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  1. chris571

    Chapter 36

    Yup brought some tears in my eyes, the feelings of loosing and making the sum of somebody's life and the impact that person had on you are so familiar. Great chapter and last lines almost a painting in words
  2. chris571


    Yep, Cheshire cat right now, great way to start a Sunday morning. A big thank u , Lomax!
  3. chris571


    Love how this story builds up . A new layer each chapter. 😃😃 Great work!
  4. chris571


    Loved the team work, professionally and in their free time. Maybe some detective work for them in a foreign branche of King? Love the plot lines tallguy! They both deserve happiness
  5. Mark, a big thanks for all u do. George has been a great distraction , a place to come home to. Reread the series now a couple of times, my favorite series competing with the Dune novels. Big hug, thanks Chris
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