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  1. Thomas Haworth

    Chapter 4

    What did Tristan do this time?
  2. Thomas Haworth

    Chapter 3

    They should also share some genes from Emily.
  3. Thomas Haworth

    Chapter 6

    A question in my mind is this: What species is the she-wolf? How about the attackers?
  4. Thomas Haworth

    Chapter 31

    Well! This chapter's end certainly puts a cat among the pigeons.
  5. Thomas Haworth

    Chapter 30

    Who the leak to grandma was?
  6. It seems to me that something happened when Stanley was 13. Given the age, it is probably linked to puberty. He acts as if he is medicated. The Berlin episode took place while he was not in his home town. Was his father with him in Berlin? Did the meds wear off? What is the reason his father keeps him close? His father seems to expect his behavior and is willing to bail him out of all problems. Why?
  7. Thomas Haworth

    Chapter 17

    This is not a criticism, nor am I making fun of the scene, but the description of TJ and Emily entering the building made me flash back to the opening title sequence of Get Smart.
  8. I am not surprised by Aidan's pregnancy. I have been expecting something like this since the scene with the Priest in Chapter 2. The prophecies about Luis mentioned his children. It may be that Aidan is the only person with whom Luis can father children. Aidan has many gifts. Bearing children is clearly one of them.
  9. Thomas Haworth

    Chapter 7

    Surgeons are not well known for their humility.
  10. Thomas Haworth


    Call me suspicious, but has any one thought of doing a physical inventory to make sure all the pieces are still in the museum? Fernando's actions look like active cover-up rather than incompetence.
  11. Can Chris use the old form of soul magic to somehow burn out the demonic in Yonthar's energy? If souls can be corrupted, can they be purified?
  12. Uncle Owen's black eyes are a red flag. She has started to hit him. When will she start taking it out on the children?
  13. Thomas Haworth

    Chapter 1

    You left me wanting more. Good work!
  14. Thomas Haworth

    Chapter 4

    It seems to me that the Queen needs to see how her children treat people they see as "beneath" them. Of *course* they treat her well -- just not anyone else. I don't think she is yet willing to see their faults. She could make a big difference in her childrens' attitudes, but she needs to see reality.
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