I loved the chapter though! Aiden is the best!! LOL! I hope all is well Mrs G! 😘
  11. Interesting group...I wonder is Jay is 100% on what had happened with Seamus and Kelly...hmm. Neither Matt nor Seamus have their eyes wide open, but I do think Matt has matured, he knows when he need to talk things out. Great chapter! Thx!
  12. Not the conventional beginning middle or end of any relationship but extremely entertaining! Thank you for the chapter!
  13. Ok that was some hot sex! Seamus isn’t likely to be very happy with Matt if they leave for the summer. One step forward and two steps back, as they say. Great chapter!
  14. mfa607

    Chapter 1

    Love the start. Definitely intriguing. Thank you.
  15. Sometimes being brutally honest helps too! Great chapter! Thank you, as always!
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