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  1. Northerner

    Chapter 29

    Oh Visby! Spent many summer days there... Looking forward to see what happens when George reaches Russia!
  2. Poor JJ, ever the drama queen. I hope the meds will help him on the path to sorting out himself, but it’s going to be a bumpy ride ahead. Looking forward to Aunt Kat!
  3. Thank you for sharing the story of the boys! It’s been an enjoyable ride all the way through. I hope you write more in the future.
  4. Good luck out there by the Pacific! As long as there’s Cajun food there’s hope for the soul and palate 🍻
  5. I just wish that the non-sluts like JJ and Wade would get their slut on a little just for variety. Then, hilarity ensues if the more slutty persons like Will and Matt would try to condemn this. Especially the latter did some seriously slutty stuff when he got it on with JP and Stef before getting involved with Wade.
  6. Still happens ocasionally, but that font of PR money has ran out. Since the inception of Iridium, technology moved quickly way beyond very expensive satellite phone calls. That is, provided cellular service is up and running. Sat phones make a nice back-up if there's a disaster. It can be argued that services like Iridium were doomed from the start. Ubiquitous GSM made it stillborn as a mass product, but North America took a little longer to get with the program in that partcular case. Anyways, I just want another new chapter. Meanwhile, there's lots of stuff to read, but I'm addict
  7. I think the story is sticking to facts and how things were, if you're looking close at the phone issue. Iridium filed for chapter 11 during the fall of 1999. The business got relaunched, but it is a very niche thing. There are a few reasons why there's no big number of subscribers using sat phones from them, or Inmarsat et al. If I ran a safari operation back then, it might have been tempting to spring for a sat phone. However, even for wealthy private citizens, these technologies weren't even on the horizon unless you sailed across oceans, or climbed Himalaya. There was no gear hype invol
  8. I'm hoping this will lead to s schism within the Danfields: Poor Beau is not involved, the good people being Nana and assertive Wade who finally uses his inside knowledge about how the wicked gals Elisabeth and Mary-Ellen operate. Evil/assertive Wade then takes his place in the driver's seat with Matt along for the ride. Maybe it's just me, I want more Matt/Wade drama again Not that I dislike the other characters, rather I wish that those two, plus teh incorrigible Stef and Grand need some airtime too.
  9. Once the ME bitch is gone for her prep course in how to behave in old Blighty, poor Alex will spend lots of time grovelling. I wonder if Wade will have to mediate, or if Matt will make JJ and Alex behave?
  10. This latest development made me think about the implications of Will being disturbed by the mercenary attitude of his boyfriend, Wade finally being a little evil and possessive - I like it! The good kid with flawed parents finally descending into the world of less than perfect people; Will could end up being used by Zach... There are storm clouds on the horizon. Then again, Zach - I wonder when and if one of the gay Hayes boys will ever find true happiness? It feels like their lot is to suffer under their own errors. As for Alec and JJ, I read it like Alec could be perfect for JJ, at least
  11. Coffee strong enough to quietly dissolve any spoon! Like, don't even talk to me before I've had the elixir of life.
  12. Northerner

    Chapter 19

    Thank you! Once again the Bridgemont saga managed to amuse me with political intrigue. It's refreshing that the story contains both politics, naval warfare and romance in a nice mix to keep the reader coming back for more and to make sure that it remains exciting and the plot keeps twisting. It's almost painful that we have to wait another week before we find out how the inept Elgins will continue their travels.
  13. You'll need to leave 5 active posts before the site opens completely. It's an anti spam thing. Be welcome!

  14. Hi Ron and Suvitar and thanks! I figured I'll spot those folks and others if I hang out in the forums. Gotta have something to do during fall Now it's just lazy days and reading out in the warm summer.
  15. Hi all, I'm new to this but came to read. There are so many talented authors and good stories hosted here that it was time to join Hope to see some fellow Scandinavians here, but I enjoy people from all over.
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