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  1. An off-the-wall question: Does the protective instinct in werebears extend to the bear god?
  2. Marcus is showing his inner child (pun intended). What 10-11 year old wouldn't be scared in this situation? I suspect that Rieka's attempt to do the ritual early will prove her undoing.
  3. Samuel betrayed him. Lenny called him a monster -- and he believed Lenny.
  4. Thomas Haworth

    AOC 12

    Nice way to end an excellent story.
  5. Is anyone going to contact the Arnold family?
  6. Am I just being paranoid in thinking that the Supreme Alpha Taylor’s Beta wolf, Justin may be in cahoots with Christopher Arnold?
  7. Thomas Haworth

    AOC 5

    I love that Ethan has now made the fact that he and Wayne are together the fault of all the other students.
  8. Before we leave the topic of education in civics and the US Constitution, I'd like to make one other observation. Education in the US at all levels is now hurried. 'Good' parents now insist on getting their children into school at the earliest moment, keep them busy with scheduled activities at all times, have them take all AP courses imaginable, get them into the best colleges (resorting to bribery if necessary), and want them to complete a Bachelor's degree in three years or less. This schedule means that the young people have no time for knowledge to settle in and become wisdom. I am in the middle of re-reading the early CJ saga and am currently in Travels. César and Brett showed their real love of CJ by making him take the summer off. My experience tells me that sometimes the old adage about 'less haste--more speed' is true.
  9. Thomas Haworth

    Embers 12

    Is Brandon's presence interacting with Ethan' and Aiden's powers? It seems odd that their powers are different when in his area.
  10. Thomas Haworth


    Helene still gets violent when crossed. Anger issues much? Its a good thing Gus is away from her; she may may very well have eventually put an end to Gus's career by injuring him in a way he could not recover from.
  11. Thomas Haworth


    Nor can I!
  12. Thomas Haworth

    Darkest Night

    This is so disturbing because it is so believable. I note the middle name of the serial killer. Others have noted the statistical anomaly of the connection between serial killers and the middle name 'Wayne'.
  13. Thomas Haworth

    Embers 11

    It seems to me that Brandon's parentage needs to be explored. If I recall correctly the Lycan Council has a DNA database. Perhaps there should be some testing done.
  14. Thomas Haworth


    I, too, found the tense drive in Chicago traffic both exasperating and hilarious (at least in retrospect). Someone above made a comment about slow chase scenes. There is a 1977 French film titled "Dear Inspector" that has one of the funniest chase scenes I have ever seen.
  15. Thomas Haworth


    I just noticed the title of the work we are reading applies to much more than the job at the Y.
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