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  1. I think family dynamics are fascinating. We often accept behavior from family that we wouldn't accept from friends. At the same time, family often acts in ways they would never do with someone outside the family. And it goes both ways. I don't know if it's familiarity breeding contempt, or that we still sort of see the other as children/parents.
  2. Age and distance? Been there, done that - what a nightmare! I think distance is really hard to solve long term.
  3. 13. Give more than you get Being a mentor takes time and energy. But as a mentor, you’ll get just as much from the experience as the mentees. Whether it’s learning new things or just the satisfaction of helping someone grow and advance their career. — Employee Handbook: Mentoring Sometimes my sister drives me nuts. Andrea always knew how to push my buttons, and it seemed like there would be no respite on this visit. Yet her declaration that Jonah wasn’t 24 confused me more than upset me. What did she mean? Was Andrea saying Jonah was younger or older than 24? Did she know
  4. 12. Anyone can be a mentor Everyone has a story to tell; everyone can offer a perspective. — Employee Handbook: Mentoring I watched Jonah walking toward the door and desperately tried to figure out what to do. “Stay, Jonah, please,” I said, making a decision. Jonah paused and turned back to face me. I gave him a reassuring look, but he still seemed unsure of what to do. I guess that made two of us. “Do you two work together?” Andrea asked brightly, clearly unaware of the tension beneath the surface. Or maybe she was ignoring it. “Yes,” said Jonah, at the sa
  5. 11. Lead by example It’s one thing to tell someone what they should do, but if you don’t follow your own advice, are others going to listen to you? People learn more from what they see you do and how you act than they will from what you tell them to do. — Employee Handbook: Mentoring Everyone fantasizes about an ex-boyfriend asking to be taken back. At least, I think they do. I just hadn’t imagined it happening after I’d found someone better. Or maybe I had hoped that John would ask to be taken back, but only so I could rub his nose in it. The problem with Joh
  6. Next month—November—is the annual National Novel Writing Month. People are signing up, or pledging—or just thinking about—writing a novel in one month. I’ve thought about doing it before, but never actually managed to make the target (which is to write 50,000 words in a month.) Do you want to write a book that’s only 50,000 words? Do you think you can write that much in one month? All good questions, and personally, I’m not going to take part because I want to end up with a completed novel in one month. But I’m pretty sure I can meet that goal (it’s 1,600 words a day) and I feel like it
  7. 10. Mentoring is beneficial for the mentor A mentoring program is NOT operated solely for the benefit of the mentee. Mentors benefit from the experience—whether from seeing things from another's point of view, learning to clearly and succinctly explain processes and ideas, or just the satisfaction of helping someone advance. The mentor’s role is essential, but it's also a learning one. — Employee Handbook: Mentoring After talking to Pete briefly about Jonah, Pete made a hasty exit and I stayed in my office and hid. I spent a lot of time wondering what to do next about Jonah,
  8. Glad you liked it! The lack of an ending for this story really ate at me too, so even if it wasn't what the author intended, it made me feel good to have an ending for the characters!
  9. Let's hope it doesn't come to that....
  10. 9. Don’t Assume Anything Always double-check, and never assume. If you explain something to someone, have them retell it in their own words. Then you’ll know if they really understood what you were teaching. — Employee Handbook: Mentoring For the next couple of weeks, things settled down, and life had almost become a comfortable routine. Or at least comfortable—it was barely routine. Weekdays were filled with work—Jonah seemed as inclined to work long hours as I was—but we also watched movies on TV and played a lot of video games. We weren’t playing the same games, bu
  11. Thank you. No, it wasn't Covid - but oddly enough I was released from the hospital just before it started taking off, so I've been in a sort of 'house arrest' aver since!
  12. I hope to, but some things are beyond my control, as I've discovered over the last six months:
  13. 8. Re-evaluate your initial assumptions Don’t be surprised they were wrong. Instead, adjust your plans and your actions to handle the new reality. — Employee Handbook: Mentoring Upstairs, Jonah was quieter than he’d been all day. We washed up—I found an unused toothbrush in a drawer for him—and then he stripped and climbed into bed. I turned off the overhead light, and walked over and climbed into bed next to him. Jonah sat there looking pensive, as I climbed into bed. “Everything okay?” I asked him. “Yeah,” he said, but it was clear that everything was not ok
  14. Even I can’t believe it, but here it is mid-2020, and I’ve been incommunicado for over six months. I’m not going to bore you with all the details, but four months of that was taken up with an illness (mine), a family death, a move, and then for the last couple of months, I’ve just been recovering from all that. And after all that, whenever I went looking for things, they often proved illusive; “Three moves are as bad as a fire’—Benjamin Franklin. In many respects, I should be surprised that I ever got back at all. But here I am, and I’m hoping to get into the rhythm of writing
  15. Hi everyone, Sorry for the long delay in posting the next chapter. I won't bother you with the details for the delay, but I do hope to get the next chapter up in the next couple of weeks. Thanks for reading! Gabriel
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