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  1. Shaggy_93

    Chapter 20

    He might end up half vampire himself...
  2. Shaggy_93

    Showing Off

    Ryan has a breaking point... it is nearing its maximum when it comes to being a prop for a show... he left show business in the spotlight for this very reason... If he feels its starting to ruin their relationship, he needs to talk to jasper and tell him he needs to go home to save the relationship.
  3. Shaggy_93

    Pool Party

    The main character said alot of things about relationships at the end that i resonate with on a personal level.... Depth and intelligence 100%
  4. Shaggy_93

    Chapter 49

    I expected TJ to drop the axe shortly after CC died... it was just a gut feeling
  5. When you have any kind of anxiety disorder, sometimes thing are so triggering that you feel better ( less likely to wake someone up) if we are somewhere the other is not... Ryan is so stressed out that he is near an anxiery attack... Jasper wanted to blow off steam... as long as he doesnt fall back into bad habbits again...
  6. Shaggy_93

    Chapter 37

    These two are aggrivating, in a good way... its like waiting for your favourite show to come back... the apprehension, the strife, and the other random stuff in between make the story meaty.... meaty is good
  7. Shaggy_93

    Chapter 7

    Damn.... you are an amazing writer.... you put so much emotional detail in this story... right fromthe first book, all you have done since then is get better at your craft... That aside, i wish you and your Boyfriend good health, and sharp minds😁
  8. He really needed his best friend... Talking to Cindy seems to have helped him to figure out what he needs to do, and how...
  9. This is going to get explosive, Puppy is definately growing up, but i think he will always be naive... i dont see Jensen and Hunter surviving as a couple... too much resentment, anger, and self sacrifice...
  10. Shaggy_93

    Chapter 37

    Wesley NEEDS to find that other pack so he can be de-programed... no ifs, ands or buts...
  11. Shaggy_93

    Chapter 30

    AMAZING STORY... re read is definately happening.... gonna take forever and im gonna love it
  12. Shaggy_93

    Chapter 29

    Good story, dont like the ending... especially if that is the end... Jihan didn't deserve to be done dirty in this story, lost limb... ok but full on death isnt cool.. i will never read this story again if this is how Jihan's story ends.
  13. Dang... we get dark when someone messes with our favourite characters 😶
  14. If zeke wipes his memory, he will be no better than "G"...
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