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  1. Thomas Haworth


    I, too, found the tense drive in Chicago traffic both exasperating and hilarious (at least in retrospect). Someone above made a comment about slow chase scenes. There is a 1977 French film titled "Dear Inspector" that has one of the funniest chase scenes I have ever seen.
  2. Thomas Haworth


    I just noticed the title of the work we are reading applies to much more than the job at the Y.
  3. It seems to me that Ryan's visit has accomplished something. Jasper told him the story of Blake and Jasper's meeting. This looks to me like a turning point. Jasper has now started verbalizing why Blake was important -- a key part of moving toward acceptance. Jasper will probably continue to cycle into anger and depression as the stages of grief are not as neat as a cursory look at the theory might suggest. Nevertheless, I take this as a hopeful sign.
  4. Thomas Haworth

    Chapter 2

    Wouldn't it be amusing to find out Lucy is hiding something too?
  5. Some things are better left to professionals. Hopefully, Ryan gave or will give enough information to the medical people that they know what they are dealing with. Jasper needs to be around people he does not feel the need to protect. I would guess that he *chose* Damian to unload on, precisely for that reason.
  6. A thought about Miranda and here complaints: The guys -- even Joel -- can talk about sex and get away with it. Even if it were about sex with a guy, she probably could not. Talking about sex with a woman would put her in line for abuse by fellow cadets. She is right not to risk it. Would not you be jealous?
  7. Thomas Haworth


    I am confident Lee will survive. His leg, however . . .
  8. Now we know why Leo was late.
  9. This worries me. I can see this going badly in many ways.
  10. I am also fairly convinced Kevin is probably straight. However, I'm not so sure about James . . .
  11. Re Laramie: Career counselling and resume writing is a wonderful career.
  12. So Rhett married Scarlett. And had daughters. I suspect Scarlett knows the score and Rhett is arrogant enough to think he is hiding what is going on.
  13. Thomas Haworth

    Sunday Gift

    It seems to me that Belinda is not the only one in the family touched by the divine. Mark "is as wise as Solomon" and now is the head of the family. This will allow him to enforce the safety of Ehud.
  14. Thomas Haworth


    As someone who has dealt with dysthymia most of my life, I feel you have adequately captured the problem of depression. Good work!
  15. The one guess I have is that the reason Renzo is ready to talk is that Rhys is the one asking.
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