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  1. Can Chris use the old form of soul magic to somehow burn out the demonic in Yonthar's energy? If souls can be corrupted, can they be purified?
  2. Uncle Owen's black eyes are a red flag. She has started to hit him. When will she start taking it out on the children?
  3. Thomas Haworth

    Chapter 1

    You left me wanting more. Good work!
  4. Thomas Haworth

    Chapter 4

    It seems to me that the Queen needs to see how her children treat people they see as "beneath" them. Of *course* they treat her well -- just not anyone else. I don't think she is yet willing to see their faults. She could make a big difference in her childrens' attitudes, but she needs to see reality.
  5. Contrary to what the prince thinks, Aidan has now become even more dangerous to him. Everyone else thinks they have something to lose; that is why they defer to the prince. Aidan no longer has much to lose.
  6. Another possibility I see is that Havar triggered the demon threat, given his comments about demons and humans.
  7. Is Chris feeding Damian information?
  8. Thomas Haworth

    Chapter 9 - Rush

    Is there a REAL doctor in this clinic?
  9. Thomas Haworth

    Chapter 19

    I hope Cole's isolation is temporary, but given the craziness of his mother and grandfather, even when the custody battle is over in the courts, I do not trust them to obey laws. They seem like people who believe themselves above the law. I do not see things ending well until grandfather is in jail for an extended stretch.
  10. Thomas Haworth

    Chapter 18

    Unfortunately, from what I read in news reports, judges are not necessarily any better than other people in ignoring their own prejudices. There are, in fact, historical instances of judges introducing their prejudices into case law. For a glaring example, see Dred Scott vs. Sanford, which was overturned by the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution.
  11. Thomas Haworth

    Chapter 17

    I am waiting for the courtroom scene -- should provide lots of fireworks. I hope the judge will not be very impressed with Mother and Grandfather. It never ceases to amaze me that people make arguments that US law should codify their religious beliefs. (And what about *my* religious beliefs?) I am even more disheartened when such arguments win.
  12. Thomas Haworth

    Chapter 15

    It does not matter much, and we may never know, but was Olivia positioning herself to be wife number two? As I have implied before, she may have had a screw or two loose for a long time.
  13. Thomas Haworth

    Chapter 13

    It seems to me that Keith's over-the-topness is a defense mechanism. He has clearly been hurt, probably by a jock. He seems to have a clear vision as to how bad things could get and is trying to warn Drew. I see Keith's strength as a willingness to talk about things others avoid -- although he has not told his own story, so this willingness is theoretical rather than personal. Again, this looks like a defense mechanism. I hope we hear more about Keith's story. I would like to know where he is coming from.
  14. Thomas Haworth

    Chapter 11

    Must the complainer be in Denmark?
  15. Thomas Haworth

    Chapter 1

    To me the most interesting thing about the start is the continuing presence of Michael. How often will he show up?
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